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'D' Is for Donkey

Dry Toast

This past weekend beheld the final days and celebration of Orthodox Easter in 2022. It was hard to tell if the world was coming or going.

Basket Cases

This week has been an exceptionally busy one for religious persons of all stripes, with celebrations spanning the globe.

Stay Away, Mike Lee

I was at the home of Pratt and Brenda Cole this past week, planning the Bingham High School Class of 1972's 50-year reunion.

Eat a Peach

It was a great party house due to it being well hidden with nearly no neighbors.
You may wonder why a fat guy who mostly opines about Utah's political Jell-O salad is a fan of plant-based eating.

Easter Lilacs

I've never really enjoyed Utah's summers or winters. Spring and fall, however? Well, that's what living in Utah is all about. Most years.

Slava Ukraini!

I remember the year because we returned home just before 9/11 so that weekend is connected to both crazy fun and damning tragedy.

Utah Smug

Some folks have taken to modernizing the concepts of time measurement.
I've lost all track of time these past couple of years. I'm not alone. Some folks have taken to modernizing the concepts of time measurement.

Grass Menagerie

In the time of COVID, many people took up new hobbies, changed their careers or made lifestyle adjustments.

Fall in Line

I'm one you can count among the many who had high hopes for Gov. Spencer Cox after the reins of our state's stewardship were handed to him by former Gov. Gary Herbert.

Enemy of the People

During a press conference on Monday, Jan. 24, President Joe Biden correctly answered a question from Peter Doocy of Fox News. And then came the fireworks.

Feelin' Lucky?

When I was a student at Bingham High School back in the ages between Dark and Bronze
It was common for young boys to share stories about whatever took place on a recent date.

Influence Lost

Back in the good old days, the days before social media and the internet, it was fairly easy to stay on top of current events.

Entrata Family Values

David Bateman, chairman and former CEO of Entrata, recently sent out a...
I’ve looked through my emails over a dozen times since noon on Jan. 4 (when this column was written) after FOX 13’s Ben Winslow reported that David Bateman, chairman and former CEO of Entrata, recently sent out a missive to Utah’s worthy tech, business and political leaders. Bateman’s email—unlike other Utah Republican’s generic and dangerous broadsides against all things scientific regarding COVID-19—cuts right to the crux of why this country is in such a divided, old-glorified mess.

Utah by 5

This weekend, the University of Utah and Utah sports fans everywhere will celebrate the biggest game ever in Utah football history—the 2022 Rose Bowl game against Ohio State.

Best Teachers Ever

Since our very first Best of Utah (a whopping 36 pages), City Weekly has honored thousands of local merchants, personalities and dog parks with the accolade of being named Utah's very best.


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