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Pass the Paneer

Spice up your social isolation with Saffron Circle.

See You in Hall

Variety is the spice at The Gateway's HallPass.

Pie of Life

Math is great, but here's what Pi Day is really about.

Pass the Paneer

Spice up your social isolation with Saffron Circle.
When the modern world isn't literally plagued, a restaurant's takeout game has always played second fiddle to its dine-in one.

After Party Arepas

Arempa's brings Venezuelan favorites downtown.
Our bodies tend to crave sustenance that is greasy, melty or otherwise ridiculously carb-heavy in situations like these, and I'd bet those of us who've been in that situation downtown have a favorite post-debauchery food haunt.

Norwegian Would

Sugar House's Finn's Café blends Scandinavian and American favorites.
These institutions either fade out quietly when the money runs out or live long enough to become embraced as a bastion of non-commercial authenticity for the younger generation.

Thai of the Beholder

Murray's Thai Spoon stir fries with the best of our local favorites.
That's not to say that every Thai restaurant brings the literal and metaphorical heat to the table, but there are definitely more good options than bad ones when Thai happens to take the wheel of your craving caravan.

The Heart Wants What it Wants

A Valentine's Day dining guide for the unconventional.
I used to believe that places like upscale steakhouses, swanky Italian bistros and any place with the word niçoise on the menu had the amorous eatery market cornered.

Old Meets New

Cannella's offers old-school charm in a new-school atmosphere.
When you think of the word "reinvention," family-owned Italian joints that have been around for more than four decades don't typically come to mind.

Yes, Queen

South Salt Lake's Chickqueen is here to expand your fried chicken borders.
Nearly all of the major international culinary cultures have a variation of fried chicken.

Smothered Comfort

Since 1982, Salazar's Café has been a welcome spot for Millcreek locals.
As much as I love seeing what the local talent is up to—and believe me, they're doing some amazing things that I'm dying to check out—I can't help but be drawn to those wayward local places that were part of our food culture before we even really had a food culture.

Like a Boss

Draper's Sauce Boss brings the love ... and the butter.
When I first heard about Sauce Boss opening its doors, I had to take a deep dive.

Edible Visions

Here's to another year of exploring our culinary backyard.
Right around Thanksgiving 2019, food Twitter users posted controversial food takes aplenty.

Best Dishes

A look back on the best eats of 2019.
Delicious, vibrant, diverse and entertaining as our ever-evolving restaurant scene is, it takes something special to stick in my memory after visiting that many restaurants.

Good for the Soul

Learning to appreciate winter at Pallet Bistro.
With winter chipping away at my sanity, I find that I'm drawn to places that feed the soul as well as the stomach. Because merely going out in such a drab, gray milieu is taxing all on its own, I seek out destinations that function as spiritual lighthouses in the sea of ashen fog.

Steyking a Claim

The Tavernacle flexes its gastropub muscles with The Steyk Center.
They began with two grand pianos. Now, the team behind The Tavernacle has taken their play-on-words one step further by launching The Steyk Center.

Mad About Bulgogi

Come on, get happy at South Jordan's The Angry Korean.
My wife, daughter and I decided to stop there for dinner since I had been stalking them on social media ahead of the grand opening.

Clucked Up

Pago Restaurant Group's newest member wants to make a Birdhouse in your soul.
Maybe it's because of the unfair stigma that chicken's flavor is so nondescript that it can be assigned anywhere—if you've ever said something that isn't chicken tastes like chicken, you are complicit in this slander.

Putting the 'Fun' in Funeral

Despite the morbid name, funeral potatoes are all about joy.
One of the best things about exploring the restaurants in your own back yard is getting the chance to experience cultural diversity through the universal act of chowing down.


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