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Horns of Plenty

Michael Branch explores kitsch, fact and fantasy in On the Trail of the Jackalope.

Building the New Classics

Ballet West's Choreographic Festival introduces work beyond the well-known.

Touching the Hand of God

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel lets you get up close and personal with a legendary work of art.

Horns of Plenty

Michael Branch explores kitsch, fact and fantasy in On the Trail of the Jackalope.
The American jackalope can appear almost anywhere: as a taxidermied mount on a wall, on postcards, even in the name of a Salt Lake City bar.

Art, Sedition and Justice

Creative work needs to be part of the solution fighting against institutional bigotry.
Edward Abbey once said that there are two chief functions of an artist: art, and sedition.

Coming to America

Six Songs from Ellis uses theater, dance and voices from the past to explore the immigrant experience.
But as the creative team sees it, it's clear where the emphasis should be: on the oral histories that provided the show's initial inspiration.

Easter Parade

A sampling of this year's egg hunts, photo ops and other holiday activities
If you and/or your family are looking for Easter weekend events as you get back out into the world, here's just a sampling of what's available.

Portrait of the Artist

Director Todd Underwood connects with the creative and personal journey in Passing Strange.
The Tony Award-winning 2008 musical Passing Strange by musician/songwriter Stew chronicles the journey of a young Black man trying to figure out who he is as an artist.

Super Collaboration Powers: Activate

Three women choreographers share creativity and mutual support for a group production.
When Rachel Barker was considering inviting other artists to collaborate on the dance program that would become Superwomen, she was certainly looking for artists whose work she knew and respected.

Playing It Forward

Luminaire Theatre Company looks to develop young theater talent the right way.
The middle of a pandemic was a terrible time to be trying to stage live theater. It was, however, a potentially fertile time to develop the idea for a theater company.

Lost Souls

Two artists collaborate on a vision of connecting with those who are no longer with us.
For an art exhibition that explores themes of separation and reunion, it's fitting that the creative process involved a cross-country collaboration.

The Music of the Dance

Tablado Dance Company moves beyond its 20th anniversary of bringing flamenco to Utah.
Last year marked the 20th anniversary of flamenco dance company Tablado Dance, a noteworthy milestone for any arts organization.

Touches of Color

The Natural History Museum of Utah applies a personal touch to the touring exhibition The Nature of Color
Touring exhibits are a staple of the museum world—a way to share resources that draws on the expertise of national venues, while offering limited-time experiences to draw visitors.

Spirits in the Material World

Utah author M Dressler flips the script on ghost story conventions in Our Eyes at Night
What if everyone in the world already took it for granted that ghosts existed?

Ruffling Feathers

Playwright Carleton Bluford fights his people-pleasing instincts for the provocative The Clean-Up Project.
Make no mistake: The Clean-Up Project is not intended to be a comfortable experience for audiences. It confronts the effects of racism on the everyday experience of people with evident anger and frustration. And that reality kind of freaks its creator out.

The Real Thing

Actor Tamara Johnson Howell on the unique challenge of playing a real person in Bella Bella.
For an actor, creating a character is always a challenge. When that character is a real-life person, you get a brand-new set of challenges.

In Memory of David Farland

Personal reflections on the legacy of a writer who prioritized being a mentor.
New York Times bestselling author, teacher and local Utahn David Farland (whose real name was John David Wolverton) passed away last month at the age of 64.

Culture Clashes

Three current art exhibits get provocative about the modern world.
The notion of "Mother Earth" is just one of the many ways that we have traditionally given the landscape human qualities.


The art of Horacio Rodriguez emerges from personal experience navigating between cultural borders
Borders are a complicated concept—often arbitrary, and generally used to define who should belong on one side or another.


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