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Feedback from May 25 and Beyond

Feedback from My 18 and Beyond

Feedback from My 11 and Beyond

Feedback from May 25 and Beyond

Diploma Milling There is a grading system being used in several Utah school districts that needs the public's attention. Proficiency Based Learning, or PBL, is a grading system designed to increase graduation rates without increasing student learning.

Feedback from My 4 and Beyond

Lead by Example Is the city of Palo Alto putting religion-infused Salt Lake City to shame for its lack of creative effort to prevent homelessness? For two years now, this California city has empowered churches to provide safe parking for so-called "vehicle dwellers," impoverished folks who live in their cars.

Feedback from April 27 and Beyond

"Walk Around the Clock," April 26 Online News Saving pedestrian and cyclist lives is like the weather: Everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. Each day, 19 U.S. pedestrians and cyclists will die because a brainwashed driver could not stop in time—the equivalent of another mass shooting.

Feedback from April 20 and Beyond

National Default In a letter to the editor of the Washington Post ("The Constitution demands the debt be paid. Period."), one Maurice F. Baggiano claims: "As long as public debts are authorized by law, they may not be questioned and must be paid.

Feedback from April 13 and Beyond

Gun Speech Template Okay America, let's all do the mass shooting speech together now: "We here in [put town name here] are all saddened by the senseless killing of [put number here] innocent [children, teens, adults, grocery shoppers, church members] who were senselessly killed [this morning, last night or yesterday, etc.] in our [town, city or rural area].

Feedback from April 6 and Beyond

"Druggie Abuse," April 6 Private Eye This piece by John Saltas really hit home on two fronts. I share his opinion on both drug abuse and high school football.

Feedback from March 30 and Beyond

Regulated Militias The Second Amendment requires a "well regulated Militia" to be gathered out of a citizenry clearly empowered to own civilian guns. It does not require the nation to legalize individual ownership of military-style weaponry and allowing unstable Americans to act like totally unregulated, one-person militias in their private lives.

Feedback from March 23 and Beyond

Fraud Is Baked Into American Health Care "Internal documents and former company executives reveal how Cigna doctors reject patients' claims without opening their files," investigative journalists Patrick Rucker, Maya Miller and David Armstrong reported for ProPublica on March 25. "A Cigna algorithm flags mismatches between diagnoses and what the company considers acceptable tests and procedures for those ailments.

Feedback from March 16 and Beyond

Crossroads of the West Once upon a time I had faith that with all the young, tech-savvy people moving into Utah, there was a possibility that the state could at least turn into a reddish-purple and escape from being a right-wing, anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-voting rights, bright-red state run by religious zealots. How foolish I was!

Feedback from March 9 and Beyond

They're Afraid. I'm Terrified I'm tired of being afraid.

Feedback from March 2 and Beyond

"Practice What You Preach" March 2 Opinion Feature This bait-and-switch article is simply a catch-all rant about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The reality of the $5 million Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) fine is that the church was trying to be more transparent than required by statute.

Feedback from February 23 and Beyond

Woke and Proud When women are free from institutionalized and societal sexism, women perform as good as—or even better than—the other sex. Women are graduating from college at rates much higher than men.

Feedback from February 16 and Beyond

"Workspace Utah," Feb. 16 Private Eye Ultra ironic for Gov. Spencer Cox—a white, Latter-day Saint man—to tell people not to migrate. QUINNQUEASY Via Instagram

Feedback from February 9 and Beyond

"Mike Lee's America," Feb. 9 Private Eye Another classic Private Eye. I hope to hear John Saltas's thoughts on the declining decorum within the U.S. Congress regarding the State of the Union address, which I think should be suspended until Americans regain some sort of civility.

Feedback from February 2 and Beyond

A View to a Kill The women at the table of the daytime TV talk show The View recently discussed the police beating and death of Tyre Nichols. Their show reminded me of the kind of discussion that must have happened in 1980, when women got together to start Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Feedback from January 26 and Beyond

Let the Games Begin I am the first to admit that I do not understand modern Olympic intricacies. Mine is an idle concern living in the Salt Lake Valley, which appears to be the object within the Olympics' gravitational pull—similar to that of a cosmic black hole.

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