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Dead Chickens

Why this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for dead chickens.

Eternal Memory

Remembering a dear friend and irreplaceable community member, the late Vasilios Priskos.
"People live as long as you keep remembering them."

Beer Kissery

Making a profit from beer—now there’s a novel idea that harkens back to, well, forever.
When I was young, kids raced cars, cruised State Street, hung out at burger joints and played kissy face when no one was looking.

Reflection Pool

This week is the anniversary of our very first issue back in 1984.
I’ll always be proud that this publication stood up for a community that didn’t have a strong voice.

.05 Guide

These Legislators know little about liquor or the people who consume it.
Our annual City Guide hits the streets this week. We first published it in 2002, just in time for Utah's Winter Olympic Games. It turned out to be a hit, so we've kept doing it.


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