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Free Will Astrology: Brain Dysfunction

Horoscopes for March July 19-25.

Free Will Astrology: Dizzying Courage

Horoscopes for March July 12-18.

Free Will Astrology: Unique Self

Horoscopes for March July 5-11.

Free Will Astrology: Fear and Pessimism

Horoscopes for March June 28-July 4.
In the coming weeks, you will have an excellent chance to dramatically decrease your Wimp Quotient.

Free Will Astrology: Heroes and Champions

Horoscopes for March June 21-27.
I suggest you ignore the temptation to shop around for new heroes and champions.

Free Will Astrology: Harmonic Alignment

Horoscopes for March June 14-20.
"Whether you love what you love or live in divided ceaseless revolt against it, what you love is your fate."

Free Will Astrology: Seven-Inches-Per-Gallon

Horoscopes for March June 7-13.
Between 1967 and 1973, NASA used a series of Saturn V rockets to deliver six groups of American astronauts to the moon.

Free Will Astrology: Blessed Intrusion

Horoscopes for March May 31-June 6.
On Feb. 17, 1869, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev had an appointment with a local cheese-making company to provide his expert consultation.

Free Will Astrology: Holy Powers

Horoscopes for March May 24-30.
Now is a favorable time to worship at the shrine of your own intuition.

Free Will Astrology: Practical Marvel

Horoscopes for March May 17-23.
A chemist named Marcellus Gilmore Edson got a patent on peanut butter in 1894.

Free Will Astrology: Noble Pursuit

Horoscopes for March May 10-16.
Born under the sign of Taurus, Edmund Wilson was a renowned 20th-century author and critic who wrote more than 30 books.

Free Will Astrology: Enhanced Ability

Horoscopes for March May 3-9.
These days you have an enhanced ability to arouse the appreciation and generosity of your allies, friends and loved ones.

Free Will Astrology: Burgeoning Project

Horoscopes for March April 26-May 2.
The Simpsons is the longest-running American TV sitcom and animated series.

Free Will Astrology: Petroleum-Suckers

Horoscopes for March April 19-25.
In the early history of the automobile, electric engines were more popular and common than gasoline-powered engines.

Free Will Astrology: Thomas Jefferson

Horoscopes for March April 12-18.
Aries statesman Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States.

Free Will Astrology: Scrupulous and Adroit

Horoscopes for March April 5-11.
Eighty-three-year-old author Harlan Ellison has had a long and successful career.

Free Will Astrology: Bold Projects

Horoscopes for March 29-April 4.
A few years ago, a New Zealander named Bruce Simpson announced plans to build a cruise missile at his home using parts he bought legally from eBay and other online stores.

Free Will Astrology: Hard Knocks

Horoscopes for March 22-28.
The "School of Hard Knocks" is an old-fashioned idiom referring to the unofficial and accidental course of study available via life's tough experiences.


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