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Horoscopes for Jan. 17-23

Repetitive Songs

Horoscopes for Jan. 10-16

Legal Process

Horoscopes for Jan. 3-9

Advertising Jingles

Horoscopes for Dec. 27-Jan. 2

Fluffy White
I mention this because I suspect that for you, 2019 will have more metaphorical resemblances to the cumulonimbus than the cumulus.

Horoscopes for Dec. 21-26

Comparable Problem
A chronic difficulty that you keep putting band-aids on but that never gets much better?

Horoscopes for Dec. 13-19

Something Remarkable
I suspect you will be so naturally inclined to do remarkable things that you won't feel pressure to do so.

Horoscopes for Dec. 6-12

Further Adaptations
It took him three feverish days to get the gist of it, and just another six weeks to revise.

Horoscopes for Nov. 28 - Dec. 5

Subtle Signals
In the spirit of these blackjack teams, Sagittarius, and in accordance with astrological omens, I urge you to better your odds in a "game" of your choice by using strategy that is almost as good as cheating but isn't actually cheating.

Horoscopes for Nov. 22-28

You're Excited
"You have two ways to live your life," writes spiritual teacher Joseph Vitale, "from memory or inspiration."

Horoscopes for Nov. 15-21

Unprecedented Productivity
In my long-term outlook for you Scorpios, I see you as having a metaphorical similarity to Dutch farmers.

Horoscopes for Nov. 8-14

Wanderer or Voyager
And it's clear to me that in the coming weeks you could benefit in unforeseen ways from researching and embodying the roles of curious wanderer and brave voyager and savvy entrepreneur and prudent swashbuckler.

Horoscopes for Nov. 1-7

Bring You Power
"Penetralia" is a word that means the innermost or most private parts, the most secret and mysterious places.

Horoscopes for Oct. 25-31

Meanings in Retrospect
I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because now is a favorable time to call on the specific kind of magic that you regard as real and helpful.

Horoscopes for Oct. 18-24

Finally Formulate
You have been waiting and waiting to understand a project that you set in motion many moons ago.

Horoscopes for Oct. 11-17

Unusually Animated
My astrological analysis suggests that life is conspiring to render you extra excited and unusually animated and highly motivated.

Horoscopes for Oct. 4-10

Sitting Behind
Libran astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson offers this observation:

Horoscopes for Sept 27 -Oct.3

Constantly Unearthing
I suspect you'll be making metaphorically comparable discoveries in the coming weeks, Libra

Horoscopes for Sept 20-26

Year-Long Phase
I'm not predicting your earnings will increase by 83 percent. But 15 percent isn't unreasonable.


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