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Feedback from June 10 and Beyond

Feedback from June 3 and Beyond

Feedback from May 27 and Beyond

Feedback from June 10 and Beyond

"Sliced and Diced," April 29 Private Eye Column I share John Saltas' views of the good old days. I enjoyed the fishing ponds at Fairmont Park in the 1950s.

Feedback from May 20 and Beyond

Unforgettable Joe Redburn This letter is in response to John Saltas' Private Eye column from last fall titled "Joe Redburn Days." Although I am not a member of the LBGTQ+ community, I have been in full support of it since 1967, ever since a young German man whose baptismal service I conducted as an LDS missionary in Berlin subsequently confessed to me that he was gay and asked for my forgiveness.

Feedback from May 13 and Beyond

"Us vs. Us" May 13 Private Eye column Now you listen up, Mr. Saltas. You've said some really negative stuff about Utah's duly elected congressmen, Burgess Owens and Chris Stewart.

Feedback from May 6 and Beyond

"Teardown for What? "May 6 cover story Unless you want to live somewhere small that stays small, then, sure, you don't need to build, and things will simultaneously be affordable.

Feedback from April 29 and Beyond

"Pill Popping" April 8 Private Eye column I found John Saltas' "Pill Popping" article informative and timely. As someone who worked in the pharma industry for 30-plus years, mainly as a Drug Enforcement Administration compliance manager, I agree that flushing meds is not good for downstream inhabitants.

Feedback from April 22 and Beyond

The Verdict A tear found its way into my eye today ... pushed by the word, "Guilty." One tear.

Feedback from April 15 and Beyond

Decline in Churchgoers Not a Tragedy Sometimes I think the only reason City Weekly runs nonlocal submissions like the April 8 letter "America Unchurched" is so the staff can warm their hands over the flame war they imagine will erupt on Facebook, but I'll bite. Thomas Knapp spends the first half of his letter pointing out that church attendance is declining.

Feedback from April 8 and Beyond

"Pill Popping" April 8 Private Eye column Your column is unfortunately absolutely accurate. There is a widespread "conspiracy" to overdose us, all with the best possible intentions. 

Feedback from April 1 and Beyond

America 'Unchurched' For the first time in its more than eight decades of surveying Americans' religious attitudes and practices, Gallup reports, church members constituted only 47% of the U.S. population in 2020—down 23% since 1999, prior to which the percentage seldom dipped below 70%. Why the precipitous drop, and what might it portend for the future?

Feedback from March 25 and Beyond

"Herd Mentality" Private Eye March 25 column Globally, people are vying for the vaccine and, here we are, so privileged, and not realizing just how lucky we are to have access to it. All the haters still be like "Nah, it's a conspiracy."

Feedback from March 18 and Beyond

"What Did We Miss?" March 18 cover story [The DABC retaining] enough profit? You mean the over $500 million in sales last year?

Feedback from March 11 and Beyond

Remembering Tony Caputo A food legend. Tony will be missed by our community.

Feedback from March 4 and Beyond

"No Woman Need Apply" March 7 cover story Good to see Christopher Smart writing for the City Weekly again. @jredwblack Via Instagram

Feedback from February 25 and Beyond

"Happy Endings" Feb. 25 Conte de Fee dining review by Alex Springer So honored to be mentioned in City Weekly! Thank you!

Feedback from February 18 and Beyond

"Embedded Within a Mass Delusion," Feb. 18 cover story QAnon is a non-player in any sort of reality. CJ Southworth Via Facebook

Feedback from February 11 and Beyond

The Scoundrel's Last Refuge Read Katharine Biele's Jan. 21 "Women's Choice Under Siege" opinion column. She's right on.


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