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A Taste of Vernal

There's more than dinosaur bones in eastern Utah.

High Points for These Low Points

Two stouts with a flavorful but low-alcohol punch.

Java Brew

A specialty coffee lager, plus a new IPA from Salt Flats.

Let 'Em All Out

These are the stouts we can't do without.
This is the time for holiday beers; if you see them, buy them now.

Templin Recommend

The new T.F. Brewery offers some unique flavors.
The T.F. (Templin Family) Brewery is part of a beer renaissance that's been building momentum over the past couple of years and it's another unique beer experience that looks to add to the local beer scene.

Utah's New Brewery Preview

The Beehive's beer renaissance continues to shine.
Here are several more breweries ready to become the latest newest Utah brewery:

Brut Forces

Dry and sour create a big one-two punch.
In my experience, alcohol doesn't seem to be such a huge factor in bruts.

Keeping It Simple

Uncomplicated beers can offer some of the greatest pleasures.
I like simplicity in my beer. Keep the malt and hops at a low roar and you'd be surprised by how enjoyable it can be.

Big Flavor, Low Alcohol

Who says low-point beer can't be delicious?
They found it in an obscure style of lager from the days before Prohibition, calling it Western Standard and billing it as a "sessionable, barrel-aged lager."

Back to the Future

Reconnect with classic Salt Lake brews in time for fall.
If you're a beer nerd like me who is constantly on the hunt for fresh sips, consider looking to the past for something new.

Around the Campfire

Pairing beer with smoky smells of autumn.
As you sit around intentional fires in the coming weeks, I invite you to think about beers like these:

A Final Summer Fling

Savor these warm-weather brews before fall arrives.
Uinta 801 Pilsner: This beer pours a clear, golden straw color that's light in terms of carbonation and features a thin, white, frothy head that dissipates slowly to a thin lacing.

Getting Fresh

The newest of the new meets the oldest of the old.
The second is Kiitos Brewing's Brut IPA, which represents a style so new, most people have no idea what it is and what it's supposed to taste like. Let's begin.

Weird Is Good

Unconventional flavor profiles make for unique drinking experiences.
These ales have tastes and personalities all their own.

Until We Meet Again

Strike while the iron is hot when it comes to these seasonal beers.
These are some personal favorites I’m glad are back in my life; unfortunately, they won’t be around long.

An Acquired Taste

You don't hate beer; you just haven't met the right one.
I found a couple locally made examples of lighter beer styles to help transform the reluctant beer sipper into an enthusiast.

Getting Reacquainted

Among a slew of new brews, old favorites still stand out.
With a plethora of new breweries popping up, it's easy to get lost in the traffic as a steady stream of new beers keeps whizzing by.

Polar Opposites

These two beers might be different, but can appeal to a variety of preferences.
It's been a great couple of weeks in the beer-nerd world.


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