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Citizen Revolt: March 14

Join our youth as they demand climate change action. Open doors and gain understanding at Health Pride Day. Plus, listen to a New York Times editor explain the difference between news and opinion.

Citizen Revolt: March 7

Rally for women on International Women's Day. Don't miss out on citizen lobbying before the Legislature ends. Plus, learn how to make a difference on social, economic, racial and climate-change issues.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 28

Learn how women can increasingly take on leadership roles. Find out more about the justice reform movement. Plus, hear about reproductive rights in the age of Trump.

Citizen Revolt: March 14

Join our youth as they demand climate change action. Open doors and gain understanding at Health Pride Day. Plus, listen to a New York Times editor explain the difference between news and opinion.
The need to act on climate change is critical, even as politicians say they are committed to addressing environmental problems.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 21

Learn how to turn that anger into change. Attend a vigil for Trayvon Martin. Plus, hear from the growing resistance to the inland port.
Do you want to just lash out at everybody and anybody? Now would be a great time to turn that anger into something productive.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 14

Celebrate women's voices and equality for all. Learn about the nuanced legacy of Malcolm X. Plus, brush up on your First Amendment knowledge.
Hearts and flowers don't really make the grade on this feminist holiday.

Citizen Revolt: Feb. 7

Discuss our 2nd Amendment at the U's law school. Learn about nuclear energy's future in Utah. Plus, don't give up the fight for Prop 3 at the Capitol.
When Salon magazine asks if Americans have become desensitized to mass shootings, you have to wonder.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 31

Learn how politics and the environment intertwine. Weigh in on the ecological and community impacts of the inland port. Plus, hear from the experts why journalism matters.
Who gets hurt most in what is becoming a culture of pollution?

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 24

Celebrate the Roe v. Wade anniversary, show your support for the Medicaid expansion initiative and remind the Legislature to pay attention to our air.

It's been 46 years since women were granted the right to make their own medical decisions.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 17

It's that time of year—Legislature season—so learn from some of the best, and how they overcame obstacles in the political world. Lastly, don't forget the Women's March!
On the evening before Real Women Run, hear Delia Garcia, the first Latina woman and youngest female to serve in the Kansas House of Representatives in 2004.

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 10

Learn how you can help fight for fair wages. Advocate for Utah's water supply. Plus, don't forget it's easy to get up to speed with the Legislature.

You know how politicians say we just can't afford to raise the minimum wage, and it will kill the economy?

Citizen Revolt: Jan. 3

It's that time of year again. Gear up for the upcoming legislative session to learn how to lobby, advocate and figure out what the hell is going on, particularly when it comes to medical cannabis.
If you are among a marginalized community, you might want to learn how to lobby the Legislature effectively.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 27

Hear from a leadership panel on clean air. Burn your sorrows from 2018. Plus, gear up for January's womens' marches in Salt Lake and across the country.
Bad air is everyone's problem and sadly it's one that the Legislature doesn't take seriously enough.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 20

Give blood this holiday season and help feed the homeless on Christmas. Plus, learn life-saving techniques to help those experiencing drug overdoses.
Christmas isn't just a time for cheer—it's also a time for hope. You can be part of that hope in the run-up to the holidays.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 13

Expose some unsightly animal treatment, hear how certain theologies and fables have intertwined to promote racism, and attend a vigil for those who have died on the streets.
You won't miss out on the gruesome details at the SLC: Forever 21 Protest.

Citizen Revolt: Dec. 6

Is Utah ready for another Olympics? What is a sovereign citizen? And what happens when Medicaid is expanded?
Get answers to these questions at this week's public-centric events.You can simply look at our newest senator, Mitt Romney, as an example of the long-term effects of the Olympics.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 29

Learn about the violence facing Native American women, take part in a nonviolence workshop, and rally for Utah's public lands.
There is a deafening silence around questions of what is happening to indigenous women in the Intermountain and Southwest areas.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 22

Come together for Harvey Milk and gay rights, help save Proposition 2, and learn winning campaign strategies.
Put hatred and violence aside at the Harvey Milk Vigil and Remembrance.

Citizen Revolt: Nov. 15

Learn about our country's present dangers and future of democracy, march for animal rights, and help the homeless stay warm this winter.

Worried about the fascist direction of our country? You should be, and it takes a nation to turn things around.


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