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Let Them In

The power of protests. Who's really leading the mayor's race? Plus, more spotty gun violence coverage.

Dark Times, High Hopes

More locals lament the state of the First Amendment. Meanwhile, recent news is reason to celebrate. Plus, don't rejoice just yet for our environment.

Well, It's a Start

Two new renewable energy initiatives are unveiled. What about those living the Medicaid nightmare in Utah? Plus, what happens when we get more highways for more cars.

Let Them In

The power of protests. Who's really leading the mayor's race? Plus, more spotty gun violence coverage.
When the public is being shut out, protests say let them in.

Sayonara, Cummins

Changes come to the state school board. A local municipal judge is suspended for what? Plus, Utah's precarious spending habits.
Well, goodbye and good riddance to state school board member Lisa Cummins.

Caked in Religion

How do we view religious freedom? Utah rolls out the red carpet at the public's expense. Plus, three cheers for Utah voters.
In the U.S., we don't care how crazy your religion is.

Inland Mess

The inland port development continues to be messy. Utah's AG weighs in on its medical cannabis future. Plus, a Utah homebuilder tries to change the affordable narrative?

Derek Miller is trying the olive branch technique, saying it might be time for the Legislature to revisit Salt Lake's role in the inland port.

Morphed Motives

How the idea of charter schools has changed. Cheers to the latest plan to close a coal-fired power plant. Plus, preservation in Southern Utah takes another hit.

Instead of whining about how charter schools take money from traditional public schools, how about taking a close look at what they're doing?

People, People, People

The cost to study Salt Lake County's population boom. More discouraging bad air reports. Plus, one school district takes the lead on pay.

Right now, Salt Lake County has a population of about 1.2 million. By 2065, 600,000 more are expected to just pop up.

Tone Deaf Anniversary

A questionably timed op-ed. Utah and UTA's trusting nature. Plus, get ready for more ballot initiatives.

Wasn't it just a little tone deaf to run an op-ed on "How a reasonable person became a pro-gun zealot" on the 20th anniversary of the Columbine mass shooting?

Priced Out

The future of Salt Lake City's skyline could likely elbow out the less wealthy. Utah sure is spending a lot in the courts. Plus, Utah's immigrant-friendly nature continues.

Let's face it now. Development is for the rich and influential.

A for Effort

A lesson in peaceful protests. Weigh in on our canyons' future. Plus, what's going on with San Juan County?

Some Utah parents get an A for effort for respectfully teaching their kids about the First Amendment and the wisdom of peaceful protest.

Valuable Votes

The ranked choice voting question draws unnecessary worries. A tale of capitalism. Plus, coal breathes easy in Utah yet again.
Ranked Choice Voting is apparently scaring off Utah cities when they could be leading the state into a new era of voting your conscience.

Silencing the Public

Local citizen initiatives aren't doing much better than the statewide ones. The Legislature had a heavy abortion-related theme this year. Plus, Utah reiterates its support for immigrant communities.
Forget the three statewide initiatives that legislators are all excited to eviscerate. Local initiatives are faring no better.

Our Oddball Reps

More evidence lawmakers think us voters are dumb. Rob Bishop obviously fears the Green New Deal. Plus, the good and the bad regarding clean air and the Legislature.
It's official. Our legislators are idiots—and self-important ones, at that.

Socialists Beware

Utah's GOP stalwarts take new precautions against socialism. The inland port's conflicted power players. Plus, who's to blame for the hijacked conversion therapy bill?

Rep. Chris Stewart has begun a curious effort to educate the masses about the dangers of socialism.

Missing the Mark

A TV news "investigation" doesn't necessarily uncover new information. How the Legislature is making a bad idea worse. Plus, beware of the slippery slope to more government secrecy.
You gotta love television news, trying desperately to become relevant in the volcanic age of journalism.

Expensive Jobs

The quiet price of more jobs. Utah's Medicaid tricks. Plus, be ready to say goodbye to the Legacy Parkway truck ban.
Jobs, jobs, jobs. It's what Utah and the White House are all about these days.

Feeling Depleted

Try as they might, the radioactive waste debate goes on. Look what Utah's compassionate lawmakers have done. Plus, how Utah coal benefits Trump.
The idea before the Legislature is to allow EnergySolutions to truck in depleted uranium, which they'll mix with other things. And, voila, it's not really DU anymore.


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