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Record Time

Comedian Barbara Gray returns home to chronicle 10 years of jokes.

New Traditions

Living Traditions Festival's new director keeps a beloved cultural showcase rolling.

The Rest of the Story

True Stories tries to break journalistic storytelling out from behind the computer.

Breaking a Sweat

Dancing With the Stars hotshots turn dance into a sport.
Partner dancing is one of those dying pastimes.

Proudly Peculiar

A Utah County literary journal creates a unique platform for LGBTQ writers.
While the designation of "a peculiar people" has often been applied to Mormons in the sense of being strange or unusual, the faithful have also reclaimed that designation by using the scriptural definition of "peculiar" as "select" or "chosen."

No Holds Bard

Choreographer David Bintley experiments with classic plays in The Shakespeare Suite.
Looking at the full scope of David Bintley's ballet career, one would be forgiven for pegging him as a true classicist.

After #MeToo

A new play two years in the making addresses sexual assault in a new landscape.
When the Weber State University theater department world-premieres Class of '94, it would be easy to see a "torn from today's headlines" quality in its story of the aftermath of, and response to, a sexual assault.

Finding a Voice

Author Gayle Forman emerges from creative paralysis with I Have Lost My Way.
For most creative people, the dream is always to reach a point where the cliché of the starving artist transforms into the ability to make a living doing what you love.

A New Mountain

After surviving a brain injury, ex-skier Jamie Crane-Mauzy transitions to advocacy podcasting.
Waking up before sunrise and venturing out into fresh powder to train in freezing temperatures might not sound like much fun.

Sharing of the Green

A roundup of St. Patrick's Day activities for the Irish in all of us.
Don't you love it when a festive occasion falls on a weekend?

Born to It

Soprano Marina Costa-Jackson is part of an operatic family tradition.
There's a way of looking at Marina Costa-Jackson's operatic career as the most obvious development in the world.

No Synopsis Allowed

The Weird Play embraces the fact that it's hard to pin down.
"This seems like a difficult play to distill into a synopsis"

Pictures Perfect

In the age of cell phone cameras, pro photography remains a true art.
In 2018, most Americans walk around with a camera in their pocket or purse at all times, chronicling every meal, moment and memory of their lives.

Fertile Ground

Struggles with family-building lead to the creation of The Art of Infertility.
As with any emotionally trying life experience, dealing with infertility is hard to do alone.

Learning to Fly

Ailey II offers a training ground for young professional dancers.
Look at some of the most lauded dance companies in the United States, and you might notice that many of them have secondary performing companies—a corps of young dancers rehearsing, training, performing and literally waiting in the wings for their chance to take a spot on the main stage.

Life Stories

Real accounts of abortion choice form the foundation for Remarkably Normal.
There are a million and one reasons why a person might get an abortion.

Social Skills

Justin Watson's PERMADEATH tasks artists with creating new worlds.
The world of a visual artist can be a solitary one—just you in a studio, bringing life to the ideas in your head.

Together Alone

Mike Birbiglia talks about collaboration, performing live and his wide-ranging creative work.
Comedian/filmmaker Mike Birbiglia visits Salt Lake City this week with his new one-man show, The New One.


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