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On the Mend

On the Mend

Give your busted possessions new life—and add wisdom to your own—at a Fix-It Clinic.
There have been a dozen Fix-It Clinics since the URA brought the program to Utah last year.


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Conservation Crisis

For more than 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been a public lands windfall. A victim of a slashed budget, it could become a ghost of its former self by month's end.
It’s unlikely that a stand-alone piece of legislation would be passed at this point, but it could be slipped into another big legislative item that also needs to be passed.

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On Puppies and Sneakers

Is America in the throes of an epidemic of stolen pets ending up in stew pots?
"The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018" is exactly what it sounds like: A bill "to prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption."


Feedback from Sept. 6 and Beyond

Readers sound off on cannabis, cougars and milkweed.
“I seriously thought this was an Onion headline”


Chasing Tail

Trophy hunters like to use the word "management" instead of "harvesting," more inland-port conflicts and should the Board of Education be partisan?
"Management" might just be the new euphemism for harvesting wildlife trophies.

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Rude Awakening

A weekly roundup of international news oddities.
Former English soccer star Gary Mabbutt, 57, traveled to South Africa in July to visit his daughter, who works at Kruger National Park, but it wasn't the exotic big game that left the most lasting impression on him.

News of the Weird

Citizen Revolt: Sept. 20

Build relationships in the Native American community affected by human trafficking, learn about Utah's history through transportation, and experience the journey of a refugee.
For generations, Native Americans have had to deal with the hidden crisis of human trafficking within their communities.

Citizen Revolt


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