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Turn on the Lights

Light 'Em Up

Turn on the Lights

For the past couple of months, I've been a broken record regarding the horrible mess that Gov. Gary Herbert and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox have left normal Utahns with regarding anything coronavirus-related.

Harlot's Wet Kiss

The primary elections are finally over. In the race to be the Republican Party nominee to become Utah's next governor, current Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox racked up a narrow win over former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr.

A Community Toast

In early April, I got a call from my old dear friend, Lara Jones. She's the spirited host and executive producer of RadioACTive on KRCL 90.9 radio, Utah's dial point for grassroots activists and community builders.

The Oscar Goes to

The memo stated that Utah is reaching a point "where the only viable option to manage spread and deaths will be a complete shutdown."

Pass the Baton

No doubt, 2020 has been a bad one, already completing a devastating trifecta of deadly virus, historic unemployment levels and racial, civic and social unrest that teeters on the high wire between getting better and getting worse. The year isn't even half over.

Cut Bait, GOP

Sen. Mike Lee is a creep of the highest order. For more than three years now, the Utah Republican has cogently enabled Donald Trump's every whim and behavior.

My Tipping Point

I've been a Democrat since before I was old enough to vote. At just 20 years old, my Greek immigrant grandfather came to the United States in 1906 from the island of Crete.

Last-Standing Hypocrites

Never mind that we can't do that very effectively due to coronavirus self-policing, but it does seem that prior to coronavirus, people met more to be social with each other rather than to pound down a few and have a cigarette.

Die, Utah, Die

My printer came up to me as the issue went to press and said, "You know you're going to catch hell for this, right?" Yep, I did.

Wretched Refuse

I saw my first alternative newspaper, Chicago Reader. I could easily walk to Wrigley Field, so I did, to see the Cubs. I learned about public housing. I ate my first chocolate-dipped strawberry.

You're Fired

We Americans seem to have lots of ideas on how to play the game, but we don't have a game plan. That's because we don't have a coach—we have a golfer.

Eat at Ida's

She's complimenting small business owners—and presumably me—on our "soul, spirit and tenacity." As if she'd know. I wanna throw up.

Isolate the Virus

Nothing makes me feel better about a politician than when he or she lives up to my minimalist expectations of good and honest behavior.

Pass the Bacon

When the famed SXSW music/film/tech showcase was canceled in early March, it was as if someone put plastic explosives on the fragile bridge supports that newspapers have recently built and blew them all to shreds. Dollars targeted to announce the big summer concerts dried up. Few people blinked.

Way Past Two

The segment is called Quarantine Cocktails and features persons who are doing good things in this crisis.

It's Essential

Newspapers are deemed an essential business during this Coronavirus crisis. Who knew?


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