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Free Will Astrology: Celebratory Gesture

Horoscopes for December 7-13.

Free Will Astrology: Primed to Cultivate

Horoscopes for November 30-December 6.

Free Will Astrology: Thrash Around

Horoscopes for November 23-29.

Free Will Astrology: Conventional Thinkers

Horoscopes for November 16-22.
"Everything that can be invented has been invented."-Charles H. Duell, Director of the U.S. Patent Office, 1899.

Free Will Astrology: Kiss The Sky

Horoscopes for November 9-15.
Remember the time, all those years ago, when the angels appeared to you on the playground and showed you how and why to kiss the sky?

Free Will Astrology: Training and Education

Horoscopes for November 2-8.
In the early stages of Johnny Cash's development as a musician, his mother hired a coach to give him singing lessons.

Free Will Astrology: Universal Principle

Horoscopes for October 26-November 1.
"You never sing the same song twice," chanteuse Billie Holiday said.

Free Will Astrology: Feel Peace

Horoscopes for October 19-25.
A woman I know, Caeli La, was thinking about relocating from Denver to Brooklyn.

Free Will Astrology: Gorgeous Masterpiece

Horoscopes for October 12-18.
"I am more interested in human beings than in writing," said author Anais Nin.

Free Will Astrology: Skeptical Optimist

Horoscopes for October 5-11.
You're a good candidate for the following roles:

Free Will Astrology: Sexy and Wiser

Horoscopes for September 28-October 4.
Be realistic, Libra.

Free Will Astrology: Solicit Feedback

Horoscopes for September 21-27.
Filmmakers often have test audiences evaluate their works before releasing them to the masses.

Free Will Astrology: Psychic Prophet

Horoscopes for September 14-20.
In the coming weeks, you might want to read the last few pages of a book before you decide to actually dive in and devour the whole thing.

Free Will Astrology: Promised Land

Horoscopes for September 7-13.
Will a routine trip to carry out an errand take you on a detour to the suburbs of the promised land?

Free Will Astrology: Create Innovations

Horoscopes for August 31-September 6.
The computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the miraculous communication system that we know as the World Wide Web.

Free Will Astrology: Toasty Coolness

Horoscopes for August 24-30.
I pray that you will claim a messy gift.

Free Will Astrology: Suspend Compulsion

Horoscopes for August 17-23.
"If you love someone, set them free," New Age author Richard Bach said.

Free Will Astrology: Wild and Unfettered

Horoscopes for August 10-16.
Each of us comes to know the truth in our own way.



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