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Cirque du Salt Lake

Sparklepark glitters its way to Trolley Square.

Salt Lake's Greatest Escapes

Offering immersive, real-world adventures, escape rooms are growing in popularity—in Utah and beyond.

Not Lost in Translation

Utah Opera's La Bohème still speaks to audiences.

Trauma Class

Paisley Rekdal uses one event to explore the psychic ripples of violence in The Broken Country.
Homeless man attacked several people in the parking lot of a downtown Salt Lake City Smith's Marketplace.

Star Power

How Salt Lake Comic Con became a desirable destination for a bevy of celebrities.
>When Salt Lake Comic Con opens its doors this week, it will feature a guest lineup of familiar celebrity names like John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, Elijah Wood and Dick Van Dyke.

Border Crossing

UtahPresents hosts a season of collaborative and unconventional events.
Stage doors tend to attract uninvited groupies and fans seeking an autograph after a show.

Utah's Got Tallent

A Salt Lake City writer brings his California background to My Absolute Darling.
It's one thing to be a 30-year-old debut novelist.

Taking Time

Geological ideas of time inspire the multimedia dance piece DRYPP.
If the process by which Einy Åm's multimedia dance production DRYPP made its way to a Utah stage was a long one, that seems only fitting.

Full Upgrade

Utah Museum of Fine Arts improves its physical and educational spaces.
Every once in a while, a home needs to be remodeled.

Point Blank

Those With Wings interprets a unique memoir through movement.
The process of creating art almost always begins with blankness.


The art of the beer label offers the unique challenge to be attractive and persuasive.
You might not give much conscious attention to the images on your bottle of suds.

All's Fair

Our writers relate indelible memories of visiting their local fairgrounds.
As summer begins its slide into autumn, county and state fairs around the country will bring food, entertainment and unique memories to millions of visitors.

Fringe Kiss

Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival offers a unique incubator for innovative theater.
In January 2015, Alex Ungerman was trying to launch a theater company—and launching a theater company isn't easy.

Between Two Worlds

Francisco Gella and New Century Dance Project connect competitive and concert dance styles.
Statewide, competitive dance is a big deal.

Driving Force

Journalist Becky Aikman explores the rough road to creating the classic Thelma & Louise.
On May 24, 1991, Becky Aikman was in the audience for the opening night.

Friends, Romans, Controversy

Utah Shakespeare launches a new season as the Bard makes national news.
In 2017 America, it feels like nothing should be able to surprise us anymore.

Putting It Together

Staging the Utah Arts Festivals tests organizational creativity.
Over the course of its 41 years, the Utah Arts Festival has shifted locations, added programs and swelled annual attendance.

In the Key of Sea

Douglas Morton composes to the rhythms of an aquarium's inhabitants.
It would be tempting to say there's something fairly fishy about Douglas Morton's music.


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