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Thursday, July 2, 2009


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I love fireworks just as much as the next guy.....HOWEVER.....try and not set my neighborhood on fire please.%uFFFD We go through this every year with authorities doing public service commercials and all the local news stations doing stories showing the same video of mannequins having their hands, faces, heads and whole bodies blown up along with the obligatory watermellon explosion.

Every year the same idiots trek to Evanston to fill up with trunks with WMD's.%uFFFD You would think that Evanston was our Syria as we cross the boarder to buy booze cheap%uFFFDand celebritory weaponry.%uFFFD I don't mean to sound like the old cogger down the street who's greatest joy is yelling at kids to get off his lawn, but fireworks contain the word FIRE.%uFFFD I wonder if you are allowed to yell fireworks in a crowded theater?%uFFFD I digress.%uFFFD I love the 4th of July and everything that it stands for and what goes along with celebrating our nations birthday, I just don't want to see anyone injured or their property damaged by celebrants.

Kind of like%uFFFDNASCAR and airline flying,%uFFFD it should be left to professionals.%uFFFD Unfortunatly because of the economy this will be the last year that there will be the annual ritual at Sugar House Park.%uFFFD Budget constraints has caused park operators to rule out any further celebrations in the future.%uFFFD We can only hope that things will improve enough that they can return in years to come.%uFFFD

I love to see the joy in the eyes of little kids as we watch the bombs bursting in air and wish they would never end but as far as your neighborhood dimwit who thinks he is JACKASS movie material and will be the block hero with his cache of bottle rockets and stuff,%uFFFD set them off in your living room or basement and hear the squeels of the delighted children as they try and escape the inferno.%uFFFD

I have my own tradition, having a fifth on the fourth and counting my fingers on the sixth.%uFFFD

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