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2019 Film Festival Issue

Past stories lay the foundation for new ones in Park City.

Hobbitville's Last Days

Current tenants evicted, the future of fabled SLC community is now in the hands of probate court.

Pedal to the Medal

Will Winter Games redux be a boon for SLC, or is the state headed toward a total Olympocalypse?

The Year in Photo Review

A look at the people, protests and moments that shaped 2018.
Featuring photos by Sarah Arnoff, Rachel Barnes, Steve Conlin, Dylan Woolf Harris, Ray Howze, Enrique Limón, Kelan Lyons and Steven Vargo.

Road to Ruin

State plans threaten some of the country's last wild places.
"The current roadless rule puts no limits on the use of prescribed fires," Biskupski wrote in a letter that recommended the state leave the federal roadless rule intact.

12 Days of Terrible Christmas Movies

Roast some chestnuts and fire up the remote control. The holidays are here!
The Hallmark Channel alone is responsible for 78 percent of Christmas movies, and all of them star Candace Cameron-Bure (I made that up, but I'm probably not far off).

Dying in Silence

A new report attempts to document the number of Indigenous women missing or murdered in 71 cities across the U.S. According to its data, Salt Lake City ranks in the top 10.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, murder is the third-leading cause of death among Native American women between ages 10 and 24.

The Precarious Plan for the Lake Powell Pipeline

Officials in Utah’s fastest-growing county are obscuring details of what a high-stakes project will cost taxpayers.
While proponents argued that the project was necessary to stave off water shortages, Lozada warned that it might trigger an economic crisis.

LDS Confessions

A new Facebook page has been getting a lot of attention by people who want to share their often-horrific church stories.
How many do you think just wanted to block those experiences out? But now they have a way to tell their story to people.

Granite's Ghost

Reduced to an empty lot picked at by developers, Granite High’s historic specter still haunts South Salt Lake.
Piles of soil lay beside partially- and fully-finished houses. A large green-and-white sign sits beside the homes, advertising the community's new name: Granite Legacy.

Locked & Loaded

Inmate deaths plague Salt Lake County jail.
Utah is one of 20 states that does not require jail inspections or independent oversight.

Midterm Mayhem

PLUS: Prop 2 madness, awful political ads, an ode to Orrin and more!
In this special midterm election issue, we say goodbye to Sen. Orrin Hatch and help you figure out how to vote on each ballot initiative, in a fun, gently mocking, alt-weekly way.

The Pioneer of Ruin

Amid a desolate mess in a Grand County ghost town, a young woman resurrects a home.
The La Sal Mountains rise up south of Eileen's home, and Cisco stands in the Cisco Desert, in an exposed, waterless low spot that one book describes without irony as "a hole."

Top 10 Censored Stories of the Year

Inside the real fight against #FakeNews.
That narrative about widespread panic is actually a more long-term form of fake news, as Jefferson Pooley and Michael J. Socolow have documented in a series of articles over the past decade.

Technical Difficulties

Thanks to video-teleconferencing, Salt Lake City immigration court judges can decide the fates of immigrants held in a detention center 856 miles away.
An Executive Office for Immigration Review fact sheet states that VTC saves immigration judges travel time, helps them to hear more cases and allows them to help out their counterparts stationed in other courts with more sizable backlogs.

Shred on Arrival

How one group is shifting the male-dominated world of skateboarding.
"I believe the women's skateboarding scene right now is thriving,"

Dying and Living in Utah

Death is a topic most avoid talking or thinking about. But some locals are trying to change that.
When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 84, she decided against chemotherapy, which could have extended her life but would have left her feeling miserable—a cure perhaps worse than the disease.

Conservation Crisis

For more than 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been a public lands windfall. A victim of a slashed budget, it could become a ghost of its former self by month's end.
It’s unlikely that a stand-alone piece of legislation would be passed at this point, but it could be slipped into another big legislative item that also needs to be passed.


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