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Your Guide to Get Outside Now

Your Guide to Get Outside Now

If Utah's mountains and deserts are calling, a new book from a Utah author tells you how to answer.
In this issue, we cherry-pick the best advice from Outdoor Adventure Guides: Backpacking & Hiking, a new book by Salt Lake City-based author Jason Stevenson.

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Light 'Em Up

I'm feeling like a cigarette. I quit smoking years ago, but I could sure use a conversation with my old friend Marlboro Light about now.

Private Eye

Puppy Love

Taking a Gander: Where's the love for Utah's elderly?
It's a familiar story. Junior and Missy are badgering their parents daily with a message that can't be set aside: "Daddy, Mommy, can't we get a puppy?" Though the parents are reluctant, Saturday morning finds the family at the local pet shop.


It Don't Say That in the Bible

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Religious freedom is where we employ the First Amendment to discriminate against you.


Champ or Chump?

Police Training Matters, Falling Like Dominoes
Well, how cute is it to see Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, stand up for women's rights? But that is not exactly what it was.

Hits & Misses

Citizen Revolt: July 30

Pacific Islander Town Hall, Will the Silent Majority Get Woke?, March for the Voiceless, Privacy With Facial Rec
While COVID-19 spreads across this DIY state, Pacific Islanders are one of the hardest hit communities. In fact, they have the second highest infection rate in the state—and the highest in the nation.

Citizen Revolt


A weekly roundup of international news oddities
As the man attempted to gather his belongings from the home, deputies said, Couch allegedly hit the victim with the flat side of the machete's blade, "then swung the machete at the victim's face," striking his arm with the blade as the man tried to ward off the blow.

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