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The Greatest Geeky Love Stories Ever Told

Who says fantasy stories can't deliver the romantic goods?

Eating It, Too

Salt Lake Acting Co.'s The Cake explores differences without demonizing.

Penny For Their Thoughts

Ririe-Woodbury collaborates with young storytellers—and many local artists—for a new Red Fred Project creation.

The Greatest Geeky Love Stories Ever Told

Who says fantasy stories can't deliver the romantic goods?
We catalogued a number of our favorite geeky love stories to help put even the nerdiest among us in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Band of Outsiders

Clusterphoque Cabaret celebrates acts—and individuals—you don't always see on stage.
Maddix brings an infectious enthusiasm to talking about his role as ringmaster for the sometimes-oddball acts that make up Clusterphoque Cabaret

Renaissance Man

The multi-talented W. Kamau Bell serves up comedy with his commentary—or maybe vice-versa.
He pontificates about politics and social issues and is one of the most thoughtful pundits in the nation today.

Geek Sneak Peek

What to look forward to in 2019.
This year is chock full of geeky goodness, and I'm here to give you a list of the things we should collectively be most anticipating.

Building a Storyteller

Salt Lake Film Society's MAST program aims to allow Utah artists to remain Utah artists.
The project has been long gestating, born out of both Romney's observations and Baker's desire to grow the mission of SLFS beyond theatrical exhibition.

Artistically Resolved

Members of the Utah arts community share their 2019 artistic resolutions.
Our team at Utah Arts Alliance created a temporary version of theDreamscapesimmersive art attraction at the ILLUMINATE Light Art and Creative Tech Fest in November to test the concept.

Straight Man

Comedian Shayne Smith finds humor on the other side of a life of crime.
"I don't look violent, so I see how people don't think I am the type,"

Place Holders

Two artists employ their distinctive talents to evoke one unique location.
Baisley, an educator at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, teamed up with textile artist Virginia Catherall for their exhibition Sense of Place, Great Salt Lake, which pairs knit pieces and photography to create a sensual experience of moments spent around the Great Salt Lake.

Spontaneous Motion

Choreographer Dat Nguyen takes an improvisational approach to creating dance.
Playing with ideas and seeing what works has become standard creative practice for Nguyen, a University of Utah MFA candidate and native of Vietnam.

The Science of Poetry—and Vice-Versa

Kealoha brings the skills of both physicist and artist to The Story of Everything.
He found particular fascination in the burgeoning science of nuclear fusion, but soon found himself frustrated with his work.

Family Affairs

Katharine Coles explores evolving gender roles through her grandmother's life in Look Both Ways.
Depending on how you look at things, Katharine Coles' Look Both Ways has been a journey 17 years in the making, or maybe more than 20 years, or perhaps more than 90 years.

Teach the Children

Tanner Dance kicks off a 70th anniversary celebration of its influential program.
The year is 1949 and, though this is Salt Lake City, and though these modern dancers are children, the world is watching. Doris Humphrey is a guest of honor at this inaugural performance of the Children's Dance Theater (CDT).

City on a Hill

Through technique and subject matter, artist Yang Yongliang explores tension between ancient and modern China.
He was taking this nearly 2,000-year-old tradition and expressing it in a completely different way

Make America Grin Again

Capitol Steps and the challenge of mocking politics in 2018 America.
We still need to make sense of the madness erupting daily from our news alerts, preferably with a bit of humor to defuse the tension.

A Whole New World

Evermore invites visitors to an immersive "experience park."
On Sept. 29, Evermore Park celebrated its official ribbon-cutting, inviting visitors into a theme park that leaves rides and rollercoasters behind in favor of interactive theatricality.

Forgotten Pioneer

RDT's Spirit showcases works by Japanese choreographer Michio Ito.
His life as a choreographer, however, developed in New York alongside the great modern dance pioneers we so often acclaim.


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