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Feedback from November 9 and Beyond 

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"Voices of Peace," Nov. 12
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No mention of the heinous killings by Hamas that precipitated the current hostilities in Gaza. Your article implies that Israelis deserve what happened Oct. 7. City Weekly should be more careful to distinguish between the people of a country and its government. Hamas is no friend to the Palestinian people, and all people should have the right to be safe and free.
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So proud of Utahns of conscience standing against genocide. There were easily over a thousand of us demanding a #ceasefirenow, and all these ugly comments aren't going to stop us from showing support for #freepalestine. Keep it up y'all!
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Palestinian terrorists supported by Iran massacred innocent Israeli civilians and children and took hundreds of hostages, including American citizens. There are consequences for attacking and murdering innocent human beings, i.e. war.
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Resistance is not terrorism? So raping women and slaughtering children is justified because of "resistance"? Kidnapping 240 innocent people and murdering 1,400 is OK? And you're proud of it? WTF?!
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For all of you commenting, believing somehow in your twisted minds that this is in support of Hamas or the kidnapping of 1,200 Israelis, this is not. This is a call to say that Israel's response by bombing innocent Palestinians men, women and children is a war crime.

The death toll in Gaza is near 10,000, which is horrific when more than half of that number are innocent children. If you haven't seen the footage of these children missing body parts or having everyone in their family completely obliterated, you need to wake up!

None of this should have happened, but there is a huge difference from what Western media is telling you and the truth.
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Are you out of your mind? Don't you realize sympathizing with the "free Palestine" thing is to be complicit with Hamas and approving of kidnapping, slaughtering, raping and murdering people at their homes? You are nothing more than fools in the service of Iran.
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It reads like Salt Lake City Weekly is very sympathetic to these supporters of murderers. BTW, if you argue ancestral land, the Jews have been in Israel for millenia. It's well documented.

For peace to happen, the Arabs just have to put their arms down. In addition, dump Hamas. They have their share of blame misleading the Gaza populace into a tunnel existence.
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