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Feedback from November 16 and Beyond 

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"Church and State,"
Nov. 9 Soap Box
While I understand where Mr. Ottinger is coming from, his premise that "there have been religious wars as long as there have been religions" is only a partially true, smokescreenish approach to the larger problem.

I would say that there have been conflicts and pride as long as there have been people. And as often as we find poor examples and zealots of any stripe, we also find compassionate and remarkable models of humanity from every camp across history and through the present.

Religious or not, the vices of violence and pride are the evils that plague us and easily slip into whatever form or genre that comes most naturally to the practitioner and the time. Whether by religious crusade, political calculation, scientific theory or simple, unalloyed greed, these ills confront us in any guise. It is rather fruitless, then, for the religious and the atheists to point fingers at one another as to which is most prone to harm.

One can wound this world and all its inhabitants by any manner of means and justifications. Might I suggest that we refrain from taking easy pot-shots at one another and, instead, seek to pursue the difficult—yet attainable—qualities of which humanity is just as capable as they are of violence and pride; namely, of love and forgiveness?

"Best of Utah" (Nov. 16)
Additions and corrections
Editor's note: Regrettably, two of the more than 550 Best of Utah winners slipped through the cracks and should have been included. Please wish them well for their vote-getting prowess.

Best Ribs: Salt City Barbecue
If barbecue were a meteor, Salt City's would be the story to describe it. Salt City Barbecue has taken the local BBQ scene by storm in barely a few years. Best, it's accomplished this feat as a food truck, not as a brick-and-mortar location with all the giant gizmos. They've quickly acquired a loyal customer base to go along with their stacks of awards for not just ribs, but also brisket, steak, chicken, pork, appetizers and dessert. Surely, nachos are next. Find them and dig in, folks. 801-899-5541, visit website for food-truck locations:
2. Pat's Barbecue
3. SugarHouse Barbeque Co.

Best Mexican Bakery: Panadería Flores
Founded in 2003 by the Flores family—who hail from Tehucán Puebla, México—this panaderia at 900 South and 900 West has since expanded to a second location in Rose Park. Celebrating 20 years of family heritage serving up pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) and pasteles tres leches (cakes), you'll also want to try their colorful cookies, delectable flan and Mexican hoagie rolls. Also ask about their wedding cakes, Day of the Dead bread and Wisemen Day bread. 904 S. 900 West, SLC, 801-533-0211; 1625 W. 700 North, SLC, 801-533-0209,
2. Cakes by Edith
3. Canela Bakery

Also, for Best Public Art, of which "Out of the Blue" (aka "the Whale") was the winner, we noted that Stephen Kesler was the sculptor but omitted the fact that Mike Murdock was the muralist. Also, under Best Cannabis Edibles, the business relationship between winner Riverside Farm's Hygge Chews and WholesomeCo. was mischaracterized. The two organizations are separate and distinct entities.

The above changes are reflected in our online edition.

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