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Standing Strong

Utah natives Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman carve their own glam-rock path with iDKHOW.

Relatable Damage

Dallas Wayde treats his music as therapy— for himself and others.

Radar: On!

10 local acts to get behind now.

Standing Strong

Utah natives Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman carve their own glam-rock path with iDKHOW.
The "former member of" media angles get old quickly. And the pressure to follow up one hit with another can wear down even the most seasoned veteran.

Genre Fluid

Marina Marqueza uses music to heal and empower marginalized communities—and their own self.
I'm not going to wait for the world to accept me as I am. I'm going to create my own space."

Better Listening by Design

Utah Symphony's Unwound casual concert series makes its debut.
"It's that they don't have the chance to understand and to experience it."

The Record That Changed Me

7 local music power players reflect on the tunes that defined them.
The records that changed them 10, 20, 30, even 40 years ago—ranging from Siouxsie to Steely Dan—that opened up their world, and in one case, led a wayward youth to abandon his carnie dreams.

The Tradition Continues

Celtic mainstays Shanahy reunite to kick March off right at IAMA's Local Concert Series.
And on the first day of the month, the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association's Local Concert Series takes listeners on a journey to the British Isles.

Sharing the Mic

Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse offers young musicians professional training and performing opportunities.
Had anyone ever had more fun than these kids? Their joy was infectious.

P.S. They Love You

Salt Lake City quartet The Backseat Lovers move fans with their emotional indie rock and unstinting work ethic.
Luckily, Salt Lake City quartet The Backseat Lovers have affection to spare

Going With the Flow

Andrew Goldring learns to let go and trust his instincts on new album Fluorescent Memories.
"I wasn't looking to be playing gigs. It was just a fun one-off thing."

If It's Not Fun, It's Not Music

The Violet Temper goes against the grain with heartfelt, non-computerized art.
Morrissey is just one of the many muses Tolman and Heath draw inspiration from as they crash head-on into a new "doom shoegaze" alt-rock adventure.

Fighting For Change

Mindy Gledhill charts her religious transition through uplifting, unflinching pop music.
"Every record I've ever made is a chronicle of what I've been going through at that point in my life. Music is just how I process my life experiences."

Back in the Motherland

Cole Barnson returns to Utah and reboots his musical career with Kasadoom.
For Cole Barnson, leaving Utah first for Las Vegas and then for Los Angeles to chase his rock-'n'-roll dreams provided a formative education in "figuring shit out."

Existing Loudly

Talia Keys & The Love look back on a year of growth and forward to living out loud.
Frontwoman Keys also set out on two 30-day tours to the Southeast and the West Coast, tallying more than 100 shows.

Avant-Garde For All

BYU professor and composer Christian Asplund curates experimental performances for the people with Avant Vespers series.
From outsider jazz and experimental classical music to spoken-word poetry, Avant Vespers is all about pushing boundaries and shaking up the sometimes-staid atmosphere of classical music in a more inclusive, populist space.

The Best of 2018

Looking back on a jam-packed year of music.
This could easily stretch from the six choices here to 60 or even 600, but these moments stand out in my mind

A Second Family

Local promoter Jordan Clements fights for belonging and diversity.
For Jordan Clements, founder and owner of JRC Events, promoting drag shows and alternative bands has become something of a statement in a metropolis notable for its religious culture and strict liquor laws.

Drifting and Settling

Charting folk singer and guitarist Tom Brosseau's path from North Dakota to Utah.
Although he toured the West Coast a little over the summer, Brousseau says he's cherished the quietude his new family has allowed him.


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