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Sunday, May 18, 2008

May Gallery Stroll, Part 1: Disorderly House

Posted By on May 18, 2008, 10:00 AM

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So, in May I didn't just hit up one spot, I hit up two doing their thing along the Stroll this month.  But with a different change of pace as neither were spots that were officially a part of the Stroll, but still partake in the event showing people that there's more to the experience than what you've been told is out there.

First one up, Disorderly House.  Taking over the space on the Broadway Strip once occupied by Redemption Department, this fixed gear boutique is giving downtown another fixture for both fashion as well as bike accessories.  And with the restrictions of the Stroll not imposed on them, they stay open later to bring in the crowd looking for something outside the norm.  --- I dropped by to take pictures of the place, and interview co-owner William Lapthorne about the store as well as the art on display this month and various other topics.

William Lapthorne & Tony Jacobsen

Hey, first off, tell us a little about yourselves.

William: We're just a couple of guys really.  We really like bikes.  In fact we've got unnecessarily geeky about them.  We like what's going on in larger cities and the bicycle communities they have that seem to just be growing.  We're tired of hearing people complain about SLC not having anything cool and moving away to other places where all the cool is at. We figure why stick around and make some cool happen locally.  Hence, Disorderly House.  We're just trying to bring a little something extra to SLC.

Gavin: For those unaware, what is Disorderly House?

William: Disorderly House is a Fixed Gear Boutique/ Gallery. This means we sell bicycles, parts and accessories (namely fixed and single speed oriented) and boutique style fashion wear. Mostly women's clothing actually.  But don't worry guys; we've got stuff for you too.

Gavin: And for those wondering, what happened to Redemption Department?

William: As far as Redemption's decision to sell, it's unclear really.  Where it went after we bought it? We're actually selling to a Canadian.  Neat, huh?  The sale should be final in early June. Afterwards the online cartel and Ebay store should be operating again.  So for those of you who miss Redemption's style, keep your eyes peeled.

Gavin: Are you simply doing bikes and parts or do you think you'll turn to repairing them down the road?

William: We've already started to work on bikes.  Thanks to BFC for supplying us with a fancy bike stand thingy, we can now look very official and serious as we tinker with bikes. Neither of us are certified bike mechanics by any means but we're more than happy to try real hard.  For every bike you bring in we learn something new and i personally love working on bikes.  It's great when people walk into the shop and there's some guy, all greasy and working on a bike right next to the cash wrap.  I think it adds to the experience of a visit to our shop. But just so you know, we're very capable of doing tune ups, changing tires and flats and what not.  Our favorite thing right now is to do conversions:  Geared bikes into fixed or single speed bikes.

Gavin: Do you feel there's a big cycling community in Utah, or is it primarily focused in downtown and places with trails?

William: There's definitely a large community here.  It may be more urban and downtown focused, but at least that's a start.  Utah is however a major mountain biking Mecca, so there's that too. It's a real treat to see a new bike out there every time I ride.

Gavin: Now are you only doing Women’s clothing, or will you expand to both genders?

William: As mentioned earlier, we do carry clothing for both genders.  However, we're catering to women more because they simply buy more.  It works really well, dresses for the girls, bikes for the guys.  We'll definitely be expanding more though, and hopefully soon.  We're hoping to bring in some premium denim lines for guys and girls, expand our women's collection; we'll be carrying limited edition collaborative Zuriick/Lake of Salt shoes in a bout a week.  Don't worry.

Gavin: What is your take on the local fashion scene here in Utah, both good and bad?

William: Being on Broadway is great, it's like hipster central.  We see just about everything. I think the kids have got it going on.  The older crowds bore me to death though.  We tired of seeing G-star and black t-shirts.  I think SLC has a pretty serious hard core scene from a few years back that's not really giving up.  I don't know though, I've only lived here for just over two years.  I'm not one to talk though, I just wear nerdy fixed gear shirts and my shorts seem to be getting shorter and shorter.   My accessories consist of a u-lock and a messenger bag.  Who the hell am I to talk about fashion? I was hopeless in high school and I don't think much has changed since then.

Gavin: Is there anything you feel could be done to improve it?

William: Yes, it seems all SLC really has to offer is the mall.  We stopped going there a long time ago, it's really discouraging (actually we still go there to buy video games).   All we really need are some more local boutiques bringing things that you can't get at the mall.  You know, like cool stuff. I think it's happening to, we're offering you more than just the mall.  Just down town there's Disorderly House, Model Citizen, and Fice.  All of which offer things you typically can't find anywhere else. It's happening and we're excited to a part of it.

Gavin: What's your involvement with Gallery Stroll been like since opening?

William: Gallery stroll is great.  We're proud to be apart of it and to be participating with everyone else on Broadway.  Business is awesome every time, and the crowds are really fun.

Gavin: Do you feel it's better to do your own thing that isn't directly a part of the Stroll, or would you rather be a part of it?

William: Since Broadway has become the major Stroll destination it's almost impossible to avoid it.  We much prefer to be directly involved.  We opened up with intention of being an installation space on top of doing the boutique thing and it's worked so far.  We're particularly excited about Novembers Gallery Stroll.  We have a Five year old doing our show.  He's the little brother of one of our good friends and I think it's going to be lots of fun.

Gavin: Who are you featuring on the Stroll this month?

William: This month we have Kenny Riches.  His show looks great. Come check it out.

Gavin: While we're on the topic, what's your opinion on the local art scene, both good and bad?

William: Since I basically live on Broadway (meaning I don't get out to other locations very often) my opinion might be a bit skewed.  Everything I've seen done on Broadway has been really cool. It seems to be way more indie and underground.  Salt Lake has some really incredible artists and I was really impressed when I first moved here to discover that there was surprisingly a lot going on.

Gavin: What do you think could be done to make it bigger?

William: Support the artists more!

Gavin: What can we expect from Disorderly House the rest of the year?

William: Lots more bikes, in fact we'll be carrying customized Disorderly House frames in the coming months.  More Women's clothing, and yes... more guys clothing as well.  We'll be hosting Bike trick competitions all summer long which are a lot of fun.  Then there's Gallery Stroll and Fashion Strolls to keep up with.

Gavin: Anything you'd like to plug while we're here?

William: Yes, cars are a bummer.  Ride a bike!  Also, just so everybody knows, we like bikes. ALL BIKES.  We might be more fixed gear and single speed focused, but we enjoy all bikes and strongly encourage the riding of any bike in any shape or form. You won't find annoying elitism in our shop.  We might geek out on your bike for a second but that's only nerdy and kind of endearing. Come in, we like you.


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