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Hits & Misses: Government Goals

UTA reform, partisan gerrymandering, ag-gag laws and more.

What Transparency?

Humping the Gun

I Beg Your Pardon!

Ever wonder why your senators or House representatives ignore you? Just read some of the comments on their Facebook posts.

Unanswered Questions

Commentary on Operation Rio Grande, the Justice Reinvestment Initiative and historic statues at the Utah Capitol.
It's great that a white, male legislator is drafting a bill to put a statue of a woman in the Utah Capitol...

Hot Air, Mind the Gap and A for Effort

It's summer and the livin' is easy.

Playing Politics

The liberal-conservative divide, suspicious donations and political accountability.
Voters, make your wishes known in the upcoming elections for mayor and council members.

Trust & Transparency

The Rio Grande war, public records and ballot initiatives.
We didn't learn much from the bitter backlash to the once-proposed Sugar House homeless facility.

Health Issue

'Utah values'—what does it mean?
Utah values. That's the mantra, but no one seems to be able to define the term—unless they venture into the church-state issue, the anti-vaccination movement or even the return of the Red Scare.

Wrong Side of History

Utahns pay the price of job growth, extraction industries and development.
You've heard the old saying about giving away the farm, right?

It's Your Business

Hits & Misses: Public voter rolls, transparency and congressional candidates.
Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox knows how to play both ends against the middle, and Utah voters should be grateful.

Dare to Care

Local news commentary spotlighting medical marijuana, health care and 9th & 9th development.
Rep. Paul Ray says it's enough that medical marijuana is being studied. "Studied," as in there's really no way so long as marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug. ...

Off the Charter, A Shocking Discovery and more

Today's political climate is hot or cold, black or white, depending on how you like your platitudes.

Less Talk

Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott; media's declining interest in health care; school lunch-shaming.
Pul-eeze, people. Stop it with the "will of the people" business when you talk about a mentally unfit office-holder...

Sexual Harassment, School Vouchers and more

Sometimes the timing isn't up to you. That hasn't stopped the many Monday morning quarterbacks who have railed against the timing of a sexual harassment complaint gone viral.

Testing the Waters

Utah might not care about historic preservation, but things are looking up for students' rights and water conservation.
This is the year of the First Amendment, folks.

Chaffetz, The Dems and Science

It says a lot about Utah politics.
Little Jason Chaffetz has set off a firestorm of reaction to his resignation.

No More City Secrets, Senators in the Spotlight and Banning Bags

Including the community should be a no-brainer.
How sad is it that the only champion of transparency in city government is a failed Republican candidate?


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