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Where to Now? 

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I read Beth Clifford’s article “The Backup Plan” [Aug. 18, City Weekly], and I feel like she nailed a common feeling on the head.

You see, at the beginning of the summer, many friends and colleagues graduated with their undergraduate degree, and most of them couldn’t find jobs. My Facebook page was filled with fervent comments about what to do now. Most, it seems, have chosen to stop going to school and give up, or continue on to a graduate program—neither of which I typically agree with (depends on your field and reasons).

I couldn’t help but think about the article again last night, when, while grabbing some food and beers, my friend of 10 years confessed to me that he was having a mild breakdown about
college. It all began at the beginning of the  summer, when he found out that he had been misled about the requirements for the business school at the U. He spent all summer getting straight A’s and retaking classes to bring up his GPA, but, after a meeting with a counselor, found he may need to take another three semesters, and he might have a chance of getting in—all so he can end up in the same position as everybody else.

I kept telling him, “Life is now. You don’t have to wait to do whatever it is you want to do.” We talked a while about happiness and what we wanted to do over the next couple months and the winter. I don’t know if he got it. Not yet.

All this is to say: Life is now, Beth. Do what you would do if there were no gatekeepers, HR department or rules. Start with Version 0.1 of whatever that is and go. I feel for you, because I’ve been there. I’m excited to see the opportunities this experience appoints to you.

Ryan Chatterton

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