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Anime Girlfriend feature

SLC band adds layers to your perception of the "emo" genre.

Music Mailbag June 2024

New local releases for your summer mix

Music profile: Cinders

Despite changes, the Salt Lake City-based band maintains the focus that has sustained them for a decade.

Anime Girlfriend feature

SLC band adds layers to your perception of the "emo" genre.
Finding your identity as a band can be a long process, but worth it in the end when you know what direction to pursue, and find those people with whom you mesh well.

Sky SLC Rooftop Series preview

DJ Bangarang on providing mentorship opportunities for young local DJs
Imagine watching the sun setting behind Salt Lake City's renowned mountains on a warm, summer night while listening to groovy house beats.

May 2024 Music Spotlight

New music and older favorites including Mel Soul, Caleb Darger, Dirt Nappers, City Ghost
Luckily, the music news in the local scene never stops.

Local Bands at Kilby Block Party

Little Moon, Sculpture Club, Nicole Canaan, Bobo, Drusky and more
What started as a true, single day "block party" has grown into a three-day festival that completely infests the Utah State Fairgrounds one weekend each May.

Loom Feature

SLC band weaves musical tapestries
Bands often take established genres and put their own twist on them to create something recognizable, yet unique.

The Glitter Bombs local music feature

Creating music built on positive energy
Whether it's media, hobbies, spending time with loved ones or all of the above, you have to find things that make you happy during tough times—which these certainly are.

Record Store Day 2024

Talking to local proprietors about why physical-media music still matters.
There are many ways to tend to the past. Whether you pay homage to nostalgia or pander to remorse, reminiscing is more interesting when set to music.

Local Music Spotlight April 2024

Blood Star, Standards and Substandards, Raspberry Protocol, LOAFA and Mars Highway
It's never a bad time to refresh your music library.

Music Mailbag April 2024

New music by Jay Ssandri, Pepper Rose, Tomper, bellagrace, The Draught, Columbia Jones
Here's some new stuff you need to check out this month

Scott Lippitt and Me, You, and the Avenues

Local musical talent becomes a super-team for album project
Some of the most magical moments happen when people come together to collaborate.

Cory Mon album release preview

You Don't Know Me brings dark songs into an artists happier times.
Sometimes, hearing the story behind an album is almost as interesting as listening to the album itself.

Music profile: Songwriter/musician J.P. Whipple of Tycoon Machete

Music and lyrics meld in multi-genre work
Underneath the ordinary endeavors into music criticism, there is a governing belief that sprinkles itself quietly throughout music-driven conversations

SLC Punk

Local bands to check out if you're a punk-lover
Every music genre you look at boasts a history full of weird lore, interesting facts and fascinating stories regarding how different sounds came about.

Local Music Spotlight February 2024

More songs to add to your library
If you've ever found yourself listening to the same 10 songs over and over, just know that you're not alone.

Ogden Femme as Folk concert series preview

New showcase celebrates an inclusive lineup of "womxn."
It's important to take time to examine our personal biases, especially when it comes to the media we consume.

Music Mailbag February 2024

Catch up on the latest local releases
We've gotten off to an incredibly strong start with new releases from local bands in 2024.

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