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Utahns' Avoidance Coming to an End

Student Loans

Utahns' Avoidance Coming to an End

As I sit here in my office, considering the intensity of the current Washington news cycle, I can't help but be frustrated, dismayed and disappointed in Utah's leadership and my fellow citizens. We all knew, even before the botched, Russian-manipulated election of 2016, that Donald Trump was no saint.

Trumpty Dumpty's Precarious Wall

Trumpty Dumpty is sitting on the wall—no, not his wall—and the chances are that even all the king's horses and men won't be able to salvage the wreckage.

Ingot We Trust: Trading Foundation Beliefs for the Luster of Gold

(The guns were an absolute necessity—back then; no one needed a concealed carry permit, and no one questioned the premise that a man would be fully justified in killing a claim jumper or thief. In the gold fields, the law was in short supply.)

The Kinder Approach to Food: Birth of a Super-Vegan

Not just any food, but the kind that just sits there growing, gawking at the sky and never taking a vacation—even venturing around the block.

Utahns Perpetuating the Myth: The Christian Right

Utahns, at least politically, are still in the La-La Land of sucklings.
Like a litter of puppies whose young eyes have not yet learned to focus, Utahns, at least politically, are still in the La-La Land of sucklings.

The Real Measure of a Man

With the possible exception of sheer tonnage, there are no criteria that would suggest he measures up in any way at all.

“Every Sunset is for you”

Helmut "Rick" Goeller was born in Offenbacham Main, Germany to George and Herta Goeller (Schmidt) on September 24, 1948.

Building a Democracy

Local War on Terror vet weighs in on Syria's decentralized government model.
President Donald Trump announced earlier this year that he plans to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Syria from 2,000 to 200, all while keeping their mission intact.

A Single-Use Throw-Away World

On Utahns' historic dislike of the United Nations.
Over the years, a number of church leaders have expressed hostility to the organization and its goals.

Aaron Shamo: Young Man with No Future

Ink might cover his body and there will likely be a few scars from scrapes with prisoners who, unlike him, committed some heinous and violent crimes.

All Hands on Deck

Even Utahns, living in their isolated pocket of clueless bliss were confronted with the realization that we live in an unsafe world.

Swamp Creature Chris Stewart

"There's nothing worth accomplishing in Washington that's worth losing your soul over."

The President's Puppy-Loves

Like a schoolboy beset by the titillation of puppy-love, President Donald Trump's highly-juvenile heartthrobs have come with predictable regularity.

Gun Control: Time to Do it Right

Instead of sitting around like President Donald Trump and his collection of slime—all boosted to power by the greatest gun lobby in the world (NRA)—the U.K. decided that such a tragedy would never happen again. It hasn't.

How Elephants are Dismantling our Democracy

Somehow, our state and its leadership have turned a blind eye to Trump's first two years. That's inexcusable.

Trump's Latest Physical Exam

"Thank you. It's nice to know, during this time of constant siege, that loyalty still exists."


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