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The New American

A fourth Utah city makes a pledge to have 100 percent renewable energy. Sensationalism adds to #fakenews. Plus, how much to Utah Republicans despise the poor?

Clear the Filth

Budget problems persist because of misplaced priorities. More on the LDS church's presence at the Capitol. Plus, we just can't seem to get enough polygamy.

Cough, Cough, Choke

Don't forget, air quality will be a perennial story of the year and with the upcoming legislative session, the subject is ramping up again. Plus, keep an eye on what happens to the citizen initiatives.

Self-absorbed Mike Lee

Sen. Mike Lee blocks a public lands bill. A few cities embrace ranked-choice voting. Plus, what's Jason Chaffetz spouting off about now?
Good grief, Mike Lee. You're just as bad as His Majesty in Chief.

The Neighborly Way

Neighbors in an east-side neighborhood are experiencing baseless fear. Here's to hoping Rep. Todd Weiler helps the Legacy Highway. Plus, will the Legislature ever stay out of education?
Since 2016, it has become perfectly clear that Americans need to research fear, and try to understand it.

Reputation Stained

What a stain on your reputation gets you in Utah. Mia Love says some interesting things on The View. Plus, Marco Rubio, unlike Chris Stewart, takes a stand for journalists.
How much is a stain on your reputation worth? Maybe not a whole lot in Utah,

Limelight Stealer

Sen. Mike Lee takes a stand in the Senate, Utah's number of uninsured children is rising, plus cheers to Utah's record voter turnout!
You might think Sen. Mike Lee voted to shut down Senate attempts to protect Robert Mueller because he's hoping Trump will fire him.

Sex Ed Be Damned

Utah needs to get over its misguided and puritanical belief that sex education is teaching kids to do it like rabbits.
The lack of sex-ed and its effect on sex offenders, the peoples' voice is getting louder with public lands, and SB54's continued peril.

Housing Disconnect

Utah's housing crunch and its misplaced priorities, the fight to ban conversion therapy, and is ranked-choice voting something else in disguise?
There is a huge disconnect—a fevered rush to build big, expensive developments but no real plan for mixed-use, affordable structures.

Libertarian Utah

Utahns make it known how they feel about taxes, the good and bad from San Juan County, and another setback for the Cottonwood Mall site.

It's official. Utah is a Libertarian state. On the tax front, they voted against taxing themselves just a little to fund education and, of course, roads.

Too Little, Too Much

The state revisits its sex-ed guidelines, the benefits of having two daily newspapers and a former mayor takes up a new fight.
Get ready. You can almost count down the days each year to when Utah officially starts talking about sex.

High Times

A Utah senator tried marijuana, but what was the message? A win for Utahns' health and an unfortunate consequence of Medicare.

Sen. Jim Dabakis, the "fun" senator, the gay Democrat who gets even the rightest-wing Republicans to like him, decided to give marijuana a try.

Radioactive Dollar Signs

More health challenges with Utah's toxic waste, water law's complicated nature and Utah's Medicaid battle.
Utah might always be in the running for toxic waste capital of the U.S.

The Three Kings

Where are the critics of Utah's proposed billion-dollar railroad? Utah's place in the climate change debate and a Utah journalism project shines a light on the dark side of housing.
You've probably heard that journalism is dying, or something along those lines. For sure, you've heard about #fakenews and the Failing New York Times.

Judge Wad-duped

What ever happened to the public part of public lands? The Legislature whittles away on ballot initiatives and don't say "Mormon" anymore.
Hold tight because we have at least two more years of the Trump administration's goal of taking the public out of public lands.

This Mormon Moment

Jeff Flake earns some credit, more red tape for beer retailers and was there any celebrating in Utah for National Public Lands Day?
If ever there was a Mormon moment, last week's Judiciary Committee hearings were it.


Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment saves lives. Does Utah need more education funding? And Jason Chaffetz “thinks” something again.
To celebrate 10 years of activism, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment roll out scientific studies about how pollution causes deaths—lots of deaths.

Chasing Tail

Trophy hunters like to use the word "management" instead of "harvesting," more inland-port conflicts and should the Board of Education be partisan?
"Management" might just be the new euphemism for harvesting wildlife trophies.


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