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Who Owes Whom? 

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I wish to respond to Jeff Hymas of Rocky Mountain Power [“Energy Error,” Letters, Feb. 6, City Weekly] concerning charging those of us who have placed solar panels on our homes.

Our household has been a customer of RMP for nearly 32 years. We recently installed solar panels as part of the effort to clean up our terrible winter air. Our solar panels provide RMP with clean energy when it needs it the most, during peak summertime hours. With enough of us connected to the grid, we save RMP the expense of building another power plant. We do pay a monthly service fee even when we generate more power than we use. To say that we do not contribute our fair share for maintenance is laughable.

This attempt to gouge more money from us is a page right out of the Enron playbook. Explain to me how Germany manages to pay homeowners more than the going rate for their surplus solar power while RMP cannot?

Ric Lee

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