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Bulgogi Buzz

Bumblebee's brings Korean and American cuisine to new heights

Mangia Meets Masala

Curry Pizza is the cultural fusion you didn't know you needed

Escapist Eating

Get out of your head and into a meat pie from Sagato's Bakery

Bulgogi Buzz

Bumblebee's brings Korean and American cuisine to new heights
There are a couple of things in life that make me wince a little: tequila and cucumbers. I don't hate them; they just tend to not agree with me. So imagine my surprise when these nemeses showed up in two brand-new beers.

Risky Business

As restaurants readjust to dine-in service, remember to not be a dick.
In a nutshell, our friends in the restaurant and hospitality industry are going to need your patience and understanding now, even more than they did while offering delivery or curbside service.

Earl Grey Hotness

Chef Katie Weinner shares a tasty recipe for Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies.
Though my journey included a few false starts, this was an experience that helped me think critically and draw upon some of my existing knowledge in order to reach success. It was a humbling process, but it also let me know that I've developed some baking instincts over the past few months, which is a nice feeling.

Chefs To-Go: Keepin' it Copper

Ryan Lowder of Copper Onion offers a tasty dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Chef Ryan Lowder and his teams at Copper Onion, Copper Common and Copper Kitchen have been pillars of Salt Lake's restaurant scene for the past 10 years.

Comfort Carryout

Draper's Oak Wood Fire Kitchen offers nostalgic favorites that'll feed you for days.
Oak opened just over a year ago as one of local restaurateur Michael McHenry's brainchildren. He and Chef Brandon Price set out to create a restaurant that relied on the timber-fueled ovens of our culinary past.

Chefs To-Go

Stay close to your favorite local chef with some of their favorite recipes.
When you're a housebound food writer and all the local restaurants close their dining areas—many of them are still open for takeout and delivery, so keep supporting our friends in the restaurant biz, dear readers—you learn to get creative. I'm still keeping tabs on what our local restaurants have been doing to up their takeout game, but I've also been wanting to get some professional tips on how to liven up my own at-home meals.

French Connection

Gourmandise brings a lot to the table.
The family-style meals from Gourmandise turned into an unexpected hit for us while we're keeping our distance from, well, everything.

Pass the Paneer

Spice up your social isolation with Saffron Circle.
When the modern world isn't literally plagued, a restaurant's takeout game has always played second fiddle to its dine-in one.

See You in Hall

Variety is the spice at The Gateway's HallPass.
HallPass has built up some solid buzz for itself as Utah's very first food hall, which is a lot like a neighborhood food truck night without the lingering smell of exhaust in the air.

Pie of Life

Math is great, but here's what Pi Day is really about.
Though there's nothing wrong with celebrating a healthy love of pie on the National Pie Day that takes place on Jan. 23, every true blue pie-o-neer knows that Pi Day on March 14 is the correct date to participate in pie-based festivities.

After Party Arepas

Arempa's brings Venezuelan favorites downtown.
Our bodies tend to crave sustenance that is greasy, melty or otherwise ridiculously carb-heavy in situations like these, and I'd bet those of us who've been in that situation downtown have a favorite post-debauchery food haunt.

Norwegian Would

Sugar House's Finn's Café blends Scandinavian and American favorites.
These institutions either fade out quietly when the money runs out or live long enough to become embraced as a bastion of non-commercial authenticity for the younger generation.

Thai of the Beholder

Murray's Thai Spoon stir fries with the best of our local favorites.
That's not to say that every Thai restaurant brings the literal and metaphorical heat to the table, but there are definitely more good options than bad ones when Thai happens to take the wheel of your craving caravan.

The Heart Wants What it Wants

A Valentine's Day dining guide for the unconventional.
I used to believe that places like upscale steakhouses, swanky Italian bistros and any place with the word niçoise on the menu had the amorous eatery market cornered.

Old Meets New

Cannella's offers old-school charm in a new-school atmosphere.
When you think of the word "reinvention," family-owned Italian joints that have been around for more than four decades don't typically come to mind.

Yes, Queen

South Salt Lake's Chickqueen is here to expand your fried chicken borders.
Nearly all of the major international culinary cultures have a variation of fried chicken.


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