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Citizen Revolt: Rally for DACA

A call for solidarity, learning to lobby and Latino Day on the Hill.

Citizen Revolt: Air Quality Talk

Solutions to air quality problems, campaign lessons and JFK.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 8

Meet Angela Davis, #MeToo heads to the Capitol and Salt Lake Indivisible's Winter Meeting.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 1

Bury the Landfill meeting, Run for Air and Abortion Stories.
Whoa! Do you remember when the Great Salt Lake was a dumping ground for human waste?

Citizen Revolt - Jan. 25

#MeToo Conversation
We hear a lot about Hollywood and we see actors and producers cast down from their positions of authority.

Citizen Revolt - Jan. 18

Climate Artivism
Activism is activism, right?

Citizen Revolt - Jan. 11

Political Trainings
It's that time of year, just before the Legislature gets rolling with more than 1,000 bills waiting to take wing.

Citizen Revolt - Jan. 4

Give 'em Hell
Had a bad year, have you?

Citizen Revolt - Dec. 28

Meditate Peace
When you're down and troubled you might as well meditate.

Citizen Revolt - Dec. 21

Clean The Air.
This tax/inversion season, you can help end the frustration of government excuses.

Citizen Revolt - Dec. 14

Get hip to health insurance.
Don't miss the Dec. 15 deadline to sign up for Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act.

Solving Health Care

Immigrant Justice Fundraiser, Gun Violence Vigil and more.
You know how the Republicans are trying to minimize health care?

Extremism Panel

Emergency Preparedness, Overdose Outreach and more.
Remember Charlottesville?

Monument Rally

Coat Exchange, LGBTQ Youth Summit and more.
Guess who's coming to Utah?

Breathe Clean Fest

Dark Skies Watch, Joe Hill Day and more.
Everyone wants to breathe clean air and live in a healthy environment—but how?

Transforming Glendale

Sustainability Realized, Homeless Solutions and more.
If you think adults have been screwing things up lately, maybe you should take a cue from kids.

Meet The Candidates

Real Women Run, Million Mask March and more.
This is not your mother's Meet the Candidates event.

Homelessness Documentary Screening

Trump and the Media, Rappelling Against Violence and more.
If this sounds a little too depressing for you, think again.


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