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String Theory

Black Violin serves up a unique fusion of classical and hip-hop.

Stand and Be Counted

Seven years after its premiere, Suffrage gains meaning as a call to action.

May the FOMO Be With You

There was so much Star Wars in 2019, how can a fan keep up?

String Theory

Black Violin serves up a unique fusion of classical and hip-hop.
But what began as a teenage friendship has now resulted in a Showtime at the Apollo legend title, performances with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Alicia Keys, two mix tapes and what became four studio albums with the release of Take the Stairs in November.

A Family New Year

How to ring in 2020 with revelers of all ages.
When it comes to New Year's Eve, celebrants can be sorted into two very distinct groups looking to get completely different things out of the night. The first is people without kids—or people who booked a babysitter far enough in advance that they don't have to worry about their kids on New Year's Eve.

A Midnight Clear

The story of the 'Christmas truce' anchors the Christmas carol 'jukebox musical' Star of Wonder.
For more than a decade, Christmas carols were a huge part of the story of James Conlee's career. Now, after a decade of development, he's turning many of those Christmas carols into a jukebox musical.

Storied Landscapes, Deep Time

Terry Tempest Williams' latest book combines essay and poetry to explore land under siege.
"When everything feels like it is coming apart," she states, "the art of assemblage feels like a worthy pastime."

Born This Way?

Patrick Grzanka studies not where sexual orientation comes from, but why our beliefs about it are more influential than the science.
Yet for social scientist Patrick Grzanka, the fascination lies not so much in the actual origins of sexual desire, but what people believe about those origins, and how those beliefs translate into behavior, or correspond to other beliefs.

Second Wind

Utah native comedian Xazmin Garza comes home to show off the fruits of a career shift.
"and when the economy got really bad, my family moved to the next biggest city, which was Salt Lake. Which no one considers a big city, unless you're from Nampa, Idaho."

Isn't This Familiar?

Sounds Familiar challenges choreographers to turn vintage symphonic music into new movement.
"For more than 50 years, RDT has pushed the boundaries of modern dance, while preserving and celebrating its legacy," Smith says.

Season Kickoff

A look at what's new, or old but great, at Utah's ski and snowboard resorts for the winter season.
While much of the joy of skiing and snowboarding comes from their universal simplicity, the business of catering to those skiers and boarders gets ever-more-complex, and is constantly changing from microchip technology to brand new lifts.

"I" Statement

Annual genderevolution conference brings the "I" in "LGBTQIA" front and center.
From the legalization of same-sex marriage to the slowly growing acceptance of transgender persons, the American public's understanding of what is "normal" in regards to gender has changed radically in the past 20 years.

What Is a Masterpiece?

Artworks on loan to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts allow visitors to consider what earns such a title.
"Conventional thinking tells us that masterpieces are works of art that have received great critical praise,"

Last Words From a Desert Scribe

Essayist Ellen Meloy's posthumous collection is profound, outspoken and hilarious.
Who hasn't wondered what a favorite writer might still have bestowed on the world if not silenced too soon?


Dance Engine gets audience members involved in the performance on an interactive level.
What if, instead of going into a theater just to sit and watch a performance, you could become part of the process of shaping it—and even become part of the performance itself?

Living in the Borderlands

Friends and colleagues reflect on the life and legacy of playwright Eric Samuelsen.
"People thought of him as a Mormon playwright, but he thought of himself as a playwright who happened to be Mormon."

A Woman's Work

Michelle Standley's 4.5 Hours explores the repetitive solitude of domestic labor.
That's the kind of reaction you have to expect when you're challenging orthodoxies, but that's something Standley has plenty of experience with.

Diva Destruction

Like too many biopics, Judy provides a performance showcase and little more.
Considering how good America is at producing icons worthy of biopic treatment, it's ironic how bad we are at making biopics.

Support Systems

Brine Dance and RDT work together to give showcase opportunities to dancers and choreographers.
Like many young dancers, Lauren Broadbent began her artistic path before she'd even started kindergarten.


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