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Brews and Trucks

Find great mobile food options where you get your locally-made beer.

Rethinking the Rice Bowl

Midvale's Tokyo Teriyaki will please even the most jaded fast-casual critic.

I Stand All A-Maize-d

Maize Tacos makes us remember why we fell in love with tacos in the first place.

Brews and Trucks

Find great mobile food options where you get your locally-made beer.
With the rise of Instagram as a go-to food truck tracker, you'll never be too far from four-wheeled food in Salt Lake City.

Long Live The Dodo

For decades, The Dodo has put the sugar in Sugar House.
While making recommendations is one of my favorite parts of covering the local food scene, there are few joys that come close to suggesting a local substitute for a national franchise.

Chillin' Like a Villain

The Bad Guys mixes snappy, snarky animated fun with a few important lessons.
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Everyone! Even if he wears a sharp suit, drives a fancy car and pulls bank robberiesfor fun? Especially then!

Way of the Samurai

Indulge in the joy of homemade noodles with Draper's Samurai Noodle.
Some of my fondest food memories come from the bowls of intoxicating broth and slurpable noodles available at your local ramen bar.

Diner Delights

Dolly Donuts evokes the burger joints of yesteryear.
There's something hopeful about watching a former fast-food joint be reborn as a local restaurant.

Don't Rest on This Laurel

Laurel Brasserie & Bar adds European flair to The Grand America.
When The Garden Café closed after 20 years to make way for something new, we were all a little curious.

Grill Communication

Gurkhas Indian and Nepalese Cuisine fires things up.
This is where some truly miraculous gastronomic alchemy takes place—the marinades, the cooking process, the flavor profiles—and I haven't been taking full advantage of this wonderful process.

Personal Pizza

Rusted Sun is the pizza pub where everybody knows your name.
Pizza has a well-earned reputation as a party food.

You Meet in a Tavern...

Whatever your quest may be, stop at Bohemian Brewery before you venture forth.
It's not very likely that I'll take up with a band of adventurers tasked with a dangerous but lucrative quest to secure a rare artifact or destroy a tyrannical monster.

Champions of Breakfast

Start the day off right with these stellar breakfast sandos.
Spring, with all its fledgling greenery, budding flowers and willowy saplings, always makes me think of breakfast.

Raising Arizona

Nana's Sonoran Hotdogs shares a Northern Mexican powerhouse with SLC.
Sonoran hot dogs have been on my foodie bucket list for about a decade, and I blame Man vs. Food.

Brick by Brick

Brick & Mortar is the downtown gastropub you didn't know you needed.
Bars and coffee shops have an interesting relationship with one another.

Baby Got Jackfruit

It's tres leches without milk and birria without beef at Yumz Vegan Bakery and Café.
It wasn't that long ago that mainstream diners amused themselves by perpetuating unfair stereotypes about plant-based diets.

The 'Cue-niversal Language

Brushing up on my barbecue repertoire at Charlotte Rose's Carolina BBQ.
The cool thing about barbecue is that no matter how much you eat, you can still learn something new.

Consider the Meatball

A staggering variety of pizza, pasta and sandwiches await you at Sergio's Pizza
When you spend a lot of time thinking about food, you start to unearth seemingly unanswerable questions.

Ramen Revelations

West Valley's Tonkotsu Ramen Bar blends tradition with a dramatic flair.
Though our midwinter has been a bit milder than usual, I am still committed to my go-to winter trend of eating copious amounts of ramen.


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