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The Science of Poetry—and Vice-Versa

The Science of Poetry—and Vice-Versa

Kealoha brings the skills of both physicist and artist to The Story of Everything.
He found particular fascination in the burgeoning science of nuclear fusion, but soon found himself frustrated with his work.

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The Essential A&E Picks for November 15-21

Salty Cricket, Viva La Diva, Nikki Glaser, Neil Gaiman
Sometimes it becomes all too easy to miss the trees for the forest.

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Coming of Rage

Lucas Hedges again captures the essence of troubled youth in Boy Erased.
Boy Erased renames Conley's surrogate as Jared Eamons, an 18-year-old Arkansas college student who, as the film opens, is being checked in by his mother, Nancy (Nicole Kidman) to a program called Love in Action.

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Horoscopes for Nov. 15-21

Unprecedented Productivity
In my long-term outlook for you Scorpios, I see you as having a metaphorical similarity to Dutch farmers.

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World Gore II

Overlord commits to bloody battles with Nazis, zombies and zombie Nazis.
It's hard to imagine what could have given filmmakers in 2018 the idea that moviegoers want to see Nazis get killed—but hey, we'll take 'em.

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The Essential A&E Picks for November 8-14

Jewish Arts Festival, Salt Contemporary Dance, Illuminate Light Art & Technology Festival, and more
With that precedent in mind, the I.J. and Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center of Salt Lake City invites the community to attend its annual Jewish Arts Festival

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Horoscopes for Nov. 8-14

Wanderer or Voyager
And it's clear to me that in the coming weeks you could benefit in unforeseen ways from researching and embodying the roles of curious wanderer and brave voyager and savvy entrepreneur and prudent swashbuckler.

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Art Makers 2018

For the Books

Reading? Pssshhh. It's 2018. Who reads anymore?

by Michael D. Ferry, City Weekly Readers, Scott Renshaw and Sarah Arnoff


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