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Skip the Robust in August

The hottest month requires a more subtle approach


Getting nostalgic for old-school TV with old-school beer flavors.

Beers for a Cause

In SLC, uncertainty breeds charity

Skip the Robust in August

The hottest month requires a more subtle approach
August is just around the corner, and with it comes the hottest time of the year. This generally is not the time for complex, chewy beers; it is more for precisely-flavored, hydrating beers.

Cagey Beers

When you run out of thing to pair with.
An interesting aroma offers the sweetness of a blonde ale initially, but quickly becomes overpowered by the smell of fresh chilies.

Revisiting the Reef

St. George-made beers return with more umph.
This week, I have the pleasure of bringing you their line of bigger beers—an India Pale Ale and a Golden Bock—each of which represents their respective realms as solid performers.

Slump Busters

Sometimes you need more than a beer
Occasionally, we beer nerds crave something different. Beer is great, but sometimes too much of a good thing can wear a person down.

Weird Beer

Culinary influences take these brews in a whole new direction
I think one of the reasons that craft beer is so hot right now is that it can become much more than just another alcoholic beverage.

Sensory Assault

Two beers that stimulate all of the senses
It's nice to see some full-bodied beers popping up as the temperatures begin to climb. Right now, I'm all about the lighter beers—until I get a whiff of something dark, malty and chewy.

Silver Linings

There's a bright side to Southern Utah's brutal heat
Did you know St. George, Utah has its own brewery, too? It's co-owned by Las Vegas' Ellis Island Brewery and Casino, and has taken on the mantle of the official thirst-quencher of Southern Utah.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Two crazy beers' unique ingredients versus one anxious beer nerd.
here are a couple of things in life that make me wince a little: tequila and cucumbers. I don't hate them; they just tend to not agree with me. So imagine my surprise when these nemeses showed up in two brand-new beers.

If They Brew It, You Will Come

Two different ales with the same hop blend keep SLC brews interesting
The Pink Boots Society is an organization that supports women in the brewing industry worldwide.

Confinement Aids

These beers may be just the things you need to make it through anti-social times.
I'm a social drinker, always have been. I love to be with friends or strangers in neutral territory to simply decompress together.

Beer Psychology 101

Two breweries turn their backs on conventional stereotypes
As I was sampling this week's beers, I noticed that I was sitting in front of the current alphas and omegas of Utah's craft beer scene.

Eructation-Worthy Beers

Sometime that little parting gift can make or break a brew
There's appearance, aroma and taste. Those are the primary sensory factors that we focus on as we get acquainted with our beers.

Quarantine DesirabilityFactor

A new world calls for a new way to pair your beers.
So starting this week, I'll introduce Beer Nerd's exclusive Quarantine Desirability Factor along with my traditional tasting notes.

We're Still Here

Utah's brewers aren't going anywhere, and here's the proof.
They exclaim that they're still alive and have new adult beverages for us to fill our pandemic bunkers with.

With a Little Help From Their Friends

When beer makers and beer nerds have each others' backs.
In the midst of the chaos that has taken over a good portion of our once-normal lives, it's good to see that our local brewing institutions are still trudging forward—regardless of all the setbacks they've endured.

So Long, Locals?

Some of your favorite local beers could soon disappear from liquor store shelves.
Back in November 2019, you might have noticed something changed at your local grocery and convenience stores—the beer suddenly got stronger. Well, it wasn't quite so sudden; we knew it was coming, and a lot of us were giddy to finally be out from under that 3.2% alcohol by weight bubble.


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