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ERA Yes!

Why the in-limbo Equal Rights Amendment is now more important than ever.

Nano Killer

Opioid crisis enters third wave with fentanyl deaths soaring.

Happy Brew Year

12 local breweries to watch in 2020.

ERA Yes!

Why the in-limbo Equal Rights Amendment is now more important than ever.
The state is home to many other firsts, including electing Martha Hughes Cannon to the state senate in 1896.

The Year in Photo Review 2019

A look at the people, moments and protests that shaped 2019.
Other snaps included reflect some of the people and moments that our readership most identified with.

Do They Know It's Christmas?

11 not-quite holiday-themed movies guaranteed to transform you from Grinch to cheermeister.
I love the holiday season but I don't want to watch Jimmy Stewart live his horrible wonderful life for the 25th time.

No Garments Needed

For one devout group of LDS church-goers, social nudism is not only good for the soul, but scripturally-backed.
That's right: A good portion of this all-nude yoga class is temple-recommend-carrying Mormons—and, what's more, they claim scripture endorses the practice.

The Journey of Becoming You

How 'gender-affirming' philosophy and multidisciplinary care at the University of Utah's Transgender Health Program helps patients feel whole.
>Surgical procedures to help peoples' bodies align with their gender identities have been around since the early 20th century.

The 12 Arts of Christmas

A delightful dozen options for your holiday entertainment needs.
t's the most wonderful time of the year—and for a lot of people, one of the most stressful.

The Kids Are Not Alright

Why Utah's fight for clean air matters.
We've been fighting lung inflammation for months, like a shadowy opponent that hovers, attacks and then recedes.

Draggily Ever After

Across the country, drag queen-led story hours have faced heated protests. SLC's iteration went off without a hitch.
It's a Saturday morning, and the children's section at The King's English Bookshop is packed to the gills with eager young readers, hungry for a story or two.

Summer of Discontent

Activists are facing criminal charges for a massive protest against the inland port. Will the opposition back down?
A messy protest against the state's inland port this summer triggered a series of legal repercussions, including felony riot charges.

Down the Underreported Rabbit Hole

Inside the year’s Top 10 censored stories.
Every year, Project Censored identifies the 10 most important stories that the mainstream media somehow missed, and every year the task seems to get stranger.

Spirit Guide 2019

Our fourth annual guide to all things booze in the Beehive.
In those halcyon days before the 2016 election, it seemed entirely reasonable to take up a big-ass chunk of column inches to dive deep into the world and workings of all things booze-related.

Master Planners

As election day nears, Salt Lake City mayoral candidates Erin Mendenhall and Luz Escamilla share their visions for a changing city.
The voters decide who will become the next mayor in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 5. For many, ballots will be mailed to their homes soon.

Sound the Alarm

Amid inaction from world leaders, a new generation of climate activists arises.
The sprawling strikes represent a remarkable escalation of Thunberg’s decision last year to start skipping school on Fridays to protest against inaction by the Swedish government over the climate crisis.

The Arts Issue 2019

Our yearly Arts Issue goes with everything.
This year, our overview of local arts is as wide-ranging as the word "art" itself.

The Road Out

How religious organizations, nonprofits and people on the streets are adapting to historic change in Salt Lake's homeless services.
For 32 years, the Good Samaritan Program has operated out of a three-story house with an expanse of green lawn on South Temple, offering bagged lunches to hundreds of hungry people every day.

Election 2020: Then There Were 10

We size up the Democrats who’ve qualified for Thursday night’s debate.
Under the shadow of Donald Trump's presidency, plenty of Democrats feel that absolutely nothing is more important than winning the election.


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