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Sharing of the Green

A roundup of St. Patrick's Day activities for the Irish in all of us.

Born to It

Soprano Marina Costa-Jackson is part of an operatic family tradition.

No Synopsis Allowed

The Weird Play embraces the fact that it's hard to pin down.

Pictures Perfect

In the age of cell phone cameras, pro photography remains a true art.
In 2018, most Americans walk around with a camera in their pocket or purse at all times, chronicling every meal, moment and memory of their lives.

Fertile Ground

Struggles with family-building lead to the creation of The Art of Infertility.
As with any emotionally trying life experience, dealing with infertility is hard to do alone.

Learning to Fly

Ailey II offers a training ground for young professional dancers.
Look at some of the most lauded dance companies in the United States, and you might notice that many of them have secondary performing companies—a corps of young dancers rehearsing, training, performing and literally waiting in the wings for their chance to take a spot on the main stage.

Life Stories

Real accounts of abortion choice form the foundation for Remarkably Normal.
There are a million and one reasons why a person might get an abortion.

Social Skills

Justin Watson's PERMADEATH tasks artists with creating new worlds.
The world of a visual artist can be a solitary one—just you in a studio, bringing life to the ideas in your head.

Together Alone

Mike Birbiglia talks about collaboration, performing live and his wide-ranging creative work.
Comedian/filmmaker Mike Birbiglia visits Salt Lake City this week with his new one-man show, The New One.

Fresh History

Performance artist DeLesslin George-Warren reframes stories we think we know.
When DeLesslin George-Warren offered guided tours of the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery hall of presidential portraits in 2016, it wasn't to provide the comforting stories of American heroes that one might have expected.


RDT's Emerge showcases a mission to let dancers be choreographers.
Success, for most dancers, is achieved by joining a full-time professional company.

Ringing It In

A roundup of some of the ways you can say goodbye to 2017.
It's possible that, if you're at all aware of the world, 2017 was more than slightly stressful.

Between Two Worlds

For actor/comedian Jay Whittaker, home is wherever he's not.
During a panel at September's Salt Lake Comic Con, comedian Jay Whittaker—a member of the popular Geek Show Podcast crew and a regular participant at Comic Con—made an off-hand comment about re-locating to Los Angeles.

Holiday Spirit

Ten local ways to get out and spark your seasonal joy.
Some years, it's harder to get into the holiday spirit.

Musicals, Big and Small

Two very different emotional beats for two new musical productions.
Strictly speaking, Newsies is a musical, and a delightfully entertaining one.

Dressed to Thrill

Ballet West prepares to debut a re-designed Nutcracker.
Creating new costumes for a ballet production is a highly collaborative process.

The Bulb and the Beautiful

Holiday light experiences are all about creating Christmas memories.
With the more-or-less-official arrival of the Christmas season after Thanksgiving, locations around the state turn into colorful, twinkling displays of lights.

Whole Cloth

Utah native talks about the art of creating computer-generated costumes.
The world of creating computer animation—entire universes manufactured inside a mainframe—might seem far from live-action filmmaking.


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