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No Compromise

All day, every day, some part of my body hurts.
The leadership of Utah's dominant religion, probably realizing it zigged when its followers zagged, decided to go all in against the initiative.

For Our Babies

Not 10 percent of Utah's population, but near 100, will, during their lifetime, be affected either directly or through a family member by the pain of cancer, a different maddening disease or from blowing out a knee at Brigham Young University.

Hurts So Good

The time for legal medical cannabis in Utah is now.
OK, mom. You can stop reading now.

Terrible Terry

Remembering an old friend and early City Weekly ally.
Many years ago, we ran an advertisement that people talked about for years.

Headlines Matter

Even though I've been publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years, it's only recently I've become enamored with headlines.

Eat Goat

Is America cursed?
When I used to get the daily paper delivered to my home, the first thing I'd do was check on how my favorite baseball teams had done the night prior.

Stay Proud

Raising the Barr on divisive rhetoric.
As far as I know, I've only been blocked twice on Twitter.

True Liars

People should not be allowed to have Greek-sounding names if they're not Greek.
What you're about to read is the honest to God's truth: You can't believe a word I write.

Crying Foul

I haven't paid attention to anything at all of late, being so preoccupied with all that is right and wrong with the world, my cholesterol and blood pressure, how the newspaper and magazine industry is faring, why it is I've gained weight yet people keep saying, "Wow, look how skinny you are."


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