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Why Tow Carpoolers? 

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The old Lowe’s off of 9000 South remains a large vacant parking lot, with no short-term plans to renovate the property by Sandy City. Over the past year, hundreds of cars have been towed from the lot, to the tune of $200-$300 a pop by Speedy Towing. As I was one of the first towed (having carpooled from this parking lot for years prior), I contacted the owner of the property, who stated it was never the intention to tow cars; they just wanted to prevent theft of copper pipe inside the abandoned building.

My question is, who is getting a cut from this scam? Sandy City is complicit in creating this eyesore, turning a blind eye while law-abiding folks trying to ease congestion on our highways and reduce pollution by carpooling are being fleeced by the hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the past year. Heck, if proceeds from this ongoing operation could be diverted to Sandy City’s budget, it could then afford to pay the 13 full-time lobbyists on its roster or allow its police department to do more than hand out tickets for speeding and, heaven forbid, rolling stops 24/7.

Greg Penrose

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