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More than Heroes and Villains

More than Heroes and Villains

In This Land, Christopher Ketcham roams the West in search of both, and misses a lot in between.
Ketcham's West becomes a landscape for the preservation and enjoyment of those with the physical capacity and leisure time to seek it out, not a place to live on or make a living in.



The Journey of Becoming You

How 'gender-affirming' philosophy and multidisciplinary care at the University of Utah's Transgender Health Program helps patients feel whole.
>Surgical procedures to help peoples' bodies align with their gender identities have been around since the early 20th century.

Cover Story

Trump in a Miniskirt: Cheering for the Bad Guys

Luckily for him, praises are amazingly easy to extract from the worst of the world's bullies, who, though castigated by all legitimate world leaders, are impervious to the cries of "foul."


The Tax Masquerade

What's going on with the state's tax reform, as they call it? How it's now up to cities to educate residents on recycling practices. Plus, the state of Medicare in Utah.
Let's talk population. It's something cities see as a housing challenge, that climate activists see as pollution potential and that governments see as prime taxable real estate.

Hits & Misses

Feedback from Nov. 21 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on dirty air, funeral potatoes and the Utah Theater.
"I know what would help—an inland port!"


Curious Tradition

A weekly roundup of international news oddities.
Animal Help Now, a group that assists in "animal emergencies," has gathered almost 160,000 signatures on a petition to repeal legislation allowing "Possum Drops" in North Carolina.

News of the Weird

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 5

Join a discussion to dispel myths about the 2020 Census. Strike at the Capitol in the name of climate change. Plus, hear from local writers demanding action on the environment.
The 2020 Census is going to be challenging not only because of the numbers, but because the politics are blocking the way.

Citizen Revolt


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