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Pulled Together

A little initial friction didn't prevent the members of Gravity Castle from finding a creative collaboration.

Inside the Sound

Envelop turns a hot, hectic day into a chance for sonic repose.

Summer's Last Dance

Options to get your groove on before a chill is in the air.

Pulled Together

A little initial friction didn't prevent the members of Gravity Castle from finding a creative collaboration.
Artists like Provo-based duo Gravity Castle prove that there are exceptions to that norm.

Dudes to the Back

An educational rant for guys who like music from a girl music editor.
I, a powerful, music-loving woman, watched Rundle, a powerful woman who plays music, from behind and between the shoulders of two tall men in front of me.

Rockin' and Rustlin'

The headliners for Utah Beer Festival's after-parties know how to bring the good times.
At City Weekly's own Utah Beer Festival, you can enjoy a vast selection of beers and local music.

From Busk Till Dawn

Busker Fest celebrates the vitality street performance brings to a city.
Buskers fill a city with a sound that's often as omnipresent as that of traffic—always distant or too-close, always around the corner, bouncing off the concrete and the buildings.

Why Do We Karaoke?

I stopped into four very different SLC bars to see what I could find—which turned out to be a lot of questions about the solitude of the stage and the camaraderie of being part of the audience.

A DJ's Present Is a Record's Past

The Caviar Club collective cover the history of plying the DJ's craft.
After playing music into the night at SLC bars and clubs, churning out hits for 9-to-5ers and youngsters, these friends gather at the small, grotto-ish bar and play their stuff.

Mirror of Disco

Goldie & The Guise re-explore an orphaned musical genre through its queer roots.

It's not often that one finds a small, devoted band in 2019 churning out disco of all things, but that's exactly what we have here in Salt Lake City

Happiness and Enthusiasm

Local rapper uMaNg brings skills and stories from a restless life.
"In Hindi and Urdu it means 'happiness or enthusiasm,' which is how I approach my passions,"

Dinner & a Show

A few local spots where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.
Low-key jams can be found at bars around the valley, where music lovers can tuck in and dine on anything from comforting bar fare to fancy fine plates.

A Friendly Voice

Personal experience leads Utah's Alex Boyé to use his celebrity to support an important cause.
He's also part of the Utahns-who've-made-it community, with a career trajectory that seems to be pushing in a similar direction as Imagine Dragons or Neon Trees.

Embracing Competence and Ignorance

The Nods release a ripping and ripe record.
"To be honest, The Nods is ... kind of going against psych and garage rock, that pool that unfortunately a lot of shit gets classified as," he says.

10 Years of Tall Tales

Hectic Hobo celebrate an anniversary and new tunes.
The Salt Lake City-based folk-rocking, storytelling masters have moved and morphed to great degrees in their 10 years together.

Whatever's Good

The Hollering Pines expand their sound to include new influences.
"I was really wanting to rock out a bit, and I was getting kind of tired of just playing acoustic music."

Life is a Cabaret

Twilite Lounge offers an open-house alternative to Pride festivities.
It only makes sense then that their cabaret will welcome throngs of people during Pride week—the perfect time for a variety show.

Rad Pride

A DIY Provo venue brings out its rebel spirit in support of the LGBTQ community.
While SLC Pride and its big, bright, loud parade and festival get most of the attention, communities like Provo have their very own schedule of festivities.

Longing for Summer

Some much-anticipated highlights for this upcoming concert season.
With summer ready to turn the chartreuse of spring into the darker green of heat-laden leaves and lawns, our writers and editors in the music section here at City Weekly are just as ready to consider what music and events will soundtrack our journeys into summer.


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