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Horoscopes for JUNE 13-19

Pivotal Moment

Horoscopes for JUNE 6-12

Extraordinary Power

Horoscopes for MAY. 30- JUNE 5

Unmediated Voices

Horoscopes for JUNE 13-19

Pivotal Moment
In the 1960s, Gemini musician Brian Wilson began writing and recording bestselling songs with his band the Beach Boys.

Horoscopes for MAY. 23-29

Intellectual Brilliance
Be a deep thinker who communes with sacred truths; synergize the functions of your discerning mind and your devotional heart.

Horoscopes for MAY. 16-22

Blow-out Extravaganza
Start planning the jubilant hoopla. And exchange ardent vows, swearing that you'll never be parted again.

Horoscopes for MAY. 9-15

Generator of Luminosity
Nearly 100% of the energy produced by the chemical reaction inside the insect's body is emitted as a brilliant glow.

Horoscopes for MAY. 2-8

Future Adventures
Picture yourself parasailing over the Mediterranean Sea near Barcelona, or working to help endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica, or giving a speech to a crowded auditorium on a subject you will someday be an expert in.

Horoscopes for APR. 25- MAY 1

Vitalizing Changes
And you might think it's not very practical to romance the fire and the water at the same time. But if you're interested, all that good stuff will be available for you.

Horoscopes for APR. 18-24

Taking Much
I'd love to see you embody that state in the coming weeks, Aries.

Horoscopes for APR. 11-17

Some Similarities
It's the end of one era and the beginning of another; a changing of the guard and a passing of the torch.


Spongy Stuff
The same word was formerly used to refer to a person who is quick to light up or to something that stimulates liveliness.


Magnificent Puppet
Here's the whole truth: Now isn't a favorable time to start work on a magnificent puppet. But it is a perfect moment to launch the rough beginnings of a project that's well-suited for your unique talents.


Place Yourself
Your willingness to change your mind won't be a mark of weakness but rather a sign of strength.

Horoscopes for Mar. 14-20

Red Planet
As you plan your own big project, Pisces, I recommend you emulate the Mangalyaan rather than the MAVEN.

Horoscopes for Mar. 7-13

Persian Cat
In my opinion, you need and deserve such a break from the everyday frenzy.

Horoscopes for Feb. 28-Mar. 5

Remain Committed
The coming weeks will be an excellent time to start fresh in any area of your life.

Horoscopes for Feb. 21-27

Dangerous Animals
If I were going to create a map of the frontier you're now headed for, Pisces, I would fill it with mythic beasts of a more benevolent variety

Horoscopes for Feb. 14-20

Astrological Omens
In my opinion, you have a mandate to tap into what's freshest and most unstillable about you—and then cultivate it


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