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Rocky Anderson says he'll never run for office again after falling short in Salt Lake City mayoral race

Rocky Anderson says he'll never run for office again after falling short in Salt Lake City mayoral race

Rock the Vote
Former Salt Lake City mayor Ross "Rocky" Anderson said Tuesday that he's never stopped "raising hell" when he sees things going wrong in his community, and doesn't intend to. But after falling short in his bid for a third, non-consecutive term in City Hall, Anderson said his future efforts are unlikely to include his name appearing on a ballot.



RIP Rosalynn Carter, a truly great First Lady

Taking a Gander
Sadly, Rosalynn’s death serves as a reminder to all of us, just how far we have fallen as a country—how America has lost its idealism and created a perpetual circus of mediocrity, corruption and insidious deterioration, threatening the very survival of our Founding Fathers’ dreams.


Man buns are destroying civilization

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
In times gone by, bullfighters would wear small, little buns just above their neck as part of their elaborate costumes that included pink stocking and garter belts. We are not making this up. But most hipsters don't wear pink stockings and garter belts. They wear v-neck tees and skinny jeans and big boots and carry leather jackets.


Ski jumping legend Alf Engen helped put Utah's powder on the map

Athlete of the Century
Alf Engen was a ski jumper so remarkable, he broke the world record several times in a single day of competition—more than once.

Cover Story

Mendenhall leads Anderson in early election results for Salt Lake City mayor

Incumbent Upon
Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall all but claimed victory in her reelection fight on Tuesday, as early returns showed her with a 25-percentage-point lead—or roughly 10,000 votes—over her closest challenger, former mayor Rocky Anderson.


Panelists share grief, anger and expectations for the Israel-Hamas war at Jewish Community Center event

A Month of Mourning
More than one month after the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack on Israeli-occupied territories near the Gaza Strip, killing and capturing hundreds of civilians and triggering a brutal, weekslong conflict, members of Utah’s Jewish community said they were still trying to process the various emotions they feel watching events unfold. “Since Oct. 7 many of us have been grieving. We’ve been angry, we’ve been—maybe—resolute, confused,” University of Utah professor Maeera Shreiber said Monday. “But we’ve all been terribly sad, and I just want to name that sadness before we go any further.”


It's OK to take a break from stressful traditions and create your own 'Holiday Magic'

Small Lake City
Holiday magic is largely made possible through the invisible labor of women, single dads and non-binary folks—and we are tired.


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