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Conservation Crisis

For more than 50 years, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been a public lands windfall. A victim of a slashed budget, it could become a ghost of its former self by month's end.

For the Books

Reading? Pssshhh. It's 2018. Who reads anymore?

Long May They Reign

Once mighty, monarch butterfly numbers are dwindling across the state.

Get Off the Road!

Electric scooters have descended on our sleepy metropolis—and not everyone is happy.
Currently operating in 19 and 22 states, respectively, titans Bird and Lime have swept the country and quickly become as ubiquitous as they are controversial.

Oasis Lost

With urbanization sprawling west, one of the most important landscapes in the western hemisphere—the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake—is at risk of disappearing.
According to Neville, humans began modifying the Great Salt Lake’s wetlands almost as soon as they arrived on the scene, and very few of Utah’s wetlands remain untouched.

‘Less Hurt’

Meet the young Utahns working to save the lives of people from across our gun-loving state.
Six months ago, on Feb. 14, a tragic set of actions changed thousands of lives in Parkland, Fla.

2018 Beer Issue

We have the lagers!
Brews, glorious brews!

Budget Crunch at America’s National Parks

With increased visitation and crumbling infrastructure, national parks need money. But President Trump wants to cut even more of their funding.
Crowded visitor centers, crumbling roads and aging buildings—those are the sights at many of America’s national parks, caused by years of chronic underfunding.

The Cannabis Issue

Examining the hurdles Utah has to jump through to clear the way for medical cannabis.
Doc started smoking marijuana when he was 13 years old, around when a physician diagnosed him with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Holy Spirits: The A-Z Cocktail Guide

Let the spirits move you!
Lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and bust out your martini shaker—our annual A-Z cocktail guide is here!

Buried Hazards

Contamination cleanup on inland port site could be possible, but it won’t be easy—or cheap.
A number of reasons are emerging as to why development plans in Salt Lake's Northwest Quadrant have rarely been realized.

Latter-day Leaks

Inside Ryan McKnight’s crusade for transparency within the LDS Church.
The black Dodge Caravan zigzags down scorching Black Canyon and crosses over Hoover Dam into Arizona, a glorious one-party consent state where Ryan McKnight, a 37-year-old scruffy, tattooed ex-Mormon, won't have to ask for permission to record his phone calls.

Herding Cats

Enter the exciting, adorable world of professional cat shows.
At Ring 2 in the Hotel RL Ballroom, Adriana Kajon wrangles somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 pounds of feline from a cage onto a waist-high table that looks a lot like a stage.

Not-So-Public Records

In a debate over city documents, the Jordan River Restoration Network’s years-long battle over GRAMA and its cost could come to an end.
Whether the conversation's about the Jordan River or developments on the Great Salt Lake, Jeff Salt's name almost always pops up.

Best Summer Concerts

This Van's A-rockin'
... and so will you by the time you're done reading our special Summer Festival preview.

Tangled Web

Immigrant or Refugee? For many foreign nationals, the line can be blurred.
Khalid Al Hachami knows that if he goes home to Iraq to see his family, he's going to have trouble getting around.

Pride Issue 2018

The most fabulous issue of the year is here.

Summer Guide 2018

Make It Pop
Our ode to the North Shore Monster and things fun in the sun in SLC.


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