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Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Bush's fault!

Posted By on August 1, 2009, 3:32 PM

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When all else fails, blame Bush!  I recieved a notice that it was neighborhood cleanup time and the city would be putting dumpsters on the street so we could throw out unwanted stuff and they would hall it away.  I'm not talking about crap that you can stuff in your garbage can ---but huge stuff like you find on the freeway because some numbnuts didn't secure their load of furniture or mattress. 

The notice said that we could put virtually anything in these dumpsters, old appliances, refridgerators, lawn mowers, cars, concret, microwaves, relatives who have over stayed their welcome.  Anything except WMD's, and I guess if you rolled up a nuke in an old mattress who would know?

I even wrote on my desk calendar that today, Saturday the 1st was trash day so in preparation I hauled up some crap from the back yard and even got out the chain saw and trimmed all the scrub  oak in front.  That was yesterday because the notice mentioned that the dumpsters would only be there for the day and removed the following day.  I didn't want to miss out on this chance so I did all this prep work yesterday and my front lawn looks like what the Clampett's old front yard looked like when they left for Hollywood.

This morning feeling smug because I was ready I eagerly went out front and looked for the dumpsters.  Nothing.....Hmmm...maybe they were a little late in delivering these portable blackholes.  I waited a couple of hours and still nothing.  I even got in my car and drove around the neighborhood thinking they just didn't put one in front of my house.  Still nothing.  I came home and started to rant at my wife and even showed her the card that announced the dumpster day.

She calmly pointed to the big box on the front of the card announcing that dumpster day was 9-1-09.  I said, "Yea, so...."  She said that was next month, not this month!  Not to be completely out smarted by my own stupidity I promptly made a small sign announcing a "YARD SALE".  Prices have been drastically reduced and it was all part of the governments "Cash for Trash" program.  (crickets................)

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