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The Jiggle Factor

I read 'Lord of the Flies' in 1962, and it proved to be a turning point in my life.

Vetting Veterans Day

During my senior year, draft looming, self-interest kicked in like a hit of amphetamine.

Utah Political Lessons

Partisans fail to accept that we are each molded by the culture of our times.

Ig Nobel Prizes

If you're going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Grand Gestures

Will sharing Columbus Day help Utah's Native Americans to feel heard and have their history known?

You Down With NPV?

The Legislature's refusal to act on issues favored by a plurality of Utahns has created fertile ground for grassroots initiative.

Turn On, Tune In, Don't Drop Out

Syndicates are busy projecting the exact moment at which millennials will have a significant impact on government affairs.

Keepin' It Real

What began as a documentary with the intent to capture the real lives of an American family has turned into a billion-dollar industry—but is spectating the lives of others making us better?

Worst Deal-Maker Ever

Wayward as some with a pedestal might act, they are part of our family we call America.

Saving Stories

What you write on the internet could live there forever.
I occasionally ponder my own footprints in the mud. ... What residual part of me might be as interesting to my progeny as Otzi the Iceman's copper axe is to me?

Status Quo Suffering

I think most would agree that America is in deep shit and floundering like an overloaded boat. Yet the autopilot continues humming like a beehive.

Delight in Disorder

My cute 11-year-old granddaughter dresses deliberately each day—with deliberate abandon, to be precise.

Nazi News!

Many millennials don't know shit about the "Greatest Generation" of Americans who gave everything to defeat Nazi evil.

On Letters

My snail mail exchange with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.
In my mail the other day was an ivory-colored envelope. "Royal Mail," one blue postmark read.

What Climate Change?

Looks like it’ll cost taxpayers a heck of a lot more than any war in Iraq.
In my last piece, I channeled Karl Rove's historical report that America always recovers. He pointed to history's example that we often are in this boat, but eventually loyal Americans come together...

Slogans and Mottos

It's Rasmuson's opinion time!
That's one of the "catchy slogan ideas" from a slogan generator at shopify.com.

Better Times Ahead

I asked a GOP friend who follows Trump on Twitter how he thinks he's doing. "Are you kidding me?" he responded.
I know, based on our history, that all of this craziness will pass—across America and here in Utah


Is it great to suck at something?
You have to ask yourself why you would persist in a pastime you know to be dead-end futile.


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