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Beyond the Pale

Two pale ales that are as diverse as the countries that make them.

The Bolder Side of IPAs

Thick and chewy on a hot day can be a blast, too.

A Taste of Belgium à la Utah

Two local brews showcase some European classics.

Beyond the Pale

Two pale ales that are as diverse as the countries that make them.
This week, I found a couple of ales that take their cues from two very different beer cultures: Belgium and Australia.

Ale Talk

Two new offerings tell uniquely flavorful stories.
These of course aren't actual people I'm talking about, but local craft ales.

Summer Brewin'

Two beers designed to make you have a blast.
To be honest, when I first took this gig, I imagined there would be times when the beer scene would become repetitive or slide into territory that seemed too familiar.

Springing Back and Forth

Yoyo-ing weather requires beers that boomerang.
I locked onto two brews while experiencing all three over the course of an hour last week, and these beers could not have paired better with this spring's crazy yoyo-ing weather.

Altered States

Familiar beer styles transform into something new and refreshing.
If you have an adventurous palate, these ales will invigorate—and remind you why you fell in love with craft beer in the first place.

Keep It Local

Craft becomes the state's first Utah-beer-only pub.
As a result, a new concept in beer pubs has emerged—one that exclusively serves up the best of what Utah has to offer.

Novel-Tasting Beers

If beers were books, these would be page turners.
This week, I chose two beers that bend their respective styles just enough to make them tease the palate with exciting twists and turns; you'd think you were reading a spy novel.

Ogden Brews

UTOG promises to be the next great beer destination.
Now, let's get on with the important part: the beer.

Level with Us

Sampling the goods at one of Utah's newest breweries.
The brewery, located in South Salt Lake, is the city's third, following Shades Brewing and SaltFire Brewing Co., located just minutes away on West Temple.

The Politics of Beer

How Utahns gained a meaningless 1 percent jump in alcohol content.
Here's a brief synopsis of how we gained a 1-percent jump in alcohol by volume—the standard measure—from 4 to 5 percent.

Hipster Brews

These beers set themselves apart in style and looks.
I found a couple of serious hipster beers this week. They're obnoxious to look at but sweet at heart.

I'd Love to, but Decant

This beer-serving method is a unique Utah creation.
But for those of us who require a more measured approach to our days and evenings out, we require a little more thought into our alcohol choices.

Berry Delicious

Beer and berries make for a timeless combo.
Here are some nice examples of berry-forward ales that are contemporary without ignoring tradition.

Attitude Readjustments

Two beers that bring hints of spring.
I guess this week's selections represent those cravings.

On the Level

South Salt Lake prepares to host its newest brewery.
One of those up-and-comers, and likely the next place to open, is South Salt Lake's Level Crossing Brewing Co.

The Feather and the Hammer

Two fruit beers employ different approaches.
This week, I present two ales that are, respectively, weighty and feathery light in their approaches.


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