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Magnificent Mushrooms

In Utah and around the world, fungus is getting the prime-time treatment.

Short Circuit

A tax break for Utah seniors could be a lifeline—if only people knew about it.

Magnificent Mushrooms

In Utah and around the world, fungus is getting the prime-time treatment.
Around the world, mushrooms are having a moment. Once relegated to the sidelines of the culinary world, mushrooms are increasingly being celebrated for their unique flavor and nutritional value.

Yes, We Cann

The smoke is starting to clear on Utah's experiment with medical marijuana.
More than 47,000 Utahns are medical cannabis patients, according to the latest numbers from the Utah Department of Health.

State of Mind

A SLC newbie discovers Utah one (massive) street at a time.
So the first challenge of living in a new city was finding a tire shop, and it's a miracle that I didn't wind up getting that service on nearby State Street.

Going Public

Utah's libraries always have been about more than books.
Whether sleek and large or historic and unassuming, public libraries have undergone many transformations, inside and out, over their extended history.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Republican lawmakers jump out of bounds to score points on anti-trans hysteria.
Utah has joined the ranks of Republican-led states that prohibit transgender girls from competing in school sports

RINO Rampage

Utah voters say if you can't beat Republicans, join 'em.
For those unfamiliar with RINOs, the acronym stands for "Republicans in name only"

All That Utah Jazz

Finding the great american art form in Salt Lake City.
Essentially, the gag was that a newcomer would have a hard time coming across actual jazz music in this region, a joke inherently wedded to the local basketball franchise's name.

Slow and Steady

Flush with cash amid global turmoil, cooler heads (mostly) prevailed at the Utah Legislature.
The 2022 Utah legislative session opened and closed with a bang.

Father and Son

In his new book, Sander's Study, Utah journalist Chris Vanocur rediscovers his TV reporter dad.
My father, Sander Vanocur, was one of America's most respected political reporters.

O-Town Alive

A trio of Ogden gastropubs that are worththe trip.
Ogden is one of those beautiful mountain towns that Salt Lakers scurry to for easy access to trails, ski resorts and the charm and mysteries of Historic 25th Street.

All Aboard

New legislation signals a big shift for Utah mass transit.
Utah lawmakers are considering legislation that would bring state-funded transit construction under the purview of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), which traditionally has focused, almost exclusively, on maximizing the efficiency of car travel

Love Misfired

Counselors and matchmakers share tips on surviving a breakup and finding connection.
Laura Black thought she was about to get married. She reserved her venue, chose a caterer and bought her dress.

Wasting Away

There's still time to save the Great Salt Lake—if the Legislature steps up.
The lake remains below 4,191.3 feet in elevation today, however, and experts say it is likely to decline further if nothing is done to reverse the trend.

Courting Disaster

A Southern Utah town's apocalyptic spending project raises eyebrows.
The past couple years have been rife with existential threats for Utahns—earthquakes, wildfires, supply chain shortages—not to mention multiple waves of coronavirus surges.

Shall We dance

Utah's January film festivals press ahead through uncertain times.
Two days after the announcement that the 2022 Sundance Film Festival would be cancelling its in-person events and moving to an online-only format, festival director Tabitha Jackson had had a little time to process.

Busy Bees

Salt Lake City lawmakers call their shots ahead of the 2022 legislative session.
Come hell, highwater or another—somehow larger—COVID surge, Utah's part-time Legislature is set to convene next week for its annual, 45-day lawmaking bonanza.


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