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Free Will Astrology: Take Inventory

Horoscopes for March 15-21.

Free Will Astrology: Favorable Phase

Horoscopes for March 8-14.

Free Will Astrology: Identical Traps

Horoscopes for March 1-7.

Free Will Astrology: New Seeds

Horoscopes for February 22-28.
In her novel The Round House, writer Louise Erdrich reminisces about how hard it was, earlier in her life, to yank out the trees whose roots had grown into the foundation of her family's house.

Free Will Astrology: Swanky Start

Horoscopes for February 15-21.
The posh magazine Tatler came up with a list of fashionable new names for parents who want to ensure their babies get a swanky start in life.

Free Will Astrology: Creative Expression

Horoscopes for February 8-14.
Charles Nelson Reilly was a famous American actor, director and drama teacher.

Free Will Astrology: Moral Objection

Horoscopes for February 1-7.
When I was in my early 20s, I smoked marijuana now and then.

Free Will Astrology: Rough Potentials

Horoscopes for January 25-31.
The pawpaw is a tasty fruit that blends the flavors of mango, banana, and melon.

Free Will Astrology: Lost Opportunity

Horoscopes for January 18-24.
"When one door closes, another opens," inventor Alexander Graham Bell said.

Free Will Astrology: Time And Energy

Horoscopes for January 11-17.
Three centuries ago, Capricorn genius Isaac Newton formulated principles that have ever since been fundamental to scientists' understanding of the physical universe.

Free Will Astrology: Soulful Beauty

Horoscopes for January 4-10.
Soulful beauty will be a major theme for you in 2018.

Free Will Astrology: Gung-Ho

Horoscopes for December 28-January 3.
Hungarian psychiatrist Thomas Szasz dismissed the idea that a person should be on a quest to "find himself" or "find herself."

Free Will Astrology: Unnecessary Torment

Horoscopes for December 21-27.
The blunt fact is that you can't be delivered from the old demoralizing pattern that has repeated and repeated itself—until you forgive yourself completely.

Free Will Astrology: Twelve Labors

Horoscopes for December 14-20.
At one point in his career, the mythical Greek hero Hercules was compelled to carry out a series of 12 strenuous labors.

Free Will Astrology: Celebratory Gesture

Horoscopes for December 7-13.
As far back as ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Free Will Astrology: Primed to Cultivate

Horoscopes for November 30-December 6.
"What is love?"

Free Will Astrology: Thrash Around

Horoscopes for November 23-29.
Journalist James A. Fussell defined "thrashing" as "the act of tapping helter-skelter over a computer keyboard in an attempt to find 'hidden' keys that trigger previously undiscovered actions in a computer program."

Free Will Astrology: Conventional Thinkers

Horoscopes for November 16-22.
"Everything that can be invented has been invented."-Charles H. Duell, Director of the U.S. Patent Office, 1899.


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