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Spirit of '77

Anna Wilson and Monty Powell drive from Nashville to Laurel Canyon in Troubadour 77.

You Can Smell 'Em

Tommy Stinson chooses intimacy with his new duo, Cowboys in the Campfire.

Music Monday: Sam Smith Emerges

Tony Holiday at Gateway, Michael McDonald
One of Utah’s best singer-songwriter-bartenders almost landed a Best of Utah pick for “Best Worst Local Musician’s Exit."

Stairway to Heaven's Metal

Looking back at my time as a Christian-rock groupie.
Years later, at the advent of Napster, I indulged in nostalgic downloading. I realized that many of these bands were legitimately good.

The Mad Hatter

Three decades into his career, Corey Feldman still dances to his own drummer.
The idea was to fly down to Los Angeles, or wherever Corey Feldman would be, in early October.

¡Jukebox Tenebroso!

A Halloween playlist from south of the border—with one local track.
Our country is a melting pot.

Hoodie's Good Moves

How a kid from Long Island mindfully maintains his own hype.
Hoodie Allen (Steven Markowitz) is on a two-month world tour in, which started Oct. 10 in Columbus, Ohio.

Open Plunge

Girlpool's ebb-and-flow is powered by connection.
Speaking from her home in Philadelphia after a tour in Europe, Harmony Tividad says life on the road with the indie-pop band Girlpool is a rollercoaster.

Two Worlds, One Girl

Park City singer-songwriter Alicia Stockman thrives in Bonanza Town and alone.
Somewhere in every musician's story, they reach a crossroads.

Bring Me the Horizon

Summer's done—but fall has plenty of live music ahead.
Summer is all sunblock, BluBlockers, block parties and blockbuster films, plus a jam-packed schedule of concerts and festivals.

Return Trip

Mark Gardener gets back on the road with his pioneering shoegaze band, Ride.
When a classic band reforms, they run the risk of tarnishing the group's legacy.


Desi Rexx, frontman of '80s glam rockers D'Molls, finds happiness in his new life.
You'd think that Desi Rexx, who fronted underrated '80s glam band D'Molls, would have a phone voice as flashy as his struttin' stage persona.

Inside Castle Skullcandy

A field trip to Skullcandy's new HQ reveals a world of pure imagination.
I missed the party—the one Skullcandy threw in June to flaunt their new headquarters.

High Road

Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell does his part to change a white man's world.
Jason Isbell's The Nashville Sound (Southeastern) is the summer soundtrack for those of us who fled small towns because of the sexism or the racism or the lack of opportunities.

Any Requests?

Some tweaks to Cheap Trick's setlist—which hasn't changed in about three years.
Far be it from me to tell Cheap Trick—one of the greatest bands in rock 'n' roll history—what to do.


Provo filmmaker Russ Kendall on his documentary about The Alarm's Mike Peters.
"The first time I heard The Alarm? Probably 1983," filmmaker Russ Kendall says.

Sweet Home Utah

Tony Holiday drops a new EP of homegrown blues magic.
In addition to the blues, Tony Holiday's got jet lag.


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