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Craver Savers

January might be bland but these beers aren't.

Anytime Beers

You can try these brews no matter the season.

Craver Savers

January might be bland but these beers aren't.
This week, I thought it would be nice to profile some anti-winter warmers—something lighter to help you avoid the bloat while keeping your craft beer cravings intact.

Winter Warmers

Stouts and porters are the perfect way to end the year.
Stouts and Porters tend to fill up refrigerators and cellar shelves this time of year.

Bewildering Support

How a new brewery came to be, with a little help from its competitors.
It's indisputable that 2019 will go down as one of the biggest years of change in the history of Utah's craft beer scene.

Santa's Lil Helpers

Two beers to help guide you through the holiday madness.
As soon as I realized that I was getting my ass handed to me by real world stores and their online counterparts, I knew that I needed some help.

F.I.T to Be Tried

Take a walk on the healthier side of craft beer.
Generally, when you start your "resolutions," beer goes out the window.

Thanksgiving Day Beers

Fill your holiday food gaps with these flavorful brews.
As the weather gets cooler, the beers get darker and heavier.

Beer Brothers

Adding one element can change an entire beer.
It's not often that I get a chance to try two fresh batches of the same beer made two different ways.

5% Alcohol, 100% Flavor

As the ceiling is raised, so is Utah's game.
Now that the age of 5% beer is here, I thought it would be more than appropriate to begin this new era with two local beers that fully embrace their new ABV content.

Worth Their Salt

Two new offerings from the reliably great Salt Flats Brewing Co.
With all of the new beer options hitting me from every angle possible, it's easy to overlook some of the breweries that have been faithfully helping maintain our psyches over these last few years.

The Era of 5% Is Here

Navigating Utah's new and stronger beer world.
A lot of emotion and heartache went into this meager 1% jump in the potency of your beer; many of you have expressed to me that you are fully on board, and that this change is long overdue.

Five Times the Fun

This year's Big Bad Baptist variants are a party for the mouth.
Over the last few years, Epic has been offering different variants of this beer to stay on the cutting edge of what can be achieved in chasing new flavor profiles. The brewers came up with some interesting blends; here's what you can expect.

Beer Olympics

Utah's breweries bring home bronze, silver and gold.
Every week, I embed myself into pubs and breweries for hours at a time to bring you life-changing information about the suds that are important to you.

Sweet and Sour

Bouncing between these flavors can be quite a ride.
Their sweet and sour contrasts of beers are so extreme, you'll be begging your palate's coach for another lap around the beer pool.

Midvale Rising

Two breweries take a swing at Old World beer styles.
This week's beers take a deep dive, mimicking beloved brews from the Old World.

Malternative Lifestyles

Two examples of beers with a distinctive malt kick.
This week's beers offer up a nice exercise in the use of malts.

The X-Factor

Exploring the qualities that make for unique beers.
It doesn't take much to turn a simple beer into a style bending work of art.


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