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Citizen Revolt: Week of May 6

Future Preservation, The National Monuments, The U's Historical Growth Crisis, End the Phobias

Citizen Revolt: Week of April 29

Who Cares About Redistricting?, May Day Is Workers Day, Water and Native Americans, Who Ya Gonna Call?

Citizen Revolt: Week of April 22

Will We Gerrymander?, Homelessness and Rent, The Earth Through Birds, What's Going on in Myanmar?

Citizen Revolt: Week of May 6

Future Preservation, The National Monuments, The U's Historical Growth Crisis, End the Phobias
When you think of the preservation movement, do you think about crumbling structures and gray-haired professors? What began with Ann Pamela Cunningham saving George Washington's Mount Vernon in 1853 has changed and is looking to make it relevant to the next generation.

Citizen Revolt: Week of April 15

Save the Earth, Crime Victims' Rights Week, Black History 'R' Us
It's Earth Day 2021, and there are many ways you can honor the Earth, work to save it and help others to recognize the dangers of ignorance.

Citizen Revolt: Week of April 8

A Woman's Place, Talk to the Chief, Climate and the Arts, Dark Sky Week
While the lieutenant governor is focused on getting women back into the workforce, there is another large gap between women and their male counterparts—political office.

Citizen Revolt: Week of April 1

Community Clean-Up, What About Anti-Semitism?, The Bystander Effect, Break Free From Plastics
Remember the community support behind saving the iconic Allen Park? Purchased in 1931, George and Ruth Allen lived there with their exotic bird collection and put old homes on new foundations to rent out for generations.

Citizen Revolt: Week of March 25

Are You Being Counted?, Disrupting Systemic Racism, Questioning Gender, Global Protest for Myanmar Democracy
It only happens once every 10 years, and this is not the time to ignore politics. There were some understandable delays due to the pandemic, but the counting "whole number of persons in each state" means everyone.

Citizen Revolt: Week of March 18

Climate Strike, Youth and the Environmental Crisis, The Quake and Future Quakes, The Refugee Experience
Join climate activists around the world as they raise their voices to draw attention to this dire and ongoing crisis. Demand that your representatives pay heed before it's too late.

Citizen Revolt: Week of March 11

Women When They Speak, Talk About Gerrymandering, RBG Speaks Volumes, Women's History Celebration
It's Women's History Month, a time filled with historical examples of how women have been hurt or killed when they spoke up against authority.

Citizen Revolt: Week of March 4

Water Resources, Police Reform in Utah, Social Justice in Jail, Amber Ruffin on Equity
Utah Water Watch, a water-quality education and data collection program, will be answering your questions about the importance of water quality and how to promote stewardship of the state's resources.

Citizen Revolt: Week of February 25

Hurdles to Statehood, The Slavery Amendment, Find the #Fakenews, Explore Your Diversity
If you're a Utahn, you know that the path to statehood was littered with potholes—politically and religiously.

Citizen Revolt: Week of February 18

Climate Change Is Here, All About Bears Ears, State of Indian Nations, Racial Bias in Medicine
You may have heard of the glacier that broke off in India, killing 31 and leaving 165 missing. Well, it's India-R-Us in the world of climate change.

Citizen Revolt: Week of February 11

Stop the Violence, ERA Debate, Gay Rights in America, Birds and Light Pollution, A Broken Legal System
If there's any measure of inequality for women and girls, it is the violence against them. "Did you know that one in four girls is sexually abused before age 18?" the Utah Women & Leadership Project asks.

Citizen Revolt: Week of February 4

What About the Electoral College?, The Black Church, Feed the Homeless, Native American Tales
The past two elections have given rise to questions and concerns about that inscrutable Electoral College. Five of our presidents won election without winning the popular vote, and the jury is out on whether that was a good thing.

Citizen Revolt: Week of January 28

Utah's Mexican Past, Police and the People, Why Poverty?, Abuse of Athletes
At Thrive 125: When Utah was Mexico, panelists and poets "will tackle the history of Utah before statehood, when it was Mexican territory, focusing on the significance of this history and what it means to Utah today."

Citizen Revolt: Week of January 21

Roe and Race, Women Should Run and MLK's Good Trouble
While almost half of Utah's population is female, a mere 16 percent of Utah state legislators is.

Citizen Revolt: January 14

Downwinders Then and Now, MLK Car Rally, Child Homelessness, LGBTQ Survival Guide
If you think it's just a sad part of history, you need to look around you and at the attempts to rejuvenate nuclear testing. You have a chance to join an enlightening discussion with award-winning writer, cinematographer and producer John Howe in a PBS preview of his latest documentary at Downwinders and the Radioactive West Virtual Meet & Greet.

Citizen Revolt: January 7

COVID and the Navajo, Racism Documentary, Children and Homelessness, Legislative Previews
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Navajo Nation disproportionately, much of it due to the barriers to health and opportunity. By June 2020, 277 Navajos had died from the virus.


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