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Cold Fire

Two Pride-themed treats and the state's new take on cold beer.

Orange Ya Glad for Citrus Beers?

Two orange-influenced IPAs to get summer started.

Commercial Breaks

Big breweries can't duplicate these small batch flavors

Cold Fire

Two Pride-themed treats and the state's new take on cold beer.
This is the second most momentous change to Utah's state-run beer procedures since 2019.

Darkly Suggestive

Two beers that evoke the differences in dark flavors
If there's one local brewery that exudes counter-culture rock and roll, it's Saltfire. With beers that claim names like Punk as Fuck and Frankly Mr. Shankly, you get a clear vibe that this brewhouse is fond of its music.

Flavor Savers

Need a palate reboot? These sips just might do it.
Shades has built a business making beers that mimic other foods or dishes. So, when the words "Taco Tuesday" appeared on one of the brewery's labels, some beer nerds cocked their heads to the side in confusion. A beer that tastes like tacos?

Indeed They Do

Indeed Brewing Co. provides SLC with a taste of Minneapolis
Ever since Utah allowed beer alcohol content to rise from 4 % to 5 % in 2019, the selection of out-of-state beers has jumped up dramatically.

Imperial Adventure

This week's beers are fit for building a beer empire.
We Americans love to take anything in its standard form, embrace it and then amplify it to make it a novelty. It's what we do, and for the most part, we do it well. Beers in particular have benefited from this approach.


Good things await at the edges of the city.
Salt Lake City has a solid core of breweries in its central district. That cluster of beer options can tend to outshine some of the city's peripheral breweries. This week, we look at two breweries on the edges of the city that may not immediately be on your "beerdar."

The Less Than Usual Options

Craft beer innovation combined with skill
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when life gives you hops, you are bound by beer nerd law to make an India Pale Ale.

Bitter Ends

No astringent-tasting ales for the IPA haters this week
I found a couple of non-IPA beers this week. So this one is dedicated to you, the anti-hop heads and the haze-resistant bros.

The More the Merrier

In a sea of IPAs, what's two more?
It used to be that a brewery would make a single and a double IPA and leave it at that. Nowadays, most breweries have an entire section in their portfolio dedicated to a variety of IPAs.

Spring Has Sprung

Two new beers that help fan a little optimism.
Spring is a time of rebirth, and with all of the optimism in the air, it really feels like we're getting a new lease on life.


"Hop salads" to enhance your beer
Hops can make or break a beer. The wrong varietal, combined with a contrasting yeast or malt profile, could ruin a simple brew.

Tradition and Non-Tradition

Two beers, one for tradition and one for the nonconformist
There are quite a few Irish style or themed beers out this week to help us all celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

Belgian Inspirations

Two clever interpretations on old world beers
Two local breweries have crafted two very different examples that show how interpretation and inspiration can go hand in hand.

Beware the Ales of March

The month that brings spring also brings flavor.
Stouts and IPAs are big in the month of March. To start things off, we have two excellent examples to help you get things rolling.

Sweet Deals

Two beers that'll make you feels like a kid in a candy store.
Normally, I prefer a little a little bitter with my sweet; it helps create balance and a drinkabilty. That being said, when a gooey pie of cake or pie is staring you down after savory meal, screw the balance—placate that sweet tooth, post haste!

A Beer Nerd's Second Wind

Your never as beaten down as you think
Truth be told, at the moment, I'm a little over big IPAs and dark fruity beers. But sometimes you need to trust your gut and look into that place that you dare not look. This week, I'm glad I did.


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