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Best Summer Concerts

Best Summer Concerts

Bust out the SPF, the head-bangiest of seasons is here!
Much like the way local commuters forget how to drive during the first snowstorm of the year, the first few summer concerts need a bit of getting used to.

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The New Freedom Fighter

Freshly out Utah County Commissioner Nathan Ivie reflects on the evolution of the Republican Party.
Even if the Republican rank-and-file are ready, willing and eager to embrace Ivie, the pressure might not be there to make the GOP leadership care


Citizen Revolt: June 13

Learn about more oil in Utah. Hear about the state's housing plans. Plus, find out how a carbon tax can help our environment.

Now there's a plan to build a $1.5 billion rail line that would transport heavy crude from Utah to connections to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Citizen Revolt

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When Will They Ever Learn?

>While the world recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day and President Donald Trump found a few hypocritical words to say about the U.S.' everlasting bond with its allies, I had a difficult time not puking up my lunch.


Dark Times, High Hopes

More locals lament the state of the First Amendment. Meanwhile, recent news is reason to celebrate. Plus, don't rejoice just yet for our environment.

Sadly, we can't Make Journalism Great Again. We have to recreate it.

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Holy Action Hero!

A weekly roundup of international news oddities.
"I don't know what the guy was thinking," Gibson told Fox5.

News of the Weird

Feedback from May 30 and Beyond

Readers share their opinions on Pride and LGBTQ youth in Utah.

"Has the Mormon church ever apologized for anything?"



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