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Murder! Intrigue! Hiking!

It's no mystery why Scott Graham's crime tales are set in National Parks.

More Than Words

Forms of non-verbal communication combine in A Tonal Caress.

Right Here, Right Now

Riot Act shifts gears to the contemporary rhythms of The Aliens.

Fun on the Fourth of July

A variety of patriotic options for your Independence Day entertainment.
One of Salt Lake Valley's most popular Independence Day gathering spots, Sugar House Park, won't be hosting fireworks in 2018.

Change of Art

After 42 years, Utah Arts Festival keeps looking for ways to grow and evolve.
After more than 40 years as an annual summer institution, it would be easy for the Utah Arts Festival to settle into a comfortable rhythm.

A Whole New World

Stephen Brown launches a multi-platform storytelling experiment with Something Really Big: Part II.
Stephen Brown recognizes that there's something playful about titling his new performance Something Really Big: Part II, since there hasn't actually been a Part I yet.

Teen Spirit

UMOCA's Out Loud program gives the experiences of queer youth an artistic voice.
For gay youth in Utah, culture and religion can conspire to make them feel isolated and unable to express their true selves.

Record Time

Comedian Barbara Gray returns home to chronicle 10 years of jokes.
For a stand-up comedian, recording your first comedy album can be a milestone step in your career.

New Traditions

Living Traditions Festival's new director keeps a beloved cultural showcase rolling.
Megan Risbon recalls at least one thing very specifically from her first visit to a Living Traditions Festival, back when she was a college student.

The Rest of the Story

True Stories tries to break journalistic storytelling out from behind the computer.
Between changing business models and attacks by politicians, journalism in the 21st century is nobody's idea of a smooth ride.

Breaking a Sweat

Dancing With the Stars hotshots turn dance into a sport.
Partner dancing is one of those dying pastimes.

Proudly Peculiar

A Utah County literary journal creates a unique platform for LGBTQ writers.
While the designation of "a peculiar people" has often been applied to Mormons in the sense of being strange or unusual, the faithful have also reclaimed that designation by using the scriptural definition of "peculiar" as "select" or "chosen."

No Holds Bard

Choreographer David Bintley experiments with classic plays in The Shakespeare Suite.
Looking at the full scope of David Bintley's ballet career, one would be forgiven for pegging him as a true classicist.

After #MeToo

A new play two years in the making addresses sexual assault in a new landscape.
When the Weber State University theater department world-premieres Class of '94, it would be easy to see a "torn from today's headlines" quality in its story of the aftermath of, and response to, a sexual assault.

Finding a Voice

Author Gayle Forman emerges from creative paralysis with I Have Lost My Way.
For most creative people, the dream is always to reach a point where the cliché of the starving artist transforms into the ability to make a living doing what you love.

A New Mountain

After surviving a brain injury, ex-skier Jamie Crane-Mauzy transitions to advocacy podcasting.
Waking up before sunrise and venturing out into fresh powder to train in freezing temperatures might not sound like much fun.

Sharing of the Green

A roundup of St. Patrick's Day activities for the Irish in all of us.
Don't you love it when a festive occasion falls on a weekend?

Born to It

Soprano Marina Costa-Jackson is part of an operatic family tradition.
There's a way of looking at Marina Costa-Jackson's operatic career as the most obvious development in the world.


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