Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jan 24, 2002
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  • Jan 24-30, 2002
  • Vol. 18, No. 37


  • You Know You’re in Utah When...

    “You know you’re in Utah when ... ordering a cup of coffee is a political statement.”That’s just one of many quips in the new book Green Jell-O & Red Punch: The Heinous Truth About Utah! by C.L. Crosby. “This book says...
  • Olympic Poker: Part II

    Did Sen. Orrin hatch and his LDS mission friend Judge David Sam foil the government’s case in the Olympic Bid Scandal?
  • Bragging, Lies and Document Shredding

    We’re lied to all the time. We were lied to about new zoning restrictions when Deedee Corradini announced the sale of one block of Main Street to the LDS church. We were lied to when Utah joined the suit against big tobacco in order to pay for health...
  • Film & TV
  • Raw is War

    Black Hawk Down immerses you in a guided tour of combat hell.
  • TV & Games
  • Dueling Crapola

    Straining to tell the difference between Fox’s The Chamber and ABC’s The Chair.


  • SXSW Finals

    Emo now for the future! Too-cool Hudson River School wins the big trip to Austin.
  • Raw Power

    The North Mississippi Allstars prove the blues can rock and still have some soul.

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