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Lager Lovin'

The season of the crispy boi begins with two stellar beers

Local Exotics

They're brewed at home, but take you far away.

Twists and Turns

Taking a ride in two untraditional "hop rods"

Lager Lovin'

The season of the crispy boi begins with two stellar beers
Annually, Bohemian Brewing and Salt City HomeBrew Supply team up to hold Utah's only all-lager home-brew competition.

Danks Alot

Maximizing hops for full effect
This beer was designed specifically to celebrate 420. Made with terpenes and mimicking cannabis, this beer is as close as you can get to real nugs in Utah—without a prescription.

The Feather and the Stone

One IPA has a wallop, the other a pat on the head
Let's start light and work our way into a stupor, shall we?

These Boots Are Made for Brewing

Utah's Pink Boots Society hits 2022 with two delicious ales
Many of the participants are members of the Pink Society, a community whose members cover the gamut of fermentation industry professionals.

The Sugar House Shuffle

Two beers, one block, all happiness
Proceeds from this special beer go towards Razom, an organization that helps supply critical materials such as medical supplies, food and clothing to the people of Ukraine during emergencies.

Bona Fide

Examining two newer IPA styles, looking to become legit.
We're taking a look at a couple of ales this week that come from two of the emerging IPA subcategories that (officially) don't really exist.

Belgian Rebellions

Inspired by Belgium, but not of Belgium
There aren't a lot of local breweries that utilize foeders to aid in their fermentation of beer.

Uncommon Saint Patrick's Day

Keeping it weird in 2022
Both will help you achieve your festive goals, while keeping it local and making your tongue happy.


Who needs chewing when a swig will do?
Doppelbocks aren't just another lager style that appears on some German checklist of malty beers.

Coming Full Circle

The story of Squatters' and Wasatch's excellent adventure home
In January, we reported that Monster Energy Drinks had acquired the craft brewery collective CANarchy, in a deal that would affect craft breweries across six states.

Science Versus Tradition

One love, two outcomes
If Utah has a flavor, this beer may have narrowed it down to just a few local ingredients.

Non-Traditional, Traditional Beers

Sampling a pair of creative brews in less common styles
If you were drinking beer hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, it would be unrecognizable to today's beer nerds.

Hot or Cold

Cooling off or keeping warm has never been so simple
This is a raisin stout that was made with rum-soaked raisins, and is an imperial stout at its base.

Character Reflects

Just when you think you have it all figured out, two breweries decide to change things up.
This is part of Uinta's new Pro Line of beers. So what is a cold IPA?

Local to National

What to expect from new ownership of local breweries.
The week of Jan. 10, 2022 saw one of the biggest upheavals in Utah's craft beer industry since its inception in 1986.

Flavor Players

This week's selection is an all-star lineup.
It's a triple bock at its base, which is a super-malty, toffee-forward German-style lager that's prime for aging.


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