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Utah Portrait Arts photographers Steve Conlin, Nick Sokoloff and Paul Duane focus their lenses on locals striving to make sense of a pandemic.


Utah Portrait Arts photographers Steve Conlin, Nick Sokoloff and Paul Duane focus their lenses on locals striving to make sense of a pandemic.
"The COVID-19 pandemic is a singular moment in history, a defining moment in each of our lives. The virus, pandemic and quarantine have affected everybody differently."

Pet Sounds

Pets speak their minds about hunkering down with humans
But, for pets, that also means extra snuggle time and walks around the block in addition to normal guard duty. And, of course, they don't mind—that's what they're here for. But hells bells, those humans need a lot of extra licks right now.

Our Community Part 4

Local stories of adaptability and compassion to lift your cooped-up spirits.
It's been seven strange weeks since SXSW and the NBA knocked down the first dominoes in a long line of industry closures that exposed the seriousness of this global pandemic. Tom Hanks catching the 'Rona was a big deal, but he was way down under—it was Australia's problem, right?

Viral Verses

Our readers' poetic reflections of pandemic life
While the world wrestles with the practical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, artists have been wrestling with how to process this new world emotionally through music, painting ... and yes, poetry.

Our Community part 2

Local stories of adaptability and compassion to lift your cooped-up spirits.
We've seen our friends' businesses close for an undetermined amount of time, and we witnessed government "leaders" at every level trip up in their handling of the crisis, from organization to communication (nothing new for most of them). Like you, we can't wait to put all this COVID-19 business behind us. Who doesn't need a hug!

Our Community

Local stories of adaptability and compassion to lift your cooped up spirits.
That's why in this issue and issues to follow, City Weekly will highlight our friends in the business community who are paying the freight for coronavirus spread.

Inside Utah's 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' Directive

Gov. Herbert beseeches Utahns to cooperate with the set of rules through mid-April.
During what continued to be a banner week for American Sign Language interpreters, Gov. Gary Herbert delivered a speech on Friday, March 27, announcing the enactment of a "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive.

The Helpers

A roundup of local groups that want to be your neighbor.
As I've gotten older, I've come to understand that while folks in law enforcement, medicine and disaster relief are shouldering a huge burden right now, the term isn't exclusive to those equipped with a badge or a medical degree.

Your Quintessential Quarantine Guide

Isolated brain teasers, tips for the socially distant and more!
Unless you've been living under a Purell-soaked rock, you'll know it's full-blown coronavirus pandemonium out there, with misinformation spreading quicker than the virus itself.


The Local Music Issue.
With this diversity in mind, I decided that this music issue should attempt to zero in on the new, the old and the game-changing things going on in SLC's music scene.

China Girl

A DNA test connected a Utah teenager to her mother—and to a story that was almost too tragic to bear.
Maeson Dewey was talking with a group of friends in her crowded high school cafeteria when a message popped onto her phone that would change her world.

Building a Better Salt Lake City

An affordable housing crisis looms as Utah families struggle to find shelter.
I'm looking at all those lanes of stalled traffic on Interstate 15 every evening, pumping out emissions as thousands of commuters inch along to their affordable three-bedroom home in Draper.

Pee-wee’s Beehive Adventure

Comedian Paul Reubens talks fame, his character’s darker side and Utah’s Mighty 5 ahead of SLC appearance.
Paul Reubens' alter ego, Pee-wee Herman, is many things—a cross-generational comedic icon, the ultimate man-child, and most importantly: a loner, a rebel.

Happily Ever Never

Gay is A-OK, so why do some LGBTQ Utahns choose to be unhappily married to the opposite sex?
"It's psychologically and emotionally devastating not just to the LGBTQ partners, but to the straight partners as well. For all those reasons, I wouldn't wish a mixed-orientation marriage on my worst enemy," expert John Dehlin says.

Greatest Snow On Earth... But For How Long?

How climate change is affecting our state motto—and a billion dollar winter recreation industry.
"I love snow science and learning about mountain ranges," Caroline Gleich says. "So it's not like I just do it for the thrill. I like the intellectual challenge as well."

A Crusade in Kanab

How one Utah community fought the fracking industry—and won.
A sign at the north end of Kanab proclaims the town of 4,700 to be "The Greatest Earth on Show."


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