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Women at Work

Women at Work

Two new world-premiere productions put their female protagonists to the test.
Tragedy plus time equals comedy, an old proverb goes. After four years, playwright Jenny Kokai was ready to put that maxim to the test.

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Snow Job

Downhill remakes a dark character study as broad comedy.
I could write a book-length treatise on how and how not to do a cinematic remake—and given the film industry's fondness for recycling, there would be no shortage of material.

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Saxsquatch PriMate Social, the Art of Love, SweetHeartz Diva! and more
Before Jason CoZmo's trailer was permanently hitched at Dollywood, it turns out, the Magna-based entertainer made a name for himself channeling the Vitameatavegamin spokeswoman.

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Horoscopes for FEB. 13-19

Brighter Versions
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Aquarian author Derek Walcott had a perspective on love that I suspect might come in handy for you during this Valentine season. "Break a vase," he wrote, "and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole."

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Of Merchants and Samurai

Two new exhibitions highlight the evolution of Japanese art and social structure.
While samurai's place at the top of society is historically accurate, a new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts adds complexity to the layers of that society.

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Finding Patterns

The subjects of Sundance 2020 films had some similarities, but it was really about how those stories were told.
Sundance 2020 offered several different ways to answer the question, even if they might say more about the lens of the interpreter than about something deliberate or inevitable.

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Best of Utah 2019

Best of Utah 2019

Our 30th annual ode to the people, places and businesses that make life in the Beehive State great.


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