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Down by the Rio

Down by the Rio

Two years shy of its closure, four questions linger on the future of the Rio Grande shelter.
A large chunk of money to the tune of $28 million in one-time costs and $2.6 million in ongoing costs is for housing—a component of homeless services officials such as Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams have repeatedly said are vital in the new model.


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Holy Spirits

Rejoice, our annual A-Z Cocktail Guide is here!
The best part of compiling this ode to Utah’s drinks scene? Recognizing the passion and talent of so many local producers and advocates keeping our community of cocktail enthusiasts growing.

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Slogans and Mottos

It's Rasmuson's opinion time!
That's one of the "catchy slogan ideas" from a slogan generator at


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Q&A with Retired Army Officer Carl Churchill
Retired Army officer Carl Churchill is no longer in uniform, but he and his wife, Lori, now serve in a different way at their Cottonwood Heights café, Alpha Coffee, at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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Health Issue

'Utah values'—what does it mean?
Utah values. That's the mantra, but no one seems to be able to define the term—unless they venture into the church-state issue, the anti-vaccination movement or even the return of the Red Scare.

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Entrepreneur competition, bilingual radio bingo and public lands march.
Instead of building walls, how about building bridges?

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Liquor in the Front

Eight potential downtown sites for the relocation of the State Liquor Store on 400 South.
The Zephyr Club (yeah, still getting mileage out of that one).

The Ocho


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