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Reform Candidates

Reform Candidates

A home film festival of movies where politicians don't suck.
Here we are, in that fragile liminal space between the end of Halloween season and the end of election season.

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Horoscopes for OCT 29 - NOV 4

Impossible Perfection
Don't allow a longing for impossible perfection to derail your commitment to doing what's right.

Free Will Astrology


Pygmalion Theatre Co.: White Savior, Pete Jr. @ Wiseguys, University of Utah Department of Theatre: The Night Witches, and more.
While the production of Catherine Filloux's world premiere—about family members clashing over their disparate political philosophies—was originally planned as a conventional theater show, before it became clear that it would have to become Pygmalion's first-ever recorded live performance.

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Tricks and Treats

A roundup of Halloween-themed activities still taking place during this scary October.
Here's just a sampling of seasonal activities that, in addition to being able to take your mind off of actual terrors, can help support some of our great local businesses.

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Weave Got This

Bad Hair turns the loss of Black identity into satisfying body horror.
Those of us who grew up with the idealized notion of the United States as a melting pot never got to hear the part of the conversation about whose culture is the pot, into which everyone else's is expected to melt.

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Brian Regan @ Tuacahn, Christopher Thornock: Making New Arrangements, Utah Symphony: Dvoák's Serenade for Strings, and more.
It's hard to think of the perpetually boyish Brian Regan as a man in his 60s, but that's one of the things that can happen when you don't become an overnight sensation until middle-age.

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Horoscopes for OCT 22 - 28

Unique Beauty
But those who enjoy looking their best and expressing their unique beauty may do so out of a desire to share their gifts with the world. Their motivation might be artistry and generosity, not self-centeredness.

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Best of Utah 2019

Best of Utah 2019

Our 30th annual ode to the people, places and businesses that make life in the Beehive State great.


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