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After Tastes

After Tastes

Mouthwatering musings on Salt Lake's restaurant history.
"Come all ye who labour with the stomach, and I will restore you."

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Camera Ready

In my mind, it only exists in black and white, but I clearly remember watching the first stages of the Glen Canyon Dam being built.

Private Eye

Julian Assange

Taking a Gander: Whistleblowers will be Punished
Julian Assange is an example of the fizzled-out fireworks of American democracy.


Open and Shut

Governor and state leaders take a victory lap at ribbon-cutting for new prison.
State leaders were triumphant Wednesday at the ribbon-cutting for Utah’s new prison, cracking joking about the years of controversy surrounding its construction, praising its design and abundant use of natural lighting and stating, emphatically, that the decision to relocate the State Prison from Draper to the shores of the Great Salt Lake was the right one.


Dead Giveaways

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Europeans can spot an American tourist a mile away, according to a recent advertorial in Huffington Post.


Feedback from June 16 and Beyond

"Music Therapy," June 16 Cover Story Whoever wrote this article needs to check their facts. Music therapy is a type of therapy.


Will They Ever Learn?

Open and Empty, Goodbye, Grass
What if the Legislature was trying to pull a fast one on you? Like, they already know what they want and what the outcome will be, but they really, really want you to think they've thought this through.

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