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Born This Way?

Born This Way?

Patrick Grzanka studies not where sexual orientation comes from, but why our beliefs about it are more influential than the science.
Yet for social scientist Patrick Grzanka, the fascination lies not so much in the actual origins of sexual desire, but what people believe about those origins, and how those beliefs translate into behavior, or correspond to other beliefs.

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Stayin' Alive

The survival adventure of The Aeronauts gets bogged down in backstory.
Is it possible to spend too much time drawing those characters?

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Southern Utah Dickens Festival, Pete the Cat, Sinbad, Diwali Celebration
And for those who can't get enough of this classic story, the St. George Dickens Festival offers a chance to step back into late 19th-century London just in time for Christmas.

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Horoscopes for Dec. 5-11

Be respectful toward all your multiple facets, and welcome them into the conversation you have about how to live.

Free Will Astrology


New This Week, Special Screenings, and Current Releases
Huppert's screen icon keeps her illness close to the vest, but of course she's not the only one going through personal drama that's being kept on the low.

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Second Wind

Utah native comedian Xazmin Garza comes home to show off the fruits of a career shift.
"and when the economy got really bad, my family moved to the next biggest city, which was Salt Lake. Which no one considers a big city, unless you're from Nampa, Idaho."

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Rian Johnson turns Knives Out into a uniquely entertaining spin on murder mystery.
It's hard to explore just how effectively Rian Johnson upends the idea of a whodunit in Knives Out without spoiling whodunit.

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Best of Utah 2019

Best of Utah 2019

Our 30th annual ode to the people, places and businesses that make life in the Beehive State great.


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