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Citizen Revolt: July 30

Pacific Islander Town Hall, Will the Silent Majority Get Woke?, March for the Voiceless, Privacy With Facial Rec

Citizen Revolt: July 23

Anti-Gerrymandering Training, Rally for School Masks, Housing Crisis Explained

Citizen Revolt: July 16

Black Lives Still Matter, Youth Speak Out, Ogden Police Reform Rally, Workplace Microaggressions

Citizen Revolt: July 30

Pacific Islander Town Hall, Will the Silent Majority Get Woke?, March for the Voiceless, Privacy With Facial Rec
While COVID-19 spreads across this DIY state, Pacific Islanders are one of the hardest hit communities. In fact, they have the second highest infection rate in the state—and the highest in the nation.

Citizen Revolt: July 9

Racial Equality March, One Response to Bigotry, Letters to Effect Change
No, they haven't stopped, and they won't until something changes.

Citizen Revolt: July 2

Freedom Fest for Black Lives, Armed Protest for Police Reform, Housing in the Pandemic, Animal Cruelty Protest.
Freedom Fest for Black Lives "We are holding the country's birthday hostage until liberty is granted to all of its people." That's quite a statement on how America will be celebrating Independence Day this year.

Citizen Revolt: June 25

Protest in Tooele, Health Care Day of Action, Preview of Women's Vote, COVID Testing for LGBTQ
The pressure continues to end the long-term effects of racism. "We have to change the course of history and demand justice," say organizers of this Peaceful Protest for Black Lives.

Citizen Revolt: June 18

Can't Breathe Protest, Bust the Inland Port Plan, Ethics in Crisis Management
"We will be there to protest injustice and celebrate our people. Our spirits may be hurt, but they will never be stolen. Let's come together, make our voices heard, and build a community!" protest organizers say.

Citizen Revolt: June 11

Protest for Reform, Tribal Town Hall, Domestic Violence Protest
Salt Lake City's mayor has lifted the curfew and protests continue peacefully. While civility is the Utah way, protests will continue until legislators wake up to the fact that reform is needed.

Citizen Revolt: June 4

Utah Delegation Talks Food, Wear Orange Virtually, Vigil For Crime Victims
You may know Utah has refused to take federal dollars to feed hungry kids. Don't think it's a problem?

Citizen Revolt: May 28

Rental Protest, Understanding Financial Statements, Winners & Losers
More than 37 million people have lost their jobs and the numbers keep climbing.

Citizen Revolt: May 21

Student Loan Help, Head Start Updates, Business Resources.
Student Loan Help The word "student" has many meanings in the time of COVID-19, but it still comes with a price. And if you thought you needed help before the virus hit, you will need it more now than ever.

Citizen Revolt: May 14

Change the PSC, Play to Overcome Hatred, Get ready to open
The PSC regulates utilities, like Rocky Mountain Power, and sets Utah's energy goals, and this open seat could affect you as a consumer.

Citizen Revolt: May 7

Antisemitism Film Screening, Diplomacy Now, Indigenous Knowledge
Utah saw 10 cases of harassment or vandalism against Jewish people in the past several years, while the Anti-Defamation League reports that anti-Semitism in the nation has doubled. Maybe we're not teaching enough history, enough compassion or enough good sense.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 30

Clean Air Town Hall, Writing for Change, Got COVID-19?
The air might be clean now, but what about after the pandemic? It's pretty obvious that cars, trucks, factories and commerce are the big culprits.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 23

Climate Organizing, Talking About Anxiety, Fun Facts About Conservation
You don't need to take a step back from activism during the pandemic. This is a time to hone your message during Climate Organizing During the Pandemic and learn how to talk not only to the common deniers, but also to your representatives in Congress.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 16

Earth-ish day, POP-UP pet pantries, Tend to your grief
You can learn about ways to help the earth and gather ideas on the Living Planet website. You'll hear about the Global Citizen Initiative, watch fun and educational videos in a virtual celebration and learn how to be a steward of the environment—from the comfort of your home.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 9

Got virus?, Needs drive, Pandemic impact
GOT VIRUS? "Should we and our children be vaccinated?" ask organizers of the Free Thought Forum.

Citizen Revolt: Apr. 2

Feeding Utah, Port Strategizing, Got Earthquake Photos
FEEDING UTAH COVID-19 is scaring away volunteers during a time of crisis, but you can help. The Utah Food Bank lost 150 volunteers in one day because large groups have stopped going as they adhere to social-distancing guidelines.


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