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Divested Interest

Local group calls for more diversity within Utah Pride's ranks.

Road Dread

As panhandlers adjust to new rules, a state lawmaker and cops say measures have made streets safer.


Count My Vote's ballot initiative campaign came up just short, but that could still change.

Pride in the Past

Tracing the Utah Pride Festival back to its origins.
It wasn't symbolism, imagery or beauty that made Connell O'Donovan decide to finish the second annual Gay and Lesbian Pride March at Washington Square, the esteemed park and home of the jaw-droppingly gorgeous City and County Building.

Trib Voices

Former Salt Lake Tribune staffers look back—and ahead.
The city and state's preeminent daily newspaper suffered a crushing blow last week, when more than a third of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning Salt Lake Tribune's newsroom staffers retired or were laid off.

'Depressing and Difficult'

Many find their experience in Utah's immigration court to be a desolate one.
A slain ex-partner and countless alleged threats from a Mexican drug cartel brought Wendy Vanessa Chacon Dominguez to the Salt Lake City immigration court one morning in early May.

Puppy Mayhem

West Jordan puppy store and Sandy ordinance offer glimpse inside the pet adoption world.
Yips, yelps and barks ring out from within the small storefront in West Jordan.

The Bears Ears Sideshow

Newly released documents show that locals had little voice in national monument decisions.
Last month, Sen. Orrin Hatch said of former President Barack Obama and the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument:

Puff, Puff, Pass?

'Thugs, punks and druggies' weigh in on new cannabis, hemp and CBD laws.
Bearded and tattooed, Mike Carlson approached the mic last Thursday and thanked the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food representatives for hearing out the "thugs, punks and druggies" in the crowd.

A Call to Arms

"There are no ugly guns," Second Amendment supporters proclaim at gathering.
James Waller hadn't planned on spending his Saturday afternoon rallying with a horde of fellow Second Amendment supporters until his local gun store sent him an email tipping him off to a planned gathering at the Capitol steps.

Changing Tribal Views

More Native Americans are returning to traditional perspectives that accept and honor LGBTQ members.
Alray Nelson has campaigned for years for the right to marry the man he loves.

Land of the Leased

BLM auction could change the landscape in Utah's San Juan and Grand counties.
Public lands advocates feared the day would come.

Gagged and Bound

Row between South Salt Lake and muralist gets the burlesque treatment.
Blindfolded and muzzled, nine women in nude-colored lingerie also wore brilliant lipstick, but the motorists cruising down State Street on March 10 wouldn't have known it by looking at them.

Pointed Discussion

City, residents feel lost in the shuffle of inland port authority debate.
Try as you might, it's hard to believe residents in Layton or Mapleton phoned their elected leaders to demand they establish an inland port authority and charge it with overseeing business in Salt Lake City's sprawling, 3,000-acre northwest quadrant.

Long Shots

Overshadowed by Romney, Democratic hopefuls press on in a statewide Senate bid.
The buildup to Mitt Romney officially declaring his candidacy for U.S. Senate was so slow and suspenseless that by the time it finally happened, you'd be forgiven if your first thought was, "Didn't he already announce this a while ago?"

Hare Apparent

At the Utah Rabbit Breeders Convention, attendees aim to make bunnies a viable farm to table option.
Rabbit: the other other white meat.

Fired Up!

Admitting global warming exists proves too difficult for some state lawmakers.
Chilly but not biting, the air was pleasant enough midday on Feb. 13 that you'd have been smart to wear a sweater or light jacket but shouldn't've bothered with a winter coat.

Reefer Radness

Meet the local voices behind the latest medical marijuana ballot push.
After repeated let downs from the Legislature, medical marijuana advocates say the ballot initiative is the best chance yet to bring medical marijuana to Utah


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