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Addressing the Void

Blaq Void looks to create a label—and an identity—focused on supporting the local music community

New Year Reflections Pt. 2

More notes from the SLC music scene on 2020 (and 2021).

New Year Reflections Pt. 1

Notes from the local music scene on what we've been through and what's to come.

Addressing the Void

Blaq Void looks to create a label—and an identity—focused on supporting the local music community
Though it's been a barren year events-wise, the dance- and party-focused cadre still put on events like one "Enter the Void" party at Soundwell in October, that besides COVID regulations featured rules like "rage responsibly," "consent consent consent," "plan a safe ride home" and other very heartening advice.

2020's Sweet Singles

A taste of some of the best individual tunes from Utah musicians.
Utah musicians have been putting out a lot of music this year, and that includes singles. So, here is the roundup that spotlights the cream of 2020's crop.

To All a Blue Xmas

The documentary Jingle Bell Rocks! explores the weird, wild world of Christmas songs.
Dorough's distinctive, honeyed voice continues with its bebop ease over the tumbling of Davis's instrumentation: "Blue Christmas, that's the way you see it when you're feeling blue / Blue Xmas, when you're blue at Christmastime you see right through / all the waste, all the sham, all the haste / and plain old bad taste."

Merry Music Gifting

Ideas for the music-lover on your holiday list
This holiday is like no other before it, in that many people have been deeply financially impacted by this unprecedented yea.

Is That Your Vinyl Answer?

Nick Passey turns his superfan knowledge into a resource for music lovers and artists.
"We all have that one friend who's super into something, and any time that you need help with that thing, you go to them. 'Which car should I buy? Which phone should I buy? I probably could figure it out, but this person's obsessed with that.' I'm kind of that guy with music."

Coping Through COVID

Finding music in unusual places while fighting off the 'rona.
Below is a log of how I've dealt with the uncanny experience of harboring the killer virus while restlessly bobbing around my apartment. Feel more than free to borrow my coping mechanisms.

For the TikTok

Utah musicians turn to the popular app to help advance their careers.
In the ever-changing landscape of the internet, trends rule—and the biggest trend right now is TikTok. With its emphasis on lip syncing, the app adds a decidedly musical bent to the short format popularized on long gone apps like Vine, and with viral songs just as integral as the video elements, the app has launched some artists to fame.

Pandemic Radio Pt. 2: Aggie Radio

Utah State's team keeps the Cache Valley music scene connected.
For the second part of City Weekly's college radio investigation, we turn northward, up to Utah State University, the home of Aggie Radio and its diverse group of student directors, who help lay out the whole, complicated nature of running college radio—and living as students—through a pandemic year

Pandemic Radio Pt. 1: K-UTE

How college radio is trying to stay vital in a difficult time.
This week, City Weekly starts a brief investigation of the small world of college radio stations—and more specifically, their pandemic survival strategies.

Soundtrack the Season

Musical selections to get you in the Halloween mood
For anyone who loves to get into the spirit of the holidays, particularly one as delightful as Halloween, it can be a challenge to find music that goes beyond "Monster Mash" or the extra long version of "Thriller."

Punking Cash Bail

A Halloween variety fundraiser gathers support for Decarcerate Utah
Van Sleen, along with fellow DU member Shaylee Syme, will be hosting a Punk Rock Halloween-inspired variety show and silent auction to benefit the efforts of DU's Community Bail Fund, a project with the goal of helping incarcerated Salt Lakers get back to living their lives.

A Doppelgänger's Songs

Cecil Smith discovers—and releases—a record he doesn't recall having made.
While it may seem obvious to point out that art is usually fundamentally tethered to its creator, it seems that sometimes the relationship between the maker and the made can fracture from reality.

Riffing on Emo

Russ Wood of Eichlers applies a new genre to fun, silly, unpretentious songwriting
To understand the music of Eichlers—the solo project of local Russ Wood—you'd better be familiar with the entirely unique world of emo trap.

I Want My HUM-TV

A local music archive goes visual with a new kind of showcase for artists.
What came of that impulse is HUM-TV, a public access TV-style video series that not only gives local musicians a new spotlight, but provides a jolt for local music-lovers, too.

The Tech of Tung

SLC-born Muzzle Tung evolves with a new lineup, new music and new video content.
The intense haunted house of a rock album was just one marker on the journey of Muzzle Tung, which would feature a rotating cast of supporters and collaborators over the years.

Power Chords and Power Cords

A big blackout provides a reminder of the connections between music, electricity and climate.
Last week, I hiked through a smoke-filled canyon in Wyoming. The next day, in Salt Lake City, a bizarre Eastern windstorm swept down the mountains, violently felling many trees and disrupting power.


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