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Utah Portrait Arts photographers Steve Conlin, Nick Sokoloff and Paul Duane focus their lenses on locals striving to make sense of a pandemic.
"The COVID-19 pandemic is a singular moment in history, a defining moment in each of our lives. The virus, pandemic and quarantine have affected everybody differently."

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Last-Standing Hypocrites

Never mind that we can't do that very effectively due to coronavirus self-policing, but it does seem that prior to coronavirus, people met more to be social with each other rather than to pound down a few and have a cigarette.

Private Eye

Class of 2020: Graduating in the time of COVID-19

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Class of 2020: Graduating in the time of COVID-19 (answer at least 5 questions below to be considered for publication. Also, be sure to include your senior class photo and/or a publication-quality graduation photo.)


Deciphering MAGA

How great are we now?
It's not so far removed from the days of Hitler's highly robotic youth organizations—the real Jojo Rabbits and their mindlessly rote rah-rahs for the realm. Hitler's inflammatory anti-Semitic rhetoric, his monster-size parades of military might and the raised hand salute to "mein Führer" became synonymous with the smoke-and-mirrors illusions of the Third Reich—effectively masking the real issues of the time with the magic of pompoms and cheers.


Citizen Revolt: May 28

Rental Protest, Understanding Financial Statements, Winners & Losers
More than 37 million people have lost their jobs and the numbers keep climbing.

Citizen Revolt

Fear or Frenzy

Education Watchdogs, All Powerful State of Utah
This COVID-19 pandemic isn't the first time the Constitution has been cited as a reason to ignore the rights and lives of others.

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Feedback from May 21 and Beyond

Alex Springer's Curry Pizza review I think @DevinHypnosis has been raving about this place for years. @spryute via Twitter



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