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Sweet and Sour

Bouncing between these flavors can be quite a ride.

Midvale Rising

Two breweries take a swing at Old World beer styles.

Malternative Lifestyles

Two examples of beers with a distinctive malt kick.

Sweet and Sour

Bouncing between these flavors can be quite a ride.
Their sweet and sour contrasts of beers are so extreme, you'll be begging your palate's coach for another lap around the beer pool.

The X-Factor

Exploring the qualities that make for unique beers.
It doesn't take much to turn a simple beer into a style bending work of art.

Heber Fever

Utah's 39th brewhouse brings small batches to Wasatch County.
Heber Valley Brewing Co. launched in August in a low profile brewhouse on the northern end of downtown Heber

Still Good For What Ales You

After 30 years, Squatters continues its pioneering local brewing legacy.
Cole and Polychronis had no idea that they would be the first to ignite a flame that would continue to engulf the state over the next three decades.

Time to Help a Beer Nerd Out

Want to know more about a local brew? Send in your requests.
Enjoying all that Utah's craft beer scene has to offer is, well, intoxicating to say the least.

Dog Day Refreshment

Two new offerings with big flavor and big drinkability.
When the full heat of summer hits us high desert folk, we chase the beers that offer big flavor while still maintaining those hydrating elements.

Opposites Attract

Two beers that represent distinctly tasty ends of the brewing spectrum.
Their sunny, golden hues brighten my mood every time I see them; even the ascending bubbles are akin to a Zen garden in a glass.

High Noon for Low Point

If 4% beers are soon to vanish, grab a couple of the best examples.
I thought it might be nice to highlight some of the better examples of what's floating around out there.

Chichi Beer

Does a flamboyant name make it a great brew?
Your tongue may get a workout in more ways than one.


Thirst-quenching craft Mexican lager is alive and well in O-town.
If you've been away from this south-of-the-border classic, you're probably missing out on one of the most flavorful ways to beat the heat.

The Yin and Yang of IPAs

Now there's no excuse for not enjoying IPAs.
No matter if you love them or hate them, I found two new IPAs that are just different enough to make both factions grin.

Barreling Along

Top of Main series breathes new life into Wasatch Brewery.
It was the first and only local brewery to open in Utah since Lucky Lager closed shop in the 1960s. Every beer that came out of Wasatch was innovative, because every beer was a first locally.

Beer Bash

These party beers are soirées for the tongue.
No matter which beer you choose to go with, rest assured that there will be a party in your mouth.

Beyond the Pale

Two pale ales that are as diverse as the countries that make them.
This week, I found a couple of ales that take their cues from two very different beer cultures: Belgium and Australia.

The Bolder Side of IPAs

Thick and chewy on a hot day can be a blast, too.
It doesn't matter if it's thick and chewy, bold or robust; if you find that brilliant malt and hop combo, you'll do anything to keep chasing that beer dragon.

A Taste of Belgium à la Utah

Two local brews showcase some European classics.
These two—brand new additions to our local beer scene—take the best of Belgium and sprinkle in just enough of Utah to make them perfect for our summer climate and palates.


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