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True Liars

People should not be allowed to have Greek-sounding names if they're not Greek.
What you're about to read is the honest to God's truth: You can't believe a word I write.

Crying Foul

I haven't paid attention to anything at all of late, being so preoccupied with all that is right and wrong with the world, my cholesterol and blood pressure, how the newspaper and magazine industry is faring, why it is I've gained weight yet people keep saying, "Wow, look how skinny you are."

Mr. Huntsman

Jon Huntsman Sr. and I spoke numerous times, each one my mind emblazoned with how willing he was to listen and to learn.
Jon, the barefoot billionaire, was just like them. He rose from nothing and encouraged all of us to rise, too.

Body Slams

This past September, I spent 17 days in Greece as host of the third City Weekly Greece tour (watch for info on our 2018 tour coming soon, he parenthetically adds in shameless plug).


Trump's 'shithole' remark remains unabated.
Love is ensconced in congress due to her multitudes of fine neighbors in Utah County, mostly Republican and mostly LDS.

Started Over

When thinking about a reference point to wrap this column around—I've been asked to write about "new beginnings"—places I've been, people I've met, projects I've started all came to mind to theme today's muse.

Dead Chickens

Why this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for dead chickens.
Sometime about 100 years ago, my immigrant grandfather decided he wanted to try something new.

Eternal Memory

Remembering a dear friend and irreplaceable community member, the late Vasilios Priskos.
"People live as long as you keep remembering them."

Beer Kissery

Making a profit from beer—now there’s a novel idea that harkens back to, well, forever.
When I was young, kids raced cars, cruised State Street, hung out at burger joints and played kissy face when no one was looking.


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