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A Dream Come True

After half a lifetime, Savannah Ostler's Twice the Dream becomes reality.

Past and Present

Transit presents a moral tale that's part history, part warning.

Zero to Hero

Shazam! reduces comic-book heroism to its adolescent- male power-fantasy essence.

A Dream Come True

After half a lifetime, Savannah Ostler's Twice the Dream becomes reality.
For Ostler, the process of getting the movie made has spanned more than 14 years; she first began working on the script in high school.

Taking the Red Pill

On its 20th anniversary, a look at The Matrix as an awakening of trans identity.
And even more ironic, The Matrix is one of the easiest films by the Wachowskis to view through a transgender lens.


Gloria Bell retells a rare story of an older woman's life.
So considering that Lelio has opted to turn his English-language remake into virtually a scene-for-scene recreation of the original, it's fascinating to note what changes when the primary difference is the actors.


Ruben Brandt, Collector offers a surreal reminder of the potential for animation.
It simply feels as though we've self-selected ourselves into a restrictive box of Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky.

Family Plot

Asghar Farhadi can't meld his trademark humanism with potboiler mystery in Everybody Knows.
His are films swelling with deep humanity, delicately wrought portraits of broken families struggling to right themselves, in which notmuch actually happens except our immersion in the lives of others.

Stalk Characters

Greta can't generate the menace of vintage stalker thrillers.
The latter involved tales of obsessive, disturbed characters and the terrified objects of those obsessions, piggybacking off the pop-culture phenomenon that was Fatal Attraction.

Gold Records

A look at the Oscars' long history of falling in love with musical biopic performances.
Over the course of the awards' history—and particularly over the past 40 years—one of the easiest ways to win a gold statuette as an actor is to star in a musical biopic.

Human Touch

Alita: Battle Angel finds some heart in high-tech spectacle.
From Wakanda to Atlantis, from distant planets to dystopian futures, it's easy for awe fatigue to set in.

Short but Sweet

A full look at the Oscar-nominated short films.
Here's a look at all three programs, with predictions on who will be holding statuettes come Feb. 24.

Writer's Bloc

The gorgeous Cold War isn't always clear what it's saying about the Iron Curtain era.
>The narrative opens in 1949 as the Communist government of Poland begins putting together a troupe of singers and dancers to celebrate the authentic folk music of the common people.

Another Fine Mess

Stan & Ollie offers some minor improvements on biopic clichés.
There would seem to be an infinite number of ways to tell the story of well-known subjects cinematically, but it seems as though filmmakers generally only choose one:

What Lies Ahead

Our critics get fired up over their most anticipated 2019 films.
Here are our most anticipated titles coming to theaters and major streaming services:

Law Partners

On the Basis of Sex celebrates a mutually supportive marital partnership.
Coasting on Notorious RBG is some incredible coasting indeed, and the ride here is of the solidly crowd-pleasing variety. There's nothing wrong withthat.

Blood and Roses

If Beale Street Could Talk effortlessly intertwines a love story with a tale of injustice.
If, as the film's prologue quote by Baldwin suggests, the story is about the way the black American experience has an essence not specific to geography, it's also about the way that experience has an essence not specific to time.

You're the TopsContributor Top 10 Lists

The best films of 2018.
A "top 27" list instead of a "top 10" might not work in the space available, but it says something about 2018

A Spoonful of Splenda

Mary Poppins Returns strains to recapture the original's sweet magic.
Do you spin the familiar source material in an entirely new direction orr do you just offer the same thing again, and count on nostalgia to do the heavy lifting?


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