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Feedback from May 5 and Beyond

"Short Circuit," May 5 Cover Story It appears that the state tax offices and the county tax offices are not putting forth the effort needed to provide information on the program known as "Circuit Breaker." Had I not lived in an Episcopal Church-owned building with a building coordinator, I, too, wouldn't have known about the renter refund/rebate program.

Feedback from April 14 and Beyond

The Third One Is the Charm As I sat on my patio watching a beautiful Utah sunset and enjoying a local brew, the philosophy of politics invaded my happiness. But it led to me consider things that I didn't detest.

Feedback from April 7 and Beyond

To the Victor The West has long lived comfortably in the assurance that we will never again see the feudal practice of a king claiming new land as a legal right of conquest. In 1066, for example, when William the Conqueror crossed the channel and took England, he nullified all previous legal landholding and instead allocated every town and farm in all of England to his generals and favorites as their own hereditary fiefs.

Feedback from March 31 and Beyond

Come Together on Carbon More and more Republican politicians are on board with legislation to limit climate damage by reducing carbon emissions. Do our conservative and liberal leaders need to agree on all issues related to a warming climate?

Feedback from March 24 and Beyond

"RINO Rampage," March 24 Cover Story I could never forgive myself if I were to join the Utah Republican Party. The whole idea just demonstrates how strange the workings of a real democracy are to Utah.

Feedback from March 17 and Beyond

"All that Utah Jazz," March 17 Cover Story I appreciate knowing there is a passion for jazz in Utah. I am a newcomer and have had a hard time finding musicians to play with.

Feedback from March 10 and Beyond

The 'Wrong' Questions Need to Be Asked Latter-day Saint leader Brad Wilcox recently addressed controversial topics at a speech in Alpine. In the subsequent barrage of social-media reactions, many found his remarks to be, at best, insensitive and ignorant and, at worst, condescending and bigoted.

Feedback from March 3 and Beyond

Help the Unsheltered Crossroads Urban Center needs sleeping bags to distribute to our homeless friends. Mummy bags are lighter and warmer, but if you have others, that will be OK. Prices for new bags begin at about $30.

Feedback from February 24 and Beyond

Cheers, Beer Nerd! I just wanted to proclaim my appreciation of Mike Riedel and the Beer Nerd column.

Feedback from February 17 and Beyond

"Diplomacy" Is the Problem After weeks of unsuccessfully attempting to either bully Russia's Vladimir Putin into submission or bait him into war, U.S. President Joe Biden may finally be looking for a face-saving exit from the Ukraine "crisis" of his own making. Reuters and other outlets report that Biden, at the urging of French president Emmanuel Macron, is willing "in principle" to hold a summit with Putin.

Feedback from February 10 and Beyond

Utah Theater Bait and Switch Last November, Salt Lake City transferred ownership of the historic Utah Pantages Theater to developer Hines. The mayor said the transfer "fulfills a set of RDA obligations."

Feedback from February 3 and Beyond

Protect the Badge and the Truth Every day, police officers have to focus on the routine but meaningful work that comes with the badge. But hanging over every mundane moment is the dreadful specter that everything could go wrong in the blink of an eye.

Feedback from January 27 and Beyond

Heterosexual Heaven For the nearly 200 years that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been in existence, it has held to a view that marriage between a man and woman is ordained of God and, therefore, is crucial to one's happiness in this life and one's final status in the afterlife. Inextricably linked to this heteronormative framework is a condemnation of homosexuality on the grounds that it confuses gender roles and fundamentally defies God's plan.

Feedback from January 20 and Beyond

Uncommon Sense The killing of two teens and the injury of another near Hunter High School is terribly sad and tragic. Families of the victims and the killers will never be the same.

Feedback from January 13 and Beyond

Bar Owners in Crisis We are Utah business owners in crisis. We are Utahns, we are voters, and we need your help.

Feedback from January 6 and Beyond

"Get Real," Jan. 6 Cover Story I find it hard to believe that the author of this piece could possibly find anything redeeming about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Possibly the most misogynistic franchise on cable TV, Bravo's Real Housewives are portrayed as petty, vindictive, money grubbing, designer-label driven, Botox-dependent, cleavage-obsessed, social-media-styled exhibitionists.


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