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Don't Let Jeff Bezos Return to Earth

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis

Sound the Trumpets

Taking a Gander: The Christian Right may be forced to evolve.

New Finding: Jell-O Is an Aphrodisiac

The completely unnecessary news analysis

Sound the Trumpets

Taking a Gander: The Christian Right may be forced to evolve.
Living in a city with a pretty-much tamper-proof lid, no one in Jericho was particularly worried when Joshua and his army began a siege.

We Elected Them

Taking a Gander: Think voter suppression is only for battleground states? Watch out for Utah lawmakers.
Gosh! You could've fooled me. Since last Nov. 6, I've held the naïve belief that the 2020 election was over.

Serving Which Master?

Taking a Gander: People of faith need to accept Biden is our president.
Regardless of how one feels about religion, it's assumed that any of the faiths will steer people away from the worst societal sins and make them kinder and gentler human beings.

Keep Utah Backward!

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
"It starts with our underfunded schools, our determination to stick to a fossil-fuel economy and despoil public lands and a reputation, not fully deserved, for being hostile to minorities and newcomers." And, of course, they are absolutely right.

The Lie Lives on

Taking a Gander: Utah's Lee, Owens and Stewart find their footing in Trump's shadow world.
Sadly, there's no simple recourse for removing elected legislators who have turned their backs on democracy. America has its share of treasonous ones, and the state of Utah is no exception.

Natalie Portman's Bikini

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
If you're reading this right now, you've succumbed to click-bait journalism and what reporters and columnists are up against in this age of too much information.

Stop Enabling Israel

Taking a Gander: If all lives matter, why is it OK to kill Palestinians?
Black lives matter; LBGTQ lives matter; Hispanic lives matter; children's lives matter. There is no shortage of movements, rallies, and demonstrations focused on eliminating unnecessary loss of life.

Cancel Culture Commission Hard at Work

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
It appears that Sarah Palin's "death panels" have been replaced by the "Cancel Culture Commission"—the formidable Triple C. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has tire tracks on his face after saying, "There isn't much Native American culture in American culture," on CNN, where he was a commentator.

Dithering Biden

Taking a Gander: Israel's inhumane treatment of the Palestinians calls for international rebuke.
It really happened. The Third Reich turned its white supremacy philosophy into the mass-annihilation of Europe's Jews.

GOP Battle Cry: "Get Rid of Your Diaper!"

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
Who would have guessed the new battle cry of the Trump wing of the GOP would be, "Get rid of your diaper!"? Although it's a great T-shirt slogan, it's somewhat limited because it's hard to sing, although Marjorie Taylor Greene did give it a good try.

Under the Influence of Delusionaries

Taking a Gander: The Grand Old Party heads for a fall.
The notion that Utah Republicans have any vestigial moral rooting can now be viewed as ridiculous.

Holy Housewife, It's Mrs. God!

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
You think you get ignored. Well, how do you think Heavenly Mother feels? Really, nobody ever mentions her, not even at Thanksgiving. Here at Smart Bomb, we take our cues about Mrs. God from Salt Lake Tribune soothsayer Peggy Fletcher Stack.

Done With Guns

Salt Lake itself went on to make the list of cities with a mass shooting.
Another April gone. Every year when "the cruelest month" rolls around, I find myself reflecting on a tragic event from more than two decades ago that shaped my teen years.

Unholy Alliances

Taking a Gander: Religious leaders have brought their troubles with government on themselves.
It's frightening: Through a series of Supreme Court decisions, the line between government and religion has become blurred.

Supreme Court to Rule on F-Bomb

Smart Bomb: The completely unnecessary news analysis
By now, every kid in the country is aware the Supreme Court has agreed to rule on whether a high school student could use the F-bomb—off campus. Well, not just use it, but post it in a rant on Snapchat.

Hear This?

Taking a Gander: Mike Lee wants to protect a shooter's eardrums—but not your life.
The scenario has become all too common in our country: You're sitting in your office, working on the forecast for the coming quarter, and then it happens. Loud explosions split the silence, and you hear a scream in the office that adjoins yours.


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