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Support Structures

Support Structures

Utah Presents and LAJAMARTIN get creative to keep performing artists working
"The show must go on" is one of the most enduring principles of the performing arts, a collective mission statement that no obstacle is impossible to overcome.

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The Evil Dread

She Dies Tomorrow recognizes the existential despair in our heads as a real plague.
Just like every significant movie, book or even album of late 2001 was read through the lens of 9/11, or in early 2017 as indicative of the Age of Trump, we're going to see current popular art works in the ways that they're pandemic stories.

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Craft Lake City DIY Festival, Art in Pilar's Garden Virtual Party, Ogden Movement Collective: Untangle, and more.
So if you thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would mean the absence of Craft Lake City from 2020, you're just not thinking inventively enough.

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Horoscopes for AUG 6 - 12

Beginner's Mind
During this upcoming phase, I invite you to enjoy the feeling of being at peace with all that's mysterious and beyond your understanding.

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Son Rise

The Unexpected Son paints an unconventional portrait of an unconventional Mormon family.
When you've grown up with a closeted gay Mormon as your father, and that father subsequently was the first documented case of AIDS in the state of Utah, it might seem obvious what the hook would be for telling your life story.

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Comfort Food

The Fight tells the ACLU documentary story people might want, but not necessarily the one they need.
The 21st-century American political documentary is ... well, to say it's a fraught genre would be to engage in a metric shit-ton of understatement.

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Horoscopes for JUL 30 - AUG 5

Lucid Grasp
"Notice what no one else notices, and you'll know what no one else knows," says actor Tim Robbins.

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Best of Utah 2019

Best of Utah 2019

Our 30th annual ode to the people, places and businesses that make life in the Beehive State great.


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