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A Final Summer Fling

Savor these warm-weather brews before fall arrives.

Getting Fresh

The newest of the new meets the oldest of the old.

Weird Is Good

Unconventional flavor profiles make for unique drinking experiences.

Until We Meet Again

Strike while the iron is hot when it comes to these seasonal beers.
These are some personal favorites I’m glad are back in my life; unfortunately, they won’t be around long.

An Acquired Taste

You don't hate beer; you just haven't met the right one.
I found a couple locally made examples of lighter beer styles to help transform the reluctant beer sipper into an enthusiast.

Getting Reacquainted

Among a slew of new brews, old favorites still stand out.
With a plethora of new breweries popping up, it's easy to get lost in the traffic as a steady stream of new beers keeps whizzing by.

Polar Opposites

These two beers might be different, but can appeal to a variety of preferences.
It's been a great couple of weeks in the beer-nerd world.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Utah's homebrew clubs fan the flames of ingenuity.
The odds are pretty good that the beer you're drinking had its genesis in some homebrewer's kitchen.

Strange Fruits

Unique additives make for an exciting beer variety.
For the longest time, options were pretty narrow when it came to the types of fruit used in fruited beers.

Southern Scene

South Salt Lake continues to expand its craft beer offerings.
Even if you're just a casual beer nerd, you've probably noticed there's been an influx of new breweries hitting the state, with the vast majority of them popping up in the capital city.

Raise a Toast

As their sour beers ripen, brand-new Toasted Barrel Brewery has ales aplenty.
The edict, "The King is dead, long live the King!" simultaneously announces the death of the previous monarch and salutes the new one.

A Tart Start to Summer

Tangy beers can still be great thirst quenchers.
In case you missed it, summer is here.

Winning Brews

Utah breweries place well at North American competition.
I had the pleasure of serving as a judge at the North American Brewers Association's beer competition last month.

Barreling Ahead

Aging adds complexity to these local brews.
Last week, I wrote about two very "uncomplicated" beers that have recently hit the market.

Simply Beer

Uncomplicated brews can still be challenging.
Beer shouldn't be difficult.

Playing with Saltfire

Utah's hottest new brewery debuts with four new beers.
On May 19, after many months of bureaucratic hell, Utah's 26th brewery/brewpub opened its doors, and fresh new beer poured out to waiting customers. Saltfire Brewing Co. started a little backward compared to other breweries.

Summertime Brews

Quench your thirst with a variety of seasonal flavors.
Anyone who has spent time in Utah knows that the seasons here can seemingly turn on a dime.

Do The Time Warp

Revisiting classic and influential Utah beers.
I don't want to date myself, but I've been nerding out on beer in Salt Lake City for a long damned time.


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