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Citizen Revolt: May 21

Student Loan Help, Head Start Updates, Business Resources.

Citizen Revolt: May 14

Change the PSC, Play to Overcome Hatred, Get ready to open

Citizen Revolt: May 7

Antisemitism Film Screening, Diplomacy Now, Indigenous Knowledge

Citizen Revolt: May 21

Student Loan Help, Head Start Updates, Business Resources.
Student Loan Help The word "student" has many meanings in the time of COVID-19, but it still comes with a price. And if you thought you needed help before the virus hit, you will need it more now than ever.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 30

Clean Air Town Hall, Writing for Change, Got COVID-19?
The air might be clean now, but what about after the pandemic? It's pretty obvious that cars, trucks, factories and commerce are the big culprits.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 23

Climate Organizing, Talking About Anxiety, Fun Facts About Conservation
You don't need to take a step back from activism during the pandemic. This is a time to hone your message during Climate Organizing During the Pandemic and learn how to talk not only to the common deniers, but also to your representatives in Congress.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 16

Earth-ish day, POP-UP pet pantries, Tend to your grief
You can learn about ways to help the earth and gather ideas on the Living Planet website. You'll hear about the Global Citizen Initiative, watch fun and educational videos in a virtual celebration and learn how to be a steward of the environment—from the comfort of your home.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 9

Got virus?, Needs drive, Pandemic impact
GOT VIRUS? "Should we and our children be vaccinated?" ask organizers of the Free Thought Forum.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 2

Feeding Utah, Port Strategizing, Got Earthquake Photos
FEEDING UTAH COVID-19 is scaring away volunteers during a time of crisis, but you can help. The Utah Food Bank lost 150 volunteers in one day because large groups have stopped going as they adhere to social-distancing guidelines.

Citizen Revolt: Mar. 26

Blood drive, School lunch, Help during the pandemic.
BLOOD DRIVE The COVID-19 outbreak has scared off a lot of people—including critically needed blood donors. Normally, donors give millions of units of life-saving blood and blood components each year.

Citizen Revolt: Mar. 19

CANCELED! We hope you're not planning a big outing because, you know, the pandemic.

Citizen Revolt: Mar. 12

How about that christianity?, Inland Port still a thing?, Living on a hot tin roof.
In God We Trust? The Changing Nature of Christianity in America will help you understand why more and more people identify as spiritual but not religious.

Citizen Revolt: Mar. 5

Prisoner protest, Girls who code, Clean air fair.
A recent state audit targeted poor practices in jails by the Department of Corrections, but did not address complaints from the Utah Prisoner Advocate Network.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 27

Rally for better education support in Utah. Submit your comments on transportation in our canyons. Plus, learn about the often forgotten indigenous women in our state.
Ah, Utah—the state that likes to say we do more with less for our children.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 20

Attend a panel hosted by U.S. Rep. Ben McAdams on the cost of prescription drugs. It's time yet again to share your thoughts on congestion in our canyons. Plus, hear about the history behind the Census.
Things are so bad the government here is sending workers to Mexico to buy prescription drugs.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 13

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Rally against gun violence. Plus, hear ideas on how to solve the city's housing problems.
It's been 100 years since women won the right to vote.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 6

This week, it's time to get political, get registered to vote and learn about women's history of voting rights.
You know how you hear people say they don't like politics? Well, they might not want to like it, but it's unavoidable.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 30

Attend a bootcamp to bring you up to speed on the legislative session. Learn how to become an active air-quality citizen. Plus, rally at the Capitol in opposition to the inland port.
The 2020 Legislature is about to erupt with its usual hidden agendas, longwinded testimonials and last-minute legislation.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 23

Join others to remember the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Rally against the potential for a war with Iran. Plus, make your voice heard regarding this year's ERA push.
"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."


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