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White House Report: Trump's Heart Condition

Simply put, President Donald Trump's heart is a growing concern.

The Lady Weeps

Miss Liberty has welcomed the tired, poor, oppressed and those yearning for freedom for the past 132 years.

Birds of a Feather

Pompeo and the Saudi Crown Prince

Pompeo: I guess we've covered it all. You'll have your arms, Melania and vindication in the Khashoggi matter. You know your part. Let's shake on it.

A Lesson on Slimy Lubrication

Donald Trump's slogan has been "Make America Great Again," but his actions are crumbling the strength of our democracy.

An Entitled Brotherhood

Christine Blasey Ford's accusations were serious, and President Donald Trump's congressional fix-it squad was feeling extreme urgency to get Kavanaugh confirmed.

Cure America, One Surgery at a Time

On President Trump's self-avowed destructive health care agenda.
Owing largely to big pharma's predatory gouging and the exorbitant charges of doctors and hospitals, U.S. health care costs have soared into the stratosphere.

On Puppies and Sneakers

Is America in the throes of an epidemic of stolen pets ending up in stew pots?
"The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018" is exactly what it sounds like: A bill "to prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption."

Pot for a Prophet

It's time for Utah to wake up and smell the cannabis.
During the past month, the church—through its permanently retained legal counsel—has entered into yet another round of the fray, swinging with gloves off for all it's worth.

Two Funerals

America lost a true national hero.
When I heard that Sen. John McCain had passed away, I got all choked up, and unlike the inevitable future passing of our five-time draft-dodger president, there was plenty to mourn.

Superdelegates Unite!

Democrats move back toward trusting the people.
On Aug. 25, the Democratic National Committee took that passage to heart by limiting the power of "superdelegates" in choosing the party's presidential nominee.

Silver Lining Inventions

As the world welcomed in the 1900s, Italian Guglielmo Marconi successfully sent the first transoceanic radio transmission message.

Where Is the Love? 

Mia Love, for all her lofty rhetoric, is but another of the swamp creatures who are thriving in Washington's murky depths.

Crafting Culture

Dispelling the myth women don't like beer.
It's no secret times are a-changin' in the quirky, green Jell-O-loving state we all call home.

The Sump Trummit

Luckily, Americans aren't totally in the dark about The Donald's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Commander-in-chief keeps lowering the bar.
While his mini-ninnies huddle beneath the White House tables like a Midwest clan awaiting the touchdown of an EF5 tornado, the storm of President Donald Trump's verbal and behavioral abortions continues to wreak havoc in the civilized world.

American Terrorist

We have a terrorist organization operating in the United States.

On Religious Discrimination

It wasn't long ago that English kings, among others, were God's own anointed protectors of the faith, assuming the roles of political leader and religious pontiff combined.


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