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Feedback from April 25 and Beyond 

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Big Money, Big Power
The nation's big money powers are in the process of capturing everything of value in America—real estate, business and industry, banks, all three branches of government, media, non-profits, military, churches, sports and entertainment. And the party of big money no longer even pretends to be just, egalitarian and peace-loving.

Just consider Republican candidates talking now about arming up to cause election chaos in November. Two examples are U.S. Senate candidate Kari "Strap on a Glock" Lake (Arizona), and U.S. Senate candidate Brad "Aim your rifle at Biden" Wilson (Utah).

Our country's wealthy aristocrats monopolize every industry and make and break every rule. Meanwhile, the remaining 99% beg to get a glimpse of the homes, cars and wardrobes of the 1%, and bend the knee to their every whim and pleasure.

All this did not take long to accomplish. Educated Boomers have seen it all unfold. The de-regulation/monopoly movement started after World War II and hasn't abated since. Americans have lost all touch with what it means to be a democracy and a humane people and have made a permanent home for the people in ignorance, apathy, and addiction.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have simply given too much power to too few people to hold for too long in America.

Power has shifted from localities to states and from states to the central government over the past hundred years or so. This shift diminished the power of hundreds of thousands of state legislators, county commissioners, city and town council members and local judicial bodies, consolidating that power in the hands of 535 congresspersons, 9 Supreme Court justices and 1 power-mad President. That's the "too much power to too few" part of the equation.

We have also allowed all but one of these power-laden men and women to stay in office for a lifetime if they can manage it. That is the "too long" half of the problem.

If America wants to help save democracy, we must devolve federal power back to states and localities and place term limits on the 544 tyrants currently lording it over the nation. That is what is necessary to bring self-determination back to the people of this country.
Woods Cross

Correction: The April 26 Dining Guide misstated Urban Hill chef Nick Zocco's position with the Heber restaurant Afterword, where he previously worked as chef.

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