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  • 5 Spot | Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader
  • 5 Spot | Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader

    Political icon and independent candidate for president Ralph Nader is bringing his “People Fighting Back” campaign to town featuring his friend and former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson on July 31 at 7:30 p.m. at Libby Gardner Hall, 1375...
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  • The Ocho | Rocky & Ralph
  • The Ocho | Rocky & Ralph

    Eight reasons Rocky Anderson is supporting independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in Salt Lake City on July 31:8. He can’t let Utah’s undecided loon vote go to Libertarian Bob Barr or promising newcomer Heywood Jablomie. 7. He’s...
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  • Lake Effect | Oh, <em>That</em> Bob Springmeyer
  • Lake Effect | Oh, That Bob Springmeyer

    According to Bob Springmeyer’s Facebook profile, he is 65, married, likes bobsledding and canoeing, seems photogenic in a likeable and jovial way and has been fortunate enough to visit Japan. Springmeyer also has more than 900 Facebook friends,...
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  • News Quirks
  • Newsquirks | What the World Needs Now

    Curses, Foiled Again An armed man wearing a fake beard and mustache and a wig walked into a bank in Fort Worth, Texas, and demanded cash. Police Lt. Paul Henderson said the robber, who apparently took a taxi to the bank, asked the teller for a ride, but...
  • The Way It Is | Maria Jackson of Zim&rsquo;s crafts store
  • The Way It Is | Maria Jackson of Zim’s crafts store

    A University of Utah study has found that more walkable neighborhoods built before the 1950s have healthier residents, with average male residents in walkable neighborhoods weighing 10 pounds less than those who don’t, and average female residents...
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Eat & Drink

  • Dining | Wine: Swigs & Swishes
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Dining | Wine: Swigs & Swishes

    In addition to my weekly forays into wine, this month’s Park City Food & Wine Classic afforded me a wider sampling range than normal. There were hits; there were misses. Here’s a roundup of a few of each.n Folie a Deux Ménage a...


  • Music | DVD Revue: Tesla <em>Comin Atcha Live! 2008</em>
  • Music | DVD Revue: Tesla Comin Atcha Live! 2008

    Tesla Comin Atcha Live! 2008 Tesla is still alive and rocking after 25 years and a dozen albums. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Are they still ready to kick ass onstage?” Well, they have 80 percent of the original members and 75 percent...
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  • Free Will Astrology | July 31-Aug. 6
  • Free Will Astrology | July 31-Aug. 6

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) Work can be hazardous for the actors who portray cartoon and fairy tale characters at Disney theme parks. The U.S. Health and Safety Administration reports that one-third of them have suffered on-the-job injuries. A prime cause...
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