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Roadless Rule Rollback

More than 100 species rely on habitat away from Utah roads and development, according to a new study.

Second Coming

How a gay kid who loves Disney princesses became Utah's most divisive drag queen.

Close Connections

In emails to colleagues, an ex-inland port board member protests a lobbyist's antics.
Hartley, contacted by phone, argues that he only stood in McKellar's way for a brief moment and that he had a right to "speak my mind" to a reporter.

Growing Regulations

Inside state efforts to set quality standards for medical cannabis.
When medical cannabis starts going on sale across Utah early next year, card-carrying patients will have plenty of THC-infused products to choose from.

Turning a Corner

Recently overhauled Utah Transit Authority dreams up plans for the future. But where do you even begin?
On the corner of 700 South and State Street, a metal post marking a UTA bus stop sticks out from the ground, standing alone like a stray antenna on the surface of Mars.

'At Least You're Pretty'

From the Utah Royals to the World Cup in France, 'fansplaining' is an utterly unsurprising phenomenon that needs to end at women's sporting events.
"It's really not that difficult," he whined. "They need to score on their opponents' goal, but they keep moving the ball back toward their own goal. It's ridiculous."

Clean It Up!

Grassroots group fights to get their carbon tax initiative on Utah's 2020 ballot.
Recently, on one of Utah's hottest days, Bauman could be seen wearing a bucket hat and a sandwich board proclaiming, "Utah voters, sign here to clean the darn air."

Pouring Good Karma

SLC's booze slingers use their shakers to build community and connections.
"Everyone asks, 'What can I do?' when we find out someone is undergoing a catastrophic life event," local bartender Matt Pfohl says.


New film centers on the life of Green Flake, one of Utah's three original slave pioneers.
Many were amateurs in the art of movie-making, and the struggle with resources combined with the emotional weight of the topic at hand—the history of American slavery—often pushed everyone over the edge.

Birds of Our Lives

Dramatic tales of life and parenting are on display at Tracy Aviary's flamingo exhibit.
According to Connair, the primary keeper of Tracy Aviary's flamingo flock, these two Chilean flamingos have been a model of success during breeding season at the Liberty Park aviary.

Guerrilla Conservation

Bears Ears' only visitor and education center isn't run by the feds.
The local climbers, guides, conservationists and educators saw the growing hordes descending on the fragile, embattled monument and feared visitors could permanently damage the landscape.

Final Chapter

Iconic downtown bookshop Eborn Books shutters.
Saturday, June 29, was ostensibly the last day of operations for Eborn Books' flagship downtown Salt Lake City location.

A Delicate Dance

LoveLoud Festival returns for third year of LGBTQ uplift and inspiration.
This month, at Pride parades and gatherings around the world, LGBTQ advocates and allies are marking the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.

Taking the Plunge

Inside the legal and moral struggle to legalize sex work.
The bill, which went into effect last month, was sponsored by Utah Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield. Passed in the Legislature with bipartisan support, the bill brings an official end to Utah's ban on adultery and sodomy by consenting adults.

The New Freedom Fighter

Freshly out Utah County Commissioner Nathan Ivie reflects on the evolution of the Republican Party.
Even if the Republican rank-and-file are ready, willing and eager to embrace Ivie, the pressure might not be there to make the GOP leadership care

Promises, Promises

As this summer's campaign season heats up, mayoral candidates vie to stand out.
Between June 13's Westside Issues Forum and the primary debate on June 26, residents should have ample opportunity to hear from the candidates and ask them questions regarding the capital city's future.

Not Enough

Suicide among queer Mormons has deep roots and many demand more change than the church's exclusion policy reversal.
"I had realized I was queer myself and found my conflicting identities unbearable."


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