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Steyking a Claim

The Tavernacle flexes its gastropub muscles with The Steyk Center.

Mad About Bulgogi

Come on, get happy at South Jordan's The Angry Korean.

Clucked Up

Pago Restaurant Group's newest member wants to make a Birdhouse in your soul.

Steyking a Claim

The Tavernacle flexes its gastropub muscles with The Steyk Center.
They began with two grand pianos. Now, the team behind The Tavernacle has taken their play-on-words one step further by launching The Steyk Center.

Putting the 'Fun' in Funeral

Despite the morbid name, funeral potatoes are all about joy.
One of the best things about exploring the restaurants in your own back yard is getting the chance to experience cultural diversity through the universal act of chowing down.

Brunched in the Face

Have Saturday night on Sunday morning with The Tavernacle's Drag Brunch.
Utah's Sunday tone is largely governed by the church and football crowd—those who spend the day trying to combine Sabbath reflection and screaming at a TV referee.

On a Roll

Simply Sushi offers all-you-can-eat fare (with an asterisk).
The term "all you can eat" doesn't have the same air of reckless gastronomic abandon as it once did.

Dinner and a Poe

Mystique Dining at Gardner Village is the tacky night out you didn't know you needed.
I found the idea that someone who lacked the context of Utahns' everyday routine endlessly fascinating.

Deli Belly

Feldman's Deli is keeping it old school.
You can make the claim that places like Subway and Jimmy John's took their cues from the delis on American's Eastern Seaboard during the turn of the century, but they're so far removed from their source material that it's tough to make a comparison—slapping cold cuts on a bun does not a true deli make.

Higher Calling

The Roof is one of downtown's most venerated restaurants ... but is it more than just a buffet?
It was only a matter of time before I set my sights on The Roof.

Lobster Rollin'

A classic New England favorite is alive and well along the Wasatch Front.
Tracing its origins to a restaurant named Perry's in Milford, Conn., back in the 1920s, the lobster roll is the definition of summer cool.

Mall in the Family

Exploring the local flavor that calls City Creek home.
When shopping malls began taking over the nation's commercial areas in the 1980s, the inclusion of a food court offered shoppers a way to spend all day in their air-conditioned embrace.

Feed your Geek

A rogue's gallery of pop culture-inspired dishes to keep you running at 1.21 gigawatts.
I've compiled a list of geektastic local dishes that will keep your bellies happy without distracting you from your favorite fandom.

Greece Is the Word

With a crowd-pleasing menu and traditional technique, it's easy to go mad for Mad Greek.
It's fascinating to think about how one of the world's most ancient and established cuisines can blend in so easily with its surroundings, and even surpass them in some cases.

Thinking Way Outside the Bun

How a local burger chain found success introducing the Impossible Burger.
Welcome to the future. We have self-driving cars, our telephones are mini-computers and delicious fast food hamburgers are not necessarily made from dead cows.

Best of the Wurst

Rediscover your love of sausage fests at downtown's Beer Bar.
To prepare for this hoppiest of occasions, I've set my sights on the selection of legendary bratwursts from downtown SLC's Beer Bar.

Hail Seitan!

Mark of the Beastro deceives your taste buds with plant-based comfort food.
The juxtaposition of the eatery's demonic aesthetic and its exclusively plant-based menu feels like I'm being tempted by He who is called the Desolate One.

Donburi, Be Happy

For more than 30 years, Kyoto has remained a champion of Japanese cuisine.
There are several local places that feel like they can call themselves Japanese restaurants because they've added a few yakitori skewers and a bowl of edamame to their voluminous sushi menu.

Churrasco A-Go-Go

South America meets South Jordan at this meat-centric fast casual spot.
Bridging the gap between churrasco and fast-casual comes in the form of skewered meats of all stripes, plus a slew of traditional Brazilian slides, appetizers and desserts.


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