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  • Jewish Arts Festival

    Saturday Nov. 13-Sunday Nov. 14 @ Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center
      The festival has morsels for the whole family to enjoy. Browse the Vendor Village for arts, crafts and other goodies, and the Book Fair for works on Jewish culture and...
  • Dr. Reza Aslan: “The Future of Islam”
  • Dr. Reza Aslan: “The Future of Islam”

    Monday Oct. 25 @ Salt Lake City Main Library Auditorium
      Islam is one of the most politically divisive topics in America today—burrowed into the national consciousness with the 9/11 terrorist attacks ...
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  • Tomato Sandwich Party

    Saturday Sept. 11 @ Wasatch Community Garden
      End-of-summer bliss can be summed up in one succulent bite of a juicy vine-ripened tomato. The Wasatch Community Garden celebrates the gastronomical delightfulness...
  • Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

    Sept. 2-4 at Mt. Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon
      The oral tradition of telling tales is older than recorded human history and a beloved pastime that unites generations. The prestigious Timpanogos Storytelling Festival...
  • Global Trekker Helen Thayer

    Monday Aug. 2 at Utah Museum of Natural History
      In her upcoming presentation, devoted to inspiring tales of intrigue and beautiful photography, Thayer will detail her most recent 1,000-mile walk across ...
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  • Lisa Williams: <em>Messages from Beyond</em>
  • Lisa Williams: Messages from Beyond

    Friday July 16
      Got a hunch that someone on the other side of the Great Unknown is trying to get a message to you by speaking through subtle and not-so-subtle coincidences...
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  • Llama Fest
  • Llama Fest

    Saturday July 17
      Name one person who doesn't find llamas, which look uncannily like furry camels, to be irresistibly delightful? Enough said.
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  • Dr. Wilma Johnson: "Samburu Tribespeople of Kenya"

    Thursday July 15
      There are typically two visions of Africa: One that imagines the grace and dignity of tribes living in nature and another that focuses on the struggle for survival...


Llama Fest Llama Fest Saturday July 17 July 15, 2010

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