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Our Community part 3

Local stories of adaptability and compassion to lift your cooped-up spirits.
We've seen our friends' businesses close for an undetermined amount of time, and we witnessed government "leaders" at every level trip up in their handling of the crisis, from organization to communication (nothing new for most of them). Like you, we can't wait to put all this COVID-19 business behind us. Who doesn't need a hug!

Stream Queens

Due to lack of physical venues, two drag performers assemble an all-star cast for digital show.
Along with bartenders, security staff and a battery of displaced musicians, recent bar and other venue closures have left drag entertainers without a space to showcase their art.

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Pandemic

20 symptoms of a well-lived self-quarantine experience.
Do you suffer from habitual anxiety, the urge to eat EVERYTHING and gray-sweatpant wearing?

Seeing Stars

Tiny Pleasant Grove space center has big plans to launch second-largest planetarium in Utah.
Unless you grew up in the Pleasant Grove area, there's a pretty good chance you've never heard of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.

Coronavirus Panic Hits SLC

Elected officials and members of the local Chinese community reflect on the spread of misinformation regarding the illness.
"We are hoping for the very best outcome but we're preparing for the worst," Gov. Gary Herbert said.

The G-word

Inside Prop 4—and the Legislature's crusade to squash it.
They knew it would happen. But the timing—and the optics—are so interesting.

Voting App Blues

Concerns about election technology are making Utah reevaluate app usage.
Botched headcounts. Incorrect calculations. Staffing problems. Reported delays. Iowa's caucus night woes seemed to serve as a cautionary tale for the upcoming general election.

Shine On

Following a mayoral run bust, minority whip Luz Escamilla eyes what's next.
During the hustle and bustle of Day 1 of the General Session of the 63rd Legislature, the District 1 senator takes a minute to catch her breath inside her fourth floor office.

Charter Candidates

Utah's Republican candidates for governor go rah-rah for the state's public charter schools.
Provo businessman Jeff Burningham wrapped up the speeches by having the students repeat the phrase, "Choice creates competition; competition creates better results."

Head for the Hills

Developers square off against fired up residents in southwest Salt Lake County.
This real-world tale, they contend, is akin to the fates of ancient Greece's measuring—then snipping—threads representing human life and death.

The New Regime

Two newly elected councilmembers share their hopes for SLC's future.
Last week, the city not only welcomed newly elected Mayor Erin Mendenhall into office, but two new councilmembers—District 4's Ana Valdemoros and District 6's Dan Dugan.

Give Them Shelter

The revolution clamoring for homeless resources, in this case, will be livestreamed.
It came in the form of a news release. A group composed by a swath of local community organizers calling itself the Take Shelter Coalition, was taking over a section of downtown's Washington Square Park with a makeshift encampment "in solidarity with our unsheltered neighbors."

Van Life

Could embracing a nomadic lifestyle be a housing solution for cash-strapped students?
If nature and friends are both unavailable, Buchanan enjoys the alone time in Moby Dick at the nearest Walmart parking lot.

Westward Heave-ho

How a federal agency's move to Colorado threatens public lands, science and the climate.
When Americans think about public lands, the National Park Service has name recognition, but it's the Bureau of Land Management, along with the USDA's Forest Service, that has more clout.

Rebel Spirits

A Facebook group draws a bullseye on the DABC while calling for alcohol reforms.
Under the sobering lights of a State Office Building auditorium at the Utah Capitol in October, Rep. Timothy Hawkes, R-Centreville, likened the state's alcohol policy to a game of Jenga.


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