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Horoscopes for DEC 1 - 7

Noble Project

Horoscopes for NOV 24 - 30

Different Target.

Horoscopes for NOV 17 - 23

Radiant Helpers

Horoscopes for DEC 1 - 7

Noble Project
Sagittarian comedian Margaret Cho dealt with floods of ignorant criticism while growing up.

Horoscopes for NOV 10 - 16

Gleefully Breathe
Here are tips on how to get the most out of the next three weeks

Horoscopes for NOV 3 - 9

Life Force
"Fear is the raw material from which courage is manufactured," said author Martha Beck.

Horoscopes for OCT 27 - NOV 2

Mythic Attributes
I guess it would be difficult to create a practical snake costume for Halloween. How would you move around?

Horoscopes for OCT 20 - 26

Own Sphere
Libra poet Wallace Stevens said that the great poems of heaven and hell have already been written, and now it is time to generate the great poems of earth.

Horoscopes for OCT 13 - 19

Fine Abilities
"Don't lose your arrogance yet. You can do that when you're older. Lose it too soon, and you may merely replace it with vanity."

Horoscopes for OCT 6 - 12

Your Potency
The Libran approach to fighting for what's right shouldn't involve loud arguments or trying to manipulate people into seeing things your way.

Horoscopes for SEP 29 - OCT 5

Waking Up
He said, "The root-word 'Buddha' means to wake up, to know, to understand; and he or she who wakes up and understands is called a Buddha."

Horoscopes for SEP 22 - 28

Teeter Charismatically
Tips for making the most of the next three weeks

Horoscopes for SEP 15 - 21

Elegant Intention
It's impossible to be perfect. It's neither healthy nor productive to obsess on perfectionism.

Horoscopes for SEP 8 - 14

Inspirational Strategy
"To love oneself is hard work," declares Virgo author Hanif Abdurraqib.

Horoscopes for SEP 1 - 7

Speechless Receptacle
"Now that I'm free to be myself, who am I?" Virgo-born Mary Oliver asks that question to start one of her poems.

Horoscopes for AUG 25 - 31

Key Decisions
Whenever you are contemplating a major decision, I hope you raise questions like these

Horoscopes for AUG 18 - 24

Rite of Transition
It's fine and natural to honor the tension of anticipation, using it as motivation to do your best.

Horoscopes for AUG 11 - 17

Monumental Passion
I endorse your efforts to keep increasing the intensity and ingenuity with which you adore and care for yourself.

Horoscopes for AUG 4 - 10

Nourish and Inspire
Amuse yourself by making life more interesting for everyone.


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