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The Thrill Chill Cult

Icy treats for record-breaking heat.

Tikka Meets Tacos

Indian-Mexican fusion is on the menu at South Salt Lake's Tandoori Taqueria.

Noshing on Ninth

Checking out a few of Central Ninth's new faces.

The Thrill Chill Cult

Icy treats for record-breaking heat.
I'll always be an ardent supporter of Leatherby's for its plant-based approach, but I'm adding a few more to my list of go-to's to get me—and hopefully you, dear reader—through what's looking to be a long and searing summer.

Are You Ready for This Jelly?

Indulge in the gelatinous wonders of bao bing at Meet Fresh.
While dessert is awesome for many reasons, its versatility often gets overlooked. It can range from a piece of fresh fruit to a weighty platter of ice cream, hot fudge and various candy-coated condiments.

Central 9th Market Opens

The latest local foodie news.
The Central 9th commercial area recently welcomed Central 9th Market (161 W. 900 South), which opened its doors in the spot previously occupied by Jade Market and The Store. In addition to assuming the mantle of local market, the location will offer hot food like pizza, sandwiches and doughnuts starting around lunchtime.

Taco 'Bout a Good Time

Roctaco's globetrotting menu of tacos sets up the ultimate summer vibe.
It's hard to get tacos really right or really wrong—they simply exist as a universally accepted physical manifestation of God's love for us.

Sushi and Tapas Times Ten

Going for broke at Mint Tapas and Sushi.
It seemed like every month claimed a great local place, and I quickly realized how much we take our neighborhood eateries for granted. Now that the vaccine is helping to ease people back into dining out, I'm trying not to waste any time visiting places that are long overdue on my list.

Cachapa Champs

Sandy's Venezuela Mia welcomes you with open arms and gigantic portions.
If you've ever had the privilege of sitting down to an overstuffed arepa or a plate piled high with shredded beef and fried plantains, you'll know that Venezuelan food doesn't pull any punches when it comes to excess.

Boba Phat

Get your creative quench on with Salt Lake's Space Tea.
The summer months are rapidly approaching, and if you haven't outlined a solid liquid-refreshment plan, complete with a supplemental chilled dessert addendum, it's time to get cracking.

Falling for Nepal

Check out Sandy's Everest Curry Kitchen for some Nepalese comfort food.
At first glance, you wouldn't think that Utah would be home to the diverse cuisines of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal—but that's what makes it fun to explore.

Restaurant Readjustments

Moving from takeout to (socially distanced) dining in.
After a year of eating exclusively takeout, I'm getting ready to get back out there and visit restaurants again.

Street Food Stars

Makam's Indian Restaurant fuses traditional food with a modern approach.
Though traditional Indo-American food lends itself quite nicely to the fast-casual concept, I've struggled to really get behind any local joints that have come and gone.

I Was Lost, But Now Am Foundry

Let Protein Foundry be your guide to healthy food that doesn't suck.
The advent of spring typically has a way of sweeping away the psychological cobwebs and dust bunnies that my seasonal depression has accumulated, but this year I'm feeling particularly energized.

Every Day is Pie Day

South Jordan's Flake Pie Co. serves up pie for all occasions.
Despite my propensity to write local pie roundups around March 14's Pi Day, this year it was time to spotlight a new bakery that has integrated pie into this dessert 2.0 model that we're seeing with cookies, cinnamon rolls and other fine baked goods.

Two Tickets to Flavortown

Guy's Flavortown Kitchen comes to Utah. Are any of us prepared?
Seemingly overnight, four locations of Guy's Flavortown Kitchen sprung up in Midvale, Murray and Downtown Salt Lake, offering some of the Food Network personality's trademark items delivered right to your home.

See How They Roll

A local sushi burrito retrospective.
Though Utah was a bit late in the game regarding sushi burritos, we were quick to adopt them once the trend made its way to our boundaries.

Here's Lookin' at Zulu

Lehi's Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille serves up hot birds for a good cause.
One of the best parts of our visits to the Silicon Slopes of Utah County was a pit stop at Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille. There's no shortage of eateries in that area, but this fast-casual joint was the one that always seemed to call us back.

Happy Endings

Midvale's Conte de Fée is a dessert fan's dream come true.
When it comes to new bakeries opening their doors along the Wasatch Front, I'm a bit like a shark that picks up the scent of blood in the ocean.


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