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Citizen Revolt: Week of September 29

Protect Labyrinth Canyon, Fight Judicial Bias, GSL and the Spiral Jetty, All About Witches
It may be one of Utah's lesser known slot canyons, but it's one of the most spectacular.

Citizen Revolt: Week of September 22

Question Climate Action, A River Doesn't Run Through It, Don't Hold Up the ERA, Abort the Lack of Access
Campaign season is a great time to ask the hard questions about climate change.

Citizen Revolt: Week of September 15

The Lake's at Stake,Voters Still Matter, Banned Books Are the Best
It's no secret that the Salt Lake Valley is a polluted mess. It's also not a big surprise that the Legislature has taken little concrete action to alleviate the effects of climate change.

Citizen Revolt: Week of September 8

Taking Us for a Ride, Pushed Out of Housing, Free Speech in Academia
If you haven't heard about the gondola, you're either not paying attention or just don't care what happens to the Cottonwood canyons.

Citizen Revolt: Week of September 1

Prisoners of Their Environment, Fight the Gravel Pits, Democracy at Stake, An African Girl's Story
Across the country, prisoners are being trapped in toxic conditions like contaminated drinking water or, in the Salt Lake Valley, polluted air.

Citizen Revolt: Week of August 25

Women as Vessels, Poverty Summit, Who Cares About History?,
That right and others are being chipped away by political forces determined to weaken women's rights and return America to a day when men—and perhaps white, property-owning men—were the only ones to make decisions.

Citizen Revolt: Week of August 18

Let's Clean the Air, Have a Care About Medicare, Who Gets Cancer?
How bad is it, really? If you don't have COPD or asthma, what's the problem? Well, Utah has had the worst air quality in the country, and we're ranked No. 18 in the world.

Citizen Revolt: Week of August 11

Upholding Abortion Rights, Art for Parks, Clean the Creek, All Aboard
Kansans voted to retain abortion access in their state, and Utahns need to continue the fight.

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