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Homeless Bound

Homeless Bound

Awaiting new resource centers, some say westside situation has improved since last year.
Stories like it are common ever since Operation Rio Grande commenced in August 2017, when many homeless persons sought refuge in nearby neighborhoods like Rose Park and Poplar Grove.


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Citizen Revolt: Nov. 15

Learn about our country's present dangers and future of democracy, march for animal rights, and help the homeless stay warm this winter.

Worried about the fascist direction of our country? You should be, and it takes a nation to turn things around.

Citizen Revolt

Granite's Ghost

Reduced to an empty lot picked at by developers, Granite High’s historic specter still haunts South Salt Lake.
Piles of soil lay beside partially- and fully-finished houses. A large green-and-white sign sits beside the homes, advertising the community's new name: Granite Legacy.

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White House Report: Trump's Heart Condition

Simply put, President Donald Trump's heart is a growing concern.
His condition, "Pernicious Malcardia," was only recently diagnosed, and is considered to be the most serious non-congenital cardiac defect known to medicine.


Final Resting Place

The latest on quirky criminals, strange trends and odd events.
For some folks, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are more than amusement parks.

News of the Weird

Libertarian Utah

Utahns make it known how they feel about taxes, the good and bad from San Juan County, and another setback for the Cottonwood Mall site.

It's official. Utah is a Libertarian state. On the tax front, they voted against taxing themselves just a little to fund education and, of course, roads.

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Feedback from Nov. 1 and Beyond

Readers sound off on pizza biopics and medical cannabis.

Everyone's a critic ...



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