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Feedback From Jan. 4 and Beyond

E-Z being green

Feedback From Dec. 28 and Beyond

'That Says Something'

Soap Box Dec. 21 and beyond

'Better Late Than Never'

Soap Box Dec. 14 and beyond

'That's not the world we live in'
Our readers sound off on Bear Ears, public transit and reptilian rom-coms.

Soap Box Dec. 7 and beyond

'Like South Salt Lake is so beautiful to begin with'
Readers give us a piece of their minds on public art and the Gov's plan to recoup back cyber taxes.

Soap Box Nov. 30 and beyond

'Ever see a dairy cow roaming out on the plains?'
Readers get fired up on Cliven Bundy, federal overreach and public lands.

Soap Box Nov. 23 and beyond

Readers protest and react to presidential order on public lands.
"Insanity run amok"

Soap Box Nov. 16 and beyond

Readers give us a piece of their mind, honey.
"Thank you for not having such a stupid cover article like last week."

Soap Box Nov. 9 and beyond

Our readers offer their Trumptastic feedback!
"No, he shouldn't be impeached. He needs to be catapulted into space and burn in the sun. His hair products will ensure he really burns up."

Soap Box: Nov. 2-Nov.8

Reader feedback on police accountability, beer and beyond.
"Never too late"

Soap Box: Oct. 26-Nov. 1

#fakenews, Taxpayer dollars and more.
You really should do your homework.

Soap Box: Oct. 19-25

Comments on satanism, Bears Ears reduction and more.
"I have known many of the local Satanists and it's encouraging to see them portrayed as the thoughtful souls that they are."

Soap Box: Oct. 12-18

CW readers' comments on panhandling, gun laws and more.
"Are we not all beggars? No, some of us are hypocrites."

Soap Box: Sept. 28-Oct. 11

On The Gateway, censored stories, politics and more.
"These developments, combined with the crackdown at Rio Grande has the future looking brighter now than any time previous."

Soap Box: Oct. 4-9

Reactions to SLCPD officer's body-cam video of fatal shooting of Patrick Harmon.
"We have every right to judge officers. We, the taxpayers, pay them to do their jobs, which is to protect and serve."

Soap Box: Sept. 21-27

CW readers comment on Midvale comeback, Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan, national politics and more.
"American politics today is like a blue-collar thief and a white-collar thief taking potshots at each other."

Soap Box: Sept. 14-20

CW readers sound off on hot springs, Trump deals and caffeine.
"Thank you, City Weekly and Dylan Woolf Harris, for covering the nooks and crannies of Salt Lake."

Soap Box: Sept. 7-13

CW readers speak their mind about Sugar House development.
"Sugar House is tacky. There's almost nothing you can get there that you can't get in an airport terminal."


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