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The Tax Masquerade

What's going on with the state's tax reform, as they call it? How it's now up to cities to educate residents on recycling practices. Plus, the state of Medicare in Utah.

Focus on the Men

Some seem to think men leaving the workforce will result in fewer marriages. The Park City School District fires back at a shadowy group. Plus, what's behind those strange mailers you might have received?

Oh, So That's the Line

Now we can tell what crosses the line when it comes to gun violence. Thanks to an open records request, we know a little more how Utah's power brokers use smoke and mirrors. Plus, archaeologists give an interesting take on the inland port.

The Tax Masquerade

What's going on with the state's tax reform, as they call it? How it's now up to cities to educate residents on recycling practices. Plus, the state of Medicare in Utah.
Let's talk population. It's something cities see as a housing challenge, that climate activists see as pollution potential and that governments see as prime taxable real estate.

Just Another Day ...

Racist incidents at schools shouldn't be swept under the rug. San Juan County continues its attempts at disenfranchisement. Plus, Rep. Phil Lyman is up to his old tricks again.
It was stunning, if terrifying, that a child at Kaysville's Creekside Elementary School came dressed as Hitler, apparently taunting other kids.

Get Your Spirits Up

Utah shows its quirks when it comes to saying goodbye to 3.2% beer. A series on wild horses deserves attention. Plus, Utah Republicans' latest attempt at trickle-down trickery.
This state of peculiar people bids its even more peculiar adieu to 3.2% beer.

Representation Matters

The quest for fair representation in San Juan County continues. How will a new idea actually bring area rental prices down? Plus, rural Utahns find a friend in President Trump.
The Navajo Nation should thank Google—or at least its techs—for coming up with more precise addresses in San Juan County.

Beware the Sex Ed

Yet another example of Utahns who freak when it comes to sex ed. A look at how the LDS church doesn't really want you to identify as LGBTQ. Plus, the city's homeless numbers and fixes aren't adding up.
Never mind—we all know what Gayle Ruzicka thinks about sex.

Everyone Needs One

Another example of how we all need editors. Sure, companies like PacifiCorp are slowly moving away from coal, but is it enough? Plus, how the Hispanic population might be vastly undercounted in the 2020 Census.
Everybody needs an editor, apparently even the editors.

Who Do They Work For

A local paper holds elected officials accountable. For people like Rep. Ben McAdams, the find themselves stuck in the middle. Plus, the murky future of a Utah natural treasure.
Boom! Park City's city manager, Diane Foster, is gone—without notice or rationale.

Oh, the Places You'll Breathe

How do we balance a clean environment with local growth? National parks will soon be open to off-roaders. Plus, how the country's swamp has just gotten more swampy.
Maybe growth isn't just about growth, but about how your environment affects your well-being.

Perilous Privacy

You might be surprised at what the state tries, or tries not so hard, to keep private. Utah sure does love its empty land. Plus, more plastic bag ban talk.
When someone says they value their privacy, the joke has been that the Russians do, too. Google yourself if you really want to be surprised.

What a Luxury

The latest in downtown's rising towers. Stock up on that 3.2 beer, folks. Plus, lawmakers seem to be conveniently missing in action.

Imagine this: a truly walkable community for the high and mighty, right here in Salt Lake City.

Religious Pushback

What should we consider when we ask whether candidates walk in lockstep with the church? Plus, what is it with the inland port elite?

Does Escamilla walk in lockstep with the church? Well, does Jackie Biskupski walk in lockstep with the LGBTQ community? These are fair questions that only the voters can decide.

Sex Ed, or Lack Thereof

Utah's history with sex-ed still leaves plenty to be desired. The problems with ADUs and housing. Plus, the latest on efforts to save the Great Salt Lake.

Can we talk STDs? We mean officially? We're asking because it's obvious that Utah's sex education isn't working.

A Nail in the Coffin

Another bad sign for our dirty air. What is it with Utahns and conspiracy theories? Plus, sometimes, we just need a dose of the truth.
This is a lesson in how to make you feel hopeless.

Feeling Salty

More development plans around the Great Salt Lake raise eyebrows. One LDS church member sends a message to others. Plus, more mixed messages coming from the LDS church.
The Great Salt Lake is a fragile geological phenomenon. It wafts and wanes. It hosts waterfowl and tiny brine shrimp, and, yes, sewage.

Fraud Gets a Pass?

The implications of parents filling out their missionary kids' ballots. Plus, how UTA figures to muck it up again.
Instead of that voter fraud straw man, let's talk about "the little woman" and maybe the ecclesiastical patriarchy.

The Billboard Race

Billboards and their influence in the Salt Lake mayoral race. Let's focus on consequences for teens. Plus, the varied path to educational success after high school.
It's a known fact that there's no love lost between Reagan Outdoor Advertising and Jim Dabakis.


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