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I'd Love to, but Decant

This beer-serving method is a unique Utah creation.

Berry Delicious

Beer and berries make for a timeless combo.

Attitude Readjustments

Two beers that bring hints of spring.

I'd Love to, but Decant

This beer-serving method is a unique Utah creation.
But for those of us who require a more measured approach to our days and evenings out, we require a little more thought into our alcohol choices.

On the Level

South Salt Lake prepares to host its newest brewery.
One of those up-and-comers, and likely the next place to open, is South Salt Lake's Level Crossing Brewing Co.

The Feather and the Hammer

Two fruit beers employ different approaches.
This week, I present two ales that are, respectively, weighty and feathery light in their approaches.

Worlds Apart

Two very different beers that seem like a strangely perfect pairing.
They seemed like the perfect combo to present this week. Maybe you'll get the same ghostly yearning I did. Enjoy!


New meets sorta-new with these fresh IPAs.
Luckily, two new IPAs were awaiting me on my first day back.

Don't Fear the Dark Side

Embrace these inviting brown and black beers.
"How can you drink that motor oil shit?" Granted, they had never tried this particular beer

Opposites Attract

How to pump up the flavor by drinking different varieties of beer.
This week's selections aren't nearly that simple, but the differences between these two new beers are guaranteed to bring out the best in both of them.

New Year, New Beer

Hopkins Brewing Co. brings hyper-local beers to Sugar House.
I got the chance to try their new 4 percent suds, and here's what you can expect.

A Helping Brew

Utah breweries aid Camp Fire victims.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is part of that community; although the brewery was not affected, many of its employees and neighbors were impacted by this tragic event.

Hops and Spice and Everything Nice

Wrapping up 2018 with more local flavor.
If all goes as planned, you can expect to see another five or six breweries open in 2019. Until then, I'll leave you with a couple of 2018's latest beers. Enjoy.

Cold Beers, Warm Cheer

Wrap yourself up in these new December offerings.
Your beer should be no exception. Whether brash and boozy or sleek and polished, a well-crafted beer can set you on a path to happiness, both mentally and physically.

Beer Trek

No distance is too far when it comes to Utah brews.
Let's get into a new IPA from one of Salt Lake City's newer beer spots.

A Taste of Vernal

There's more than dinosaur bones in eastern Utah.
I got my hands on a couple of their high-point offerings this week, and they're far from small-town brews.

High Points for These Low Points

Two stouts with a flavorful but low-alcohol punch.
Utah's low-point beers can be a tough sell for some. Many beer enthusiasts claim that they're too weak in body and flavor to be worth their hard-earned dollars.

Java Brew

A specialty coffee lager, plus a new IPA from Salt Flats.
Believe it or not, good coffee is one of the most requested care packages that servicemen and women request while on deployment; Utah's own Alpha Coffee steps up regularly to disperse their java to those service people who crave a good cup of joe.

Let 'Em All Out

These are the stouts we can't do without.
This is the time for holiday beers; if you see them, buy them now.


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