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Chase Ford and the Gummy Boys

Beyond their funny name, the proof of this Utah band's talent is in the music.

Spirit Machines Feature

SLC group wins exciting contest

Utah music profile: The Generalist

A deep dive into Chasing Dopamine

Chase Ford and the Gummy Boys

Beyond their funny name, the proof of this Utah band's talent is in the music.
It's important not to judge a band by its name. Unless it's something completely egregious or offensive, it's good to not shy away, lest you miss out on music you end up really enjoying.

Leetham Feature

SLC pop artist talks new music, videos and more
When we last caught up with Leetham, they were gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, and shared the inspiration for what became one of their most popular tracks, "Patience."

New songs from Utah artists

Songs from locals you need to add to your library
If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new music to add to your library.

Tayler Lacey: Soul-Searching Folk

Folk singer talks about his latest EP
Starting out in a psych-rock band, Lacey made his way to the folk sphere, and that's where he's stayed and thrived.

Pale Dream Feature

Pale Dream puts their spin on new wave
The bands we love have a way of influencing us, even if we're not totally conscious of it—especially for those who create music themselves.

Ambedo music profile

Singer/songwriter by day, happy hardcore DJ by night
Oftentimes musical artists don't want to be confined to one certain box. They love to branch out and create different types of music, blending genres at times.

Richard Tyler Epperson's Wandering Mind

Singer/songwriter unveils most ambitious work yet
Sometimes life gets in the way of what we love doing.

OrcaMind Feature

SLC duo releases debut EP
For SLC duo OrcaMind, their love of video-game music brought them together, and inspired them to create their own original compositions.

Cera Gibson aka Daddy

SLC pop icon drops her most dynamic single yet
Cera Gibson is known to be a lot of things: singer, songwriter, performer. She has a large online following, growing every day, where she's known as a comedian and social commentator who doesn't pull her punches.

The Snarlin' Yarns release new album

Ogden's own alt-bluegrass band back with new tunes
This city in Mississippi is home to Dial Back Sound, an old-school studio that's had amazing acts pass through its halls since 2009.

David Burchfield and the Fire Guild

SLC group releases live album from Ogden Music Festival
Burchfield has been creating music for as long as he can remember. He's released a huge catalog as a solo artist, as well as in different bands.

Hectic Hobo release new album

Americana lovers rejoice in the release of American Bison.
Album titles come from a lot of different places. For Hectic Hobo, their latest came from the realization that for some people, the natural world has become just a form of entertainment and online engagement-hunting.

Sean Baker's Recycled Stardust

Singer/songwriter Sean Baker releases debut EP The Purple House
Sometimes all you need is to start over. A change in scenery, a new job, a new project—all can be a great way to shake life up, especially if you're in a rut.

Lisa and the Missing Pieces profile

Local SLC group puts their spin on popular favorites
Finding the right fit as a band can be a challenge.


Wicca Phase Spring Eternal, Sophie Powers, super young adult @ The Beehive 12/15, Enchanting @ Soundwell 12/16, Jim Bone and The Dig @ The State Room 12/17, and more.
The Lingo, Musor, The Fervors @ Kilby Court 12/19, The Pickpockets, Ben Majeska @ Soundwell 12/21

Christmas Holiday Gift Guide for Music Lovers

What to get your musically inclined loved one
As we say every year, the holiday season is fast approaching, and you're probably scrambling to figure out what to get for your musically-inclined loved one. Fear not, for here is a big ol' list of amazing gifts you can get for them.


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