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  • Nov 29 - Dec 5, 2012
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  • Monogamy Is Not for Me

    Regarding “Natural Affair” [Nov. 15, City Weekly]: Right on! Well written and researched.
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  • Our Goose Is Cooked

    It’s been months since the Benghazi attack, and none of our elected officials have figured out how to respond.
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  • Public Enemy No. 1

    It’s becoming painfully obvious that Public Enemy No. 1 in the United States is the Republican Party.
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  • Good Job on a Tricky Subject

    I just read Carolyn Campbell’s masterful article about Amy Freeman and the Utah stripping scene [“Taking It Off,” Nov. 8, City Weekly]. All I can say is Campbell is a fine writer ...
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  • Label Genetically Modified Food

    As we grapple with real issues concerning food and resources—recently in the United States, the obesity rate of 100 pounds or more overweight went up from 4 percent to 7 percent ...
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  • Sticky Fingers

    A Connecticut jury convicted Anthony Johnson, 49, of stealing up to $70,000 a week by crawling beneath seats in darkened movie theaters to remove credit cards from women’s pocketbooks.
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