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Free Will Astrology: You're finally ready

Horoscopes for June 22-28

Free Will Astrology: Desert-like Phenomena

Horoscopes for June 15-21

Free Will Astrology: Claim Your Birthright

Horoscopes for June 8-14

Free Will Astrology: Central Principle of Reality

Horoscopes for June 1-7
"The most intense moments the universe has ever known are the next 15 seconds."

Free Will Astrology: May 25-31

Earn your stories.
Generation Kill is an HBO miniseries based on the experiences of a reporter embedded with American Marines fighting in Iraq.

Free Will Astrology: Future Challenges

Horoscopes for May 18-24
My pregnant friend Myrna is determined to avoid giving birth via caesarean section.

Free Will Astrology: Kiss the Flame

Horoscopes for May 11-17
It's a metaphorical statement, of course.

Free Will Astrology: Ordinary Life

Horoscopes for May 4-10
You are hereby granted a license to be astonished on a regular basis.

Free Will Astrology: Exciting discoveries

Horoscopes for April 27-May 3.
"One of the advantages of being disorderly," author A. A. Milne said, "is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."

Free Will Astrology: Fantasize and Imagine

Horoscopes for April 20-26.
>Fantasize about sipping pear nectar, listening to cello music and inhaling the aroma of musky amber and caressing velvet, cashmere and silk.

Free Will Astrology: Italianize and Infuse

Horoscopes for April 13-19.
Before visiting Sicily for the first time, American poet Billy Collins learned to speak Italian. In his poem, "By a Swimming Pool Outside Siracusa," he describes how the new language is changing his perspective.

Free Will Astrology: Fantasize and Gravitate

Horoscopes for April 6-12
Be interested in first things, Aries. Cultivate your attraction to beginnings. Align yourself with uprisings and breakthroughs.

Free Will Astrology: Gargoyles from the Abyss

Horoscopes for March 30-April 5
The dragon that stole your treasure will return it. Tulips and snapdragons will blossom in a field you thought was a wasteland.

Free Will Astrology: Untamable Animal

Horoscopes for March 23-29
If you own an untamable animal like a bull, the best way to manage it is to provide a fenced but spacious meadow where it can roam freely.

Free Will Astrology: Cosmic Rhythms?

Horoscopes for March 16-22
Would you like some free healing that's in alignment with cosmic rhythms? Try this experiment.

Free Will Astrology: Spirit of Fun

Horoscopes for March 9-15
If you normally wear adornments, accessories and fine disguises, I invite you not to do so for the next two weeks.

Free Will Astrology: Your Immediate Future

Horoscopes for March 2-8
Your immediate future is too good to be true, Taurus.

Freewill Astrology: Perfect Mother

Horoscopes for Feb. 23-March 1
Imagine a wise older woman who understands you telepathically, loves you unconditionally and wants you to live your life according to your own inner necessity.



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