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Comfort Food

The Fight tells the ACLU documentary story people might want, but not necessarily the one they need.

Bio Feedback

Radioactive both employs and upends cinematic biography clichés.

Halftime Report

The best movies so far in a very weird movie year.

Comfort Food

The Fight tells the ACLU documentary story people might want, but not necessarily the one they need.
The 21st-century American political documentary is ... well, to say it's a fraught genre would be to engage in a metric shit-ton of understatement.

Heel-ing Stories

Highlights of Utah Film Center's 2020 virtual Damn These Heels Queer Film Festival
Utah Film Center's annual Damn These Heels Film Festival might not be taking place in its traditional home at the Rose Wagner Center, but make no mistake—it's still taking place.

Rebel, Rebel

Two new features show what America's protest spirit is really all about
What do we celebrate when we celebrate the abstract concept called America? That's been a tough question to wrestle with over the past month or so, as protesters took to the streets to challenge some of this country's most basic institutions, and the stories we tell ourselves about who and what is worth celebrating.

In the Bubble

Jon Stewart's Irresistible falls flat as "both sides" political satire.
"Satire is what closes on Saturday night" goes the celebrated quote by playwright George S. Kaufman, an assertion that the genre is excruciatingly difficult to make work as popular entertainment.

Epic Catch-Up

A long pandemic offers a chance to finally watch some of cinema's great longer films.
So these days, I busy myself watching all the long movies I haven't seen since college, or never got around to in the first place. Kill time with some of these grand titles.

Mess Appeal

King of Staten Island can't decide how to combine comedy with its troubled central character
In the opening scene of King of Staten Island, Scott Carlin (Pete Davidson) is driving along a New York expressway, when he abruptly shuts his eyes tightly—and keeps on driving.

Well-Crafted Theft

Shirley concocts a literary psychodrama from a multitude of familiar sources.
At what point does nodding to a whole bunch of different influences become its own kind of originality?

Sweet Music

The High Note delivers the kind of slick Hollywood entertainment we've been missing.
There's something more than slightly meta about The High Note, a slick, glossy entertainment that's about the world of slick, glossy entertainment.

In Good Company

The Trip to Greece again celebrates lighthearted time spent with a good friend.
There's a bittersweet timing to the arrival of The Trip to Greece, the fourth installment in the decade-long series of adventures starring actor/comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

Ghosts of Relationships Past

A marriage in crisis gets an overly fanciful treatment in On a Magical Night
Fantasy needs rules. That might seem counterintuitive, but creating a world where anything can happen doesn't mean just anything can happen.

Fluid Situation

Straight Up finds a unique kind of love story in a post-binary world.
Love used to be simple: Boy meets girl. At least that's the story a lot of people tell themselves, nostalgic for a romantic binary that never existed beyond cultural conventions.

Home Movies

Without theaters as an option, here's how to make your home-viewing the next best thing.
When the COVID-19 lockdown commenced in March, it was clear that plenty of things would change.

Tumbleweeds at Home

Utah Film Center offers a youth-friendly remote film festival.
Every year, the Utah Film Center presents the Tumbleweeds Film Festival, a showcase of films from around the world appropriate for a range of ages. That experience now comes directly to you in your home, as so much content must during this time.

Passion Projects

Two documentaries explore the worlds of people with unique obsessions.
They're stories of people and their obsessions, drawing their impact from the way that people discover and pursue the peculiar passions that give meaning to their lives.

Warm Fusion

A gentle story of uniting divided people fuels Abe.
At the beginning of Abe, our 12-year-old titular protagonist (Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp) notes that while he prefers the simple "Abe," he's sometimes called Avram, sometimes Ibrahim. That's because the Brooklyn youth comes from a particularly complicated mixed marriage: his father, Amir (Arian Moayed), is Palestinian, and his mother, Rebecca (Dagmara Dominczyk), is Israeli.

Second Nature

Two new features on Disney+ showcase a formula that works.
When Disney launched Disneynature in 2008—providing a home for nature documentaries—it was actually reviving a formula that had been tremendously successful for the company in the 1950s and 1960s True-Life Adventures series.


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