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Keepin' It Real

Worst Deal-Maker Ever

Saving Stories

What you write on the internet could live there forever.

Status Quo Suffering

I think most would agree that America is in deep shit and floundering like an overloaded boat. Yet the autopilot continues humming like a beehive.

Delight in Disorder

My cute 11-year-old granddaughter dresses deliberately each day—with deliberate abandon, to be precise.

Nazi News!

Many millennials don't know shit about the "Greatest Generation" of Americans who gave everything to defeat Nazi evil.

On Letters

My snail mail exchange with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.
In my mail the other day was an ivory-colored envelope. "Royal Mail," one blue postmark read.

What Climate Change?

Looks like it’ll cost taxpayers a heck of a lot more than any war in Iraq.
In my last piece, I channeled Karl Rove's historical report that America always recovers. He pointed to history's example that we often are in this boat, but eventually loyal Americans come together...

Slogans and Mottos

It's Rasmuson's opinion time!
That's one of the "catchy slogan ideas" from a slogan generator at shopify.com.

Better Times Ahead

I asked a GOP friend who follows Trump on Twitter how he thinks he's doing. "Are you kidding me?" he responded.
I know, based on our history, that all of this craziness will pass—across America and here in Utah


Is it great to suck at something?
You have to ask yourself why you would persist in a pastime you know to be dead-end futile.

Changing Our Culture

Members of the LDS community represent a disproportionately large percentage of the world’s repairers.
I recently met with several fellow members of the LDS/Jewish Dialog Luncheon group.


Saturday. 9:30 a.m. Sears' parking lot.

Social Media in Salt Lake

For me, it all started quite innocently as a volunteer job at the American Red Cross...
My immediate family members avoid interacting on social media the way some farmers avoid city people.


Like 11-year-old Barron Trump, I wore ties at a young age—not because I wanted to, but because of the unwritten LDS dress code.
In my tie-wearing days, I marched to the drumbeat of fashion. I wore skinny ties when they were in vogue, wide ones when they weren't. Same with patterns.

Summertime Doesn't Mean We're Easy

Wardrobe choices are less vamp and more a game to beat the elements.
Although I'm not opposed to dress codes—in fact, I think hats and gloves are long overdue to make a comeback—it just seems that they should be based on principles of etiquette instead of gender bias, which creates a disservice to everyone involved.

Weiler's Words

Talking sex ed with Utah State Sen. Todd Weiler.
After reading my shout-out in a previous Opinion piece, Utah State Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, tweeted me, saying I don't understand Utah's current sex ed curriculum.

Mall Writer

Note to The Gateway: give me a call.
The Mall of America is recruiting a writer-in-residence.


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