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Rethinking the Rice Bowl

Rethinking the Rice Bowl

Midvale's Tokyo Teriyaki will please even the most jaded fast-casual critic.
The rice bowl—a mix of veggies, protein and sauce served up on a bed of rice—is the patron saint of the fast-casual restaurant model.

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Salt Lake City’s Bodega is a tight fit that makes...

Jim's Family Restaurant

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Jim's Family Restaurant

All of it is brought right to your table, with...


Local Exotics

They're brewed at home, but take you far away.
It features Riwaka, Nelson and Rakau hops which, when combined, creates a salad of odd fruit and herbal flavors you may not expect to come from hops.


I Stand All A-Maize-d

Maize Tacos makes us remember why we fell in love with tacos in the first place.
There comes a time in every food enthusiast's life when they need to reevaluate how much burrito they can handle.

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Twists and Turns

Taking a ride in two untraditional "hop rods"
This new pale ale from Grid City features Spanish cedar as its guest-star.


Dining Guide 2019

Ah, simpler times. Salt Lake City's dining scene is ever exciting, thriving and on the go. Still, for our annual take on all things local food, we decided to look back—way back.


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