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  • Private Eye | Shrouds of Zion: Our anonymous online fans & foes

    As much as I dislike anonymous Internet posters, thanks to an old friend, I wonder if I would miss them at times. They’re like the barking dog in your back yard. You hate the bark but, should the dog meet an untimely end, you’d still miss...
  • Staff Box
  • Staffbox | What would your anonymous screen name be?

    If you were to take up making anonymous comments on local Websites, what would your screen name be? Emily Prachthauser: AnonimityMakesMeAnAss. Faith Burhham: If I told you, I’d have to kill you. My online persona took years to create! Ben Rosch:...
  • The Straight Dope | Flush With Success
  • The Straight Dope | Flush With Success

    Has anyone ever proved that low-flush toilets actually save water? It seems like the multiple flushes needed to clear my bowl mean they increase water use, at least at my house, not decrease it. —American Standard This morning in the bathroom I...
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  • Ask a Mexican | Mixed Metaphors & Mangled Clichés

    Dear Mexican: Mexicans are angry that the United States might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these Mexicans. Let’s...
  • Lake Effect | Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves
  • Lake Effect | Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves

    Seems columnist/ blogger Ryan Shattuck ruffled quite a few feathers over a remark he made in a column last week [“My 15 minutes of fame on Google?” March 3, Daily Utah Chronicle]. Sometimes you never know what’s going...
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  • Mullen | Why Bother? Springmeyer vs. egos gone wild

    Yecch. The national news at this moment is all about New York Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer, getting nabbed in a prostitution ring scandal, in front of God and everyone. Spitzer may resign before this edition of City Weekly even sees print. But, whether...
  • News Quirks
  • Newsquirks | Homeland Insecurity

    Curses, Foiled Again New York City prosecutors accused undercover police detective Sean Johnstone, 34, of tampering with drug evidence after listening to a tape recording of him confiding to another officer that he and his partner kept 11 of 28 bags of...
  • The Way It Is | 7-Eleven manager Loretta Gull
  • The Way It Is | 7-Eleven manager Loretta Gull

    A Senate committee investigating the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster has accused federal safety regulators of not properly double-checking safety reports submitted by Murray Energy prior to last August’s cave-in. City Weekly asked 7-Eleven manager...
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  • Dining | Beer: Utah Brews for Blarney

    It’s a shame that, as with Champagne on New Year’s Eve, most folks only drink Guinness Stout once a year—on St. Patrick’s Day. Champagne and Guinness are good all year round. So, just to be different, I’m eschewing Guinness...



  • Free Will Astrology | March 13-19
  • Free Will Astrology | March 13-19

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) He “cleans up well” is prison lingo. It refers to a convict who, upon leaving jail, is able to overhaul his appearance and demeanor so thoroughly that no one can tell he has served time. I believe that in the coming...
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