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Best of Utah body and mind 2021

Readers choose their best health-care providers, medical institutions, fitness guides and more.

Rising to the Occasion

Salt Lake bakers may have been battered by COVID, but they're still rolling in dough.

Braying To The Choir

If Utah Democrats hope to extend their message beyond party lines, they'll need to bring the hee-haw.

Best of Utah body and mind 2021

Readers choose their best health-care providers, medical institutions, fitness guides and more.
We'll Go On Health, well-being and fitness. These topics have been top of mind over the past year and a half, a time that's been dominated by COVID-19.

Pride Issue 2021

No matter where you get your Pride on, the sight of seeing so many effervescent souls converging in varying stages of dress and undress is indescribably powerful. That ribald "rainbow spirit" is outrageous, playful and proud.

Join the Party!

Launching a food business in the midst of a pandemic isn't optimal, but these owners took it in stride.
It's never easy to launch a new food business. You need a hip location, stylish furnishings and dinnerware, a well-equipped kitchen, a dynamite menu, a skilled staff. You need money—lots and lots of money—and advertising and influencers on social media.

Fork it! Let's Eat! Part 1

With shots in arms and mask mandates ending, Utahns are ready to 'devour' the local food scene.
Business owners found themselves wearing multiple hats and inventing new ways to keep their dreams alive.

Teardown for What?

As Salt Lake City's population booms, neighborhoods find themselves in a losing battle against 'densi-fication.'
It's gone. At least for Angela Jensen, Alex Sparks and the countless residents who cycled in and out of this bohemian icon, it is gone, and with it not only the opportunity for community, but also for affordable living in a city growing anxiously in anticipation of an onslaught of population.

How Do You Spell Releaf?

Part 2 You can now buy medical cannabis in Utah. Just don’t spark it up.
Now that Utah has a medical cannabis program, it should be easy for anyone to sign up and start smoking, right? Wrong. There are plenty more steps and hoops to jump through before you're able to even visit a pharmacy.

Get on the Canna-bus

Navigating Utah's tangled medical cannabis byways. Part 1
Remember the heady days of 2018? When 53 percent of Utah voters passed Proposition 2, allowing the use of medical cannabis by qualified Utah patients? Voters even "green-lit" the growing of up to six plants for certain patients' personal use.

I Want to Believe

Catching up with actor and novelist David Duchovny on his polygamist family drama, Truly Like Lightning.
David Duchovny knows he will always be seen first as a TV star. But, with the recent publication of his fourth novel, Truly Like Lightning, the world is beginning to notice that his ambition stretches far beyond the small screen.

Outer Wilderness

Zion-born poems and prose collected for the state's 125th anniversary—Part 2
One-hundred twenty-five words is what I asked for. Exactly 125 words. 125 words to represent views of contemporary Utah, all the love and conflict and nuance sparked by the contradictions of this place.

Everyone Is Allowed to Dream

Zion-born poems and prose collected for the state's 125th anniversary
So, too, can the culture of Utah seem daunting to outsiders, until they begin to venture along side streets and back roads. Off the beaten path, they discover the diversity that makes this state, and the people who live in it, unique beyond the stereotypes.

The Foilies 2021

A down and dirty dozen in government transparency
This was a head-scratcher for many journalists and transparency advocates. Freedom of Information—the concept that government documents belong to and must be accessible to the people—has never not been cool.

Capitol Capers

Bills that may have slipped right by us during Utah's highly unusual 2021 legislative session.
No one can follow everything that happens at the Utah Legislature, and that was particularly true for the 45-day vote-a-rama that concluded on March 5.

Hitting the High Notes

Salt Lake's First Unitarian Church prepares to say farewell to its jazz-loving minister.
At 72, Goldsmith is surrendering the pulpit and moving into active retirement. He leaves behind a legacy that's affected not only his congregants but the community at large.

No Woman Need Apply

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to a gender discrimination lawsuit against the SLC Fire Department.
The executive team at the Salt Lake City Fire Department is a good old boys club and Martha Ellis didn't fit in. When push came to shove, there was no one at City Hall to protect her from trumped up allegations.

Making the Grade

After years of fighting over education spending, lawmakers and educators have come up with a winning formula—for now.
On the penultimate day of the 2020 legislative session, a who's-who lineup of Utah's government and education leaders linked arms to demonstrate their mutual commitment to a delicate bargain struck over education funding.

Embedded Within a Mass Delusion

The challenge of reporting on QAnon
BBC reporter Marianna Spring was sitting outside enjoying a pint with one of her friends last summer when she got hit by her first QAnon pile-on.


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