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  • Data Ain't Housing

      Many existing affordable units throughout the city are being leased at higher rental rates due to market demand.
  • DIY Don'ts

      To steal from the "Things That Must Go" segment on Radio From Hell on X96, here's my list:

  • Tax Time

      I grew up on her music and played her songs on public radio for nearly 28 years.
  • Work It

      The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its report on job growth from July 2017 to July 2018. And guess what?
  • Sandlot Days

      Today, it's a weedy plot in Glendale at 1388 Glenrose Drive that's not a kept-up ball field or a location quite as famous as, say, the ball field from Field of Dreams outside Dyersville, Iowa.
  • Contain This

      The first time I ever heard about someone living in a storage container was during the 1970s.
  • Rose Park to Magna

      I've tried to hype up Rose Park to buyers for decades, and people always look at me like I'm crazy.
  • Buying Strategies

      I just sold a home to a millennial-aged married couple.
  • News and Notes

      There's all sorts of news this week but not enough space in this column to cover it all.
  • Let's Go Downtown

      Since 2011, the Downtown Alliance has put together comprehensive looks at the city's economy by reviewing employment trends, retail, development, cultural impact and activities, hospitality, housing and more.


Data Ain't Housing Data Ain't Housing September 19, 2018
Money Matters Money Matters January 17, 2018
Nuclear Apocalypse Nuclear Apocalypse November 08, 2017
New Ambassadors New Ambassadors November 15, 2017
Dirt Mall No More? Dirt Mall No More? December 06, 2017

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