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Can't Vouch for It

Slow the Flow, Debt Relief

High and Dry

Cutting the Mics, Bailed Out

Clutching Pearls

Well-oiled Machines, Fiscal Responsibility

Can't Vouch for It

Slow the Flow, Debt Relief
While Utah Republicans celebrate ESAs—the private school voucher aka "educational savings accounts"—all is not well in the real world.

Good Guys With Guns

Adult Entertainment, Cottage Industry
It's no exaggeration to say there's been a mass shooting in the country almost daily.

"Woke" BYU?

It's Raining Mud, Prison Break
The thing about Elon Musk's extreme free-speech platform is just that—it's extreme.

New Tax Strategies

At What Cost, Lawyers Tricks
Who knew it only takes a colon to get out of paying taxes?

Foul Ball

More Like Gon-Don't-la, Make Yourself at Home
If you trust the Salt Lake City mayor, you believe that she knew nothing about Major League Baseball coming to the city

Any Port in a Storm

No Democrats Allowed, Gas Guzzling
You just can't go to the bank with things like air and light pollution, or damage to the wetlands and farms.

Everything But Guns

Land Grabs, Chipping Away
Utah's ideological umbrella is obvious—the Second Amendment and any business interests that bring money to the state are really all that matter.

State Supervision

Mine Sweepers, Think of the Children
All we can say is, don't believe politicians when they talk about small government and local control.

Wishful Thinking

Catch and Release, Real Republicans Only
The governor could not be more wrong. Not to burst his bubble of love, but let's talk about negativity, even if Spencer Cox doesn't like it.

By the Numbers

Above the Law, A House Divided
Now that our supermajority Legislature has gavelled out, we have to try to make sense of the process.

Hear No Evil

Not a Drop to Drink, Small Victories
As the public becomes more and more siloed into its self-perpetuating echo-chambers, you have to wonder if voters read or pay attention to real news.

White Fright

Cold Shoulder, Sexy Talk
This notion that we should shut down discussions on racism, that we should not talk about "inclusion" or "equity" isn't just exhausting, it's terrifying.

Ballot Battles, Again?

Aqua Men, Conversion Ban Stands
The Republican elites aren't about to give up their hold on the party, and that is evident from the latest bill making its way through the Utah Legislature.

Crowded Wombs

Hotel California, Boxing Ring
Women are half the population, they vote at a higher rate than men and yet, they are watching their rights shrivel as politicians work tirelessly to save women from themselves.

Thoughts and Prayers

Controlling the Courts, Baby on Board
Yes, the LDS Church is the church whose major effort once was rebranding itself as not-the-Mormons, so you might wonder if saving the Great Salt Lake would pass muster.

A Private Matter

Don't Breathe, Squirreled Away
The school voucher bill approved by lawmakers last week did more than begin the dismantling of public education

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