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Horoscopes for DEC 2 - 8

Right Road

Horoscopes for NOV 25 - DEC 1

Fresh Possibilities

Horoscopes for NOV 18 - 24

Virtual Superpower

Horoscopes for DEC 2 - 8

Right Road
"All my days I have longed equally to travel the right road and to take my own errant path," wrote Norwegian-Danish novelist Sigrid Undset.

Horoscopes for NOV 11 - 17

Inspiring Riddle
"Mystery is not the absence of meaning, but the presence of more meaning than we can comprehend."

Horoscopes for NOV 4 - 10

True Feelings
To encourage young people to come to its shows, the English National Opera has offered a lot of cheap tickets.

Horoscopes for OCT 28 - NOV 3

Alternate Identities
If you want to ride on a float in the parade that snakes down Royal Street, you must, by law, wear a festive mask.

Horoscopes for OCT 21 - 27

Transformative Work
Like most Scorpios, he knew an essential secret about how to ensure he could enjoy that intense rhythm: He had to be skilled in the art of metaphorical death.

Horoscopes for OCT 14 - 20

Healthy Boundaries
"We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond," declared novelist Marcel Proust.

Horoscopes for OCT 7 - 13

Heavenly Mandate
Your health and success in the coming months require you to enjoy a period of concentrated joy and fun now.

Horoscopes for SEP 30 - OCT 6

Happy Birthday sometime soon, Libra! As gifts, I have collected six useful mini-oracles for you to meditate on during the rest of 2021.

Horoscopes for SEP 23 - 29

As gifts, I have collected six useful mini-oracles for you to meditate on during the rest of 2021.

Horoscopes for SEP 16 - 22

Mindful Repetition
"There's nothing wrong with reading a book you love over and over," writes Virgo author Gail Carson Levine.

Horoscopes for SEP 9 - 15

Favorable Time
Is there a curse you want to undo? A false prophecy you'd like to cancel?

Horoscopes for SEP 2 - 8

Bold Truth
"I often wonder who I am and where is my country and where do I belong and why was I ever born at all," wrote Virgo author Jean Rhys (1890–1979).

Horoscopes for AUG 26 - SEP 1

Appreciation and Compliments
don't you dare say nasty things about yourself, even in the privacy of your own thoughts.

Horoscopes for AUG 19 - 25

Perfect Moment
"If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives," declared novelist Lemony Snicket.

Horoscopes for AUG 12 - 18

"The smallest thing contains a little of what is unknown."

Horoscopes for AUG 5 - 11

Inventive in Dreaming
The next two months will be a propitious time for you and your intimate allies to grow closer by harnessing the power of your imaginations.


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