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Josh Loftin could not have been more incorrect in his article discussing the “frivolous lawsuit” against health-care reform in which Utah is participating [“Hits & Misses,” March 25, City Weekly].

His article demonstrates that he cares more about tax money funding litigation than about constitutional law. The reverence for the U.S. Constitution continues to dwindle as more laws are passed in the name of health, safety or security.

States dispute unconstitutional legislation to maintain the balance of federal and state governments. Even if the lawsuit is “political grandstanding,” portions of the legislation are unconstitutional, such as requiring that people buy private insurance.

Health care in the United States is great and continues to improve because of significant (and costly) research and development. It’s vastly better than health care in most other countries. It’s not perfect, but it’s damned good.

It’s debatable whether the legislation “will improve” the current system. It probably will help those who cannot afford insurance. It also will encourage more people to get a free ride from a government that is notoriously bad at long-term budgeting.

The reason I find this bill most ridiculous is that when passed, it needed fixing—proving it was not thoroughly researched.

If reforming the system was the goal, then don’t do it partially. It does not put the power back into the hands of the patient to negotiate costs, and it does not address tort reform or anything related to medical litigation. It forces higher expenses on businesses and increases costs for everyone.

Real reform would reduce costs for everyone, which would reduce the number of uninsured and make it less costly for government. Improve the system for everyone—not just for people of lesser means, thereby increasing government spending. Anybody who thinks this lawsuit is going to cost taxpayers, just wait and see what this “wonderful” legislation will cost.

This recent “reform” was a slap in the face to all Americans because it didn’t fix enough. It caused problems in other ways and costs everyone. The frowning face for a “miss” should be for half-assed reform.

Brian Cates
Salt Lake City

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