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Gordon Matta-Clark's Splitting at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Gordon Matta-Clark's Splitting at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Film version of 1974 performance art piece explores the ephemeral nature of "home."
"The way that I'd think about [Gordon Matta-Clark's] work, or the way that I'd describe his work, is that he considers architecture sculpture," says UMOCA Curator of Exhibitions Jared Steffensen.

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JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4 feature review

Our nearly-superhuman protagonist continues to thrill when he has something to fight for.
Because the world is wide and mysterious, I assume there must be someone out there who, nearly a decade into the John Wick franchise, actually cares about the emotional arc of the main character.

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Horoscopes for March 23 - 29

Finger of God
The sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus were in Aries in his astrological house of finances.

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Wasatch Theatre Company: The Melancholy Play, Sankofa, This Journey: Go Back and Get It @ Salt Lake Acting Company, Geoff Dembicki: The Petroleum Papers @ Sundance Resort Author Series, and more.
An often-absurdist farce that explores the thin lines between the emotions we identify as "good" and those we identify as "bad," and deconstructed the idea of the "manic pixie dream girl" character even before culture critic Nathan Rabin coined the phrase.

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Boston Strangler feature movie review

Unlike Zodiac, this tale of real-life serial killings can't find a compelling focus.
When you've seen more than 10,000 movies, the urge to make connections is strong, even when you can feel that the connections aren't always neat and tidy.

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Dance Preview: RDT Link Series' Matriarch

Reimagining who we might see on stage—and in the audience—for a dance performance.
Like institutions of all kinds, arts organizations are asking themselves questions about inclusion—what kind of voices, or bodies, have historically been prioritized, and how to shift those paradigms.

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Horoscopes for March 16 - 22

Eagerness and Devotion.
Piscean sculptor Anne Truitt wrote: "The most demanding part of living a lifetime as an artist is the strict discipline of forcing oneself to work steadfastly along the nerve of one's own most intimate sensitivity."

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Best of Utah 2019

Best of Utah 2019

Our 30th annual ode to the people, places and businesses that make life in the Beehive State great.


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