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Dining & Bar Guide 2015

Dining & Bar Guide 2015

As living creatures, we all have to consume nutrients in order to live. But, as humans, we eat for many other reasons beyond mere survival.

4th Estate Solace

Drinks and pub food to soothe the savage journalist
If food is good for the soul, then a hefty booze-up is doubly so for the journalist's soul.

Soul Food

Where restauranteurs and chefs feed their bellies and souls
For this year's Dining & Bar Guide, City Weekly food critic Ted Scheffler decided to reach out to local chefs and restaurateurs to ask the simple question: "Where do you go to feed your belly and nourish your soul?"

Raising the Bar

Elevated eats at Utah's bars, pubs & clubs
Time was that a bag of stale pretzels and who-knows-how-old pickled eggs were about the best we could expect to nosh on at our local watering hole. Not that there's anything wrong with those tried & true classics.

Mobile App-etite

8 local food trucks worth the search
Sometimes, food for the soul is a movable feast. It's served up hot and delicious from a truck that's here today and gone tomorrow. And part of the fun is finding it.

High Flying Dough

This is what happens when you give a fat guy $50 and tell him to go find the best pizza in Salt Lake City
It's early Friday evening at Rusted Sun Pizzeria. From our perch at the counter, we can see towheaded owner Wally Stephens working. Feet planted, he rocks left to right with metronomic rhythm, punching a ball of dough from side to side.

Made for Each Other

Upping your pizza & beer pairing game
When pairing the beer with pizza, a bit of knowledge is key. "A good rule of thumb is that the beer supports the crust, and needs to be similar in character" explains Matthew Allred, the communications director for Epic Brewing.

Heavenly Seven

These locally made confections will lift your spirits (and your blood sugar)
For a morning sugar rush, you can't do better than Banbury Cross Donuts. The shop has a cult following here in Salt Lake City for its freshly baked doughnuts and doughnut holes.


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