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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GOD Speaks Tuber

Posted By on January 6, 2010, 2:47 PM

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Holy cow, is that really a Holy Cow? ---

Being Italian, it goes without saying that I was baptized a Catholic.  Not that I have ever paid much attention to religion of any sort after the Nuns couldn't answer my inquiring mind about some theoligical doctrine.  I was just supposed to believe without question.  I was reminded that such questioning was answered with the same answer.  "Take it on faith and sit down".  I was obnoxious and kept asking questions until I was no longer attending Catholic school.  Back then the Nuns really wore the penguin habits that seemed to be made of burlap. I believe that is what made them so mean.  Hell, I would be grumpy if I had to wear that sack all day. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have figured out that God speaks to all of us through the universal language of grease stains on the bottom of pizza boxes, grilled cheese sandwiches, calves, tinted building windows, honey-mustard pretzels and the latest.....potatos.  Lets not forget that they are still arguing about the shroud of Turin.  Burial cloth of Jesus or just dirty linen?

I am constantly amazed and amused that people see images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in any and all manner of objects.  The rust stain on the side of a grain silo or the oil spot under your SUV.  This morning we have been treated to the Holy spuds.  From Iowa City Iowa comes yet another sign.  Slicing a potato in half revealed a cross....kind of.  If you want to believe that there is something spiritual in a tuber and it reaffirms your faith, well, good for you.  Regarding religion, I have always said that whatever makes you feel better and helps you cope with life....great.  At the same time don't try and make me believe that a tree in downtown Salt Lake actually was chosen by God to depict the Virgin Mary in it's bark.  People have made that tree into some sort of shrine and people actually get some spiritual something by visiting it, or lighting candles, or laying flowers around it.

I think I am an agnostic because I am too lazy to deal with the physical effort it takes to be religious.  I have never understood why I should have to go to a building across town to believe in whatever it is you would have me believe in.  I watch in amazement at these TV evangelists and their mega churches that rake in millions of dollars from common people who probably can ill afford to give their money to some guy spouting fire and brimstone.  The same goes for atheists.  I was asked once to speak to a group of atheists and the first thing I did was question the group, why do you have an organization that gathers to not believe something?  I can believe or not believe all by myself without a support group or going to a gathering place.  This goes back to my basic laziness.  Don't get me wrong, I think various religious groups do lots of good in the world helping people who have been victims of natural disasters and such.  For the soup kitchens, clothing drives and such, I say good on you and you are good people.

This still doesn't explain why some of these same people who are caring and compassionate towards their fellow man get all gooey eyed at the sight of a potato or other object that they think is a sign from God. If it is a sign, what is it signifying? Go in peace and do you want fries with that?

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