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Feminist Writer Speaks

DACA Write-in, Volunteer for Sanctuary and more.

Fight for Democracy

A clean-air initiative, march for democracy and redistricting events.

Walk the Walk

Here's your chance to rally for Patrick Harmon, help the homeless and more.

Learn to Run for Office

Queer Continuum Conference, Counter-Protest to Hate Speech and more.
If you're wondering why more women don't run for political office, it might be because they don't know how.

Dreamers Rally

Candidates Talk Housing Crisis, Walk for Suicide Awareness and more.
Utahns aren't ready to send the innocents packing, but it looks like the Trump Nation might be.

Women's Success Path

Recovery Day Rally, Financial Literacy for Women of Color and more.
There's been a lot of talk about the gender pay gap in the United States, but women across the world have a much harder path to professional acceptance.

Hunt Much?

Facts or #FAKENEWS, Climate History Through Salt and more.
Utah is part of the Wild West, and that means hunting is a right of passage.

Rally For Sprague

Poverty Summit, Segregation Panel and more.
Maybe you "don't believe in" global warming, but there's water everywhere.

Clean Air Action

Suicide prevention training, LGBTQ pinic and more.
No, there isn't just one group interested in breathing these days

Westside Fest

Women's Meet-and-Greet, Westside Development Celebration and Sierra Club Jamboree.
If you want to meet other like-minded women.

In the Know

It's time to make the popular vote great again.
Make a difference; get involved in your community by attending these upcoming events.

New Experiences

Upcoming community events including an adventure race, local LGBTQ lecture and hunger outreach.
Looking for something—maybe an experience, an adventure, a friendship?

Go Public

Entrepreneur competition, bilingual radio bingo and public lands march.
Instead of building walls, how about building bridges?

For the Future

Celebrate World Refugee Day and discuss the future of transportation and clean air in Utah.
>Utah has long welcomed refugees, but their future is uncertain in the current political climate...

Free Care

Free Care Fair, Barbecue with SLC Candidates and Road Trip for Ethopia.
Worried that tomorrow you might lose your health insurance?

Go Green

Citizen Revolt: Green Infrastructure and Resilience Webinar, Medicaid Expansion Meetings, and Medicine Day Walk.
Events happening in your community June 29-July 10.

Eat & Greet

Bears Ears info panel, Resistance Cookouts and an evening with Jill Stein.
They're happening all over the nation—community cookouts to keep you brewing in the resistance.

Make Waves

Juneteenth, Action Utah & Day of Dinners.
Americans have a lot to learn about their African-American history.


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