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The President's Puppy-Loves

Gun Control: Time to Do it Right

The President's Puppy-Loves

Like a schoolboy beset by the titillation of puppy-love, President Donald Trump's highly-juvenile heartthrobs have come with predictable regularity.

Trump's Latest Physical Exam

"Thank you. It's nice to know, during this time of constant siege, that loyalty still exists."

No Voice Is Louder Than Silence

How President Trump just lowered his own abysmal bar.
As the son of two first-generation Americans, I have a vision of how great our country can be; and I'm not liking its current trajectory.

Utah's Bad Report Card: No 'A' for the Aging Population

The ravages of age often require a level of care that would be a difficult—or even impossible—burden for the family.

Trump's Golf Caddy Tells All

"As his golf caddie, I've been privy to some of Trump's deepest thoughts. Indeed, he has shared some remarkable off-the-record remarks.

Time for the Sheep to Save the State

This is not a matter of Republican or Democrat; it is a battle over whether our democracy will survive.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

"I pray, Mr. Adams, that the United States does not suffer unduly for its want of a monarchy." Replies the American: "We will strive to answer your prayers, Your Majesty."

When Will They Ever Learn?

>While the world recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day and President Donald Trump found a few hypocritical words to say about the U.S.' everlasting bond with its allies, I had a difficult time not puking up my lunch.

The New "S" Word

With six children and 16 grandkids, our governor is a consummate Utah Mormon. Gov. Gary Herbert's regular pep talks on the American flag, motherhood, education and apple pie have made him a popular leader, particularly among those of the same faith.

Conspicuously Absent: Where is America's Heart?

The incident was a sad reminder of the ongoing, illegal incarcerations our government continues to inflict just 90 miles from U.S. soil.

Alabama's Hot-Pepper Law

Averaging 1.6 million Scoville Heat Units, they're the hottest peppers known to man. No one's going to say, "That was delicious!"

The Higher Law

It's no wonder Utahns find themselves in a quandary over the Trump White House.

Mike Lee: Surely You Jest

Although many things have changed since those days of castles and knights, we still turn, at the end of a hard day, to some buffoonery to buoy our sagging spirits.

Yesterday's old Royal Typewriter, and Today's Blogosphere

Reflecting on a well-chronicled career.
The Royal saw me through high school, college, the Army (where I was a clerk), and 10 years into my newspaper career.

Utah's Own Inquisition

Regardless of BYU's many stellar—even world renowned—colleges, it fails to be what a university should be.
The Honor Code is only part of it; BYU certainly has a history of intolerance to students and staff, including mass-firings of professors who dared to speak words deemed unorthodox.

Utah and Somalia: Not So Different

This barbaric practice has been renounced by the World Health Organization, and many enlightened countries have enacted laws to stop it.


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