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Churrasco A-Go-Go

South America meets South Jordan at this meat-centric fast casual spot.

Belle of the Balls

Whether it's boba or takoyaki, Quickly has a round-shaped snack just for you.

Churrasco A-Go-Go

South America meets South Jordan at this meat-centric fast casual spot.
Bridging the gap between churrasco and fast-casual comes in the form of skewered meats of all stripes, plus a slew of traditional Brazilian slides, appetizers and desserts.

Arepa Therapy

Get some sandwich baggage off your chest at West Valley's RicArepa Xpress.
In my travels to survey Utah's increasingly diverse food scene, it's safe to say that I've gone pretty far down the rabbit hole of Central American sandwich culture.

Prom Nom-Nom

This prom season, let us reflect on fine dining through a teenage lens.
When I was a high school teacher, it signified the blessed conclusion of another school year, but when I was a high school student, prom season was something else altogether.

Cruising for Kabuli

South Salt Lake's Afghan Kitchen wants to show you some love.
What's even more enjoyable is seeing customers who have clearly become regulars because of Afghan Kitchen's welcoming environment and who enjoy the food as much as Salem enjoys preparing it.

Taco Squared

With a menu chock-full of staples, which Taco Taco dish reigns supreme?
There's something special about enjoying tacos al pastor and margaritas while being watched over by artistic renderings of mighty luchadores—eating here feels less like an everyday kind of taco trip and more like a battle royale between your carne asada and you.

The King and I

King Buffet exemplifies the American melting pot in more ways than one.
When Chinese American restaurateurs started to merge their menus with the buffet business model, they not only added more nuance and healthy competition, but also bridged a gap between American ideology and immigrant culture.

Meat Cute

Rediscover your love of the sandwich at Orem's Lomito's.
While I'm not exactly sure how our sandwich identity crisis has gotten so out of hand, I do know that this most elegant of foods deserves much better than the constant replication that it's currently getting from mainstream eateries.

Stamp of Approval

Neither snow nor rain should keep you away from Post Office Place.
The fact that Post Office Place shares a pedigree with one of downtown SLC's most venerated restaurants piqued my curiosity, and I was looking forward to challenging a few of my culinary prejudices.

Battle of the 'Tos

Behold the local breakfast burrito ranking you never knew you needed.
I've come to appreciate the gigantic, hangover-destroying might of the breakfast burrito, which led me to the question of all questions: Which place does breakfast best?

Thrilla from Manila

BFF Turon serves up a tasty masterclass in Filipino cuisine.
Filipino food is a love note to the tongue-tickling power of vinegary, acid-forward flavor profiles, and some primo examples can be found at West Jordan's BFF Turon

Chillin' with Millie's

The supporting cast steals the show at Millie's Burgers.
Mere blocks from flashy, modern concept restaurants, the 40-year-old family-owned burger joint seems unfazed by the surrounding urbanization.

Fest Feasting

Park City's Twisted Fern offers great eats away from the Sundance crowd.
Luckily, Main Street isn't the only place in town where you can get a decent bite to eat.

Churn Up the Volume

Frozen treats to get you through the bleak winter months.
Here are a few joints to help you appreciate the cold while we trudge through the dead of winter.

Sichuan and Only

Sandy's Szechuan Garden turns up the heat to electrify the tastebuds.
I like to see these as a primer of sorts—something that helps prepare the taste buds for an onslaught of smoky heat that would otherwise overwhelm the senses.

Fondest Feasts

An ode to a year of eating dangerously.
I've had the chance to dig deeply into Utah's food scene, and such a rare opportunity has led me to realize something important about our fair city: It's a truly great place to write about food.

History with a Slice of Meatloaf

Ruth's Diner continues to emulate the fiery legacy of its founder.
Ruth's Diner embodies the spirit of one of Salt Lake's most original personalities: a Chihuahua-loving, chain-smoking, shit-talkin' former cabaret singer named Ruth Evans who founded the place back in 1930.


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