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Citizen Revolt: Oct. 17

Learn about tools needed to challenge systems of exclusion. Hear from mayoral candidates about the westside. Plus, find out how to protest effectively.

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 10

It's never too early to start thinking about voting Donald Trump out of office.

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 3

Help examine the gender wage gap in Utah. Hear a different perspective on the prison relocation and inland port. Plus, learn how to turn your gun into a garden tool.

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 17

Learn about tools needed to challenge systems of exclusion. Hear from mayoral candidates about the westside. Plus, find out how to protest effectively.
There's a lot of talk about inequality, and there's a lot of talk about socialism.

Citizen Revolt: Sept. 26

Shed light on justice for victims of rape and sexual harassment. Hear how you can make a difference regarding climate change. Plus, listen to local mayors on the challenges we face to clean the air.
Every year, activists step out to oppose the culture of rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Citizen Revolt: Sept. 19

Hear from the two mayoral candidates about Salt Lake City's underfunded arts community. Come together to learn how to create a renewable and regenerative future. Plus, join Native Americans to empower indigenous voters.

You can never get enough of hearing from the two contenders for Salt Lake City mayor.

Citizen Revolt: Sept. 12

Meet with your local lawmakers to learn how to best communicate with them. Stand with others to raise awareness for climate change. Plus, hear from New York Times critic Wesley Morris at the U.

Find out what lawmakers really care about and how to interact with them—and any legislator—so that you can have a voice.

Citizen Revolt: Sept. 5

Rally for the Amazon. Hear some of the liberal and conservative points on affordable health care. Plus, listen to local leaders on how you can help protect reproductive rights.

As if local pollution and global warming weren't enough, now we have the Amazon on fire.

Citizen Revolt: Aug. 29

Join others in urging a local amusement park to move its animals. Hear from local leaders on the opioid crisis. Plus, listen to various opinions on gun ownership and the Second Amendment.
You probably think of Lagoon as roller coasters and bumper cars. The Utah Animal Rights Coalition wants you to think about Lagoon's zoo.

Citizen Revolt: Aug. 22

Help honor one of the early Latter-day Saint slaves in Utah. Learn how to help solve the city's housing and homeless problem. Plus, join the woman running from Bears Ears National Monument to the Capitol in celebration of healing and unity.
Utah was not immune to the culture of slavery and now will honor one, named only Tom, with the unveiling of a grave marker.

Citizen Revolt: Aug. 15

Help feed Salt Lake residents living in a food desert. Hear Sen. Mitt Romney make the case for conservatism. Plus, learn how you can help prevent violence through legislation.

The Fairpark area has long been seen as a food desert—unless you're talking fast food.

Citizen Revolt: Aug. 8

Learn how you can help those affected by poverty in your community. Hear about the ongoing medical cannabis hurdles in Utah. Plus, attend the Women's Policy Conference.
Explore the causes and barriers of poverty and look at it through hidden rules of class, resources and language.

Citizen Revolt: Aug. 1

Mingle with organizers of the Truth and Transparency Foundation. Support local nonprofits with KRCL. Plus, weigh in on Utah's new medical cannabis rules.

This year, the Sunstone Summer Symposium highlights the MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks where you'll hear from activists and learn about the vision for their future.

Citizen Revolt: July 25

Learn more about the risks of an inland port near the Great Salt Lake. Hear from local mayors on climate change. Plus, listen to the mayoral candidates' thoughts on our environment.
Find out what all the yelling was about, why the governor called it "borderline terrorism," and just what an inland port really is.

Citizen Revolt: July 18

Have your voice heard on the Uinta Basin Railway. Help migrant families in need. Plus, join the protest against animal cruelty at this year's Days of '47.

Can you say oil? Lots of it? The proposed Uinta Basin Railway oil train would quadruple oil extraction in the region with devastating side effects.

Citizen Revolt: July 11

More inland port meetings are coming. Fight for human rights and dignity. Plus, check out the latest mayoral debate.
With the port sited in the vulnerable Northwest Quadrant, it's important that the public check out the plans as they go forward.

Citizen Revolt: July 4

Hear from the mayoral candidates on is sues within the Muslim community. Learn about Utah's recent record number of officer-involved shootings. Plus, join a town hall to discuss the recent wave of social movements.

There is no lack of forums, debates and candidates for the upcoming Salt Lake City mayor's race.

Citizen Revolt: June 27

Hear from the Trib's Report for America team. Learn how to help Utahns in poverty. Plus, get familiar with nonviolent direct action.
Utah's a great place for families. Not so much for women, though.

Citizen Revolt: June 20

Learn how Salt Lake planners try to reuse old buildings. Help feed the city's hungry. Plus, you definitely want to tune into the upcoming mayoral debate.
The character and affordability of neighborhoods is waning. See how this can change.


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