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Feedback from June 13 and Beyond 

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Not So Fast
Barry Hecker again asks the Utah Department of Transportation to change its traffic controls ("Traffic Trouble," June 13 Soap Box), having previously complained about these in December 2022.

What Mr. Hecker considers to be a common sense solution to short green turning arrows has unintended consequences: Longer green arrows means longer red lights, with longer reds providing more incentive to run them.

Through traffic running red lights means longer waits before taking green arrows, leaving the problem unresolved or perhaps worse than before—and certainly more dangerous.

I have two suggestions: First, the Utah Department of Transportation should abandon traffic lights altogether. The best traffic flow I experience in Salt Lake City is when traffic lights are out of service.

Despite how horribly Utahns drive (at least in Salt Lake City), they all seem to know how to wait their turns at four-way, uncontrolled intersections.

Traffic may be slow (which helps to eliminate speeding), but the wait times are shorter and, as we say back East, at least traffic is moving.

My other suggestion is for Mr. Hecker: If you fear for your life trying to turn left onto 45th South from State Street or Van Winkle, or onto Van Winkle from 9th East, then please avoid those intersections.

If you fear making left turns in general, then it's time either to stop driving or to see a psychiatrist.

"Cracks in the 'Sin Screen,'"
June 6 Cover
[Latter-day Saints] are god's-wrath-fearing-patriotic-U.S.-americans; and what's more American than war profiteering?

The irony is that after its people were poisoned by U.S. nuclear testing, they now invest in and profit from that same death cult of capital. A peculiar people, indeed.
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Go Latter-day Saints! You all live up to the name!
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War = Money-making business. Stop funding genocide if you all want a healthy planet and people. Plain and simple.
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Did The Salt Lake Tribune take over Salt Lake City Weekly?
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In other words, LDS church invests millions into the local economy and creates thousands of jobs. But yeah.
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What's this? Another PR blunder for the Cult of Mammon? Every month they step on a new rake and I'm here applauding it.
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Anyone who is a native Utahn knew this was going on, but just like y'all are keeping quiet on who you are voting for. We all know who you are voting for, too.
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I don't know, seems like most tithe-payers are very pro-destruction.
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