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Building a Wall

Building a Wall

A Utah world-premiere continues the development of A Wall Apart.
"I started keeping a file of movies we wanted to make but couldn't afford to make, that would take $50-$80 million to make. And this was on my list of stories."

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Born in the UK

Blinded by the Light tries a tricky mix of crowd-pleasing and messy reality.
Blinded by the Light should be a crowd-pleasing slam-dunk, and for a whole lot of people it's probably going to be just that.

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Horoscopes for August 15-21

Aggressive Strategy
Don't be rude and invasive, of course, but consider the possibility of being audacious and zealous.

Free Will Astrology


New This Week, Special Screenings, and Current Releases
Young divers face a man-eating threat in an underwater cave system.

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Liven up your weekend with our 10th annual Beer Fest and other stellar events.
A decade ago, it felt kind of crazy to be imagining Utah as a place that would host a major celebration of the art of brewing.

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Social Art-Making

Local artist and 'reluctant bicyclist' fosters community through participatory art.
Hallett sought out riders willing to "sing the love of two wheels over four," but not going anywhere was fine also, hence the title League of Reluctant Bicyclists.

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Good Company Theatre: The Jungle, Nick Swardson, Craft Lake City DIY Festival, Broadway Across America: The Book of Mormon
An early phase musical production of the landmark 1906 Upton Sinclair novel The Jungle is coming to Ogden.

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Art Makers 2018

For the Books

Reading? Pssshhh. It's 2018. Who reads anymore?

by Michael D. Ferry, City Weekly Readers, Scott Renshaw and Sarah Arnoff


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