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Citizen Revolt: Feb. 13

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Rally against gun violence. Plus, hear ideas on how to solve the city's housing problems.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 6

This week, it's time to get political, get registered to vote and learn about women's history of voting rights.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 30

Attend a bootcamp to bring you up to speed on the legislative session. Learn how to become an active air-quality citizen. Plus, rally at the Capitol in opposition to the inland port.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 13

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Rally against gun violence. Plus, hear ideas on how to solve the city's housing problems.
It's been 100 years since women won the right to vote.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 23

Join others to remember the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Rally against the potential for a war with Iran. Plus, make your voice heard regarding this year's ERA push.
"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 16

Join others in rallying for clean air. March in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plus, learn about what anti-Semitism is in a modern context.
Clean air advocates, indigenous leaders, and local food advocates will rally for a healthy environment.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 9

Hear from lawmakers about legislation planned for this year's session. Learn how to effectively advocate for your desired legislation. Plus, help encourage development of solar energy.
Here's a chance to hear legislators from both sides of the aisle weigh in on the upcoming 2020 Legislative session.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 2

Join others in a rally for housing and helping shelter the homeless. Learn how you can be an advocate for women's rights at the Legislature. Plus, help drive change for the future of our climate.
It's no secret that the state's largest homeless shelter has been shut down. But many people living on the streets have been unable to find or gain beds at the satellite shelters.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 26

Share some love this holiday season. Join others to write to your members of Congress. Plus, learn easy ways to avoid scammers and protect your identity.
Don't be lonely this holiday season. Hug it out.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 19

Join fellow politicos in watching the sixth Democratic presidential debate. Discuss how to talk to lawmakers effectively about climate change. Plus, learn how to help victims of domestic violence.
If you knew that Sen. Kamala Harris is out of the raceand Marianne Williamson was in town, it might mean you're interested in—you know—politics.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 12

Donate to those in need this holiday season. Learn how to be a part of successful social justice. Plus, help remember those who died on Salt Lake City streets in 2019.
The diving temperatures and lack of support systems make it all the more difficult for low-income and homeless people who struggle especially in the cold weather.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 5

Join a discussion to dispel myths about the 2020 Census. Strike at the Capitol in the name of climate change. Plus, hear from local writers demanding action on the environment.
The 2020 Census is going to be challenging not only because of the numbers, but because the politics are blocking the way.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 28

Join others to encourage the public to not buy Canada Goose jackets. Learn how to enact change through civil discourse. Plus, find out more about the historic Utah Theater and its potential demise.
’Tis the season of presents, but with the world at risk, you might want to consider what you buy.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 21

Find out what's going with the state's tax reform talks. Learn how congressional gridlock could be affecting state lawmakers. Plus, join other demonstrators in calling for charges to be dropped against inland port protestors.
Are you worried about raising the tax on groceries? How about throwing education funding to the wind?

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 14

Learn about police standards and public accountability. Hear from Westminster College professors on climate change. Plus, join others in saying no to raising the state sales tax on food.
Spend a whole day delving into police standards and accountability.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 7

Learn about upcoming legislation to prevent gun violence. Choose from one of two upcoming climate change events. Plus, check out this year's Genderevolution conference.
In every state, suicides account for the highest number of gun-related deaths.

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 31

Hear tips on how to speak to youth about sexual health. Listen to local journalists discuss the ins and outs of facts. Plus, gain useful tips on how to engage in political discussions civilly.
If you think kids need educating about sexual topics, take a hard look at the adults.

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 24

Hear from the state's leading economists on the country's debt crisis. Make a statement in the name of climate activism. Plus, learn ways to create a healthy understanding of sexuality.
You know those annoying people who argue about whether we're actually facing a national debt crisis?

Citizen Revolt: Oct. 17

Learn about tools needed to challenge systems of exclusion. Hear from mayoral candidates about the westside. Plus, find out how to protest effectively.
There's a lot of talk about inequality, and there's a lot of talk about socialism.


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