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Record Time

Record Time

Comedian Barbara Gray returns home to chronicle 10 years of jokes.
For a stand-up comedian, recording your first comedy album can be a milestone step in your career.

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The Essential A&E Picks for May 24-30

Chris Kattan, Chiura Obata: An American Modern, Scandanavian Heritage Festival and more.
Rubber-faced comic Chris Kattan made his name during his seven-year stint on Saturday Night Live by portraying a wide array of oddball characters.

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Solo can't provide more than a greatest-hits collection of Star Wars references.
In the prologue to 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a teenage Indiana Jones (River Phoenix) has what could understatedly be referred to as a very eventful day.

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Free Will Astrology: Holy Powers

Horoscopes for March May 24-30.
Now is a favorable time to worship at the shrine of your own intuition.

Free Will Astrology

New Traditions

Living Traditions Festival's new director keeps a beloved cultural showcase rolling.
Megan Risbon recalls at least one thing very specifically from her first visit to a Living Traditions Festival, back when she was a college student.

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The Essential A&E Picks for May 17-23

Monty Python’s Spamalot, National Choreographic Festival, Mural Fest and more.
The U.K. equivalent of America's acid-tinged comedy pranksters like Firesign Theater and Cheech & Chong, Monty Python possessed a flare for absurdity that found them tossing barbs at everything from the sanctity of religion to the quirks of British upper-crust existence.

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Mock Trials

Deadpool 2 and the perils of satirizing the thing you want to be.
How does parody work, when what the parody really wants is to be the thing it's making fun of?

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Art Makers 2017

Step behind the curtains to meet the unsung heroes of Utah arts.


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