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Horoscopes for JAN 21 - 27

Awe and Sublimity

Horoscopes for JAN 14 - 20

Best Goals

Horoscopes for JAN 7 - 13

Impossible Goals

Horoscopes for JAN 21 - 27

Awe and Sublimity
"My business is circumference," wrote poet Emily Dickinson in a letter to her mentor. What did she mean by that?

Horoscopes for DEC 31 - JAN 6

Financial Luck
The likelihood of you choosing the precise moment for the hedgehog's sneeze will be higher than usual.

Horoscopes for DEC 24 - 30

Persistence and Determination
The birds known as red knots breed every year in the Arctic regions. Then they fly south—way south—down to the southern edge of South America, more than 9,000 miles away. A few months later they make the return trip to the far north.

Horoscopes for DEC 17-23

I think you'll have more to say than usual—more truths to articulate, more observations to express, more experiences to describe.

Horoscopes for DEC 10 - 16

Positive Fantasies
I invite you to dream up at least three further wonderfully positive fantasies involving good financial luck.

Horoscopes for DEC 3 - 9

Dynamic Imagination
To accomplish all the brisk innovations you have a mandate to generate, you must cultivate a deep respect for the messiness of creativity; you must understand that your dynamic imagination needs room to experiment with possibilities that may at first appear disorderly.

Horoscopes for NOV 26 - DEC 2

Big Picture
Of all the tribes in the zodiac, you Sagittarians are most likely to thrive by regularly focusing on the big picture. Your ability to achieve small day-by-day successes depends on how well you keep the long-range view in mind.

Horoscopes for NOV 19 - 25

Skill Set
If you choose to take advantage of the cosmic potentials, you could make dramatic enhancements to your knowledge and skill set.

Horoscopes for NOV 12 - 18

Primal Wellspring
"I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me," wrote Scorpio poet Dylan Thomas (1914–1953) in a letter to a friend.

Horoscopes for NOV 5 - 11

Fresh Future
"At every crossroad, be prepared to bump into wonder," wrote Scorpio poet James Broughton.

Horoscopes for OCT 29 - NOV 4

Impossible Perfection
Don't allow a longing for impossible perfection to derail your commitment to doing what's right.

Horoscopes for OCT 22 - 28

Unique Beauty
But those who enjoy looking their best and expressing their unique beauty may do so out of a desire to share their gifts with the world. Their motivation might be artistry and generosity, not self-centeredness.

Horoscopes for OCT 15 - 21

Nurture Yourself
"The hardest thing you will ever do is trust yourself," says Libran journalist Barbara Walters.

Horoscopes for OCT 1 - 7

Transcending Normalcy
If you have ever had comparable fantasies about transcending normalcy, Libra, now would be a good time to indulge those fantasies—and begin cooking up plans to make them come true.

Horoscopes for SEP 24 - 30

Primal Roots
Reconnect with the original expressions of your passion for life

Horoscopes for SEP 17 - 23

Go Naked
And I think the best way to do that is to "go naked"—i.e., be candid and transparent and vulnerable about your core truths.


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