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Die, Utah, Die

Wretched Refuse

Last-Standing Hypocrites

Never mind that we can't do that very effectively due to coronavirus self-policing, but it does seem that prior to coronavirus, people met more to be social with each other rather than to pound down a few and have a cigarette.

You're Fired

We Americans seem to have lots of ideas on how to play the game, but we don't have a game plan. That's because we don't have a coach—we have a golfer.

Eat at Ida's

She's complimenting small business owners—and presumably me—on our "soul, spirit and tenacity." As if she'd know. I wanna throw up.

Isolate the Virus

Nothing makes me feel better about a politician than when he or she lives up to my minimalist expectations of good and honest behavior.

Pass the Bacon

When the famed SXSW music/film/tech showcase was canceled in early March, it was as if someone put plastic explosives on the fragile bridge supports that newspapers have recently built and blew them all to shreds. Dollars targeted to announce the big summer concerts dried up. Few people blinked.

Way Past Two

The segment is called Quarantine Cocktails and features persons who are doing good things in this crisis.

It's Essential

Newspapers are deemed an essential business during this Coronavirus crisis. Who knew?


This morning, I read a tweet from an old friend and associate from the alternative press, Russ Smith.

Burgers and Beer

I was born between a café and a bar. Most kids who grew up in Bingham Canyon also grew up around a bar or café, since there were so many of them.

Do Tell

When it comes to Utah liquor laws, for every piece of good, there are 10 measures of bad.
I’d like to report that after most of a lifetime watching, spouting off and occasionally reporting about Utah and booze, that there has been an equivalence of good come out of it. But I can’t.


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