Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Dec 28, 2000
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  • Dec 28, 2000 - Jan 3, 2001
  • Vol. 17, No. 33


  • Orrin Takes on Drug War

    It could be a whole new ballgame for Orrin Hatch, that great Utahn who ran for president and U.S. Senate at the same time. In the jargon, that’s what we call multi-tasking. ’Course everyone knows ol’ Orrin is pretty good at multi-tasking,...
  • Running the Gauntlet

    Driving from Park City to Kimball Junction could get you busted for DUI, unless you don’t get caught.
  • Whose Party Is It?

    The Olympics are like motherhood and apple pie. Well, it used to be that way before Salt Lake City’s bid-buying scandal and all the hoopla about performance-enhancing substances taken by many Olympic athletes. But that’s all right, according...


  • Top 10 2000

    From alt-country to hip-hop, Y2K wasn’t all bad.

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