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Horoscopes for MAY 21 - 27

Inside that hope

Horoscopes for MAY 14 - 20


Horoscopes for MAY 7 - 13

Interesting Possibilities

Horoscopes for MAY 21 - 27

Inside that hope
"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for," writes author Barbara Kingsolver.

Horoscopes for APR. 30 - MAY. 6

Future Breakthrough
Any mistakes you committed once upon a time could become irrelevant as you fantasize practically about a future breakthrough.

Horoscopes for APR. 23-29

Overcome Inhibition
I see the coming months as a phase comparable to the time when Brahms finally built the strength necessary to emerge from the shadow that had inhibited him.

Horoscopes for APR. 16-22

Chosen Field
During the coming year, Aries, you could achieve a van Gogh-like level of productiveness in your own chosen field—especially if you lay the foundations now, during our stay-at-home phase.

Horoscopes for APR. 9-15

Later Success
Some months from now, when your labors bring you to the brink of your own personal version of the Promised Land, not even a small error will prevent you from entering and enjoying it.

Horoscopes for APR. 2-8

Naked Spontaneity
"If all the world's a stage, where the hell is the teleprompter," asks aphorist Sami Feiring. In my astrological opinion, you Aries are the least likely of all the signs to identify with that perspective.

Horoscopes for MAR. 26- APR. 1

Meditative Grace
"The path the ancestors cleared is overgrown, unused. The other path, smooth and broad, is crowded with travelers. It goes nowhere. There's a third path: mine. Before me, no one. Behind me, no one. Alone, I find my way."

Horoscopes for MAR. 19-25

Potential Opportunities
You'll be resourceful as you discover novel ways to wield your influence.

Horoscopes for MAR. 12-18

Practical Possibilities
Your imagination will have an enhanced power to generate visions that could eventually manifest as actual events and situations.

Horoscopes for MAR. 5-11

Old Stories
I'd love to see you engage in comparable activities during the coming weeks, Pisces: updating the past; reshaping and reinterpreting your old stories; revising the ways you talk about and think about key memories.

Horoscopes for FEB. 27 - MAR. 4

Maximum Power
The coming weeks will be a favorable time to identify your two or three most important and exciting longings—and take a sacred oath to devote yourself to them above all other wishes and hopes.

Horoscopes for FEB. 20-26

Audacious Measures
And if that's a development you would enjoy and thrive on, I think the coming weeks will be an excellent time to set your intention and take audacious measures.

Horoscopes for FEB. 13-19

Brighter Versions
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Aquarian author Derek Walcott had a perspective on love that I suspect might come in handy for you during this Valentine season. "Break a vase," he wrote, "and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole."

Horoscopes for FEB. 6-12

Dramatic Success
What's the nature of your unique genius? What are the best gifts you have to offer the world?

Horoscopes for JAN. 30 - FEB. 5

Improvisatory Game
Treat your whole life like an improvisatory game that has just one purpose: to attract and stir up useful novelty.

Horoscopes for JAN. 23-29

"first thought, best thought."


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