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Summer Guide 2018

Make It Pop

Summer Movie Preview

Explosions! Undeserving sequels! Bro-dancing with dinosaurs! Brace yourself for an epic-ish film season.

Adultery, Fraud and the “Great Tortilla Caper”

Inside the life of a Utah private eye.

Her Best Shot

Attorney Tanner Lenart interprets Utah’s peculiar liquor laws so the rest of us don’t have to.
Tanner Lenart has two words to describe Utah's alcohol laws: "in flux."

What, Me Worry?

How top Zinke aides are undermining protections for public lands and endangered species.
Operating in the shadows of the Trump administration’s chaos and the financial scandals dogging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a trio of political appointees is now in place to accelerate an already aggressive effort to quickly offer leases for millions of acres of public land to the oil and gas industry.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

47 ideas to reduce gun violence and save lives.
Can one lil’ alt-weekly solve America’s gun crisis? Maybe.

Dining Guide 2018

Salt Lake's Food Scene Is UNBELIEVABLE
Our yearly look at SLC's most out-of-this-world dishes is here!

Dabakis Is Leaving the Building

Ever boisterous and outspoken, state senator says lending liberal voice trumps his bill tally.
Why, you might ask yourself, is Sen. Jim Dabakis rhythmically rolling a yellow stress ball between his palms as he lounges at his back-row desk in the Senate chamber?

Who's Missing?

How one local Native American-led activist group is giving a voice to their missing and murdered Indigenous sisters.
Before Cassandra Begay's aunt was brutally beaten to death on the Navajo Nation, there was Myrtle Bear Pete.

Are You Ready for Some Fútbol?

Utah’s newest pro sports team strives to set a standard for women’s professional soccer.
The smell of fresh paint and warning beeps from construction vehicles fill the air as several women around the corner lie on their backs stretching.

The Foilies 2018

Recognizing the year’s worst in government transparency.
Government transparency laws like the Freedom of Information Act exist to enforce the public’s right to inspect records so we can all figure out what the heck is being done in our name and with our tax dollars.

Writer Chris Stewart Warned Us. But Does Congressman Chris Stewart Care?

Russian intrigue, international espionage, nuclear doomsday scenarios—it can all be found in the congressman’s 1997 debut novel.
It was almost everything I wanted out of a Chris Stewart novel: Russian intrigue, international espionage, nuclear doomsday scenarios, elite bomber pilots.

Feed Frenzy

For years, independent media outlets desperately chased the clicks promised by Facebook; now the social media giant threatens to destroy them.
As with any toxic relationship, the possibility of a breakup sparks feelings of terror—and maybe a little bit of a relief.

For the Birds

Conservation efforts in northwest quadrant are mighty, but are development plans stronger?
The Gillmor Sanctuary, a 2,900-acre preserve just outside the city limits, is a prime example of the type of terrain conservationists are trying to preserve in the northwest quadrant.

Governor Salad

From hardball to oddball, these nine candidates could potentially one day run the state.
Who knows if Herbert is going anywhere? He seems to enjoy signing bills, swatting sharks with his Andre Agassi tennis racket and standing his ground at the cost of lucrative outdoor retailer conventions.

What Global Warming?

Unmasking a proxy war strategy by online climate change denialists.
In early December, a video of a dying, emaciated polar bear, foraging for food on an iceless land, went viral on social media.

Speed Racers

Utah's badass women bartenders throw down.
It's 11 a.m. on a sunny Thursday morning, hours before Under Current Bar usually opens to customers.

Welcome to the No-Fun Zone

Rejoice, our annual Legislative Preview is here!
Each winter, the Utah State Capitol buzzes to life when 29 senators and 75 representatives, the governor and his administration, countless staffers, advocates, security officers, journalists, spectators and more embark on a frenzied 45-day journey that we call "the session."


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