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Family Affairs

Katharine Coles explores evolving gender roles through her grandmother's life in Look Both Ways.

Teach the Children

Tanner Dance kicks off a 70th anniversary celebration of its influential program.

City on a Hill

Through technique and subject matter, artist Yang Yongliang explores tension between ancient and modern China.

Make America Grin Again

Capitol Steps and the challenge of mocking politics in 2018 America.
We still need to make sense of the madness erupting daily from our news alerts, preferably with a bit of humor to defuse the tension.

A Whole New World

Evermore invites visitors to an immersive "experience park."
On Sept. 29, Evermore Park celebrated its official ribbon-cutting, inviting visitors into a theme park that leaves rides and rollercoasters behind in favor of interactive theatricality.

Forgotten Pioneer

RDT's Spirit showcases works by Japanese choreographer Michio Ito.
His life as a choreographer, however, developed in New York alongside the great modern dance pioneers we so often acclaim.

Not Going By the Book

Two playwrights take a unique approach to adapting The World's Strongest Librarian.
A veteran author of books for children and young adults, as well as a one-time Salt Lake City resident, Gottesfeld was sure he wouldn't be able to get the rights to the book.

Game Night(mares)

A roundup of spooky tabletop entertainment perfect for Halloween season.
It's the time of year where you might ask yourself how to avoid another Halloween bash while still being social—or at least that's what I'm asking myself. My answer to the countless parties during any season has always been to host smaller and more intimate game nights.

Modern Classic

Women of Trachis finds contemporary issues in legendary characters.
Women of Trachis centers on Deianeira, the wife of the famed hero Heracles (better known to modern audiences by his Roman name, Hercules).

Seen and Herd

The Soldier Hollow Classic showcases the beauty of a practical skill.
Events like the Soldier Hollow Classic showcase the overlap between that real-world need and people who simply recognize the beauty in the intricate relationship between a sheepdog and its handler.

Coming Up Roses

The Rose Exposed brings arts organizations together.
According to Plan-B Artistic Director Jerry Rapier, the concept behind The Rose Exposed began simply as a way to bring people into the facility that was still trying to establish its identity.

Rapid Movement

The River Speaks Plainly turns experiences on the river into music and dance.
About a quarter million people run the Colorado River's Grand Canyon each year and, last March, Sarah Longoria was part of the early season rush into the canyon wilderness.

Beer-fore and After

The author of Beer in the Beehive discusses the local brewery boom in the decade since his book.
Del Vance, owner of the Beerhive Pub, wrote about the history of brewing in Utah in his book Beer in the Beehive, originally published in 2006 with a revised second edition in 2008.

All's Fair

What's on tap for Utah's county fair season.
It can be easy to forget sometimes if you live along the Wasatch Front, but Utah is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

Might As Well Jump

For veterans and first-timers alike, Skydive Utah teaches safe thrill seeking.
Astronaut Chris Hadfield once said, "No astronaut launches into space with their fingers crossed."

Murder! Intrigue! Hiking!

It's no mystery why Scott Graham's crime tales are set in National Parks.
America's national parks are the perfect setting for a murder or two—just ask novelist Scott Graham, whose National Park Mystery series has been slaying readers since 2015.

More Than Words

Forms of non-verbal communication combine in A Tonal Caress.
In the video Louder Than Words by Korean filmmaker Yeoseop Yoon, a black man, his eyes wide, gazes upward.

Right Here, Right Now

Riot Act shifts gears to the contemporary rhythms of The Aliens.
Over the course of its short local lifespan, Riot Act Theatre has been devoted to the idea of giving a modern spark to vintage works, like Poor Bastard updating Chekhov's Ivanov, or Høüses working from Romeo and Juliet.


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