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Soap Box: July 6-12

CW reader responses on Gilgal, garlic burgers and Chaffetz’ possible replacement.

Soap Box: June 29-July 5

CW reader responses on downtown homeless shelter, Bad Brad Wheeler and more.

Soap Box: June 22-28

Letters and comments on David Locke, state prison sentencing, Utah drivers and more.

Soap Box: June 15-21

The readers have spoken.
"Went from funny to 'liberals are an equal amount of intellectually lazy' in half of a column."

Soap Box: June 8-14

City Weekly readers' input on LDS church, congressional hopefuls and more.
"Why this Maori guy and his ethnic community aren't asking more questions about why the LDS church does nothing to preserve the cultures it is colonizing is the real imperative."

Soap Box: June 1-7

Our readers give their two cents during Pride Week and City Weekly's 33rd anniversary.
"Thanks for being a voice of diversity and love in this time of fear."

Soap Box: May 25-31

Reader reactions to Summer Guide, Orrin Hatch's new honor and more.
I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Soap Box: May 18-24

Readers respond to summer movies, Senator Weiler's words on sex ed and more.
“Speaking of killer reboots, we are recycling ignorance, too, and almost biblically.”

Soap Box: May 11-17

Readers’ thoughts on spice, liquor laws, air quality and more.
“Anyone with half a brain that isn’t up their own ass knows he doesn’t give two shits about pollution.”

Soap Box: May 4-10

Firefighting, shadow men, hurling and more.
"Sometimes a woman just wants a beer and not to be bothered. This article hits close to home."

Soap Box: April 27-May 3

A roundup of our readers' responses to 'the Block,' Granite High preservation, pickleball and Jason Chaffetz.
A roundup of our readers' responses to 'the Block,' Granite High preservation, pickleball and Jason Chaffetz.

Soap Box: April 20-26

Salt Lake City ups its food game!
“Tator tot art! Love it!”

Soap Box: April 13-19

Readers respond to tax resistance, sex ed and more.
"Seriously, I don't want the state teaching my kids about sex because they won't tell the whole truth."

Soap Box: April 6-12

Readers respond to Magna story, nature parks, Orrin Hatch and more.
"Our reputation may precede us, but it doesn't define us."

Soap Box: March 30-April 5

Reader feedback on Standing Rock, .05 limit, Orrin Hatch, TP and more.
“Most animals are flexible enough to lick their own anuses. This is a time for us to be grateful for our deficiencies.”

Soap Box: March 23-29

Reader feedback on booze, legal setbacks, homelessness and more.
“Salt Lake County wants to force one elderly man with dementia to pay for a contractor’s malfeasance … but keeps another one on the payroll and pays the other elderly man with dementia a six-figure annual salary?”

Soap Box: March 16-22

Reader remarks on barking dogs, new DUI law, historic tree removal and more.
“America: Don’t bother visiting Utah …”

Soap Box: March 9-15

Reader feedback on words, laws and punitive solitary confinement.
“The only good prison is an empty one.”


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