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Bandcamp or Bust

Catch up with new music by local arts on Bandcamp's day.

Staying Power

Music venues are forced to stand together to survive the economic cost of the pandemic

Camping Virtually

Salt Lake City's Rock Camp takes its mission to support the creativity of marginalized youth online.

Bandcamp or Bust

Catch up with new music by local arts on Bandcamp's day.
For the past few months, Bandcamp has been doing its part to help small artists gain back some of the income lost from canceled tours and shows by waiving fees for 24-hours at the beginning of each month.

New Normals

Local record shops adapt to the pandemic with ideas they might just keep going.
The business of selling music has been uniquely impacted—record stores, generally places to go and linger while crate-sifting, have gotten crafty in the face of COVID-19. They're also now considering what changes are worth keeping for the future.

Love Cycles

Choir Boy explores beginnings, endings and creating your own happiness on Gathering Swans
At this point, local band Choir Boy isn't just a common name around town, but in indie music communities all over the world.

Antidotes for Artists

Musicians get creative to find income streams during the pandemic
It's a scrappy way to earn that requires a constant creative approach to money-making and sensing opportunity, even as the loss of avenues for playing live music leaves musicians—including many locals—struggling.

Lonely Wanderer

Branson Anderson finds sincerity in his own sense of isolation.
The release of his video for "To Kill a Mockingbird" (out Wednesday, April 15) confirms visually what his music suggests—that Anderson knows the value of going it alone, and getting to know oneself along the way.

Hel is a Place Online

And while most people are finding fresh new ways of getting online inspired by not being able to go out, the artists of local electronic label Hel Audio are way ahead of the curve.

Solo Sounds

In a time of isolation, Jacob Skeen shows the talents of an actual one-man band.
Not every individual has the guts to perfect the chaotic skill of playing a bunch of instruments at the same time, all while achieving a cohesive, filled-out sound. But prolific local artist Jacob T. Skeen does.


Exploring the reality of an extended closure of live-music venues—and the impacts on booking.
If you've stumbled into this music section looking for reprieve from the endless sprawl of pandemic news, I'm sorry to say we've got more.

Mates for Life

First Daze's indie pop was born from one deep friendship.
Co-vocalists and guitarists Taylor Lines and Gui Peláez founded the band in 2013, and their deep friendship always will define the band's focus on harmony over technical skill.

Building Bridges

Literally and metaphorically, KSM Music puts together the pieces of the Logan music community.
>In a small-town music scene, every little bit counts.

Dispatch from an Artist Town Hall

Creating a space for thinking about the past and future of local music.
The colloquialism "Small Lake City" is almost a proverb here, where everyone seems to know everyone. But that wasn't the case when I showed up this month to the first Artist Town Hall at Urban Lounge.

Ogden by Daylight

A chilly Sunday shows a town's music scene isn't defined only by what happens after dark.
My favorite place to get away from home for a day is Ogden. While SLC's historic downtown buildings have skyscraper neighbors and our slopes ooze silicon, Ogden's streets remain delightfully vintage, and their culture easygoing.

Making the Whole World Cry

NVM expand their personal moody sound to put themselves in the listeners' shoes.
While they started out in 2016 scratching an itch to write a few sad rock songs, St. George-based shoegaze number NVM have moved onto bigger goals—some as lofty as making the whole world cry.

Grooving Underground

Salt Lake City sees new events and venues pop up as its population rises.
If you're jonesing to groove to dark wave, disco, funky house or anything else a little different, look out for these names.

Class Reunion

After a separation, the members of Moodlite found their way back to playing together.
Have you ever experienced one of those movie-like moments where you're about to leave a place or a person and realize you really don't want to? Katya Schweiner certainly has.

Mercy of Music

Ophelia trailblazes an identity mixing songs with conceptual art.
After nearly two years, local dream pop artist Ophelia ( is releasing their debut EP Like a Lover on Saturday Feb. 15, emerging from an incubation period of personal growth and ready to stake a claim in the heart of Salt Lake's arts scene. The 22-year-old artist's dreamy synths are a bed for their avant-garde evangelism—a series of Kate Bush-esque reflections and responses to the world around them.


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