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  • Jewish Arts Festival

    Saturday Nov. 13-Sunday Nov. 14 @ Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center
    • The festival has morsels for the whole family to enjoy. Browse the Vendor Village for arts, crafts and other goodies, and the Book Fair for works on Jewish culture and...
  • Dr. Reza Aslan: “The Future of Islam”
  • Dr. Reza Aslan: “The Future of Islam”

    Monday Oct. 25 @ Salt Lake City Main Library Auditorium
    • Islam is one of the most politically divisive topics in America today—burrowed into the national consciousness with the 9/11 terrorist attacks ...
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  • Tomato Sandwich Party

    Saturday Sept. 11 @ Wasatch Community Garden
    • End-of-summer bliss can be summed up in one succulent bite of a juicy vine-ripened tomato. The Wasatch Community Garden celebrates the gastronomical delightfulness...
  • Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

    Sept. 2-4 at Mt. Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon
    • The oral tradition of telling tales is older than recorded human history and a beloved pastime that unites generations. The prestigious Timpanogos Storytelling Festival...
  • Global Trekker Helen Thayer

    Monday Aug. 2 at Utah Museum of Natural History
    • In her upcoming presentation, devoted to inspiring tales of intrigue and beautiful photography, Thayer will detail her most recent 1,000-mile walk across ...
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  • Lisa Williams: <em>Messages from Beyond</em>
  • Lisa Williams: Messages from Beyond

    Friday July 16
    • Got a hunch that someone on the other side of the Great Unknown is trying to get a message to you by speaking through subtle and not-so-subtle coincidences...
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  • Llama Fest
  • Llama Fest

    Saturday July 17
    • Name one person who doesn't find llamas, which look uncannily like furry camels, to be irresistibly delightful? Enough said.
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  • Dr. Wilma Johnson: "Samburu Tribespeople of Kenya"

    Thursday July 15
    • There are typically two visions of Africa: One that imagines the grace and dignity of tribes living in nature and another that focuses on the struggle for survival...


Jeff Farwell: Vision Circle Saturday, Nov. 14 November 11, 2009

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