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Horoscopes for FEB. 13-19

Brighter Versions

Horoscopes for FEB. 6-12

Dramatic Success

Horoscopes for JAN. 30 - FEB. 5

Improvisatory Game

Horoscopes for FEB. 13-19

Brighter Versions
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Aquarian author Derek Walcott had a perspective on love that I suspect might come in handy for you during this Valentine season. "Break a vase," he wrote, "and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole."

Horoscopes for JAN. 23-29

"first thought, best thought."

Horoscopes for JAN. 16-22

Steady Stream
"I love to be surprised by something I have never thought of,"

Horoscopes for JAN. 9-15

Partially Emancipated
"Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going."

Horoscopes for JAN. 2-8

Destiny Rebirth
And how should you celebrate it? As if it were the Grand Opening of the rest of your long life.

Horoscopes for Dec. 26 - JAN. 1

Delightful Accomplishment
In other words, an engaging project and delightful accomplishment that will make you feel your life is eminently meaningful and worthwhile.

Horoscopes for Dec. 19-25

Artistic Integrity
I'd invite you to place artistic integrity over financial considerations.

Horoscopes for Dec. 12-18

Insect Larvae
How did humans figure out that a luxurious fabric could be made from the cocoons of insect larvae?

Horoscopes for Dec. 5-11

Be respectful toward all your multiple facets, and welcome them into the conversation you have about how to live.

Horoscopes for Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Musical Inspirations
I bet you'll be surprised by worthy fascinations and subject to impromptu illuminations.

Horoscopes for November 21-27

Performance Artist
"all went to the desert as nobodies and came back as somebodies."

Horoscopes for November 14-20

Precise Treasure
The realm of the soul is always ready for you. Always!

Horoscopes for November 7-13

Stronger Alliances
Something that has eluded your comprehension will become clear, at least in part due to a lucky accident.

Horoscopes for November 1-6

Ugly Monster
I propose that when you stop pretending and shed fake politeness, you may indeed resemble an ugly monster—but only temporarily.

Horoscopes for October 24-30

Zen Buddhist
"Sometimes the easiest way to get something done is to be a little naive about it,"

Horoscopes for September October 17-23

Holy Texts
In Slavic folklore, raskovnik is an herb with the magic power to unlock what's locked and uncover hidden treasures.


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