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What a Luxury

The latest in downtown's rising towers. Stock up on that 3.2 beer, folks. Plus, lawmakers seem to be conveniently missing in action.

Religious Pushback

What should we consider when we ask whether candidates walk in lockstep with the church? Plus, what is it with the inland port elite?

Sex Ed, or Lack Thereof

Utah's history with sex-ed still leaves plenty to be desired. The problems with ADUs and housing. Plus, the latest on efforts to save the Great Salt Lake.

What a Luxury

The latest in downtown's rising towers. Stock up on that 3.2 beer, folks. Plus, lawmakers seem to be conveniently missing in action.

Imagine this: a truly walkable community for the high and mighty, right here in Salt Lake City.

A Nail in the Coffin

Another bad sign for our dirty air. What is it with Utahns and conspiracy theories? Plus, sometimes, we just need a dose of the truth.
This is a lesson in how to make you feel hopeless.

Feeling Salty

More development plans around the Great Salt Lake raise eyebrows. One LDS church member sends a message to others. Plus, more mixed messages coming from the LDS church.
The Great Salt Lake is a fragile geological phenomenon. It wafts and wanes. It hosts waterfowl and tiny brine shrimp, and, yes, sewage.

Fraud Gets a Pass?

The implications of parents filling out their missionary kids' ballots. Plus, how UTA figures to muck it up again.
Instead of that voter fraud straw man, let's talk about "the little woman" and maybe the ecclesiastical patriarchy.

The Billboard Race

Billboards and their influence in the Salt Lake mayoral race. Let's focus on consequences for teens. Plus, the varied path to educational success after high school.
It's a known fact that there's no love lost between Reagan Outdoor Advertising and Jim Dabakis.

Legislative Backfire

Surprise, Utah was denied its Medicaid expansion waiver. South Salt Lake takes a petty approach to homelessness. Plus, the latest in the "In God We Trust" debate.

The Legislature in all its "wisdom" will likely try to undo Prop 3 again, but for the moment, it's a moment. Are they listening?

Little Silos, Little Silos

An idea for smaller nuclear plants. Racism sounds like, well, racism. Plus, full steam ahead for the renewable energy movement.
It sounds like a great idea. Cute little nuclear plants so they don't scare you with the big silos and huffing water vapor.

Borderline Wrong

Are we really calling the recent inland port protests "borderline terrorism?" Keyboard warriors take to the interwebs to let the public know. Plus, mining companies keep wanting to soak up Utah's natural resources.

You know what strikes fear in people's hearts? You opinion, and how dare you express it.

Red, White and Boo

How our symbols are co-opted by others. Rep. Rob Bishop sticks his nose in overseas poaching. Plus, big electric brother invades our space again.

Are we being too P.C. or just now paying attention to how we're being co-opted?

Kinda-Sorta Gary

The guv supports a ban on conversion therapy, but only sort of? Then he weighs in on gerrymandering. Plus, a good local read on Hobby Lobby.

Well, thanks to Gov. Gary Herbert for kinda sorta supporting the push toward banning conversion therapy.

Land of the Few

A look at just who owns the land out West. What are we missing in the rapid DNA testing debate? Plus, local media grapples with candidates and ethical coverage questions.
The BLM just rolled out an interactive map of popular rock climbing areas in the West, highlighting the ongoing friction between wilderness advocates and recreationists.

Let Them In

The power of protests. Who's really leading the mayor's race? Plus, more spotty gun violence coverage.
When the public is being shut out, protests say let them in.

Dark Times, High Hopes

More locals lament the state of the First Amendment. Meanwhile, recent news is reason to celebrate. Plus, don't rejoice just yet for our environment.

Sadly, we can't Make Journalism Great Again. We have to recreate it.

Well, It's a Start

Two new renewable energy initiatives are unveiled. What about those living the Medicaid nightmare in Utah? Plus, what happens when we get more highways for more cars.
You have to give credit where credit is due—even if it involves I-don't-wannabe-energy-secretary Rick Perry.

Sayonara, Cummins

Changes come to the state school board. A local municipal judge is suspended for what? Plus, Utah's precarious spending habits.
Well, goodbye and good riddance to state school board member Lisa Cummins.

Caked in Religion

How do we view religious freedom? Utah rolls out the red carpet at the public's expense. Plus, three cheers for Utah voters.
In the U.S., we don't care how crazy your religion is.


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