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Breaking Chains, Building Links

Breaking Chains, Building Links

Orem's Colonial Heritage Festival expands understanding of whose history is worth knowing.
Dan Shippey couldn't bring himself to ask Patrick Martin to play the William "Billy" Lee to his George Washington in this year's Colonial Heritage Festival in Orem.


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Buried Hazards

Contamination cleanup on inland port site could be possible, but it won’t be easy—or cheap.
A number of reasons are emerging as to why development plans in Salt Lake's Northwest Quadrant have rarely been realized.

Cover Story

Terrible Terry

Remembering an old friend and early City Weekly ally.
Many years ago, we ran an advertisement that people talked about for years.

Private Eye

Citizen Revolt: July 12

Learn how to be a welcoming member of the city's refugees; attend the March For Our Lives town hall and get the inside scoop on November's four ballot initiatives.
We know what President Trump thinks of refugees, but Salt Lake City and, in fact, Utah as a whole, have a different idea.

Citizen Revolt

Environmental 'Protection'

The "enemy of the people" saves the day, shifting the development discussion and maybe it would be better if we just made the damn cake.
Once again, the "enemy of the people" has come to the rescue.

Hits & Misses

This Is the End, My Friend

This week's Straight Dope marks the last appearance of the column as the Teeming Millions have known it for the past 45 years.

The Straight Dope

Feedback from June 28 and Beyond

Readers sound off on Mexican food, cat shows and socialist propaganda.
"The epitome of liberal filth!"



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