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Gullible Utahns

Utahns get a dose of fake news; get to know the state's "dirty lobbyist" and the LDS church's fight against medical marijuana.

Ballot Madness

The push back against the ballot initiatives; the war on golf and the state of Washington takes up the fight against coal.

Nutritional Non-value

New Farm Bill would bring cuts to rural communities; Utahns Against Hunger is on their side, though, and the story of the Boston Marathon's No. 2 finisher.

Skilled Deflection

Deflection abounds nationally, but also locally; how the Native Americans got it right and how Utah sure loves its dissidents.
The buzz about Donald Trump's strategy is his skill at deflection. But we should talk about the Utah Transit Authority, or even The Salt Lake Tribune.

Dirty Encouragement

Encouraging good behavior doesn't cut it when it comes to pollution; Utah's GOP is more like a soap opera these days and UTA execs make off with their money.
Pollution in Utah is a story about opportunities lost. It's not just that the state refuses to address the wood-burning issue, though that would do a lot.

Seeing Green

The Northwest Quadrant and its battle between city and state; a voting irony in San Juan County and pay attention to the numbers on crime.
The Inland Port Authority is supposed to be House Speaker Greg Hughes’ lasting legacy, one with lots of zeros and dollar signs attached to it—all for the state to manage.

High and Dry

This week, it's all about the governor—what bills he signed, what he didn't, and how he still seems kind of clueless.

Out With the Trash

A trash boom for the best; Mormons support Trump more than any other religious group and UTA gets a rebranding, but at what cost?
Maybe you've seen the videos of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Well, Utah has its very own along the Jordan River above Farmington Bay.

Slow to React

To sue or not sue Big Pharma?; a pleasant development in Holladay and what exactly is "March Before Our Lives"?
Did anyone even know that Utah was preparing a lawsuit on opioid abuse?

Release the Records

A public records battle reaches the state's Supreme Court; more Energy Solutions malarkey and who exactly is donating to the Orrin G. Hatch Foundation?
At first, it looks like someone just didn't want to fork out the $200 for government records. But this case, now before the Utah Supreme Court, is much larger and more significant than that.

A City Disenfranchised

A capital city now disenfranchised; how different will UTA really look and time to save the Antiquities Act.
Salt Lake City may as well be imprisoned in a dungeon without light, thankful for the bread and water they are allowed to survive.

Memory Loss

The problems with Salt Lake City's Northwest Quadrant; prematurely renaming highways, and a win for gender pay equality.
The fragile wetlands of the Great Salt Lake don't seem to bother those bent on development.

Have a Little Faith

Transgender legislation, gagging public discourse and more booze laws.
If you ever wondered about the Utah psyche, wonder no more—and listen to the House floor debate over SB138—Sex Change Amendments.


Count My Vote is a Tale of Two Candidates—one who's in office and the other who's likely to be.

Put on the Red Light

Hookers, tax breaks and disconnected legislators.
Bring it on, Daily Mail! If it weren't for the British tabloid, Utahns would still be feeling sad and sorry for Rep. Jon Stanard.

Another Hangover

Alcohol, the Legislature, local rights and more water studies
The Salt Lake Tribune wrote about the big headaches from the so-called Zion Curtain solution, which virtually no one in their right mind understands. Most reasonable drinkers just shake their heads in disbelief.

Open Anxiety

Anxiety. That is what we want our public officials to avoid—at all costs, even the cost of public discourse.

Out With the Science

Someone missed the memo.


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