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Why Another Venue? 

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I wrote to NewPerfomingArtsCenter.org/feedback, as I had received a postcard from them.

I wanted to share this info with City Weekly readers, as I believe my feelings are the same as many of the “silent majority.” I don’t believe this project is necessary and didn’t realize it was this far along until I got the postcard.

If you agree with me, please write or contact the developers and political leaders. This is our opportunity (albeit, perhaps too late) to have our voices heard. I vehemently oppose this project for the following three reasons:

1. SLC has enough venues that don’t fill up for touring events (think Rio Tinto Stadium). These venues could be upgraded, for a fraction of the cost of a new venue, if there were a proven demand.

2. County and city money would be better spent enhancing the lives of the current population not through occasional entertainment but through thoughtful daily quality-of-life issues—for instance, a larger free-fare zone or numerous other projects that serve the members of the population who live on incomes under $70,000 per year.

3. The people who would be attracted to this venue generally have the disposable income to travel to another city to see a show. While this doesn’t promote tourism to SLC, I don’t see it harming tourism either, if the existing venues are used in smart ways.

I am not anti-arts and culture, nor anti-development, but do not support this endeavor, as it appears to be superfluous to the needs of our city and county.

Thank you for your time reading my objection. And please, decision-makers, consider not going through with this unnecessary build.

Salt Lake City

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