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Honoring Salt Lake's Metropolitan Community Church and its role in Utah's LGBTQ+ history

Honoring Salt Lake's Metropolitan Community Church and its role in Utah's LGBTQ+ history

A Bold Ministry
Having been ejected from his Pentecostal ministry in the East, Troy Perry relocated to Los Angeles to start anew as an openly gay man. Outraged by the raids used by local police to target gay clubs—and the devastating effects such practices had upon loved ones—Perry resolved to act with his calling.

"Tremendous need existed for a bold ministry," Perry later wrote. "Literally tens of thousands of homosexual sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, plus our friends and the friendless in every age group from puberty on, who had been robbed of their self-esteem, were waiting to find and heed our basic message, 'God loves you!'"



Utah Pride organizers stress quality over quantity for this year's festival and parade

Louder and Prouder
The Utah Pride Festival and Parade are growing and shrinking for 2023. For the first time, the two-day festival's Washington Square location will expand to include the adjacent Library Square, opening new spaces for activation and enhanced food and beverage options. But the live entertainment program—with a high-profile roster of local and national performers—is being consolidated onto a single stage in what organizers say is an intentional focus on quality over quantity.


Parents may hold the birth certificates, but U.S. kids belong to gun manufacturers

Taking a Gander
America has abdicated its responsibility in seeing that highly effective killing devices are no longer available for general sale to all kinds of people. I hate to be a harbinger of tragedy, but we elected these people and it’s high time that we made them respond to our cries.


FDA approves brain implants—that's bad news for Congress

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Someone has cast a spell over congressional Republicans and undoing it will be tricky, said Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren. It would require Trump's little toe, a pot of heated chicken's blood, a shock of Mike Pence's hair, the guts of a toad, Epsom salts, a Waring blender and a squirt gun. Nobody said it would be easy.


Utah Pride 2023—A bigger festival, a new parade route and an "unapologetic" love

City Weekly Pride Issue
Happy Pride Month, 2023! This June, Utah and communities around the nation are gathering for festivals, rallies and special events celebrating inclusivity, civility and equality.

Cover Story

It's always been hard for Utah's LGBTQ+ community, but it shouldn't have to be.

Private Eye
City Weekly is proud to have been witness to and a primary documenter of the challenges that begat this colorful, robust and energized community for so many years.

Private Eye

Salt Lakers love to let their colors fly, during Pride and all year long

On the Street
Whether it's from Gallup polling data, Human Rights Campaign reports or random internet lists with dubious methodology—Salt Lake City is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America.


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