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Game Night(mares)

Game Night(mares)

A roundup of spooky tabletop entertainment perfect for Halloween season.
It's the time of year where you might ask yourself how to avoid another Halloween bash while still being social—or at least that's what I'm asking myself. My answer to the countless parties during any season has always been to host smaller and more intimate game nights.

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All the Feels

Life Itself offers a tuneless would-be opera about the majesty of human existence.
Many have been the days since the last time a motion picture so shamelessly insisted "You will know the majesty of the entire human experience, so help me God, or else."

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The Essential A&E Picks for August 20-26

Jon Lovitz, Daniel Everett, Jason Heller, and Broadway at the Eccles
Lovitz remains an active presence on both the big and little screens with more than five dozen films to his credit and several significant television roles.

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Horoscopes for Sept 20-26

Year-Long Phase
I'm not predicting your earnings will increase by 83 percent. But 15 percent isn't unreasonable.

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Drew Crime

A Simple Favor offers the simple pleasures of a cozy mystery.
Witty, tense and thrilling, Favor is without a doubt the most perfectcinematic version of a "cozy" mystery—the subgenre in which Nancy Drew is an icon—in a long while, maybe ever.

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The Essential A&E Picks for August 13-19

Carmen Inside Out, Aliens, Immigrants and Other Evildoers, Science Friday Live, and more
The woman at the center of Bizet's ever-popular operaCarmenis complicated.

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Horoscopes for Sept 13-19

Clear and Untainted
Now is an excellent time for you to get big doses of people and places and things that are cleansed, pure, clear and untainted.

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Art Makers 2017

Step behind the curtains to meet the unsung heroes of Utah arts.


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