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Stay Confused

Going South

Useless Legislature

Stay Confused

This should be amusing. Some Utah Republicans are out of their minds—still—over the law allowing signature-gathering for candidates.

Illusive commodities

Illusive commodities Why polls? Of course it's election season, so we're inundated by them.

Vaccine Refugees

It's hard to know exactly where the Deseret News stands on viruses. "In Our Opinion Viruses Are Bad" could be the headline for one of their editorials.
Vaccine Refugees It's hard to know exactly where the Deseret News stands on viruses. "In Our Opinion Viruses Are Bad" could be the headline for one of their editorials.

Make Up Your Mind

Utah revels in its land attractions but its dotted by oil drilling threats. The Legislature commissions a "roadmap" to reduce emissions. But those on the Hill still write love letters to Trump.
It's like Utah has a split personality.

Decriminalizing Labels

The latest from the Legislature on polygamy. A lobbyist on the Hill makes an extremely foolish comparison. Plus, Utah holds parent rights dear, but still wants to jump in.
It came down to labels. But let's be clear—it was anything but.

Bird Brains on the Hill

Utah's Republican lawmakers are up in arms after Romney's vote. Yet another out-of-touch state senator. Plus, another blip on the road to science's demise.
The Legislature wants Sen. Mitt Romney's head on a platter because ... they are acting as the Republican Party?

More Bloody Trauma

Get ready for another male-inspired abortion bill. Thinking about the cost of disruptive innovation. Plus, a tale of two takes in Utah's gun-loving community.
Wake these women up from their comas!

Read Wisely

SLC's two dailies treat stories different all the time. The latest on how lawmakers say they know best. Plus, a positive for Utahns and access to medicine.
For those of you who don't take physical copies of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, you're missing out on the joys of comparison.

Uintah Sex?

Utah lives up to its prude reputation, but by all means, put those scandalous phrases on a license plate. Plus, the aspirational thought of renewable energy 10 to 30 years from now.
Of license plates and condoms. It could be a book title, starring the state of Utah.

A Show of 'Emotion'

Grocery stores jump in to the tax reform debate. GOP gubernatorial candidates said what at some recent forums? Plus, listen closely to what Sen. Mike Lee says about Trump.
Here's a message loud and clear for the Legislature. Your constituents don't like what you're doing.

Speak Up Sooner

Lessons learned from a nonprofit board's inaction. Tax reform and fear-mongering. Plus, more mind-numbing inland port propaganda.
Whistleblowers. You've gotta love them in their fight for transparency.

Homeless Hearts

A father and son show us a glimpse of humanity in the city's homelessness trend. An example of how some voter decisions are not created equal. Plus, how you can face jail time for drinking and driving while not even driving.
No, homelessness is not an easy nut to crack, but Project Empathy is helping.

OK, Boomers

Utah's fertility rate has taken a dive. What's the plan to manage wild horse on BLM land? Plus, the public is fighting back yet again with ballot initiatives.
Watch out, Utah. We're about to see a baby boom—at least if you read between the lines.

Low Sugar, High Costs

The need for insulin highlights problems with the nation's health care system.
The Deseret News headline was enough to make you gasp: "Insulin keeps diabetics alive: What happens when they can't afford it?"

Tale of Two Papers

Oh, how the city's two papers play up different stories. Is it time to call hate crimes something different? Plus, young voters are turning out in higher numbers but reports suggest they could be in the dark.
These two are not the same. That is, of course, the Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Tax Masquerade

What's going on with the state's tax reform, as they call it? How it's now up to cities to educate residents on recycling practices. Plus, the state of Medicare in Utah.
Let's talk population. It's something cities see as a housing challenge, that climate activists see as pollution potential and that governments see as prime taxable real estate.


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