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Still Great?

Decreasing water levels threaten the Great Salt Lake’s future.

Home is Where the Hardship Is

Aiming for more equitable and affordable housing, local activists push for reform.

Wild Thing

50 years after a grainy film, Bigfoot sightings continue—from the Pacific Northwest to Provo.
"They are good folk, the Sasquatch people—they are so much more than a Wild Thing in the woods."

Attack of the 20,000-Acre Inland Port!

A cautionary tale on how a similar project wreaked havoc on a small Illinois town.
But that was before developers left it strewn with broken promises—low-wage jobs, crumbling infrastructure, insane traffic and, in a first for a largely rural community, air pollution.

Inversion Conversion

Somehow, the uber-Republican Legislature budgeted more than $29 million to improve Utah's air. That's not a typo.
The angry caller told Handy he had asthma—what was the first-term state legislator going to do to improve Utah's air quality?

Mind the Gap

Their health on standby, thousands of low-income Utahns await to see if they'll benefit from Medicaid expansion.
The funds are only good for a limited range of services. Jones still pays about $60 every month for therapy, and $4 for each prescription that helps him manage his depression, anxiety and alcohol cravings.

The Foilies 2019

Recognizing the year's worst in government transparency.
"It opened up our Sunday for filing Freedom of Information requests."

Local Music Issue 2019

Turn it up to 11, boys and girls. Our rockingest issue is here!
How do you do justice to all the subcultures, stylistic niches and underground scenes that make Salt Lake City great—all while adhering to a strict word count?

Spread Thin

Soon, the biologically rich Pando Forest could be a thing of the past.
To continue to live, Pando produces new sprouts that gather water and sunlight. But for the last half-century, its regrowth has decreased sharply, and scientists point to a combination of factors.

The Unsinkable Shireen Ghorbani

After two electoral defeats, the Salt Lake County Democrat finally gets her turn.
"My plan is to see my congressman, who has not done a town hall in Salt Lake City proper in a year."

This Is The (Other) Place

Searching for the Greatest Snow on Earth in the Land of the Rising Fun.
There was no line for the lift, a fixed double that looked like it might have been recycled from the Winter Olympics, which were held in Hokkaido in 1972.

Sex Lake City

All across Utah, people are celebrating sex positivity and getting an education—as well as their kink on.
On a quiet street inside an undisclosed house, a group of Mormon men are about to get naked and have sex with one another.

Full Tilt

How local pinball champs and arcade bars are keeping the game alive.
If you were really spoiling for some action, you'd saunter a few steps across the floor, sticky with spilled soda and the tears of defeat, to the multisensory assault from the pinball machines.

Caught in the Immigration Maze

How one Orem family found itself swept into Trump's immigration crackdown.
They built new, austere lives in Orem, a far cry from the relatively posh ones they had led in Haiti's capital city.

What's in Our Legislation?

Our annual look at the rip-roaring 45 session days ahead.
Manager's specials like hidden language in bills and a very loose definition of "separation of church and state" will surely manifest and distract voters from real issues—the meat, if you will.

2019 Film Festival Issue

Past stories lay the foundation for new ones in Park City.
If you set out to explore the wild world of independent filmmaking, who knows what stories you'll bring home?

Hobbitville's Last Days

Current tenants evicted, the future of fabled SLC community is now in the hands of probate court.
A couple of generations of teenagers know it better as Hobbitville, because, as the story goes, it's a community of little people.


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