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You Come About

John Hiatt's Bring the Family and Slow Turning inspire self-reflection.

Show Me the Wey

The story of one güey and his punk-rock boogie band.
Here's your Español lesson for the week:

'I Would Have Given Them a Good Deal on Ghostwriting'

Local rappers break down Utah Legislature's rap video.
"This is worse than those ward videos where they parody Taylor Swift to talk about modesty."

Classical Swag

Black Violin juxtaposes classical refinement and hip-hop attitude.
Kevin Sylvester is often astonished by how far the violin has taken him, especially when he's performing.

Music Monday: David Payne’s Video Games

Red Bennies frontguy creates a video game set in SLC and starring his brother’s band.
David Payne loves video games.

We Need a Gimmick

Let's talk oddball acts—because different is good.
Salt Lake City is about to be blessed with another visit by the Black Sabbath/McDonald's tribute band Mac Sabbath.

Music Monday: Tom Bennett Gets Sucker-punched

Best of Utah award-winning musicians called out by internet nutjob posing as former CW employee.
Heads up, local musicians—watch out. You win one award and the crazies come crawling out of the woodwork.

Love Action

A City Weekly Valentine's Day playlist (plus love tips).
It could've been—but probably wasn't—Valentine's Day when I asked my fast-food coworker Terry for advice.

Music Monday: Jessica Lea Mayfield

Still sensitive, still tough
Usually, during South-by-Southwest, you run into scheduling conflicts; there’s so much music going on at once. Often, two artists you reallyreallyreally wanna see are playing separate venues in the same time slot, or so close together that you can’t get there in time—or you only get to see a few songs by one of them.

Army of Two

You might already be part of the Guitar Army.
The words "Guitar Army" in a Feldman's Deli City Weekly listing strike a Pete Townshend power chord in my head.

Music Monday Jan. 29: Monika Jalili

Previously-banned Persian music in Ogden next Monday
If you don’t mind, please play this video as you read. And consider that this song, “Jaan-e Maryam” (“My Sweet Maryam”) and others like it were banned for more than three decades in Iran—where the song was a hit in the 1970s.

Never Say Never

Strfkr's Josh Hodges never listens to his old music—except when he does.
Josh Hodges, frontman for the indie-rock band Strfkr, doesn't like listening to his own music.

Music Monday Jan. 22: Sundance Redux

Skylar Grey, Chris Robinson, Michael Franti, Nelly and more
There is so much music happening at Sundance each year that compiling a comprehensive list that fits in the print version of City Weekly (Jan. 18, 2018) is a daunting and frustrating task. Especially ‘cause some events aren’t announced by deadline.

Movie Music

How to get your groove on at Sundance-affiliated events.
You might think that the Sundance Film Festival is a film festival—but there's always plenty of music events happening each year.

Music Monday: This Machine Kills Fascists

A conversation about the political event with Crook & The Bluff's Kirk Dath
At The State Room last April, psych-western-blues band Crook & The Bluff—along with Candy’s River House and Pig Eon—staged Ménage à Trois. The show opened with the band’s frontmen (Kirk Dath, Jordan Matthew Young and Sam Smith, respectively), playing side-by-side before all three bands came onstage at once, trading songs in a lengthier second act followed by a spectacular third where everyone played at once and aerialist dancers dangled from the ceiling.

Special Mojo

Joe Satriani's G3 tour finds magic in strange places.
Joe Satriani is known for his extraterrestrial guitar playing.


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