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The Kids Are Not Alright

The Kids Are Not Alright

Why Utah's fight for clean air matters.
We've been fighting lung inflammation for months, like a shadowy opponent that hovers, attacks and then recedes.

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Crème de la Weird

A weekly roundup of international news oddities.
Doctors treating the man performed a CT scan and discovered a rhinolith—a stone made of calcium—in his nasal cavity, which, when removed, was found to have formed around a small balloon with cannabis inside.

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Bad Banners

A year after the city launched a poll to reboot its flag, Salt Lakers are still waiting for a tattoo-worthy design.
Air quality. Homelessness. The inland port. These are all pressing issues Salt Lake City Mayor-elect Erin Mendenhall will be tackling as she takes over Jackie Biskupski's seat in January.


It Turns Out the Witch is Real

Gone are the cheery songbirds that welcomed each day.


Oh, So That's the Line

Now we can tell what crosses the line when it comes to gun violence. Thanks to an open records request, we know a little more how Utah's power brokers use smoke and mirrors. Plus, archaeologists give an interesting take on the inland port.
When a family of U.S. polygamists was murdered in Mexico, the calls came immediately to decriminalize multiple marriages.

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Citizen Revolt: Nov. 21

Find out what's going with the state's tax reform talks. Learn how congressional gridlock could be affecting state lawmakers. Plus, join other demonstrators in calling for charges to be dropped against inland port protestors.
Are you worried about raising the tax on groceries? How about throwing education funding to the wind?

Citizen Revolt

Feedback from Nov. 7 and Beyond

Our opinionated readers sound off on the inland port, Republicans and SLC's new mayor.
"The best way to protest is to boycott every product sold that is housed/distributed from that port."



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