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Back to (Funny) Business

Local comedians talk about getting back on stage after the pandemic pause.

Welcome Back

Some Utah institutions dip their toe into reopening during a challenging time.

Together Alone

Sara Zarr's Goodbye from Nowhere shares a story of big family gatherings into an isolated world.

Back to (Funny) Business

Local comedians talk about getting back on stage after the pandemic pause.
It feels like a hundred years ago, but local stand-up comedians remember it was only March when they were performing in front of large audiences, and able to find laughs in this strange new concept called coronavirus.

Happy Place Interrupted

For Utah-based Disney vloggers, theme park closures force some adjustments
As much as the world has changed for everyone, you might think it would change less for someone whose livelihood involved creating content for a YouTube channel. But when your focus is Disney theme parks—as it is for Chris and Amanda Provost, who operate the Utah-based Provost Park Pass channel—a drastic change is required.

Writers' Bloc

Mapping Literary Utah creates an online home for the state's rich writing tradition.
When she was an aspiring poet growing up in Seattle, Utah poet laureate Paisley Rekdal recalls feeling frustrated at the idea that the place she was from was not a place where writers came from—and particularly, writers who looked like her.

Remote Galleries

Support local artists and galleries through the online homes for their work.
While most Utah arts venues are closed to promote social distancing, visual artists themselves offer their work for sale online, either through their own websites or through the galleries that represent them.

Change in Access

A stalwart local art organization shifts its mission due to COVID-19.
While it might be easy to understand the financial impacts on a performing arts organization of lost ticket sales from cancelled events, the impact of COVID-19 on Art Access is more complex, in part a function of the specific timing of social distancing measures.

Stories to Survive By

A trio of streaming playlists with the fun, hope and comfort we need while stuck at home.
These are, to put it mildly, strange times. We're all locked up in our homes, hoping to prevent the spread of a very serious virus that's wreaking havoc across the world.

Hear Him Roar

Yes, sensational Netflix documentary series Tiger King is as wild as it sounds.
It's the other thing that everyone is talking about lately. Out of nowhere, I kept seeing memes about a gaudily dressed man who made some interesting choices with his hair.

Picking Up the Pieces

Arts organizations face the fallout of COVID-19 cancelations and ongoing uncertainty.
Over the course of an unprecedented tumultuous week, leaders of local arts organizations dealt with the harsh realities of "what now" and "what next."

Antagonistic Allies

Elaine Jarvik's new play explores the complexity of progressive movements with different priorities.
On a Super Tuesday, Elaine Jarvik is talking about the challenge of progressive movements often butting up against one another over differing priorities. She just happens to be talking not about those of the moment, but issues that were causing friction more than 100 years ago.

Space: The Fatalistic Frontier

The optimistic humanism of Star Trek has taken a bleaker 21st-century turn.
You know what future I want to see? The socialist paradise of Star Trek. A world where basic necessities are conjured from thin air, and money is a thing of the past.

Backstage Heroes

Odyssey Dance Theatre's show doesn't go on without those behind the curtain.
With more than 25 years and 600 performances under its feet, Odyssey Dance Theatre delivers productions that appear to run almost automatically.

All of the Buffalo

Comic-book creator Dave Chisholm brings his many artistic talents to bear on Canopus.
Creative ideas can come together in a wide variety of ways. For comic-book creator and musician Dave Chisholm, it can be a matter of finding the right fit between an idea and a genre.

Women at Work

Two new world-premiere productions put their female protagonists to the test.
Tragedy plus time equals comedy, an old proverb goes. After four years, playwright Jenny Kokai was ready to put that maxim to the test.

Of Merchants and Samurai

Two new exhibitions highlight the evolution of Japanese art and social structure.
While samurai's place at the top of society is historically accurate, a new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts adds complexity to the layers of that society.

Suffragette (Salt Lake) City

Better Days 2020 underlines the key role of Utah in voting rights for women.
She says that a friend mentioned to her that a significant anniversary was on the horizon in 2020: Not just the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave American women the right to vote, but the 150th anniversary of Utahgranting them the vote—the first state to do so.

Write of Passage

Community Writing Center offers resources to help every kind of writer improve.
Have standard New Year's resolutions already fallen by the wayside?


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