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Citizen Revolt: June 20

Learn how Salt Lake planners try to reuse old buildings. Help feed the city's hungry. Plus, you definitely want to tune into the upcoming mayoral debate.

Citizen Revolt: June 13

Learn about more oil in Utah. Hear about the state's housing plans. Plus, find out how a carbon tax can help our environment.

Citizen Revolt: June 6

Help clean up your Wasatch Front. Learn how to talk effectively about climate change. Plus, hear from SLC's mayoral candidates on the west side's development.

Citizen Revolt: June 20

Learn how Salt Lake planners try to reuse old buildings. Help feed the city's hungry. Plus, you definitely want to tune into the upcoming mayoral debate.
The character and affordability of neighborhoods is waning. See how this can change.

Citizen Revolt: May 30

Join the rally downtown as Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits. Learn how to address violence around native populations. Plus, hear mayoral candidates share their thoughts on transportation.
Remember Rick Perry, the "oops" guy who couldn't remember the three government agencies he wanted to get rid of? He's coming to Utah.

Citizen Revolt: May 23

Check out a traveling 9/11 exhibit. Attend a Stonewall Riot documentary screening. Plus, learn some ins and outs of the country's budget.

9/11 was the horrific event that changed the course of the U.S. and arguably turned the tide toward a national paranoia and creeping xenophobia.

Citizen Revolt: May 16

Join a rally for the Ute Mountain Ute community in White Mesa. Learn about the Community Renewable Energy Act. Plus, listen to stories and solutions to homelessness.

In Utah, the health and well-being of Native Americans falls in the face of uranium development.

Citizen Revolt: May 9

Join the call for police reform. Learn how younger demographics can and should run for office. Plus, get tips on how to improve Salt Lake's environment.
We've all been told that the police are here to protect us, but too often, innocent people end up dead or injured because of reckless and poorly trained officers.

Citizen Revolt: May 2

Rally against attacks on immigration. Attend the vigil for murdered and missing indigenous women. Plus, voice your opinion on the Green New Deal.
On the day often dubbed International Workers Day, you can join those in building the movement for freedom and liberation.

Citizen Revolt: April 25

Take a stand against racism. Hear how poverty in 2019 is being felt across the nation. Plus, join those in the fight against the inland port.

The impact of institutional and structural racism can't be underestimated, though it is often hidden and subtle.

Citizen Revolt: April 18

Join the fight to end tar sand strip mining. Hear from Utah's foremost climate and land organizations. Plus, join the community in a rally for housing.

Tar sands are an increasingly common, expensive and dirty source of oil.

Citizen Revolt: April 10

Help clean up the environment. Learn how to help tackle poverty. Plus, hear from a panel on the immigrant workforce.
The Fit to Recover Trash Challenge will take you on a day of hiking and service to show the community that you care.

Citizen Revolt: April 4

Learn about solution to the wild horse problem. Celebrate Native American voices. Plus, let the world know how you feel about the Green New Deal.
The BLM is trying to find private pastures and is encouraging adoption, but that might not be enough.

Citizen Revolt: March 28

Weigh in on the inland port's future. Hear what it's like to be an American Muslim. Plus, join the growing environmental movement in Utah.
Come share your thoughts about how Salt Lake City's fragile Northwest Quadrant should—or shouldn't—be developed.

Citizen Revolt: March 21

Hear from a real scientist on climate change. Learn how to address Utah's gender wage gap. Plus, the Legislature has adjourned, but that doesn't mean the policy discussions are over.
Come hear a real scientist as she speaks to the truth and exposes the lies behind the climate-change dialogue.

Citizen Revolt: March 14

Join our youth as they demand climate change action. Open doors and gain understanding at Health Pride Day. Plus, listen to a New York Times editor explain the difference between news and opinion.
The need to act on climate change is critical, even as politicians say they are committed to addressing environmental problems.

Citizen Revolt: March 7

Rally for women on International Women's Day. Don't miss out on citizen lobbying before the Legislature ends. Plus, learn how to make a difference on social, economic, racial and climate-change issues.

So many of the struggles around the world are related to feminism. And it's not like the men in charge are going to solve the problem.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 28

Learn how women can increasingly take on leadership roles. Find out more about the justice reform movement. Plus, hear about reproductive rights in the age of Trump.
Look around you. Listen to the news. Now is the time for women to rise up and take on the task of leadership.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 21

Learn how to turn that anger into change. Attend a vigil for Trayvon Martin. Plus, hear from the growing resistance to the inland port.
Do you want to just lash out at everybody and anybody? Now would be a great time to turn that anger into something productive.


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