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  • Jan 23-29, 2014
  • Vol. 30, No. 37


  • Future Police
  • Future Police

    SLCPD goes all-in with pricey on-body cameras for its cops
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  • The Ralph Becker Shark Tank
  • The Ralph Becker Shark Tank

    This week, you can sign up for a 10- minute meeting with Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker to pitch him on the minimal investment of at least hearing your view of any matter of city business that you feel needs
  • All Hail King Herbert

    Dear Gov. Herbert: I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the people of Utah. I feel obliged to speak for the majority of Utahns: those who support your decision to no longer recognize those same-sex marriages that were performed for hundreds of citizens up until the SCOTUS stay.
  • Belittling Beliefs

    I’d heard rumors that people were leaving the LDS Church in droves. I really began to believe these rumors when two female missionaries came to my door.
  • Everything You Know Is Wrong
  • Everything You Know Is Wrong

    Far from cave-dwelling primitives who threw stuff everywhere, Neanderthals “were organized and purposeful when it came to domestic space,” according to University of Colorado archaeologist

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  • Kaskade
  • Kaskade

    The Big Time & The Grammys
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  • Live: Music Picks Jan. 23-29
  • Live: Music Picks Jan. 23-29

    Listening to the music created by California band Orgone—pronounced with a long second O—will transport you straight into the ’70s, when disco was king and everything was just funkier.


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