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Madam Mayor

Madam Mayor

Erin Mendenhall on finding calm and community during nonstop crises.
In January, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall will reach the halfway point of her first term in office.

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Washington Square Dispatch

Highlights from the Nov. 9 meeting of the Salt Lake City Council
The Council voted unanimously in favor of a proposed zoning change around the Latter-day Saint Institute of Religion adjacent to the University of Utah campus.


Ignoble Notables

Three Utah scientists honored with this year's other peace prize.
The interlude between harvest and Hanukkah leaves me cold. How is it possible to appreciate a season that valorizes shopping, eating and electioneering?


Code Red

Utah's medical community urgently requests blood donations.
Over the summer, Utah's critical blood shortage made headlines on more than one occasion.


Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal

Taking a Gander: Part of an ongoing American disaster
It seemed like it had been a long time coming. Americans held their breath as Kyle Rittenhouse, the snotty-nosed man-child who'd violated multiple laws and ended two lives, had reached his judicial day of reckoning.


Rent Help for Seniors

Read No Evil, Shot Clocks
If you think it's hard to buy a home, try renting one.

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Citizen Revolt: Week of November 25

What Do You Think?, Vaccine Politics, Need a Home?, Meals for the Homeless
Remember 2016? Remember how the polls kept telling us that Hillary Clinton was cruising toward a win? Well, that didn't happen.

Citizen Revolt


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