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Climate Gods

Climate Gods

What role can Utah's legislators play in addressing climate change?
As he basked in the Olympic euphoria, Gov. Gary Herbert seemed flat-footed when we asked if he was concerned climate change could hamper the Beehive State's second throwing of the international soirée.


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2019 Film Festival Issue

Past stories lay the foundation for new ones in Park City.
If you set out to explore the wild world of independent filmmaking, who knows what stories you'll bring home?

Cover Story

Back to the Street

Then Xennials began their careers, only to discover the female-friendly world they were sold didn't always function as advertised.


Feedback from Jan. 3 and Beyond

Readers sound off on the Winter Olympics and warm beer.
"Hopefully I'll be dead or living in Oregon by then."



Perplexing people, kooky crimes and odd headlines from around the globe.
However, there is a name on the bear's tag, and Desai is hoping to find the owner through that.

News of the Weird

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 17

It's that time of year—Legislature season—so learn from some of the best, and how they overcame obstacles in the political world. Lastly, don't forget the Women's March!
On the evening before Real Women Run, hear Delia Garcia, the first Latina woman and youngest female to serve in the Kansas House of Representatives in 2004.

Citizen Revolt

The New American

A fourth Utah city makes a pledge to have 100 percent renewable energy. Sensationalism adds to #fakenews. Plus, how much to Utah Republicans despise the poor?
The "New American" can't help but call it #fakenews, and so the good news becomes bad.

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