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Why Is Our Water Toxic? 

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Sally Golden touches on an important and relatively unknown subject in her letter [“There Is No ‘Clean’ Water,” May 15, City Weekly]: the purity of our public water supply.

We accept with little question that this is provided to all of us with—apart from the single need to filtrate out noxious dangers—no further adulteration. The reality is different. Our water is also treated with an unneeded additive: fluoride, an extremely dangerous chemical element. This addition offers no water cleansing benefits and seemingly is included for dubious cosmetic purposes only.

This substance has over many years been cited as having benefits as a means of preventing tooth decay. That this opinion in itself is contentious has not come into public awareness, and is largely ignored in the United States. Europe and large parts of the world have by and large either tried water fluoridation and rejected it, or chosen not to add such an unneeded compound from the outset.

Few people realize just how hazardous this additive is. Many years ago it was advertised and used as a “rodent suppressor.” In modern parlance, it is a “rat killer.”

Our water contains a known toxin; we should ask why. Is it that industry has found a profitable way to dispose of its useless hazardous waste? Or are there other disturbing themes, as Golden may be suggesting?

Malc Sheehan
Salt Lake City

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