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Utah Beer reviews: SaltFire's Mobius Trip and The Women of Wasatch

Two new beers showcasing different ends of the fruitiness spectrum

Utah's 2023 World Beer Cup Winners

Local Utah breweries take home international beer competition honors

Offset India Pale Ale and Bewilder Cerveza De Mayo

Nuanced flavors and familiar packaging make for head-turning beers

Utah Beer reviews: SaltFire's Mobius Trip and The Women of Wasatch

Two new beers showcasing different ends of the fruitiness spectrum
Saltfire's foeders are dosed with brettanomyces, and aged to enhance that yeast's souring profile. When ready, it can be served as is, or dosed with fruit.

IPAs from Heber Valley Brewing

Citrocumulus and Eclectic Avenue bring the big flavors from higher altitude.
This week, we get into a couple of brews from the altitude—and by that, I mean Heber Valley Brewing Company.

New IPAs in rotating series

Wasatch and Fisher bring out the hop-forward goodness
This rotating series of IPAs has been available on draft for quite some time, but now you have the option of taking them home in cans.

Utah Beer Review: TF Brewing's Horse Thief and Kiitos' Tropical Haze IPA

Beer Nerd
This is a representation in beer form of a cocktail created at Blue Sky Ranch in Wanship called Horse Thief.

Beer Review: Proper's SLC Pils and Offset/Grid City's S33ing Thr33s

Beers so hoppy you'll think they're illegal
The aroma is light, hops are subdued and the malts are hard to find.

Utah beer reviews: UTOG's IV Anniversary Ale and Level Crossing Our Wit's End

Mixing the right components for two great new beers
As you'd expect, it looks about the same as the base black IPA, pitch-black with a tan collar that has trouble staying full due to the barrel treatment.

Uinta's Alpenweizen and Bewilder's Lucky's Red Tractor Reserve

Unique flavors characterize these two spring beers
It pours a crisp, frothy head of an off-white color over a pale amber body, with moderate haziness and lots of sediment in tow.

Chappell Brewing opens with new beers

Veteran brewer Tim Chappell opens doors in South Salt Lake.
Because of your insatiable need for craft suds, local beer nerd Tim Chappell has decided to share his love of beer with us all, and officially opened Chappell Brewing in South Salt Lake City.

Bewilder Tangerine Wit and Mountain West Pomme Paloma

Two new citrusy offerings at local breweries to kick off spring
I'd like to share two of the most citrusy adult beverages I've had in quite a while. If these don't get you pumped for spring, nothing will.

Salt Flats Save the Lake Pilsner and Ogden Beer's 1851 American Lager

Two new beers with local history in mind.
In an effort to help raise awareness for issues surrounding the diminishing Great Salt Lake, Salt Flats Beer and Spirits has developed its new Save The Lake Pilsner.

Bewilder/Strap Tank Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy and Uinta Anniversary Barleywine

Two barley-intensive beers pack a big punch.
This collaboration between Strap Tank Brewing and Bewilder Brewing started last year with the release of the two breweries' Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.

Brewers Select Cloud Seeding at RoHa and Hammer Down at UTOG

Two turbid beers provide body and flavor.
If you're familiar with the RoHa Brewing Project, you may be aware of their utilization of expressive malts that lean towards toast and caramel.

Red Rock Why So Serious? and Fisher Brewing West Coast IPA

Two new hop-forward brews from local breweries
A very hazy, and maybe even cloudy, orange body reveals golden highlights at the base of the glass, while the head is a large cap of creamy off-white foam.

Taste-testing two new "hazy" beers

Grid City and T.F. Brewing bring the haze
If the makers of these beers omitted "hazy," would it affect the way you'd enjoy them? Here are my impressions, and I'm curious as to yours

New beers from Offset and Bewilder

Complex hops combinations and processes contribute to these fruity brews
Some people who are significantly smarter than us discovered how to flash-freeze wet hops straight from the bine before cryogenically pelletizing them

New IPA reviews

Saltfire and Red Rock serve up fruity hop flavors
The aroma displays a solid malt presence, with equal measures of tropical and piney/weedy hop.

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