Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Oct 11, 2001
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  • Oct 11-17, 2001
  • Vol. 18, No. 22


  • Guv’s Big “D”

    Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, the man who said he knew nothing about the now-forgotten Olympic scandal because he “didn’t connect the dots,” has a new plan to defend the Beehive State against terrorists. The governor apparently is attempting...
  • The Unsinkable Bill Finney

    If you put several friendly laboratory rats onto an electrified floor and turn on the juice, an interesting thing occurs. The once harmonious pack will single out one of its members for punishment through vicious attacks. The rat is not alone in this...
  • West Meets Mid-East

    “It’s war” and “We will not fail.” That’s what the headlines say, anyway. The fighting in Afghanistan seems like a long way away. Perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to television images reinforcing our knowledge...
  • Film & TV
  • Hanoi-ing

    The Vertical Ray of the Sun isn’t worth a look for all the gorgeous images in the world.


  • Accidental Tourist

    Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock dispatches sage travel advice.

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