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Lazy American Workers and the Shrinking Economy

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis

People Aren't Just Statistics

Taking a Gander: It's a small world after all

It Don't Say That in the Bible

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis

People Aren't Just Statistics

Taking a Gander: It's a small world after all
But that was on New Year's Day. Only a couple of months later, I would develop a more compassionate feeling toward the millions in our world who live every day in fear, or who have no concept of what it's like to actually feel good.

Puppy Love

Taking a Gander: Where's the love for Utah's elderly?
It's a familiar story. Junior and Missy are badgering their parents daily with a message that can't be set aside: "Daddy, Mommy, can't we get a puppy?" Though the parents are reluctant, Saturday morning finds the family at the local pet shop.

The Freedom Club

From around the nation, a cry has arisen among conservatives confronted with stay-at-home orders and mask-requirement ordinances: "Freedom!"

Exit Strategies

Taking a Gander: The man who would be king spits on the Constitution
While our countrymen sing the inspiring strains of our national anthem and get all fuzzy-warm at the sight of Old Glory waving in the breeze, there's at least one American who might as well have landed a big juicy ball of spit on the Constitution.

The Plan? No Plan

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
The Black Student Union at BYU (we are not making this up) has called on the administration of the LDS flagship university to take the names of any racist church leaders from campus buildings. But the higher-ups are balking because if they did that many of the structures wouldn't have names.

COVID Crisis Fail

Utahns are always at war: Religious wars. Liquor wars. Urban vs. rural wars. Thus, it should surprise no one that strategies for dealing with COVID-19 quickly were parsed along political lines.

Moral Wimps

Taking a Gander: State leaders hope people will do the "right" thing
We elect our governor, state senators and representatives for a reason. And one of those reasons is the responsible concern for the public good.

Something to Hate and the Great Awakening

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Sometimes you just feel like breaking stuff, like the windows at the DA's office. And while you're at it, might as well throw 30 gallons of red paint on the street—representing the blood of Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, who was shot dead by police while committing an armed robbery. There's something here for everyone to hate.

Misfired Message

Taking a Gander: Trump's July Fourth speeches truly were duds
Put in historical perspective, our country is still very young; when viewed in the context of the future, there are ominous forebodings appearing on the crystal ball. Even as I am an eternal optimist, I cannot ignore what is happening.

Far-Left Fascists Toppling America

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
With the rock faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln looking on from above, Donald Trump announced to the nation that we are "under siege from far-left fascists" who intend to "indoctrinate our children."

Costly Devotion

Taking a Gander: Tough guys support the king of fools
One thing is crystal clear. The next president will be forced to replace all the White House carpets.

Jesus Was a Capricorn

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Listen to this: "Jesus was a person of color murdered by state-sanctioned violence." That was on a sign outside the Clackamus United Church of Christ in Milwaukie, Ore. How dare they, when everybody knows Jesus was blond with blue eyes.


Taking a Gander: The White House nursery is hard at work
The world and its problems are there each time his hands burst from his eyes, but the realities he wishes to avoid simply disappear when he covers them up again.

Confederate Flags and Up Yours

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Ever wonder why people have confederate flags on their pick-up trucks—or anywhere for that matter? Until just recently, the confederate flag was the symbol of NASCAR racing.

Walled Off

Taking a Gander: Trump's not-so Great Wall symbolizes all his dealings
The early days of the Trump presidency were largely dominated by his mindless, short-circuited fixation on building an unbreachable wall between Mexico and the U.S. Since cracking down on illegal immigration had been a campaign promise—and because many Americans found the sheer number of annual undocumented residents to be alarming—Trump’s need to make good on his campaign promise was understandable. Declaring that our neighbors to the south would pay for the barrier was always an iffy conjecture, but, when it became clear that Mexico would not be the one footing the bill, Trump declared the crisis a national emergency, raiding funding already committed to other purposes—including the military—and even petitioning private donors to help.

OMG, BYU Is Named for Racist Leader

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
What if someone said it's time to change the name of Brigham Young University. Eee-gads, duck and cover—and hide your temple recommend.


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