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Costs of Living

Incremental Gains, Party Poopers

Moral Support

Much Ado, Stop the Bleeding

Lumps of Coal

Scold Diggers, Primary Colors

Costs of Living

Incremental Gains, Party Poopers
The so-called Affordable Housing Overlay is likely to be as successful as the city's venture into the Accessory Dwelling Unit craze.

Schott Happens

Children of the Porn, Falling Fast
In Utah, we all need a break from the Q-news of the Republican far-right wing.

Fleeting Intentions

Thought Control, Air Accountability
Good intentions often go awry when red tape gets in the way.

Deidre's Delta Diss

Scenic Subdivisions, Ain't It the Pits?
Did you hear about the lieutenant governor berating Delta Airlines on Twitter, where so many politicos go to make their point in the loudest possible way to the largest possible audience?

Alternate Facts

Where's the AG?, Capping Insulin Costs
Sen. Mike Lee is worried about the future of journalism. Wait, what? You heard it right, except for the part about "journalism."

Nuclear Reaction

Golfing Us Dry, Let Them Play
We know if climate change is going to be addressed, there has to be a profit motive.

Rent Is Too Damned High

Green Is Good, Scare Tactics
Governments just love to tell you that there's nothing they can do. Maybe it's because of the Second Amendment or, in this case, private property rights.

Barrels Loaded

Fueling Flames, Don't Fence Me in
We're always curious as to why anyone thinks we must "defend" the Second Amendment, but whatever the reason, Utah's Sen. Mike Lee is all over it.

Watching Big Brother

Fire Away, Calling Spades
There is legalese, and then there is the Legislature creatively using the English language to make them sound smarter than the average bear.

Weighed and Measured

In With the Old, No Strings Attached
Stuart Adams, the esteemed-if-aging Utah Senate president, kind of likes the latest transgender bill, with its "commission" to vet transgender athletes.

Water From Where?

Winter Congestion, Can't Vouch for It
Be careful what you wish for. Maybe we're jaded when it comes to climate and conservation, but the latest "good news" about the Great Salt Lake raises major questions—for instance how, from where and what are the unintended consequences?

Digital Tyranny

Breaking Rank, Lone Contrarian
This week is dedicated to conspiracies, and how we love them.

More Fees for Records

Paying for Private Ed, Lakebed Property
Ours is a here-we-go-again Legislature, because no issue is ever laid to rest.

Always Watching

Watch-dogging, Think Bigger
You have to wonder if all these good parents actually know their kids. Certainly, they have no faith in them.

Read a Book

Wear a Mask, The Election Was Not Stolen
Let's talk about the people in charge and how they make up the rules as they go along.

Staying Positive

Where's Spencer?, Ears to Hear
Funny how Republicans blame Biden as COVID surges, but resist almost every strategy to contain it.


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