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Auditing Salt Lake Votes

Juneteeth Gets a Holiday, Just Say 'No' to Election Reform

How We Learn About Racism

Water Bypassing the Utes, A GOP League of Their Own

Make It Rain!

A Reasonable Republican, Fusion Confusion

Auditing Salt Lake Votes

Juneteeth Gets a Holiday, Just Say 'No' to Election Reform
Oh yes, let's now take legislative action in response to rumors, especially those tinged with conspiracy.

Erasing a Racist Past

Build It Cheap 'n' Easy, Sounding the Alarm
Racism makes you feel guilty? Really? And that's a bad thing? Maybe you don't see racist behavior in yourself—and your children, oh, they're innocent.

Dems Walk Out

Still a Thirsty Desert, People—or Things—First?
As the one-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder approached, Democratic legislators in Utah stood fast against racism and the curious attempts to beat down any mention of it in U.S. history.

No More Slacking

Tax $$ at Work, Not Buying the Big Lie
Utah's 45-year-old "boy wonder" of a governor is proving to be more of a partisan hack than an independent thinker. Take his stance on ending federal unemployment benefits, for instance.

Prolific Protests

Lucrative Landing Spot, Reviewing Convictions
Let's start the history lesson over. How do you change government? Well, that's a tricky question that includes both protests like Black Lives Matter and angry stunts like the anti-masking revolt in Granite School District.

Blue Phobia

Represent the People, Dodging Friendly Fire
You'd think the Utah Republican Party was worried about losing its vice grip on the state's sheep-like electorate. At any minute, the whole thing could slip away and those radical liberal socialists will be forcing Utahns to abort their babies, leave their churches and turn in their guns.

ALEC Knows Best

Utah Is Good, Bad or Ugly?, Cities, Rank Your Choices
If it weren't for QAnon and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), what would lawmakers do? How would they even think? Now stunningly they are concerned about the First Amendment and free speech.

Cox's Honeymoon Phase

Hey, Let's Hire a Czar!, Navajo Nation Looks Ahead
Gov. Spencer Cox is doing a bang-up job. Two-thirds of Utahns are just gaga over their rural-rooted, fun-loving governor, according to the Deseret News. All the media made much of his first 100 days in office, and indeed he did have some highlights.

Guerrilla Games

Where Are the Women?, GOP Fear-mongering
It's curious how the Second Amendment has become a rallying call for assault weapons—something the honorable Founders never imagined. And yet, every small effort to regulate gun ownership is met with the hysterical cry that "liberals" are trying to take away guns.

Rooting Out Racism

Conflicted Is How We Roll, Conservatives Raising Taxes
There's a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking about racism in the nation—and in Georgia specifically. Despite the political weaponizing of terms like "cancel-culture" and "PC," racism and its real-life manifestations are deeply rooted problems that we face every day.

Weak Veto

Lettered in Gun Law, Cu Today, Te Tomorrow
Spencer Cox, our new rural-rooted governor, has that fresh-faced look of a boy who got his first bicycle. But looks can be deceiving when you want to see what's under the façade.

Tax Cuts in a Pandemic

Religion as a Weapon, No Guns for Abusers
When Utah decided to forgo Medicaid expansion, it made the decision that ideology was more important than health.

Leave Lawmaking to the Pros

'Folks, Don't Be Jerks', Trump's Stolen Valor
As Utah Sen. Mike Lee keeps reminding us, the U.S. is not a democracy. What he neglects to tell us is that totalitarianism is right around the corner.

In Lawmakers We Trust

Control Freaks, Rainbow on Y Mountain
Legislators subscribe to the playbook that says you—the huddled masses—are smart enough to have elected them to office but too stupid to know what you want or need—or how to get it.

Helping Is Hurting

Lambasting the Left, Seeing the Light (Maybe)
Women. It was a good idea for The Salt Lake Tribune to ask legislators what they do to help women. The result was anything but good.

Fomenting Phallicies

Cloaked Hiring, Down and Griddy
Yes, we understand how gun safety is just like teaching safe sex. Exactly. That is, if we teach kids that when the guy sticks his penis in a vagina, well, it's like pulling the trigger.


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