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Gourd Almighty

The ABCs and WTFs of pumpkin beer.

New Brew for You

Kiitos brings efficiency to its beer-making.

The Longest Shot-Ski

Park City and Wasatch Brewery aim to reclaim a world record.

Another Kind of Buzz

Coffee beers aren't not just for breakfast anymore.
Today's lesson deals with one of the most popular craft-beer adjuncts around: our beloved coffee.


A different gas makes for a different kind of beer.
The odds are pretty good that your go-to beer has carbon dioxide (CO2) in it.

Sharing is Caring

The community that brews together stays together.
I'm not a small business owner, but I have a basic understanding of how the American business model is implemented and how it operates.

The Cold War on Warm Beer

Because temperature matters.
During this desiccating scorcher of a summer, I've noticed that my taste in suds has been skewing toward the lighter side of the spectrum.

Feeling a Little Melon-choly?

These berry special fruit beers are much better than my puns.
It's fair to say most beer-drinkers have a love-hate relationship to fruit beers.

Lager, Faster, Stronger

Centuries after its introduction, the humble lager remains queen of summer cerveza.
When the days are long and the temperatures high, you can't help but reach for an ice cold lager.

High Marks for Low-Points

Sierra Nevada's 3 Weight does not equal deadweight.
If you've been a Utah beer lover for some time over the past 10 years, you've likely become very familiar with grocery- and convenience stores' options for out-of-state beers.

The Beer Mile

For exciting new brews, look no further than Midvale.
With the explosion of new breweries hitting the Salt Lake City area, it's easy to forget there are others serving up suds outside the metro confines and doing it well.

Hazy Shade of Summer

There's a new, nebulous kid on the brew block.
The latest trend in IPAs is called the Northeast-style. These beers are by design cloudy and murky like a hefeweizen, but are both sweet and tart.

Appy Hour

Three beer-related apps to geek-out with.
When I first started this Beer Nerd adventure around the turn of the century, there weren't many options to guide you to your next big beer affair.

Pedal to the Medals

Sip on these award-winning Utah beers.
A couple weeks back, I had the pleasure of judging beers in the North American Brewers Association's 2017 North American Beer Awards.


Utah County's craft beer culture revs up.
When locals think about Utah County, beer isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Hell, it isn't the second, third or 20th, for that matter.

SLC's Sour Powers

Pucker up Utah: Sour beers are creeping into the mainstream.
The first time I tried a sour beer, I wasn't a big fan.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Discovering the wines of Toscana.
Given that this week's dining column highlights Cucina Toscana restaurant, I thought it would be a good time to get familiar with the wines of Tuscany.

The Chachas Effect

Lake Effect is SLC's bold new bar.
Despite the state of Utah's increasing insensitivity and seemingly downright distain for consumers and sellers of alcohol and those who enjoy imbibing, we've still seen a recent boom in cocktail bars.


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