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Restaurant Review: Summery Breakfast Sandos at Frankie & Essl's

This Liberty Park breakfast cafe has more than a few reasons to get up early.

Restaurant Roundup: Say Hello to Summer with Hawaiian Barbecue

Some local favorites that bring the luau to Utah.

Restaurant Review: Vegan Barbecue at Blatch's Backyard BBQ

Is barbecue even barbecue without meat? Yes. Yes it is.

Restaurant Review: Summery Breakfast Sandos at Frankie & Essl's

This Liberty Park breakfast cafe has more than a few reasons to get up early.
Located right across from the southwestern corner of Liberty Park, this cozy nook of a restaurant specializes in breakfast sandwiches, locally-roasted coffee and cold-pressed juices.

Restaurant Review: Off-the-Hook Oxtails at Les Barbecue Sandwiches

A Texas native brings a barbecue classic to Draper.
Though the two worlds don't often intersect, chefs and rock musicians share an awful lot in common.

Restaurant Roundup: Festival Eats

Reflecting on Kilby Block Party's dining accommodations.
It seemed like this year's Kilby Block Party at the Utah State Fairpark was the unofficial flashpoint of Salt Lake's festival season.

Restaurant Roundup: Local Patios for Spring and Summer

Outdoor dining is back and better than ever.
I sure hope I don't jinx anything by saying that winter is officially over in Utah

Restaurant Review: Traditional Mexican Fare at House of Corn

Downtown location represents a rebirth for this local Mexican restaurant.
I'll be the first to admit that when I visit a Mexican food spot, I don't consider the tortilla nearly as deeply as I consider the filling.

Restaurant Review: Gourmet Sandwiches at Bonnie & Clyde’s

This new downtown coffee shop and deli will rob you of your hunger.
I’ve seen the speakeasy concept pop up a few times during my trips around the Wasatch Front, but it’s typically reserved for the nightspots around town. That’s all good and well, but who says a bit of stylized, prohibition-era nostalgia need only be reserved for the nighttime crowd?

Restaurant Review: Noodlehead is a Love Letter to Ramen Bars

The creative team behind Provisions dips into noodle wizardry with this Millcreek gem.
Is it just me, or is Utah's noodle scene really starting to take off?

Restaurant Review: Upscale Dining with a Sense of Humor at Roux

This new downtown restaurant mixes neighborhood comfort with a metropolitan menu.
Visiting someone's house to share a meal with them has always been one of those commonplace yet intimate events that make us humans feel more human.

Restaurant Review: Huckleberry Grill Reinvents Fast-Casual

Get a taste of some local home cookin' at this new Salt Lake restaurant.
At first, one might question the logic behind combining two seemingly disparate concepts, but after a few visits, I think they might be onto something

Restaurant Review: Creative Meets Classic at Scelto

This Sandy restaurant is full of tasty risks that pay off nicely.
Though Italian restaurants often find themselves on the fancier end of the local dining spectrum, I've sometimes wondered if they rest on their laurels a bit too much.

Restaurant Review: Stellar Ramen at Koyoté

North Salt Lake's newest ramen restaurant leaves you breathless–but not brothless.
With blustery gray storms pushing their way across the Wasatch Front, a hot bowl of your favorite soup always tastes a little better than usual.

Restaurant Review: Gourmet Sandwiches at Silverside Deli

This beloved Sugar House deli hits its stride
The cutthroat nature of the restaurant business often sees new, exciting concepts get cut down before they have a chance to realize their potential.

Restaurant Review: Make Baby's Bagels Your Bae

How Baby's Bagels is making the rounds in Downtown SLC.
I don't know if I'm feeling spring in the air or just developing a mild case of insomnia, but I've been getting up a bit earlier than usual recently.

Restaurant Review: Fast, Tasty Nepali Cuisine at Zimbu

Three Nepali immigrants share their passion with the Wasatch Front.
My affection for cute round dough balls stuffed with meat and/or veggies has been pretty well documented since then, but that transformative experience has stuck with me ever since that first taste.

Restaurant Review: Wake Up with Egg Break

Start the day off on the sunny side with South Salt Lake's newest breakfast spot.
I thought waking up at 6 a.m. every day during my seven-year stint as a high school English teacher would eventually make me into a morning person, but it never quite took.

Restaurant Review: Classic Middle Eastern Food at Alhambra Shawarma

Alhambra keeps the shawarma legacy alive in Taylorsville.
So many of the things we enjoy today represent years of evolution, and it's always fun to trace that evolution as far back as possible.

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