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Herbert: A Failure of the Public Trust

Trumpty Dumpty

HB166: Headed for Herbert's Desk

Herbert: A Failure of the Public Trust

Democracy: We learned about it early, and our teachers explained it in great detail

Better Brooms, Bigger Rugs

On the surface they all look freshly scrubbed and squeaky clean, but the reality is a simple matter of statistical probability—there are skeletons in virtually everyone's closet.

Echoes of History

President Donald Trump is totally absorbed by getting his own way and hurting those who oppose him.

I Heart Consent

Personal bias aside, I find it troubling to exist in a world where people think consent isn't sexy.

Utah's Legislators: Gone Rogue

The legislative opposition to Medicaid expansion is the latest case in point.

The Politics of Protective Coloration

The chameleons, lizards and walking stick bugs are just a few that stand out—chameleons for their ability to modify their colors to blend in with almost any surrounding; lizards for appearing as the sand and rocks beneath their feet; and the walking sticks for looking like just another innocuous twig.

Clear and Present Danger

The newly identified "BocaPoo" (BP) is a national health threat." (Boca is Spanish for mouth.)

Back to the Street

Then Xennials began their careers, only to discover the female-friendly world they were sold didn't always function as advertised.

Donnie Boy's Visit with Santa

In an unprecedented move to ensure a Happy New Year, Trump denounced Obama's overly restrictive environmental regulations, and assured Americans, "What the last president did was a disgrace.

'Twas the Night Before New Year's

Mouse No. 1, the one with the orange top hat, had spied the lid ajar on the big ceramic, teddy-bear-shaped cookie jar.

Marcello the Magnificent

I couldn't help but get teary-eyed
Regardless of one's personal politics and sexual misconduct allegations, George H.W. Bush will most likely be remembered as a loyal and kind man, whose stature straddled both sides of the aisle.


The trio made small talk and joked as they pulled up chairs at their favorite table.
The triumvirate was composed of LDS church prophet David O. McKay; Gus P. Backman, head of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce; and The Salt Lake Tribune publisher John F. Fitzpatrick.

Enemy of the People

After a blatant and unprecedented effort to suppress the free will of Utah voters, it appears that scissor-wielding Mormons have taken a successful swipe at Mama's apron strings.

Climate Change Alert

Regardless of what the founding fathers envisioned, today, they rest uneasily in their graves, wondering if their dreams will survive.

White House Report: Trump's Heart Condition

Simply put, President Donald Trump's heart is a growing concern.
His condition, "Pernicious Malcardia," was only recently diagnosed, and is considered to be the most serious non-congenital cardiac defect known to medicine.

The Lady Weeps

Miss Liberty has welcomed the tired, poor, oppressed and those yearning for freedom for the past 132 years.
As the symbol of America's heart-felt empathy for a troubled world, Miss Liberty has welcomed the tired, poor, oppressed and those yearning for freedom for the past 132 years.


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