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Best of Utah Body and Mind 2021 

Readers choose their best health-care providers, medical institutions, fitness guides and more.

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We'll Go On Health, well-being and fitness. These topics have been top of mind over the past year and a half, a time that's been dominated by COVID-19. The virus didn't ignore any group—impacting old and young, healthy and frail, rich and poor.

Surviving it was my 93-year-old relative who has, for years, been confined to a nursing home while struggling with dementia. Everyone on her floor tested positive for the virus but all were, in fact, asymptomatic. Others—many in the prime of their lives, doing vital work—were not so lucky. As of mid-June 2021, COVID's worldwide toll includes the loss of 3.81 million lives (600,000 in the U.S., with more than 2,300 in Utah).

We dedicate this issue of Best of Utah Body and Mind to those souls we've lost and to those caregivers who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to provide health care and well-being to patients and clients during an incredibly challenging time.

More than 2,100 City Weekly readers voted for this year's top doctors, dentists, therapists, gyms, martial arts trainers and more. In addition, we'd like to share a few shoutouts related to COVID care from City Weekly's Instagram page (please post yours on our feed):

"We'd like to thank our nurse Libby and phlebotomist Jane for their patience through the last year with changing safety protocols and for the outstanding care they delivered to our patients with smiles each day."

"The Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake (UICSL) vaccinated staff (Native and non-Native) and household members (Native and non-Native) free of charge. This is still available."

"I would like to thank all the staff at the Salt Palace for my vaccinations!"

"Big shout out to Dr. Mitchell Goff for his work on my retinas. A very challenging year getting my vision back but came out the other side back to normal. Thanks!"

"Thank you to everyone at Utah Therapeutic Health Center for helping patients in need get their medical cannabis cards during the very beginning of shutdown and throughout the whole pandemic. Because of them, I've been able to become a medical cannabis patient and improve my health during the pandemic."

In the year ahead, as things return to a new normal, we hope this issue will put you in touch with providers in more than 100 categories who might assist you in living a healthier—and more fit—life. It's an ideal way to honor those who are not here any longer.
—Jerre Wroble

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Best Addiction Recovery
Odyssey House
Odyssey House was founded in 1967 by Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, a resident psychiatrist working at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City who was dissatisfied with the practice of using methadone as the primary therapeutic intervention for heroin users. She worked with 17 ex-addicts/patients to form a peer-driven community in East Harlem. The rest is history, resulting in worldwide group residence and group therapy programs. In Utah, OH offers teen residential treatment, sober housing, adult outpatient service and a medical clinic at various locations with an amazing success rate. Graduates say it's a tough, no BS program that changes lives for the better by helping addicts recover and live sober. (Babs De Lay) Multiple locations,
2. Fit to Recover
3. Ascend Recovery

Best Allergist
Elizabeth (Libby) A. Kelly, MD
It's great to have a Utah native and graduate resident of the University of Utah Medical Center come back after finishing an out-of-state fellowship in Virginia. While she was in med school, her dad was stung by a wasp when they were camping in the backwoods of Canada, but she didn't have enough training to help him. He lived. And that's when she decided to focus on allergies in her medical studies. She has a bicoastal knowledge of allergens in different climes, and her patients love her with comments like: "She is committed to finding feasible solutions to the health challenges I face"; "I highly recommend Dr. Kelly to others who may be suffering from allergies or asthma." If you can't figure out why you're always sneezing, make an appointment today for relief. (BDL) Intermountain Medical Group, 6272 S. Highland Drive, Murray, 801-871-6000,
2. Robert L. Silge, MD
3. Jonathan A. Olsen, DO

Best Anesthesiologist
Sloan Taylor, MD
A bilingual doctor who graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Facultad de Medicina and then did his residency in Ohio, Dr. Taylor basically learned how to pass gas for a living! He's affiliated with MountainWest Surgery Center in Bountiful and with the Utah Surgical Center in West Valley City. Usually, patients don't remember the doctor who puts them under, but Dr. Taylor is known as kind and compassionate whether you remember his face or not. One patient reported, "He's the only anesthesiologist I've ever met who seems to actually enjoy interacting with patients." (BDL) Utah Surgical Center, 3715 W. 4100 South, Ste. 100, West Valley City, 801-957-0200,; MountainWest Surgical Center, 1551 S. Renaissance Towne Drive, Ste. 200, Bountiful, 801-383-1111,
2. Mathew L. Romankowski, MD
3. Byron R. Bankhead, MD

Best Back/Spine Center
Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center
There are few things worse than the debilitating pain from a back injury. That's why we have Aspen Falls and its huge staff of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and laser light therapists. They claim an impressive 86% success rate in treating herniated and degenerative discs and a 4% reoccurrence rate after one year. They also have specialized training in spinal misalignment, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and foot problems—and have unique experience in treating auto accident victims. They leave no stone unturned to treat back pain, including ultrasound, electric stimulation, DRX-9000 and ice-heat therapy. Limp or crawl to Aspen Falls, and you're going to feel so much better when you walk out. (BDL) 370 E. South Temple, No. 100, SLC, 801-658-9394; 912 Baxter Drive, Ste. 130, South Jordan, 801-528-6560;
2. Salt Lake Chiropractic
3. Canada Chiropractic

Best Cardiologist
James L. Orford, MBChB
After graduating from Harvard with a master's in public health and then completing his MBChB (the equivalent of an MD) at U Cape Town medical school in 1993, James Orford brings more than 28 years of cardiology expertise to his patients. He's certified to treat cardiovascular disease and practice interventional cardiology. Affiliated with Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital, he's experienced with adult congenital heart conditions. This highly rated doctor is one you can trust your heart to. (BDL) Intermountain Heart Institute Cardiology—Intermountain Medical Center, 5169 S. Cottonwood St., Ste 520, Murray, 801-507-3500,
2. Michael J. Cutler, DO
3. Bruce Kenwood, DO

Best Dental Practice
Park City Dental Spa
Given the dread some have of dentistry, the words "dental" and "spa" seem incongruous when used together in a sentence. Yet, this group of tooth fairies makes the experience pleasant with often astonishing outcomes. They offer cosmetic and general dentistry as well as relief from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues. Enter the office, and you'll find a relaxing environment with soothing aromatherapy and hand-paraffin massage to eliminate your stress. They have recently added Botox/filler treatments to remove wrinkles, make lips fuller and smooth lines around the mouth and chin. Exceptional dental care is provided by James Abraham, DDS, who has been awarded Park City's Best Dentist for years, and David Sandberg, DDS. (BDL) 1526 Ute Blvd., Ste. 212, Park City, 435-615-8500,
2. Dental Spa
3. Avenues Dentistry

Kirkland Graham, DDS - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Kirkland Graham, DDS

Best Dentist
Kirkland Graham, DDS
Kirkland Graham is the soul of the Dental Spa in Sugar House who, with his team, created a dentistry practice that has expanded from just drills and fills to an immersive and sensory retreat. He's created a one-stop experience for preventative, cosmetic and maintenance services to help you keep a healthy mouth. Knowing you might have to be dragged kicking and screaming to have your teeth cleaned, the spa offers facials and pedicure from estheticians first. The doc and his hygienists will then gently fit you for a nightguard or sport guard. He can improve your smile with dental bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns and teeth-whitening. (BDL) The Dental Spa, 620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,
2. Jared Theurer, DDS
3. John Miller, DDS

Best Dermatologist
Christopher B. Hansen, MD
Utah's "Doogie Howser" lookalike loves his job and makes it a point to avoid hasty decisions. He's an expert in figuring out what makes you itch or what's popping out all over, from acne to skin cancer. He runs the UVA-1 phototherapy program at the U of U Department of Dermatology. This form of phototherapy uses a narrow band of ultraviolet light to suppress the immune imbalance that drives inflammation in many skin diseases. This newest device penetrates deeper into skin and helps clear rashes and diseases in the dermis. His reviews from patients suffering from painful lupus and other autoimmune skin diseases are stellar. (BDL) Midvalley Health Center, 243 E. 6100 South, Murray, 801-581-2955; University Hospital, Dermatology Area E, 50 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-581-2955,
2. Wendy Matis, MD
3. Douglas M. Woseth, MD

Best ER Physician
Neil Krulewitz, DO
This doctor is not just known for treating the sick and injured but for paying it forward, by teaching and sharing with residents and medical students what he knows about his specialty in both emergency medicine and surgery. His training includes advanced knowledge and skills through the U of U's Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship, and he's a local expert in ultrasound education, research and administration. In other words, he's able to scan beneath your skin without causing any pain. In his spare time, he probably plays the Sonodoc game (you can, too—it's free: He was voted by our readers to be the healer you want on your side if you are suffering a heart attack, traumatic injury or have been in a major accident. (BDL) University of Utah Health, 50 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-581-2121,
2. Joyce V. Soprano, MD
3. Philip J. Bossart, MD

click to enlarge Ross Brunetti, MD - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Ross Brunetti, MD

Best Family Medicine Physician
Ross Brunetti, MD
It's always nice to have a home-grown boy return from advanced medical training to practice in his hometown. Brunetti graduated from Judge Memorial and the University of Utah then trained at the St. Louis University School of Medicine before serving four years on active duty in the Army Medical Corps in Louisiana. He's won this category before, and he consistently gets rave reviews on social media sites. You might see him driving a classic muscle car, or running up Emigration Canyon, or cheering at a Ute's game. He's recently become a rock star of Telehealth, saving patients travel and stress during the pandemic. (BDL) Foothill Family Clinic Cottonwood Heights, 6360 S. 3000 East, Ste. 100, SLC, 801-365-1032,
2. David G. Cope, MD
3. Amy de la Garza, M.D.

Foothill Family Clinic - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Foothill Family Clinic

Best Family Practice Clinic
Foothill Family Clinic
Patients say that the folks at FFC are kind and listen well. Isn't that what everyone wants in their family medical experiences? It's the kind of place that welcomes your newborn or your whole family. Some say they have lost their fear of doctors and even needles because of their expertise. The medical group is skilled in cardiology and heart electrical procedures, migraines, newborn care, women's health, LGBTQ health, podiatry and family practice. Think of them as a highly rated team of experts that offer one-stop medical services for a variety of ailments. (BDL) Multiple locations in Salt Lake City, Cottonwood Heights and Draper,
2. Martindale Clinic
3. Utah Natural Medicine

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  • Holly B. Clark, MD

Best Gastroenterologist
Holly B. Clark, MD
Doctors with this expertise are schooled in diseases of the digestive system. Got too much gas? Irritable bowels? Food intolerance? Constipation/diarrhea? Unfortunately, few women choose this specialty. But Clark came to Utah as a fellow at the University of Utah Medical Center in gastroenterology. She's especially interested in health and nutrition and the correlation between exercise, eating habits and stress management, and she takes a holistic approach to digestive health treatment. Get regular screenings to prevent colon cancer, and she will gladly blow air up your butt to make sure you catch it early because it's so treatable! While she does accept male patients, many of her patients are women because she's found they're more comfortable talking to and being treated by another woman. (BDL) Multiple clinics in Park City, 435-658-7400, and Heber Valley, 435-657-4400,
2. Joseph T. Merrill, MD
3. Christopher I. Maxwell, MD

Best General Surgeon
Angelo Chachas, MD
As a general surgeon who specializes in comprehensive care for men and women with varicose vein disorders and diseases of the breast, thyroid, digestive system, including disorders of the gallbladder, colon and abdominal walls, Dr. Chachas also sees patients with esophageal cancer. Affiliated with St. Mark's and Lone Peak hospitals, he's another Utah native who's a proud U of U grad who finished his residency in Seattle. He's an avid outdoorsman and loves fishing, biking and skiing and knows that when blood cells meet, all will be in vein. (BDL) MountainStar General Surgery, 1250 E. 3900 South, Ste. 460, SLC, 801-262-3564,
2. Mark R.Mawhinney, MD
3. Ellen H. Morrow, MD

Best Geriatric Physician
Alison K. Schlisman, MD
This is another doctor who completed a fellowship at the University of Utah and then stayed here to open her practice. Lucky Utah because she leads an innovative primary care clinic for older patients. The Geriatric Patient-Centered Medical Home offers services from a team of caregivers including geriatric nurse practitioners, nurses, a pharmacist and a social worker, all dedicated to providing accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, coordinated care to promote older adult health and wellness. Her patients say that she is a great listener and one said, "I don't want to recommend her to others because she is too good of a doctor!" and another said, "She is by far the best physician I ever had." (BDL) Madsen Health Center, 555 Foothill Blvd., Ste. 203, SLC, 801-581-2628,
2. Frederick L. Gottlieb, MD
3. Cynthia Lawlor, MD

Best Home Nursing Care
Solstice Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care
Facing end-of-life decisions is daunting and can be overwhelming. Enhancing the quality of life during this time is the specialty of this group, bringing peace of mind to the family and top-notch care to the patient. They strive to preserve people's dignity with medical care from specialist physicians and nurses, social workers and hospice aides while practicing an East-meets-West philosophy. Services include therapeutic touch, pet therapy, aroma therapy, massage, reiki and music therapy with a mix of in-patient medical care. The staff is versed in home medical equipment, hospice-related medication and bereavement counseling, too. If you or someone you love needs help, these folks should be on your team to the very end. (BDL) Multiple locations in Salt Lake City and Ogden,
2. Community Nursing Services
3. Sunrise Senior Living

Best Hospice Care
Community Nursing Services
These angels have been caring for our community for over 90 years! It's Utah's oldest nonprofit home health and hospice care agency operating virtually statewide: Logan, Brigham City, Layton, Salt Lake City, Tooele, Orem, St. George, Price and Moab. They serve regardless of one's ability to pay thanks to their charitable care program, and they hope to create innovative primary-care clinical program for older patients. The Geriatric Patient-Centered Medical Home has an interprofessional team—geriatric nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacist and social worker—dedicated to providing accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, coordinated care to promote older adult health and wellness. For 31 years, the nonprofit was led by Maxine Thomas, the late mother of KSL reporter Shelley Thomas. (BDL) Multiple locations, 800-486-2186,
2. Solstice Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care
3. Sunrise Senior Living

University of Utah Hospital - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • University of Utah Hospital

Best Hospital
University of Utah Hospital
The hospital opened its doors in 1965, the same year Salt Lake County General Hospital closed. This research and teaching hospital serves as a regional referral center for the surrounding states of Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. They offer specialties in cardiology, geriatrics, gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, pulmonology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics and ophthalmology. Their most famous patient is probably Barney Clark, who received the world's first permanently implanted artificial heart, known as the Jarvik-7. Also bringing fame to the U was Mario R. Capecchi, Ph.D., who won a 2007 Nobel Prize as a gene targeting pioneer. University Hospitals & Clinics relies on more than 1,100 board-certified physicians, 10 community clinics and several specialty centers, including the Cardiovascular Center, the Clinical Neurosciences Center, and the Utah Diabetes Center. (BDL) 50 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-581-2121,
2. Intermountain Healthcare
3. St. Mark's Hospital

Best Doctor of Internal Medicine
Celia A. Garner, MD
One of every four physicians in the U.S. is an internist, treating patients with back pain, urinary stones, gout, shingles, acute deep vein thrombosis and more. This doctor has received three rather important awards via Vitals, On-Time Doctor Award: Patients Choice (given to a particular physician who has made a difference in the lives of their patients); On-Time Doctor Award (given to doctors for timeliness of appointments) and Compassionate Doctor Recognition (for physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness). She's so popular, she's not currently accepting new patients. (BDL) Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital, 801-408-7500,
2. Daniel J. Ricks, MD
3. Douglas M. Romney, MD

John A. Moran Eye Center - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • John A. Moran Eye Center

Best LASIK Center
John A. Moran Eye Center
This is the largest eye care center in the Mountain West with 11 locations as well as several research labs that study glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. They have a great philosophy that no person with a blinding condition, eye disease or visual impairment should be without hope, understanding and treatment. This is the go-to place for cataracts, glasses and optometry, glaucoma, LASIK, retinal diseases, eye surgery for adults and children, blocked tear ducts, lazy eye, botulinum injections and degenerative eye disorders. This University of Utah center was named after a graduate from the class of 1954 who majored in banking and finance after serving as an aerial photographic intelligence officer at Pearl Harbor. (BDL) 65 Mario Capecchi Drive, SLC, 801-581,2352,
2. The Eye Institute of Utah
3. Hoopes Vision

Best Mental Health Treatment Center
Odyssey House
As the largest and most comprehensive addiction program in Utah, Odyssey House prides itself on treating the "whole person." To enter the program, you must give up your drugs of choice, and you can't use cannabis while living there. They help patients overcome barriers that they face and produce a whole-person change. Evaluation can include questions about past triggering events, mental health, medical history, family and legal issues, etc. They offer transportation to the facility and have medical staff to help with opiate and meth withdrawal, alcohol and benzo addiction—all with outstanding treatment success rates. (BDL) Multiple locations,
2. Valley Behavioral Health
3. Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Best Neurologist
Elena James, MD
This doctor helps patients with neurological disorders such as epilepsy, ALS, migraines, MS, Parkinson's and stroke—all things associated with the brain and nervous system. After running tests and diagnosing conditions, she formulates a treatment plan that may involve medication management, special therapies and lifestyle changes. She's known for her work with deep-brain stimulation for conditions such as hand tremors that may worsen with movement. Her treatment arsenal includes not only medication but a deep brain "pacemaker for the brain" that sends pulsations through the nervous system. As tremors get worse, she can adjust the unit to decrease shaking. In her personal life she understands and practices Zen and sitting meditation—good for her deep brain. (BDL) 82 S. 1100 East, Ste. 103, SLC, 801-505-5370,
2. Patrice A. Duvernay, MD
3. Dorothy L. Williams, MD, Ph.D.

Best Neuropsychologist
Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.
A neurologist treats the physical connections from nerves and the brain to treat medical disorders. A psychologist focuses on emotions and mental health. A neuropsychologist focuses on cognitive changes resulting from central nervous system disease or injury, such as Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders. Goldstein is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine and is clinical director of the Neurology Learning and Behavior Center, specializing in forensics, school psychology and child development. He is also a New York Times bestselling author, international speaker and musician. His two dozen-plus books are both for adults (autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, etc.) and kids (Some Kids Just Can't Sit Still!, Little Sherrie and the Anywhozz Circus) (BDL) Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center, 230 S. 500 East, Ste. 100, SLC, 801-532-1484,
2. Antonietta Russo, Ph.D.
3. Kelly D. Garrett, Ph.D.

Best Nurse Practitioner
Margaret Grogan, FNP
Margaret Grogan built her nursing and patient care experience working in a variety of settings including home health care nursing, patient care coordination, and hospital inpatient medical/oncology nursing. Her specialties include adult medicine, health education and preventative care. She graduated with honors from the Westminster College nursing program with a master's in Family Nursing Practice. She is often the first medical person you might see when you're feeling under the weather, and when necessary, she will refer you to a specialist or treat you and send you home. (BDL) Millcreek Wasatch Clinic, 1160 E. 3900 South, Ste.1000, 801-262-1771, SLC,
2. Merin M. Kinikini, FNP
3. Jessica L. Arbogast, FNP

Brooke L. Hansen, MD
After completing her residency at the University of Utah, Dr. Hansen decided to remain in Utah to provide obstetrics and gynecological care. Her practice includes helping women with uncomplicated pregnancies as well as certain high-risk pregnancies, preventive health care including cervical and breast cancer prevention/screening, lifestyle counseling, and contraceptive maintenance. She helps women with their gynecological concerns at all stages of life including abnormal menstrual bleeding, vaginitis, menopause, hormone replacement needs, urinary incontinence, uterine and ovarian masses, pelvic pain and fertility. She likes to say, "I love to operate but am actually a minimalist at heart. I think of myself as a true OB-GYN generalist in that I enjoy all aspects of this field and feel that I have a knack for helping people feel comfortable in sometimes vulnerable or anxiety-provoking circumstances." (BDL) Avenues Women's Center, 370 Ninth Ave., Ste. 205, SLC, 801-408-6100,
2. Jason Johnson, MD
3. Hannele M. Laine, MD

Best Oncologist
Anna C. Beck, MD
Dr. Beck is director of Supportive Oncology and Survivorship and an investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). She is a professor and director of the University Supportive and Palliative Care Program at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Beck's areas of interest are end-of-life care, communication skills training and female cancers. As director of Supportive Oncology and Survivorship, she works to broaden support for cancer patients and their caregivers throughout the spectrum of a cancer diagnosis. She is also the hospice medical director at Community Nursing Services Home Health and Hospice and medical director for Huntsman at Home, helping to improve cancer patient care. Patients report that she "pays it forward" helping patients and their caregivers through their journey. (BDL) Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Clinic 3A, Center for Breast Health, 1950 Circle of Hope, SLC, 801-587-4241; 5126 W. Daybreak Parkway, South Jordan, 801-213-4518;
2. DiSean Kendall, MD
3. Erika C. Lloyd, MD

click to enlarge Zachary J. Zavodni, MD - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Zachary J. Zavodni, MD

Best Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon
Zachary J. Zavodni, MD
Dr. Zavodni is a Salt Lake City native who returned here after earning his medical degree at Duke University. He specializes in the treatment of corneal disease, glaucoma and refractive surgery, including all-laser LASIK. Dr. Zavodni is very experienced in vision-correction surgery as well as the treatment of complex eye diseases such as keratoconus. Patients say that Dr. Zavodni is up on the latest treatments and also has a warm and compassionate way about him. (Carolyn Campbell) The Eye Institute, 755 E. 3900 South, SLC, 801-266-2283,
2. Francis J. Wapner, MD
3. Bradley Anderson, MD

Best Optometrist
Spencer D. Mortensen, OD
With more than 46 years of diverse optometry experiences, Dr. Spencer Mortensen is a seasoned optometrist who cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in University of Utah Adult Services medical group. He is excellent for general eye care, but for diagnosing complex sight-related issues he is the "best of the best." The icing on the cake is his humor, vast store of memorized poems and genuine concern for patients as individuals. (CC) 462 E. 100 South, SLC, 801-532-5176,
2. Stephen Brockbank, OD
3. Brittany Capstick, OD

click to enlarge Adam McCormick, DDS - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Adam McCormick, DDS

Best Oral Surgeon
Adam McCormick, DDS, FACS
After observing an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at work, Dr. McCormick loved the idea that oral surgeons both operate and administer anesthesia, interacting closely with dentists in overall patient care. He started the first oral and maxillofacial surgery program at Utah's first dental school —Roseman University. In his true passion, private practice, he cares for patients at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah. Patients describe him as friendly, informative and professional. (CC) 2297 N. Hill Field Road, Building A, Ste. 105, Layton, 801-758-5003; 65 W. 400 North, Ste. 102, Bountiful, 801-758-5003,
2. Dennis DeDecker, DDS
3. Judd E. Partridge, DMD

Best Orthodontist
John Graham, DDS MD
John Graham is one of a few orthodontists in the United States who is also a licensed physician. He is one of Utah's leading Invisalign providers. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without metal braces. Along with adults, nearly half of his teen and preteen patients benefit from Invisalign technology. Patients feel that Dr. Graham's knowledge and expertise contribute to a detailed understanding of complex situations. (CC) 705 E. 900 South, No. 300, SLC, 801-917-4746,
2. Michael Richards, DDS
3. Blake Maxfield, DDS

  • Courtesy Photo
  • Daniel Gibbs, MD

Best Orthopedic Surgeon
Daniel Gibbs, MD
Orthopedic surgeon Daniel Gibbs specializes in preserving the hip, knee and shoulder. He uses nonoperative, minimally invasive, and arthroscopic techniques to improve patients' function and return them to daily activities. He has served as a team physician for the USC football team, LA Kings and LA Dodgers, along with providing medical care for professional athletes in Chicago. Patients value his conservative treatment approach along with his experience in caring for professional athletes. (CC) Heiden Orthopedics, 6360 S. 3000 East, No. 210, SLC, 435-615-8822,
2. Eric Heiden, MD
3. Roy Trawick, MD

Best Osteopathic Physician
Mark Peterson, DO
Not to be confused with orthopedics—a specialty that focuses on joints, bones and muscles—osteopathy treats the whole person. This is because everything in the body is connected at one level or another. Mark Peterson is a sports medicine physician who uses conservative treatment to try to prevent surgery when possible. His board certifications in both family and sports medicine give him a great general knowledge of the body and understanding of sports medicine techniques that include concussion care, ultrasound guided injections and platelet-rich plasma therapy. Patients know him for being personable and especially skilled with injections. He currently helps cover Skyline High School athletics. (CC) Heiden Orthopedics, 6360 S. 3000 East, No. 210, SLC, 435-615-8822,
2. Rebecca Zingg, DO
3. Layne Hermansen, DO

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Physician
Richard R. Orlandi, MD
Richard Orlandi is a Salt Lake City ENT-otolaryngologist. After completing his training in 1998 as a rhinologist, he has, for more than 20 years, focused on the treatment of complex problems of the nose, sinuses and anterior skull base. A patient who considered Dr. Orlandi to be his last hope said, "Because of his skill, I had no scars, no bruising and a very quick recovery." (CC) 50 N. Medical Drive, No. 3C120, SLC, 801-587-8368,
2. Jeffrey S. Keyser, MD
3. David K. Palmer, MD, FACS

Rebecca Conde, - Earth Center Acupuncture - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Rebecca Conde, Earth Center Acupuncture

Best Pain Clinic
Earth Center Acupuncture
Because Rebecca Conde was profoundly affected by her own personal experience with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, she ultimately shifted her focus from pursuing a naturopathic medicine doctorate program and became a certified Chinese medicine practitioner. Her medical science foundation has also greatly benefited her patients. One describes her as "a lovely mix of strength and gentleness," then adds, "You can see wisdom in her eyes as she works with a calm focus." (CC) 2178 S. 900 East, No. 6, SLC, 385-722-4252,
2.Cameron Wellness Center
3.The Albano Clinic

Best Pediatrician
Jennifer A. Cox, MD
Originally from New York, Dr. Cox earned her MD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and did her pediatric residency at the U of U. She's been board certified with the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1993. Trained in lactation issues and offering consultations for mothers who are having breastfeeding problems, she is said to be pragmatic, thoughtful and kind. Known for trusting parents' instincts and for listening to children, Dr. Cox is highly rated for being thorough, no-nonsense, personable and caring. (CC) Sunnyside Pediatrics, 24 S. 1100 East., No. 301, SLC, 801-521-2640,
2. Jed B. VanDenBerghe, MD
3. Roland P. Dimick, MD

Best Periodontist
Jeffrey S. Knight, DDS
The son of Dr. Melvin Knight, a pioneering periodontist in Utah and the Intermountain states, Jeff Knight completed his postdoctoral specialty training at Oregon Health Sciences. He is known as a skilled oral surgeon who is particularly proficient in providing implants. A patient describes him as "a true gentleman and everyone likes him. His prices are quite reasonable, and he gives a 10 % discount if you pay in full." (CC) Utah Periodontal Specialists, 1955 S. 1300 East, SLC, 801-487-5807,
2. LaRissé Skene, DMD
3. Troy H. Winegar, DDS

Susan McLaughlin, physical - therapist - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Susan McLaughlin, physical therapist

Best Physical Therapist
Susan R. McLaughlin, MPT
The three-time winner in this category, Susan McLaughlin of Align Integration & Movement has the reputation as one of the finest physical therapists in Utah. With more than 20 years of experience, McLaughlin created Align Integration & Movement with a holistic and eclectic approach to ensure her patients don't have to live in pain. (Michael Saltas) Align Integration & Movement, 1817 S. Main, Ste. 10, SLC, 801-859-4142,
2. Sarah McNurlin, DPT
3. Esther Smith, DPT, cert. MPT

Best Physician Assistant
Whitney Schroeder, PA-C
Graduating summa cum laude from Auburn University while a member of their volleyball team, Whitney Schroeder combined her academic and athletic talents to make a powerhouse career in the orthopedic and sports medicine world. Prior to joining Heiden Orthopedics, run by former Olympic gold medalist Eric Heiden, Schroeder received her master's in medical science from Nova Southern University in Fort Lauderdale. (MS) Heiden Orthopedics, 6360 S. 3000 East, No. 210, SLC, 435-615-8822,
2. Kelsey Udy, PA
3. Cynthia L. Papadopoulos, PA-C

  • Courtesy Photo
  • Angela Keen, MD

Best Plastic Surgeon (Cosmetic)
Angela Keen, MD PLLC
Living and practicing in Utah since her residency began in 1995, Angela Keen has developed a "keen" attention to detail in the cosmetic surgery field. Specializing in female plastic surgery and skin care, Keen's procedures range from head to toe and everything in between. Along with all of her education and accolades, Keen is a member of the renowned American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. (MS) 2750 E. Cottonwood Pkwy. Ste. 540, SLC, 801-278-9062,
2. Brian Reuben, MD, 22 Plastic Surgery
3. Renato Saltz, MD

Best Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive)
Thomas J. Oberg, MD
A native of Long Island, New York, Thomas Oberg served in the Marine Corps before pursuing his medical education and career in oculofacial plastic surgery. Dr. Oberg's practice includes management of facial and orbital trauma and fractures, skin cancer reconstruction surgery, tumor resection, tear drain surgery and surgery on the brow or eyelids to address impaired vision. (MS) The Eye Institute of Utah, 755 E. 3900 South, SLC, 801-363-3356,
2. Isak Goodwin, MD
3. Drake Vincent, MD

Best Podiatrist
Jason Dickerson, DPM
A repeat winner in this category, the people of Utah know that the first step to recovering from a foot injury is calling Dr. Dickerson of Heiden Orthopedics. An avid thrill seeker himself—Dickerson enjoys motocross, mountain biking, skiing, and other activities hard on the legs—Dickerson understands that lower leg injuries shouldn't keep you sidelined from doing what you love. (MS) Heiden Orthopedics, 6360 S. 3000 East, No. 210, SLC, 435-615-8822,
2. Craig L. Larsen, DPM
3. Elizabeth E. Auger, DPM

Best Psychiatrist
Kamile M. Weischedel, MD
The Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute or UNI) is where you'll find Kamile Weischedel. Her scope of treatment ranges from patients with autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depressive disorders. Along with her extensive education, she is board-certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. (MS) Huntsman Mental Health Institute, 501 Chipeta Way, SLC, 801-583-2500,
2. Michaela Mohr, MD
3. Nathanael W. Ridge, PA-C, Ph.D.

Best Psychotherapist/Counselor
Sunny Strasburg, LMFT
Specializing in individual, marriage and family counseling, Strasburg earned her professional stripes at an in-patient adult drug and alcohol treatment facility. Strasburg's focus is energizing and inspiring people; she feels a calling to bring psychedelic medicine to people recovering from trauma, depression and anxiety. She has a deep knowledge of psilocybin, a growing treatment in the country. (MS) Sunny Strasburg Therapy,
2. Caroline Pegram, LCSW
3. Parth Gandhi, Ph.D

Best Pulmonologist
Lara L. Hardman, MD
Does your sleeping pattern or quality bog you down? You may want to pay Lara Hardman a visit. Hardman, a pulmonary disease and sleep medicine doctor, specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the respiratory system, which affects sleep. Sleep and pulmonary issues can arise at any age, and Hardman is there to ensure you and your family can rest easy at night. (MS) Intermountain Healthcare, 2000 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-464-7510,
2. Wayne M. Samuelson, MD
3. Mary Beth Scholand, MD

Best Radiologist
Thomas C. Winter, MD, MA
From offering patient care to delivering more than 700 lectures both in the U.S. and abroad on topics ranging from obstetric sonography to ultrasound-guided biopsies, abdominal transplant organ imaging, virtual colonoscopy and related fields, Tom Winters seems to be about all things imaging, ultrasound and tomography. His work has appeared in dozens of publications and book chapters, scientific presentations, three books and has resulted in three patents. Our readers concur that Dr. Winter is the best radiologist around. (MS) University of Utah Hospital, 50 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-581-7553,

Best Registered Nurse
Libby Roulette, RN
The consecutive Best Registered Nurse winner, patients know who has their best interests at heart. Roulette graduated from Yavapai College in Arizona and with her degree in nursing in 2015. Since then, her focus has ranged from long-term care and pain management to alternative mental health treatment and assisting in natural births. (MS) Utah Natural Medicine, 242 S. 400 East, No. 2609, SLC, 801-363-8824,
2. Katrina Holmberg, RN
3. Margot Wolfer, RN

Legacy Assisted Living, - Sugar House - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Legacy Assisted Living, Sugar House

Best Retirement Community
Legacy Retirement Communities
Those with family members in retirement villages and assisted living communities know that the need for independence and maintaining dignity are vital for residents to commit to the transition. Legacy communities prioritize those qualities with their residents. At Legacy, they find the balance between helping with daily activities and promoting independence among those in care. (MS) Multiple Locations, 801-269-0700,
2. Summit Vista
3. Highland Cove

Best Rural Utah Medical Center
Heber Valley Hospital
Heber Valley Hospital is a full-service, 19-bed hospital in Wasatch County with high-quality wellness, diagnostic and treatment services. Now part of the Intermountain group, Heber Valley Hospital has a variety of highly skilled caregivers, advanced technology and a personal touch. Their new partnership with Intermountain improves outcomes and lowers costs. (MS) 454 E. Medical Way, Heber City, 435-654-2500,
2. Northpointe Medical Park

Best Urgent Care Clinic
Exodus Healthcare Urgent Care
Urgent care facilities faced an unexpected and unprecedented task over the past year and a half handling the coronavirus. Added to that were the countless other everyday maladies and injuries. Among those providing outstanding urgent care during this challenging time was Exodus Healthcare. The care center is housed in a state-of-the-art, 39,000-square-foot facility, serving those in need in Magna and neighboring communities. (MS) 3665 S. 8400 West, Magna, 801-250-9638,
2. Granger Medical Clinic
3. Intermountain Healthcare Urgent Care

Best Urologist
Peter A. Caputo, MD
The Caputo family is no stranger to Best of Utah awards—Peter's younger brother, Matt, followed in the footsteps of their late father, Tony, at Caputo's Market and Deli. Before returning to Utah to practice medicine, Peter Caputo earned his undergraduate degree at Westminster College and then completed a doctorate at Temple University in Philadelphia followed by a residency at the University of Texas in Houston and a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. Along with treating patients for urologic health, Caputo serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Utah. (MS) Granger Medical Clinic, 4252 S. Highland Drive, Holladay, 801-993-1800,
2. Lane Childs, MD, FACS
3. Peter C. Fisher, MD

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Planned Parenthood Association of Utah

Best Women's Health Clinic
Planned Parenthood Association of Utah
Founded in 1916, Planned Parenthood has been providing patients with preventative care, birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and abortion services, cancer screening and sexual health education for over 100 years. Utah has eight clinics and telehealth services are also available. To help ensure our community will continue to have access to this needed health care for the next 100 years, donations are welcome, and tax deductible. (Megan Wagstaff) Multiple locations,
2. Avenues Women's Center
3. Rocky Mountain Women's Health Center

Best Acupuncturist/Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Amanda Valenti LAc, MSTOM
Specializing in sports medicine and injury rehabilitation, acupuncturist and "healing goddess" Amanda Valenti is passionate about treating women's health, emotional disorders, autoimmune disorders and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiology. Outside of the clinic, Valenti is an avid mountain biker, climber and snowboarder and is a certified wellness EMT. (MW) Valenti Acupuncture, 1760 S. 1100 East, Ste. 3, SLC,
2. Rebecca Conde, LAc, MAcOM
3. Melissa Zappa, LAc, MAcOM

Best Ayurveda Practitioner
Timothy Lewis, AHC
Founder of Wasatch Ayurveda and Yoga, Timothy Lewis brings a decade of Ayurvedic expertise to Utah, including Jyotish/Vedic astrology readings, panchakarma and wilderness retreats, natural Ayurvedic remedies, Sanskrit and yoga instruction. Current clinic offerings include Chakra Basti therapy, herbal steam tent therapy, cleansing packages, Ayurvedic consultations and more, plus donation-based Kalari and Ashtanga yoga classes. (MW) Wasatch Ayurveda and Yoga, 1967 S. 800 East, SLC, 801-687-4370,
2. Josh Williams
3. Allison Ottley, LMT

Best Kinesiology/ Biofeedback Practitioner
Shawn Postma, ND
There are a lot of great reasons to visit Cameron Wellness Center and Spa (just look at this year's Best of Utah Body and Mind winner's list), but perhaps the most recent good reason is Dr. Postma. A certified HeartMath practitioner, Dr. Postma specializes in biofeedback for treating IBS, chronic pain, hypertension, PTSD, anxiety and depression. He is also an expert in heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, toxic mold syndrome and breast implant illness. (MW) Cameron Wellness Center, 1945 S. 1100 East, Ste. 100, SLC, 801-486-4226,
2. Bre Dumke, MS
3. Michael A. King, LMT

Best Chiropractor
Canada Chiropractic
Dr. Angie Canada of Canada Chiropractic and her team bring a unique understanding of the integrated workings of the body to the (literal) table, partly due to her 13 years as a massage therapist prior to becoming a chiropractor. Graston Technique and Kinesio tape are just a few tricks up Dr. Canada's sleeve to help address neck pain, TMJ, chronic headaches, sports performance and more. The clinic also accepts Veterans Choice insurance and offers assistance enrolling. (MW) 1473 S. 600 East, SLC, 801-487-1010,
2. Salt Lake Chiropractic
3. The Joint Chiropractic

Best Day Spa/Wellness Center
Cameron Wellness Center and Spa
If your idea of integrated wellness is IV therapy, microneedling and acupuncture, you've come to the right place. Or perhaps bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, microdermabrasion and a massage are more your bag. Whatever blend you choose, the Cameron Wellness Center and Spa offers a variety of treatments targeted at helping you feel and look your best. Check their website for package deals and rotating monthly specials. (MW) 1945 S. 1100 East, Ste. 100, SLC, 801-486-4226,
2. The Kura Door
3. Basalt Day Spa

Savannah Lavenstein, Evergreen Healing - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Savannah Lavenstein, Evergreen Healing

Best Dietician/Nutritionist
Savannah Lavenstein, IIN-CHC, RYT
When looking for a dietician or nutritionist, credentials matter. But what sets Savannah Lavenstein apart from the rest of the pack are the credentials you won't see on a certificate, framed and hanging on the office wall. Her entire being has been an education in learning how to heal her own eating and exercise disorders, a lifelong study that allows her to reach her patients on a level not many practitioners can. Visit her at her award-winning clinic, Evergreen Healing. (MW) Evergreen Healing, 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC, 719-510-0401,
2. Corinna Coffin, MS, RD
3. Anne Dorsey

Best Herbalist
Josh Williams
Co-owner of Greenthread Herbs—winner of this year's Best Natural Health Store—Josh Williams will tell you his purpose is to bring "verdant inspiration" to those searching for plant-based healing, and he finds passion in formulating custom compounds as unique as the customers who purchase them. An herbalist and educator, he is also a founding member of the Utah Tea Guild and Wasatch Herb Festival and teaches at Healing Mountain and the U of U. Schedule an online consultation to discover your herbal allies and keep an eye out for his weekly Instagram educational live streams. (MW) Greenthread Herbs, 376 E. Fourth Ave., SLC, 801-363-0859,
2. Rebecca Conde
3. Bryan Lindquist

Josh Williams of Greenthread Herbs - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Josh Williams of Greenthread Herbs

Best Natural Health Store
Greenthread Herbs
As if the Avenues weren't cool enough already, friendly neighborhood apothecary Greenthread Herbs makes it even more desirable. Open since June 2018, it offers curated and handcrafted herbal remedies sourced from approximately 200 organic herbs from around the world. Owners Bryan Lindquist and Josh Williams (voted Best Herbalist) collectively bring nearly 25 years of expertise in formulating tinctures, teas and custom compounds. They also offer online Zoom consultations. (MW) 376 E. Fourth Ave., SLC, 801-363-0859,
2. Natural Grocers
3. Dave's Health & Nutrition

Best Integrated Medicine Practice
Utah Natural Medicine
Helping locals heal holistically since 2004, Utah Natural Medicine founders—Matthew Burnett, ND, MSAc, and his wife, Rachel Burnett, ND, MSAc—seamlessly interweave evidence-based science from Western philosophy with age-old Eastern medicinal practices, pulling from a myriad of complementary treatments including TCM, acupuncture, mesotherapy, and naturopathic medicine. Experts at treating everyone from children to aging adults, this beloved clinic offers a lifetime of wellness options for the whole family. (MW) 242 S. 400 East, No. 2609, SLC, 801-363-8824,
2. Cameron Wellness Center
3. Martindale Clinic

Best Hypnotherapist
Joesephine Lawrence, CHT
Certified hypnotherapist Josephine Lawrence has been utilizing integrated medicine since the age of three when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her journey into the healing arts has led her down paths of acupuncture, herbalism, reiki and breathwork, to name a few, but she is best known in the 9th & 9th neighborhood for her understanding of the unconscious mind at her clinic Hypnoclarity. Hypnotherapy sessions are available in-person or via Zoom. (MW) 801-215-9262,
2. Jolene Shields, CHT
3. Mike Simpson, OMNI-certified

Best Massage Therapist
Leslie Zaragoza, LMT
SLC native Leslie Zaragoza knows a thing or two about the unique massage needs of locals who love the mountains. An avid hiker and paddleboarder herself, she'll find all the right trigger points to relieve tension brought on from repetitive sports movement and has years of experience working on climbers and runners. You can also book appointments with Zaragoza at Ute Crossfit and The Front Climbing Club. (MW) Pure Therapeutic Bodyworks, 1549 S. 1100 East, Ste. C, SLC, 801-949-2953, book appointments via Square.Site
2. Sharla Hopkins, LMT, RYT
3. Jessa Munion, LMT

Best Medical Cannabis Doctor (QMP)
Timothy Pickett, PA-C
Founder of and member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, Tim Pickett is a specialist when it comes to medical cannabis education and an advocate for therapeutic cannabis use. He has researched and developed dosing protocols for various conditions shown to be positively affected by medical cannabis and is a resident expert on safe and effective uses of plant-based medicine. (MW) Multiple clinic locations, 801-851-5554,
2. Heather Dangerfield, DNP, PMHNP
3. Jared R. Lake, MD

Best Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Todd Cameron, ND
Winning Best of Utah Body and Mind awards for several years running, Dr. Cameron has become a household name synonymous with wellness. He offers holistic solutions for both chronic health concerns and acute illnesses, specializing in treating thyroid, adrenal and other hormone-related disease through naturopathic and botanical medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrient, neural and IV therapies and platelet rich plasma-injections in the heart of Sugar House. (MW) 1945 S. 1100 East, Ste. 100, SLC, 801-486-4226,
2. Dr. Rachel Burnett, ND
3. Dr. Brad Lester, ND, L.Ac.

Best Psychic
Cheryl Forester
Looking for help deciphering the language of the tarot? Seek out fluent tarot speaker Cheryl Forester, aka Cherella, of Forester Tarot. Also an expert in numerology, astrology and palmistry, Forester's clients rely on her for accurate forecasts and soul path readings. She offers individual and group readings, yearly forecasts and even workshops where you can tap into the tarot and become your own trusted reader. (MW) Forester Tarot, 801-797-7590,
2. Suzanne Wagner
3. Michael Ingleby

Best Weight Loss Clinic
Evergreen Healing
Calling Evergreen Healing a weight loss clinic isn't exactly accurate. It is, but it's also a weight gain clinic. Most accurately, it's a nutritional counseling and body image coaching clinic. Founder Savannah Lavenstein, IIN-CHC, RYT, and winner of this year's Best Dietitian/Nutritionist has a lifetime of experience dealing first-hand with eating and exercise disorders and is uniquely qualified to compassionately guide you to better health. (MW) 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC, 719-510-0401,
2. Revere Health Weight Loss and Nutrition Centers
3. SLC Med Spa CoolSculpting

Best Aerial Silks Classes
Kairos Fitness
The largest aerial and pole fitness center in Utah, Kairos Fitness offers ample room to drop, spin, invert, climb and soar to your heart's content—plus the yoga and flexibility classes you'll need to master splits and other stretches in silks, hoops and hammocks. Best of all, prices are surprisingly affordable compared to many other (much less fun) gym and fitness club memberships. (MW) Multiple locations, 801-393-2421,
2. Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio
3. Awaken Studios

The Bar Method - in Sugar House - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The Bar Method in Sugar House

Best Barre Fitness
The Bar Method
Let's be honest: When you decide you want to get in better shape, you want to do it as quickly as possible. The Bar Method's signature technique is a fast and efficient way to reach your fitness goals, reshaping your entire body using your own body weight and a ballet barre. Incorporating elements of Pilates and yoga, it's a high-rep, low-impact, results-driven workout guaranteed to exercise muscles you didn't even know you had. (MW) 1057 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-485-4227,
2. Align Fitness Studio
3. Pure Barre

Best Boot Camp
Fit to Recover
Fit to Recover boot camp, founded by Ian Acker in 2015, began as a small gathering of friends running at Sugar House Park on Saturdays, supporting each other and their sobriety through exercise. Today, Acker still holds boot camp at the park when the weather is warm. Otherwise, you can drop by the west-side gym where you'll also find fitness, endurance and yoga classes, plus nutrition education, in a welcoming atmosphere geared to helping you be your best self. (MW) 789 W. 1390 South, SLC, 801-410-8988,
2. Seek Studio
3. F45

Rebel House creators Devin and Nina Pearson - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Rebel House creators Devin and Nina Pearson

Best Boxing Club/Kickboxing
Rebel House
What do you call boxing that combines the energy of group fitness with powerful strength training, cardio and conditioning? Rebel Riot. This no-nonsense routine lasts 10 rounds over 45 minutes where you'll be encouraged to fight for yourself and your personal best to the very end. It's not exactly kickboxing, but you'll definitely get a kick (or your butt kicked) in this HIIT-inspired class at Rebel House, also voted Best Private Gym. (MW) 320 W. 200 South, SLC; 2230 S. 700 East, SLC; 801-718-7448,
2. Title Boxing
3. Ultimate Combat Training Center

Best Rock-Climbing Wall
Momentum Indoor Climbing
Dotted along the Wasatch Front, Momentum offers tens of thousands of total climbable feet, plus yoga classes and cardio and fitness spaces. Since the family that belays together stays together, head to Millcreek for a dedicated kids area, a 50-foot-tall arch, over 100 top-rope routes, crack climbing and a massive bouldering area. Those residing farther south can take advantage of locations in Sandy and Lehi. At Momentum, there's a route and fitness routine for everyone. (MW) Multiple locations,
2. The Front
3. U of U Climbing

Best Spin Classes
Torrent Cycle
There are two types of people in the world: those who absolutely cannot work out without the perfect song, and those who can. If you're the former, your search for the ideal spin sesh stops here—Torrent Cycle is all about the soundtrack. Downtown and Sugar House classes feature collabs like Janet x Missy, Nicki Minaj x J Cole and Britney x Backstreet Boys. Don't see your preferred pedal-pushing playlist? New 45-minute classes are added each week. P.S. Shoe rentals are free. (MW) Multiple locations,
2. Rebel House
3. Mcycle Studios

Best Senior Fitness Programs
Age Performance
You're never too old to get in shape. In fact, the mantra at Age Performance is, "Act your ability—not your age." Inside, you'll find state-of-the-art Keiser exercise equipment designed with air-resistance technology to be gentle on joints or opt for new remote coaching online. Couples and family/small-group sessions are also available. (MW) 1291 S. 1100 East, SLC, 801-467-6554,
2. SLC Strength and Conditioning
3. Life Centre Athletic Club

Best Kids Fitness Programs
The Little Gym
Kiddos 12 and under will find nearly boundless ways to play, learn and grow with The Little Gym's array of gymnastics, dance and enrichment classes, plus seasonal camps for kids 3 and up. Now in its 45th year, the gym's holistic approach expertly nurtures and combines aspects of physical activity, listening and decision-making skills, teamwork and leadership, as well as instilling a lifelong appreciation for joy through movement. (MW) 1400 S. Foothill Drive, No. 250, SLC, 801-876-5323,
2. SLC Strength and Conditioning
3. Rise Athletic Club

Best Fitness/Aerobics Class Instructor
Sarah Betts
Teacher and co-founder of Seek Studio (awarded Best Interval & Circuit Training), Sarah Betts is all about mindful movement. With a master's degree in holistic nutrition and nearly a decade of yoga instruction under her Lululemon belt bag, she knows how to take you from sun salutation to full-on sweat sesh and back down to savasana like she's been doing it all her life. Sign up for her FLOW: Strong class and see what we mean. (MW) 1790 S. 1100 East, Ste. 201, SLC, 385-355-4830,
2. Mike Barney
3. Gianna Colosimo

Best Gymnastics Training
Gymnastics Training Center
Becoming a gymnast is about so much more than strength and flexibility. It's about overcoming your fears, and no one knows that better than the experienced instructors at GTC. The majority of them love training on the beam, the gymnasts' ultimate test of both mental and physical skill. And with classes for kids as young as preschool, GTC proves it's never too early to start building confidence and self-esteem. (MW) 1470 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-433-0801,
2. Utah Tumbling Academy
3. Elite Gymnastics

  • Courtesy Photo
  • Seek Studios

Best Interval/Circuit Training
Seek Studio
Seek Studio—where functional fitness meets mindful movement—splits up their training into three categories: yoga, functional training and indoor cycling. Beginners are welcome, but instructors here—including Best of Utah Body and Mind winner Sarah Betts—excel at pushing you to your personal best with challenging workouts for all skill levels. So, if you're bored of the same old/same old, Seek can help take you further on your fitness journey. (MW) 1790 S. 1100 East, Ste. 201, SLC, 385-355-4830,
2. Rebel House
3. F45

Best Martial Arts School
Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning
Founded by John McKean (Best of Utah Body and Mind Best Martial Arts Instructor), Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school that also offers group fitness classes. CASC specializes in Gi and NoGi jiu-jitsu, as well as jiu-jitsu for kids, and is open to all skill levels. Classes are free to try and the upstairs Church & State co-working area provides free wi-fi, coffee and snacks to all CASC students. (MW) 370 S. 300 East, SLC, 801-428-7612,
2. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
3. Bernales Institute of Martial Arts

John McKean, - Combat Arts Strength - & Conditioning - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • John McKean, Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning

Best Martial Arts Instructor
John McKean
John is a 2nd degree Pedro Sauer Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with over 20 years of training and competition history. He's also a former professional MMA fighter. John founded Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning in 2015 and has grown it into an amazing community of people who are excited to learn jiu-jitsu and embrace the positive impact it has on their lives. In fact, nearly every five-star Google review mentions John by name—here, you're truly learning jiu-jitsu from the best. (MW) Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning, 370 S. 300 East, SLC, 801-428-7612,
2. Will Bernales
3. Logan Yuen

Best Tai Chi/Qigong Instructor
Scott White
In 2010, Scott White founded Qigong and Tai Chi Utah. He is a certified teacher of qigong and tai chi and is certified in Tai Chi Easy™ and Tai Chi Chair. With over 25 years' experience as a personal fitness trainer and sports trainer and health coach, White is proud to share his excitement for Tai Chi healing arts with his students and regularly teaches outdoor classes with plenty of room for social distancing. (MW) Qi Gong and Thai Chi Utah, 801-556-5964,
2. Toni Lock, BS, EP-C, CPI, RYT200
3. Master Lu

Best Personal Trainer
Erin Butler, CNT
Erin Butler is a certified nutrition therapist who has also received her Level 1 certification with the Nutritional Coaching Institute as a nutrition coaching specialist and is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. As an advocate for balancing both mental and physical health, she finds passion in empowering others to find balance, define their own idea of health, and give them tools to achieve their best self. (MW) BE Nutrition & Training,
2. Stephen Pizza, BS, M.Ed., CSCS/NSCA
3. Anne Casstevens, StrongFirst Elite Instructor

Best Pilates Studio
Roll Pilates, yoga and massage all into one studio and you've got Holladay darling, Rocksteady. Locals rave about the Pilates classes, which encompass mat, reformer-less and burn-reformer Pilates in rejuvenating and invigorating 60-minute sessions designed to deliver noticeable results. As one reviewer said, "Rocksteady is a rock-solid beautiful place for movement and exploration." (MW) 4689 Holladay Blvd., Holladay, 801-277-9166,
2. Movement Design Lab
3. Peak 45

Best Pole Fitness
Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio
Have you ever thought, "Oops, I accidentally worked out?" Yeah, me neither. But at Onyx, that's exactly what they offer—the "accidental workout" to help you achieve better health through fitness made fun. How fun? Think five levels of pole dancing and choreographed routines full of spins, climbs, elbow stands, fan kicks, inverts, shoulder mounts, handsprings and more, all in an inclusive atmosphere that will coax out your sassy inner pole dancer. (MW) 8385 Allen St., No. 114, Sandy, 801-652-9575,
2. The Salt Mine
3. La Bombe Pole Fitness

Best Private Gym
Rebel House
Think all gyms are the same? Clearly you haven't been to Rebel House. With Sugar House and downtown locations, it has quickly transformed from new kid on the block to owning the block and has a nearly cult-like following of die-hard Rebels who can't get enough of the gym's signature boxing-inspired HIIT classes, indoor cycling and beat based yoga, aptly named Riot, Ride and Rehab, respectively. (MW) Multiple locations, 801-718-7448,
2. Fit to Recover
3. SLC Strength and Conditioning

Best Public Recreation Center
SLC Sports Complex
Craving a bit of cardio followed by a cool, refreshing dip in the pool? How about a cycling class and a few spins around the ice rink? Strength training and a soak in the hot tub? SLC Sports Complex delivers the ideal mix of workout and play at prices that make it easy to come back again and again. With the outdoor pool officially open for summer, there's no better time to find a routine you'll love and get your pre-quarantine body back—just don't forget the SPF. (MW) 645 S. Guardsman Way, SLC, 385-468-1925,
2. The Basin Recreation Fieldhouse
3. Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation Service Area

Best Ski/ Snowboard School
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
If you "pizza" when you're supposed to "french fry," you're going to have a bad time. Luckily, the expert ski and snowboard instructors at Snowbird will keep you upright and shredding confidently in no time. With lessons for kids, youth and adults, plus private options, multi-week clinics and women's ski camps, there's something for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. You can't beat learning from the best on the best snow on earth at Snowbird. (MW) 9385 S. Snowbird Center Drive, Snowbird, 801-933-2222,
2. Brighton
3. Alta

Best Community Swimming Pool
Steiner Aquatic Center
The annual opening of the outdoor pool at Steiner Aquatic Center, part of the SLC Sports Complex (Best Public Recreation Center winner), may as well be the unofficial kickoff to summer. Locals love lounging on poolside deck chairs, soaking up the mountain sun, swimming laps and splashing in the wading area. Celebrating its 31st year this July, Steiner also features a heated indoor pool, two diving boards and a hot tub. (MW) 645 S. Guardsman Way, SLC, 385-468-1925,
2. I.J. & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center (JCC)
3. Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation Service Area

Best Water Aerobics Classes
Sports Mall
Dive into the weekend with a Saturday morning Aqua Zumba class, one of four low-impact water aerobics offerings at the Sports Mall in Murray. Students rave about the top-notch instructors and massive indoor/outdoor pool (covered in the winter) with views of the tennis courts. Go deeper (literally) with a W.E.T. class to focus on strength and cardio or the Wet n' Weights class with water bells. (MW) 5445 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-261-3426,
2. Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation Service Area
3. Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center

Best Tennis Instruction
Liberty Hills Tennis
With the passing of beloved tennis coach Mike Martines in January 2020, Coach Mike's Tennis Academy has transitioned to become Liberty Hills Tennis, LLC, with two locations: one in Liberty Park (aka Liberty HIlls) and the other on the East Bench (aka Wasatch Hills). Liberty Hills has a new hitting wall and has begun offering Saturday morning adult clinics while Wasatch Hills (located on Foothill Boulevard and 1300 South) will receive a new clubhouse and bubble this year. Both locations offer junior and adult classes, as well as private lessons. (MW) 801-583-9451,
2. Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club
3. Sports Mall

SLC Strength & Conditioning - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • SLC Strength & Conditioning

Best Weight Training and Instruction
SLC Strength and Conditioning
For many Utahns, lockdowns and unease about safety standards among public places kept them away from the gym for extended periods of time. SLC Strength and Conditioning, which provided sanitizer and temperature checks to patrons, took the pandemic seriously from day one. While also providing virtual training, they are eager to host you for individual and group classes with their friendly and knowledgeable staff. (MS) 3232 S. Highland Drive, Millcreek, 801-810-0373,
2. Able Body and Mind
3. Fit to Recover

Best Yoga Instructor
Larissa Gaul, RYT, MS
After some time at a desk job, Larissa Gaul decided to trade her swivel chair for a yoga mat to become a full-time yoga instructor. Gaul emphasizes breath work to create a dynamic and fulfilling flow, ever changing her classes to fit her clients' specific needs. She has a small candle-lit home studio or is more than happy to come to you, either at your home or online. (MS) 800-959-2497,
2. Dillion Chase
3. Jessa Munion

Jessa Munion of Rocksteady - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Jessa Munion of Rocksteady

Best Yoga Teacher Training
Rocksteady founder Jessa Munion grew up in Cameroon, Japan, Canada and China. Her world view and open-mindedness gave her the ideal foundation to begin a yoga teacher training company, adapting to the styles of students. Teachers and practitioners at Rocksteady are master "body whisperers" and aim to rejuvenate and invigorate the whole self. (MS) 4689 S. Holladay Blvd., Holladay, 801-277-9166,
2. Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. Arrichion Hot Yoga

Best Yoga Studio
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Utah's first hot yoga studio, Salt Lake Power Yoga turns up the heat to create a one-of-a-kind yoga experience for members. Based on the foundation of Baptiste yoga, their powerful flow can help you reduce stress, lose weight, recover from injury, increase focus and much more. Regardless of your age or experience, you'll easily find your place at Salt Lake Power Yoga. (MS) 250 E. 300 South, No. 200, SLC, 801-468-9642,
2. Rocksteady
3. Centered City Yoga

Best Acroyoga Classes
Root to Rise
The very intimate form of yoga, known as acroyoga, combines traditional yoga with acrobatics and includes partner and group lifts. Root to Rise instructors are knowledgeable and there to assist in every step and lift and movement. Along with their acroyoga classes, they have an extensive list of other yoga, kids' fitness and workout classes—online offerings, too. (MS) 160 N. Station Pkwy., Farmington, 801-451-5443,
2. Arrichion Hot Yoga
3. Park City Yoga Adventures

Best Fitness Inspiration
Dan Cooney, Torrent Cycle
Torrent Cycle's co-founder Dan Cooney was born and raised in New York and had aspirations of becoming a lawyer and going to Yale. His life trajectory changed when he met his partner, Mike, and together they moved to Salt Lake City, bringing the Torrent Cycle experience—his true passion—to Utah. According to Cooney, an avid EDM fan, his classes are like "being front row at the Sahara Tent at Coachella." (MS) 252 E. 300 South, SLC, 385-270-5132,
2. Sese Ianu
3. Carrie Goodwin

Best Life Coach
Rachelle Ballard, Terra Health Collective
Rachelle Ballard is the co-founder of Terra Health Collective in Salt Lake City. Locally born, raised and educated, Ballard earned her master's in exercise physiology and wellness coaching from the University of Utah. Her certifications in yoga instructing, personal training and life coaching allow her to create individual and personal programs for individuals seeking improved mental and physical health. (MS) 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC,

Best Acupuncture Clinic
Flow Acupuncture
After being recognized by City Weekly readers in 2020, the talented team at Flow Acupuncture—Melissa, Mallory and Alessandra—makes it back-to-back in 2021 as our Body and Mind Best Acupuncture Clinic. Needles and pins make many folks wary, but once you try this ancient remedy, you'll return again for relief from pain, digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia. Each member of the team brings expertise to this practice, from sports medicine to cosmetic acupuncture, fertility and women's health. And now, Alessandra can offer a sound bath/guided meditation acupuncture treatment. (MS) 150 S. 600 East, Ste. 2B, SLC, 385-242-0649,

Leah Klein, Heal With Leah - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Leah Klein, Heal With Leah

Best Sound Healer
Heal With Leah
So, what exactly is sound healing? In short, it's a practice that uses vibrations to relax your mind and body. Leah Klein started her sound healing process after suffering from anxiety and substance abuse issues—she found meditation and sound healing helped her out of that dark place, and she hasn't looked back since. Sound meditation practice for Klein is a way to give back to the community and help those in need and improve the lives of her clients. It's available for both individuals and groups. (MS) 801-657-1265,

Best Holistic Spine Care
Intermountain Spine Institute
Spinal problems are among the most painful and debilitating to plague humankind. To manage the myriad issues, Intermountain Spine Institute's clinic offers an integrated approach to back care—starting with its rapid evaluation of back conditions, utilizing an onsite digital radiology suite and partnering with local imaging centers to provide rapid access to CT, MRI and bone scans. The institute's team of surgeons, physiatrists, physical therapists, even social workers and psychologists allow for a team approach to healing. This clinic stresses providing compassion for patients, which anyone who's endured acute spinal pain can tell you is so often missing in their treatment. (MS) TOSH Medical Tower Bldg., 5770 S. 250 East, Ste. 135, Murray, 801-314-2225,

Best Mole Inspections
Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology
Don't ignore your moles in Utah, a state that boasts one of the highest skin-cancer rates. At Swinyer-Woseth you can be seen for a comprehensive exam of your moles, and it's a good idea to start when you're young. But that's far from all this office can offer. From acne to allergies to fungal diseases, your diagnosis and treatment are in expert hands. That is equally so for cosmetic skin care needs requiring treatments such as Botox, Juvederm or Kybella. Laser hair removal is another service offered at Swinyer-Woseth. (MS) 1548 E. 4500 South, Ste. 202, SLC, 801-266-8841,

Renato Saltz, M.D. - Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Victoria - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Renato Saltz, M.D.Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Victoria

Best Mommy Makeover
Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Victoria
Renalto Saltz, MD, long envisioned bringing together a team of medical professionals to provide a wide range of aesthetic services, such as those needed for a "mommy makeover" (i.e., a tummy tuck; breast augmentation, lift or reduction; liposuction, etc.). From the start to the end of a patient's journey, the Saltz method is designed to achieve a beautiful face and body. The practice is acclaimed nationally and internationally for its cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive work. (MS) 5445 S. Highland Drive, SLC, 801-274-9500; 1441 Ute Blvd., Ste. 140, Park City, 435-655-6612;

Best Wellness Under One Roof
Terra Health Collective
One roof, many health-care selections. That's what you'll find at Terra Health Collective. From retreats to workshops and training, the team at Terra Health (formerly The Little Wellness Place), offers a new and more spacious gathering spot for yoga, acupuncture, green healing and more under the roof of blue skies and stars. (MS) 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC,

Best Massage for TMJ
Sarah Jensen, LMT
Those suffering pain and stiffness in the jaw, face and neck from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders may be unaware of the benefit from massage. It often relieves headache, earache, clenching and difficulty in opening or closing the mouth ("lockjaw"). Sarah Jensen offers a variety of therapeutic massage including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and cranial sacral. But her TMJ sessions bring relief from jaw tightness and promote healing for those undergoing dental procedures such as root canals and extractions. (JW) 385-549-9366

Best Pandemic Voice of Reason
Angela Dunn, MD
Utah's former state epidemiologist Angela Dunn likely never dreamed of becoming a household name, but her televised updates at the governor's pandemic press conferences were highly regarded. Not afraid to advocate for science-based efforts to contain the virus, she spoke in favor of mask mandates and social distancing and against decisions such as the state's proposed purchase of hydroxychloroquine that some hoped might prevent or treat the virus (the FDA has since withdrawn the drug from emergency use). For her life-saving contributions, Dunn faced down anti-mask protestors waving signs outside her residence. Dunn will start a new job as the executive director of the Salt Lake County Health Department in July. (JW)


The Needs of the Many
Opinion By Jenny Poplar

In April 2020, there was a terrifying period when my adopted home of New Orleans had the highest rate of per capita COVID-19 deaths in the United States. On April 4, 2020, The Wall Street Journal reported that COVID was killing residents of New Orleans at a significantly higher rate than other areas of the country. It was clear that the city's recent Mardi Gras celebrations had been a superspreader event. Ambulance sirens blared around the clock. Several beloved friends, neighbors and co-workers fell ill. A handful did not survive. I still get a cold chill when I think back to a Sunday paper that included eight pages of obituaries.

After such a devastating tide of illness and death, I remain baffled why so many are still reluctant to get the COVID vaccine. Both my adopted home of Louisiana and my home state of Utah have consistently been in the bottom of tier of states with robust COVID vaccination rates. Thanks to the recent inclusion of young people with no pre-existing conditions, Utah appears to be making some promising strides. However, a recent Deseret News article noted that recent data suggests that vaccine hesitancy is still sizable enough to prevent Utah from reaching herd immunity.

Throughout the pandemic, I have often channeled the iconic Star Trek character Spock—the alien from the planet Vulcan. Vulcans are known for their impeccable logic. What would Spock do if there were a pandemic that was threatening the health of his fellow Vulcans? He'd surely consider the relevant data and ultimately trust a vaccine that had been proven safe and effective.

In a tear-jerking Star Trek episode, Spock sacrifices his life telling his captain: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." I have often asked myself if it is possible to convince the vaccine-hesitant that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is so much more than a personal decision. Are vaccine-hesitant people able to see the larger picture?

An April Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll noted the most common reason Utah-based respondents gave for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine is thinking the vaccine is "not necessary." Perhaps certain younger respondents think that if they develop COVID, it will be nothing more than a mild flu. And maybe rural respondents living in sparsely populated areas think that COVID is a big-city problem that won't affect them.

The poll also noted that many respondents don't trust vaccines and worry about side effects. Unfortunately, the internet is awash with flawed information about vaccines that have zero basis in fact. Anti-vaxxers like former police officer Eric Moutsos—who made headlines by burning an effigy of a giant syringe labeled "medical tyranny" in Moroni, Utah—have framed public-health measures meant to combat COVID-19 as a sinister government plot to infringe on basic civil liberties.

In a recent Desert News article, Intermountain Healthcare infectious disease doctor Eddie Stenehjem suggested "the needs of the many" idea might be the best way for the vaccinated to get through to those in their circle who are uncertain about getting the COVID vaccine. Dr. Stenehjem advocates "frank, non-emotional" discussions aimed at sharing relevant experiences related to the vaccine that help dispel fears.

A measured, logical Vulcan approach to making a case for the COVID-19 vaccine is easier said than done—at least for me. I get very emotional when I think about the impossibly difficult circumstances that my sister experienced working as a nurse during the height of the pandemic at a Salt Lake City hospital. My eyes fill with tears when I think of my friends, neighbors and co-workers in New Orleans who died excruciating deaths in the early days of the pandemic.

Deep down, I know that the Vulcan approach to vaccine hesitancy is the correct one. Perhaps a constructive dialogue sprinkled with indisputable information will help sway the resistant. Maybe try telling your vaccine-hesitant friend, neighbor or family member that vaccines have been used safely and effectively in the Western world since the late 1700s, when English physician Edward Jenner discovered that the cowpox virus protected individuals against smallpox.

There will always be segments of the population impervious to logic. Anti-science zealots have squawked very loudly since learning the Earth was round. But most of the hesitant are not out protesting in the streets, and there's a good chance that your family and friends can be reasoned with. It may not be your job to convince stragglers to get vaccinated. But, telling a vaccine-hesitant friend that the effects from the vaccine are minimal may make a meaningful impact.

If I were to have a dialogue with a vaccine-hesitant person in my life, I would remind them that there are many people—myself included—who live with chronic diseases that put us at high risk for COVID-19 complications. If I have to take immunosuppressant medication to control my autoimmune disease, my COVID-19 vaccine may be less protective. Every person who gets vaccinated decreases the likelihood that a medically vulnerable person like me will have a severe case of COVID that could land us in the hospital, or worse.

As Spock says, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Thinking of the needs of the larger community is the most logical course of action.

Jenny Poplar is a Salt Lake native who lives (and writes) in New Orleans. Send comments to

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