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Whether you’re new in town or just new to adulthood (no matter your age), we all need useful tips and referrals. And what to do if you don’t have that perfect best friend who has the answers to such crucial questions as, “Where can I buy a dildo?” and “Where could I file for bankruptcy?” Sure, you can Google your questions along with “Salt Lake City” (not gonna lie: we Googled a few ourselves), but not everything you search for online will be as eloquently curated and crafted as this year’s guide. So go ahead, let your fingers do the walking through our alternative yellow pages.

Where Can I Get …
By Whitney Forslund

Great Consignment Clothes?
Salt Lake City’s consignment shops are varied enough that you can find just the right fashion you’re looking for without spending department-store prices. Name Droppers (3355 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-486-1128; 2350 E. Parleys Way [2100 South], Salt Lake City, 801-474-1644, ShopNameDroppers.com) features name-brand clothing for men and women. Head to Consignment Circuit (1464 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-486-6960) to stock up on a retro wardrobe. And businesswomen should check out Cassandra’s Closet (2261 E. 3300 South,  Salt Lake City, 801-484-2522, CassandrasCloset.net) to dress for success.

Legal Advice If I Get Ripped Off?
Are you a victim of a company that scammed you out of any portion of your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Utah Legal Services (205 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-328-8891, UtahLegalServices.org) gives advice, prepares legal documents and hosts a number of low-cost or free clinics. Family Law Brief Advice Clinic is held on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Scott Matheson Courthouse (450 S. State, Room W-19, Salt Lake City)—no appointment necessary. Street Law is a project initiated by Utah Legal Services and assisted by volunteer students from the University of Utah’s law school. These clinics provide legal consultations on many subjects at the following locations: St Vincent de Paul Center (437 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City) on Thursdays at noon, and Fifth Street Viaduct (outdoors at the Fifth Street Viaduct, 500 South and 600 West, southwest corner) every Sunday at 9 a.m. Tuesday Night Bar takes place every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Utah State Bar (645 S. 200 East, Salt Lake City, 801-297-7037), for consultations with attorneys by appointment only. The Clinic for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing is held at the Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (5709 S. 1500 West, Taylorsville, 801-263-4892 [voice], 801-657-5226 [video phone]) on the second Wednesday of every month by appointment only. The Rainbow Law Brief Legal Advice Clinic is held the second Thursday of every month, from 6-8 p.m. at the Utah Pride Center (361 N. 300 West, Salt Lake City) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A Beauty Makeover?
Looking to change up your appearance? In the 9th & 9th neighborhood, the M. Scott Salon (1058 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-953-1570, MScottSalon.com) offers a variety of hair and makeup packages. You can receive hair treatment or styling instructions for the hair-do you want. At Landis Lifestyle Salon (569 N. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-364-3354; 51 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-746-0349; 1298 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-485-5506, LandisSalon.com), get a makeover and try out different ways to apply your make-up.

Advice for Going Bankrupt?
Struggling with debt can sink you. Sometimes just knowing your options can bring astounding peace of mind. Enderton & Mathews, LLC (4444 S. 700 East, No. 102, Salt Lake City, 801-207-7568, SaltLakeCityBankruptcyAttorneys.net), Justin M. Myers (1194 W. South Jordan Parkway, Suite A, South Jordan, 801-572-5389, JMMLegal.com) and Terry Jessop & Bitner (39 Exchange Place, No. 100, Salt Lake City, 801-534-0909, CBCLaw.com) can give you all the information you need to make the best bankruptcy decisions.

The Morning-After Pill?
Oops. Did you just experience condom failure? Maybe you went a little too far, a little too fast. Maybe it was even up to five days ago. Planned Parenthood (654 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-322-5571, PlannedParenthood.org) offers excellent information regarding emergency contraception and provides the morning-after pill. And the Utah Women’s Clinic (515 S. 400 East, Salt Lake City, 385-282-6302, UtahWomensClinic.reachlocal.net) provides information about the Plan B pill. If you’re informed on the pros and cons of the pill and need it after clinic hours or on Sunday, you can also get the morning-after pill at a pharmacy like Rite Aid or Walgreens, with I.D. showing that you’re at least 18.

An Abortion?
No one wants to be here, but if you are, here are clinics that can assist you with this deeply personal decision. At the Utah Women’s Clinic (515 S. 400 East, Salt Lake City, 801-385-282-6302, UtahWomensClinic.reachlocal.net), quality health care is the No. 1 goal while providing abortions. And Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive-health-care provider, does abortion procedures at its Metro Health Center (160 S. 1000 East, No. 120, Salt Lake City, 801-257-6789, PlannedParenthood.org).

A Tire Changed at 2 a.m.?
Getting a flat tire at 2 a.m. sucks. But cheer up. Salt Lake City has at least two 24-hour tire services at your disposal. Jack’s Tire & Oil (multiple locations, JacksTireAndOil.com) offers great prices on tires and, during business hours, provides other services like alignments and inspections. Places like Main Tire & Service (1885 S. 900 West, Salt Lake City, 801-232-4861, MainTireInc.com) conveniently come to your aid in a flat-tire scenario, making it easier than ever to buy new tires.

A Tow Truck When My Car Breaks Down on the Freeway?
Your car breaks down—not in front of your house or at the parking lot at work—but on the damned interstate. Who ya gonna call? Intermountain Tow Services (640 N. Main, North Salt Lake, 801-936-7626, IntermountainTow.com) or AMR Auto & Towing (1145 S. Richards St., Salt Lake City, 801-924-4270, SaltLakeCityTowing.org). Another is Atomic Towing (927 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-671-8295, AtomicTowingSaltLakeCity.com), which is equipped to handle all types of vehicles and equipment.

A Dildo?
Hoping to pick up on some good vibrations? Blue Boutique (multiple locations, BlueBoutique.com), makes shopping sexy by selling sex toys, lingerie, clothing, costumes and more. You can even get a body piercing there. Mischievous Pleasures (559 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-530-3100) might have the right “size” you’re looking for, as well as gift and party items. And Doctor John’s Lingerie (677 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-746-1417) has some of the sexiest lingerie around (and, of course, a variety of interesting dildos).

Outfitted to Ski?
Whether you’re a beginner who wants to try out the slopes before making a down payment on gear, or an expert who just didn’t want to schlep your skis across the country, Utah Ski & Golf (multiple locations, UtahSkiGolf.com) will get you outfitted for a day of skiing and snowboarding with a rental package to suit your budget. Sports Den (1350 S. Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-582-5611, SportsDen.com) offers rentals as well as the best gear, clothing and accessories for purchase. Canyon Sports (517 S. 200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-322-4220, CanyonSports.com) offers discount lift tickets, as well as gear and other essentials for rent. And Ski ‘N See (multiple locations, SkiNSee.com) offers some of the best snowboard and ski brands around, plus discounted lift tickets.

Scuba Diving Lessons?
Looking for a life’s deeper meaning? Check out the great collection of scuba and diving equipment at Neptune Divers (2445 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-466-9630, NeptuneDivers.net). Dive Addicts (12356 S. 900 East, Draper, 801-572-5111, DiveAddicts.com) offers group dive trips to exotic locations a few times a year. Scuba Utah (1942 E. 7000 South, Salt Lake City, 801-942-2100, ScubaUtah.com) will help you become scuba certified in no time, and the beautiful showroom at Dive Utah (4679 S. 2225 East, Holladay, 801-277-3483; 1354 W. Hinckley Drive, Ogden, 801-394-8842, DiveUtah.com) is full of diving gear and accessories.

Welding Lessons?
If the idea of burning and twisting metal with an 11,000-degree arc of electricity excites you, then stop by Utah Career Center (640 N. Billy Mitchell Road, Salt Lake City, 801-295-6198, UCCTrades.com) to learn about its various types of welding classes, like pipe bending or orbital welding. Salt Lake Community College (multiple locations, SLCC.edu) offers a wide selection of courses to choose from, including a basic beginner welding class.


A Gun?
You can find shooting, hunting, and reloading specialists at Gallenson’s Gun Shop (166 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-328-2016, GallensonsGuns.com). Take a course at “Get Some” Guns & Ammo (6651 S. State, Murray, 801-562-1222; 935 N. 1200 West, Orem, 801-437-3899, GetSomeGuns.com), which offers an indoor pistol and rifle shooting range. And choose from a wide assortment of guns as well as other accessories at Impact Guns (2710 S. 1900 West, Ogden, 801-409-1021, ImpactGuns.com).

A Job for the Day?
Register for one-day assignments through temp agencies like SOS Employment Group (multiple locations, SOSEmploymentGroup.com) and Intermountain Staffing (450 E. 1000 North, North Salt Lake, 801-299-6300, IntermountainStaffing.com) who can assist you in finding the specific type of temporary job you need. These staffing companies offer a variety of day jobs, from office work to banquet serving.

A Spray Tan?
First, let’s mourn the sun-kissed tans of yesteryear. We miss you, golden-brown hue, but we don’t miss skin cancer or leathery wrinkles. Bottom line: A spray tan gets the job done without the downside. Check out Bella Airbrush Tanning (1140 E. Brickyard Road, No. 74, Salt Lake City, 801-265-8266, AirbrushTanningUtah.net) for state-of-the-art airbrush equipment. European Tan (multiple locations, EuropeanTanning.com) offers world-renowned bronzing formula, and Beaches Tanning Center (multiple locations, BeachesTanningCenter.com) has great monthly specials.

Locally Grown Produce in the Winter?
Eating locally grown produce year round is not impossible, thanks to places like Zoe’s Garden (1700 N. Fort Lane, Layton, 801-721-8238, ZoeGarden.com) with fresh produce grown all throughout the winter season, or Bell Organic (975 Canyon Breeze Lane, Draper, BellOrganic.com), which plants five to seven veggies a week. Or try Jacob’s Cove Heritage Farm (1526 S. Geneva Road, Orem, 888-880-8039), for a wide range of produce.

Locally Distilled Alcohol
Sometimes a local spirit just tastes better. At High West Distillery Saloon (703 Park Ave., Park City, 435-649-8300, HighWest.com), you can go behind the scenes by taking a tour to see how the mountain-crafted spirits and whiskeys are made. Ogden’s Own Distillery (2679 Midland Drive, No. 4, Ogden, 801-458-1995, OgdensOwn.com) offers the subtle sweetness of Five Wives Vodka, or the spices and flavors in the Underground Herbal Spirit.

Grass-fed Beef?
Sadly, so few of us know the taste and texture of local grass-fed beef. But if you’re going to be a carnivore, by God, be a locavore! The family-owned MB Meat Packing (621 S. Tremont St., Tremonton, 435-257-3967, MBMeatPacking.com) raises its cattle on natural pastures. Pleasant Valley Beef (16891 N. 11230 East, Mount Pleasant, 435-462-3810, PleasantValleyBeef.com) cattle are raised on a strict all-vegetarian diet, and the cattle at Utah Natural Meat (7402 S. 5490 West, West Jordan, 801-896-3276, UtahNaturalMeat.com) are said to be clean, healthy and happy.

Late-night Emergency Vet Care for a Cat Who Can’t Quite Finish Coughing Up a Hairball?
Your cat is hacking in the middle of the night, and it has been going on for the past 20 minutes. Is this normal? Maybe, maybe not, but only a professional vet can ease your mind (and your ears). Cottonwood Animal Hospital (6360 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-278-0505, CottonwoodAnimalHospital.com) is an urgent-care facility whose staff is always ready to eliminate or minimize your pet’s medical problem. Advanced Veterinary Care (1021 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-942-3951, AVCSLC.net) is Utah’s premier 24-hour practice, specializing in trauma management. And Veterinary Specialty Center of Utah (1021 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-942-3937, VSCU.net) can handle the most complex and critical cases, even at 2 a.m.

Free (or Cheap) Therapy?
Don’t let the lack of money keep you from getting counseling when you need it. Consider $50 intern sessions at Wasatch Family Therapy (7084 S. 2300 East, No. 215, Cottonwood Heights, 801-944-4555; 363 N. University Ave., No. 108A, Provo, 801-944-4555; 405 S. 100 West, No. 250, Bountiful, 801-944-4555, WasatchFamilyTherapy.com) for individual, couple and family counseling. The Family Support Center (1760 W. 4805 South, Taylorsville, 801-955-9110, FamilySupportCenter.org) provides services for individuals and families, including low-cost individual and family counseling.

Help If I’ve Been Assaulted or Raped?
Rape Recovery Center (2035 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-467-7273, RapeRecoveryCenter.org) has a 24-hour crisis line. The Center for Women & Children in Crisis (1433 E. 840 North, Orem, 801-356-2511, CWCIC.org) offers free counseling, support groups and shelter for victims of rape and sexual assault. At SLSane (2035 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-350-8134, SLSane.org), important services are provided at no charge to victims of sexual assault.

Someone to Talk to If I’m Contemplating Suicide?
If you’re suffering from dark thoughts, including contemplating suicide, University Neuropsychiatric Institute (501 Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, 801-583-2500, HealthCare.Utah.edu) and Valley Mental Health (5965 S. 900 East, Murray, 888-949-4864, VMH.com) offer mental health, substance abuse and prevention services. Salt Lake Behavioral Health (3802 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City, 801-264-6000, SaltLakeBehavioralHealth.com) has a wide range of services and programs including youth programs, an Exclusively Women program and more. There are also LGBT crisis intervention and suicide-prevention hotlines available. The Trevor Project Lifeline (1-866-488-7386, TheTrevorProject.org) is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to the youth LGBT and questioning community. A social worker at the Utah Pride Center can be reached from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 801-580-4304. The Utah Pride Empathy Line can be reached 24 hours a day at 1-800-GO-PRIDE.

Where Can I Find ...
By Nicole McDonald

An Independent Bookstore?
Salt Lake City is in no short supply of indie bookstores to satisfy a bibliophile’s cravings. Weller Books Works (607 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, 801-328-2586, WellerBookWorks.com), formerly Sam Weller’s Bookstore on Main Street, recently moved to historic Trolley Square, a location that squares with the shop’s vintage vibe. Now in Sam Weller’s old location is Eborn Books (254 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-359-0460, EbornBooks.com), Utah’s largest consignment bookstore, specializing in rare LDS and general-interest books.

Another favorite is Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S. 200 East, Salt Lake City, 801-521-3819, KenSandersBooks.com), known for its Utah history collections and celebration of local authors. The Kings English Bookshop (1511 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City, 801-484-9100, KingsEnglish.com) is one of the coziest, yet most comprehensive, local shops and also hosts books clubs.
To sell or trade books, visit Central Book Exchange (2017 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-485-3913, Central-BookExchange.com), which allows avid readers to trade in their used books and purchase others cheaply.

Someone to Talk to My Dead Aunt?
Known for its books on new age subjects and spirituality, The Golden Braid (151 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City, 801-322-1162, GoldenBraidBooks.com) is a bookstore where you can also see a psychic. Ask for Adam Sagers or Barbara Ljord.

Cheryl Merz (801-577-2248, EnchantedEye.com) is “your personal psychic,” a medium who says she can communicate with the spirit realm. The Windswept Center (835 E. 4800 South, No. 220, Murray, 801-560-3761, WindsweptCenter.net) offers many different types of intuitive readings and its school allows people to learn more about their intuitive abilities. Fernando Almaza at Botanica 7 Potencias (1500 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-548-2252), a little Mexican bodega specializing in Mexican mysticism, also reads tarot cards. Psychic Margaret Ruth (801-575-7103, MargaretRuth.com) is a regular guest on local radio station X96’s Radio From Hell, and Deloris Beynon (801-968-8875) is another well-known local psychic.

A DUI Attorney?
Did you know that even a first offense DUI in Utah can require a minimum of two days in jail, substantial fines, and the installation of an “ignition interlock” system in your car for 18 months? Jason Schatz (1425 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City, 801-746-0447, UtahCriminalDefenders.com) is arguably one of the city’s top DUI attorneys. Utah DUI Advocate is another firm that will come to your defense in your time of need (10 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City, 801-341-9972, UtahDUIAdvocate.com). David Rosenbloom (7620 Royal St., Suite 202A, Salt Lake City, 435-649-9300, DUIUtah.com) also has a practice exclusively dedicated to DUI defense. Another law firm that will work hard to keep your record clean is Greg Smith & Associates (2150 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-924-4934, BestUtahLawyer.com).

An Honest Car Mechanic?
Try googling “an honest mechanic” and you’ll find Rich Clawson (An Honest Mechanic, 8955 S. 1300 West, No. 3, West Jordan, 801-891-4633, AnHonestMechanic.net), where “you can trust that your car is the only thing that will be taking you for a ride.” The auto experts at EP Automotive (951 S. Edison St., Salt Lake City, 801-355-4614) also come highly recommended. Autograff Motor Works Inc. (50 W. 700 South, Salt Lake City, 801-535-0060) in downtown SLC is known for efficiency and integrity. Courtright Automotive (3310 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City, 801-953-0146, CourtrightAutomotive.com) is another local auto shop known for great customer service.

A Methadone Clinic?
Metamorphosis (164 E. 5900 South, No. 101, 801-261-5790; 2557 Lincoln Ave., Ogden, 801-622-5272, BreakAddiction.net) specializes in methadone and suboxone medication treatments and counseling services. Discovery House (multiple locations, DiscoveryHouse.com) is a national outpatient clinic that treats opiate-dependent patients and promises to be confidential and nonjudgmental. Project Reality (150 E. 700 South, 801-364-8080, ProjectReality.net) in downtown Salt Lake City treats patients suffering from opioid use and provides each patient with an individualized treatment plan.

A Gay Dinner Group?
Want to meet the LGBTQ people in your neighborhood but not sure how? Neighborhood Pride Potlucks are held the first Sunday of each month in neighborhoods along the Wasatch Front. These friendly socials provide a place to connect with like-minded individuals and build community. To find a group in your neighborhood, check out UtahPrideCenter.org or e-mail Lynda Lee at lyndabethlee@msn.com.

Stitches When I Cut My Finger?
If you need nonurgent care, First Med (FirstMedUrgentCare.net) has locations in Salt Lake City, Murray, Cottonwood Heights, West Jordan and Bountiful. InstaCare (multiple locations, IntermountainHealthCare.org) is another option for treatment and is open weekends and holidays with locations across the Wasatch Front. The University of Utah’s Redwood Health Center (1525 W. 2100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-213-8841, HealthCare.Utah.edu/primarycare/Redwood) is a community clinic that offers specialty care, primary care and also is a Spanish-speaking clinic.

A Tooth Pulled When I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?
Central City Community Health Center/Dental Clinic (461 S. 400 East, Salt Lake City, 801-539-8617, CHC-ut.org) offers primary-care services to people, regardless of their ability to pay, as does the Stephen D. Ratcliffe Community Health Center (1365 W. 1000 North, Salt Lake City, 801-328-5756, CHC-ut.org). The Maliheh Free Dental Clinic (415 E. 3900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-266-3700, MalihehFreeClinic.org) offers dental extractions for children and adults whose families don’t have dental insurance and who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. In addition, household income must be below the Federal Poverty Level. Salt Lake Donated Dental Services (1383 S. 900 West, No. 128, Salt Lake City, 801-972-2747, DonatedDental.org), works with volunteer dentists to provide free and discounted services for those at or below the Federal Poverty Level (with proof of income), those on Medicaid, and homeless individuals and their families. Primary Children’s Medical Center Dental Clinic (100 N. Mario Capecchi Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-662-3900, IntermountainHealthCare.org) offers dental services to children under 14 years of age who have extensive dental needs and have disabilities or special needs. Silverwolf Dental (2898 W. 12600 South, Riverton, 801-254-3490, SilverwolfDental.com) offers a monthly payment plan for uninsured folks, which includes cleanings and a discount on procedures.

A Gym Open After the Bars Close?
A few local gyms open late night for the insomniacs or the late-night workers include several 24 Hour Fitness (24HourFitness.com) locations, including Trolley Corners (515 S. 700 East, 801-741-1124), Sugar House (1121 E. Ashton Ave., 801-466-2030), Taylorsville (5766 S. 1900 West, 801-968-7924), and Murray (5684 S. 900 East, 801-263-2401). The Redwood location of Planet Fitness (1836 W. 5400 South, 801-963-8787, PlanetFitness.com) is open 24 hours. Anytime Fitness (AnytimeFitness.com) is also open 24 hours with locations throughout the Wasatch Front.

The Closest Campground to Go Camping After Work and Come Back to Work in the Morning?
Bountiful Peak, located just north of Salt Lake City, has an abundance of campsites for those looking for a quick overnight jaunt. Tanner Flat, located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and Spruces Recreation Area and Redman in Big Cottonwood Canyon are a couple of other great options for those looking to leave the city but who might only be able to go overnight. Utah.com has great information about other local camping spots (Utah.com/salt-lake-city-campgrounds). Although still a feasible overnight trip from downtown, for those looking to make a bit of a longer trip, South Willow Canyon just outside of Grantsville might surprise you. The Lower Narrows and The Upper Narrows both have beautiful spots and campgrounds where you won’t be bumping up against your neighbors.

A Bed for Not Too Much $$
Linda’s Furniture (3330 S. Highland Drive, 801-487-3992, LindasFurniture.com) has new and gently used furniture for those on a tight budget. Not only does Deseret Industries (multiple locations, DeseretIndustries.LDS.org) sell used goods, it also sells new furniture, including beds, at affordable prices. In addition to being a thrift store, Deseret Industries is a nonprofit and a vocational rehab facility. Bradley’s Sleep Etc. (2255 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-484-1007, SaltLakeMattress.com) is a locally and family owned business that has been in Utah since the 1960s.

An AA Group?
The transgender AA group (meets every Saturday at 4 p.m.) and the Acceptance group (an LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous group that meets on Sundays at 3 p.m.) both meet at the Utah Pride Center (355 N. 300 West, 801-539-8800, UtahPrideCenter.org). Many might think that being sober is boring, but names like Island of Misfit Toys (meets Monday-Friday at 3 p.m., at the Alano Club, 5056 S. 300 West, Murray), Not A Glum Lot (meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., at 567 W. 2600 South, Colonial Square, Bountiful) and the Speak Easy Ladies (meet every Thursday at noon at the All Saints Episcopal Church, 1700 S. Foothill Drive), add some spice to the dry world. For more information on AA groups, locations and meeting times, check out SaltLakeAA.org.

A Hiking Group?
Because of Utah’s breathtaking scenery, there is no shortage of hiking groups to be found in the Salt Lake area. Wasatch Mountain Club (WasatchMountainClub.org) organizes many local backpacking and hiking activities, including gorgeous hikes to alpine lakes and through forests. Hikes have different levels of difficulty and cover various distances. Wasatch Hiking & Outdoors (MeetUp.com/WasatchHiking) is a group of social hikers offering road trips, camping, social gatherings and, of course, hiking. Events are held in Salt Lake, Davis and Weber counties. For those not afraid of the dark, Wasatch Hiking & Outdoors even offers night hikes.

Fellow Scientologists?
Scientology gets a lot of hype in the media, but what do you really know about it? If you want to learn more, check out the Church of Scientology of Salt Lake City (1931 S. 1100 East, 801-485-9992, Scientology-SaltLakeCity.org) or the Scientology Mission of Salt Lake City (353 E. 400 South, 801-532-8008, Scientology-SaltLakeCityMission.org) which has courses in communication, improving relationships, positive thinking and increasing happiness.

A Compassionate Vet Who Can Euthanize My Dog
Need some TLC when putting down a beloved pet? The Salt Lake Valley has several options for compassionate care, including the Midvalley Animal Clinic (6047 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, 801-269-1213), which offers affordable pet care for low-income populations, and the Avenues Pet Clinic (350 E. 100 South, 801-364-3475, TheAvenuesPetClinic.com), which comes highly recommended and offers great customer service and friendly staff. At the Millcreek Veterinary Clinic (2361 E. 3300 South, 801-487-7791), Dr. Foster and his staff are known for thoroughly explaining all the options to folks when it comes to their pet’s needs. At Home Veterinary Care (801-205-4404, SLCHomeVet.com) saves you the hassle of going to a clinic and will care for your pet in the comfort of your own home.

Sailboat Instruction on the Great Salt Lake?
Although stinky and full of brine shrimp, those who can brave the smell can learn how to sail through a couple of local organizations. The Great Salt Lake Experience (769 E. Ramona Ave., Salt Lake City, 801-898-0270, GreatSaltLakeExperience.org) will take you out on a 27-foot sailboat and teach you about the ecosystems that the lake is a part of. You can just relax and take in the sun, or take command of the sails yourself. The Great Salt Lake Yacht Club (13312 W. 1075 South, Magna, GSLYC.org) was started in 1877. This group is known as “the world’s saltiest sailors,” and one of the sailboats in this fleet is aptly named “The Brine Flier.”

Cheap Used/Retro Furniture?
Salt Lake City has an abundance of adorable second hand and vintage shops chock full of nostalgic ephemera. Now & Again (501 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-0664, NowAndAgainSLC.com) has knowledgeable staff who know what they’re talking about when it comes to vintage furniture. Although small, Abode (959 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-486-2633, AbodePFM.com) is a great place for treasure hunting, packed with retro and vintage items of all varieties. Second Hand Chic (2006 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-433-0044) is also a great place to poke around and is not over-priced. Capital City Antique Mall (959 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-521-7207, CapitalCityAntiqueMall.com) has more than 60 vendors selling wares from all different decades. Typewriters, vintage chairs, kitchenware and Victorian boots are all items that can be found here. EmilieJayne (801 S. 800 East, Salt Lake City, 801-359-3356) is a cute little store that has an eclectic collection of kitsch, organized by color and coupled with great customer service. Chic & Unique (778 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, 801-363-9457, Facebook.com/ChicAndUnique) is a consignment store that’s reasonably priced because it finds and prices its own antiques, cutting out the middle man. The Green Ant’s (179 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City, 801-595-1818, TheGreenAnt.com) inventory of mid-century and modern furniture is always changing.

A Group of Nudists to Join With?
Who would have that the only active nudist group in Utah is for the LDS faithful? LDS Skinny-Dipper Connection (LDSSDC.info) is a social group for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world who have an interest in social nudity. Their motto is: “Families forever, naked and not ashamed,” which gives a whole new meaning to the term “keeping it in the family.”

Swingers to Join With?
Just because Utahns are all about getting married and having big families doesn’t mean there isn’t a kinky frayed edge to that happily ever after. So, yes, you can swing in Zion, and there are several local wife- (or husband-) swapping groups. Some national swinging websites, all of which include groups in Utah, are Swingular.com, SwingLifestyle.com, LifestyleLounge.com and Swingers.TheAdultHub.com.

Atheists to Join With?
The conservative nature of the state can create a strong subculture, and that’s exactly what is found in atheist communities in Utah. There are several groups that meet for movies and discussions on topics like the experience of not believing in God in such a religious state. A few local groups are the Atheists of Utah (AtheistsOfUtah.org/home) and the Utah Coalition of Reason (ReasonUtah.org). The University of Utah also has a student group for atheists called SHIFT (Secular Humanism, Inquiry & Freethought, Facebook.com/SecularStudentsAtTheUOfU). SHIFT affirms the belief that person can be good without believing in a god and encourages honesty, integrity and compassionate coexistence with all humans.

A Coven to Join?
Crone’s Hollow (2470 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-906-0470, CronesHollow.com) is a magic-supply store that also has a plethora of information about the local pagan community and local covens.

A Convent to Join?
On an entirely different note, if you’re looking to take the pious route in life, there are many local convents to join in which you can renounce your earthly pleasures. Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (5714 Holladay Blvd., Salt Lake City, 801-277-6075, CarmelSLC.org), Mount Benedict Monastery (1075 E. 6000 South, Ogden, 801-479-6030, MBMUtah.org) or the Abbey of the Holy Trinity (1250 S. 9500 East, Huntsville, 801-745-3784, HolyTrinityAbbey.org) are a few local choices.

A Fish Hatchery?
Millions of dollars are generated each year for the state’s economy through fish hatcheries. Out of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ 10 hatcheries, two of the closest locations to Salt Lake City are the Springville Hatchery (1000 N. Main, Springville, 801-489-4421) and the Midway Hatchery (850 S. 140 East, Midway, 435-654-0282). For more information on state-run hatcheries, visit Wildlife.utah.gov/DWR. Cold Springs Trout Farm (2284 N. Fruitland Drive, North Ogden, 801-782-7282, ColdSpringsTroutFarm.com) is located only 15 minutes away from downtown Ogden and an hour from Salt Lake City. The trout farm is a great fishing spot and includes seven ponds fully stocked with rainbow trout. Cold Springs Trout Farm also hatches fish and supplies other farms, ponds and lakes with rainbow, brook, brown and tiger trout.

An Ice-free Hiking Trail in Winter?
For winter hiking in Utah, it’s best to head as far south as possible in order to avoid the snow. Delicate Arch Trail at Arches National Park (Moab, 435-719 2299, NPS.gov/arch/index.htm) is a gorgeous winter hike and offers a more intimate experience with the arch versus the hordes of people that visit in the warmer months. Angels Landing in Zion National Park (435-772-3256, NPS.gov/zion/index.htm) is for those who aren’t afraid of heights—the trail offers amazing views as its route traverses steep cliffs. Closer to home, the paved Jordan River Parkway (SLCGov.com/cityparks/parks-jordan-river-parkway) is frequently ice free, as is the Buffalo Point Trail at Antelope Island State Park (801-773-2941, StateParks.utah.gov/parks/antelope-island), which also offers great wildlife viewing.

An Outdoor Ice-skating Rink?
The Gallivan Center (239 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-535-6110, TheGallivanCenter.com) is a popular outdoor skating rink with beautiful lighting and great people-watching. M

A Doctor to Do My Top Surgery?
For female-to-male transgender people in Utah, there is now no need to travel farther than Salt Lake City to have top surgery (breast removal). Dr. Cori Agarwal is a plastic surgeon at the University of Utah Department of Surgery (30 N. 1900 East, 801-581-7304, Medicine.utah.edu/surgery) who is now performing top surgery for trans patients. Agarwal has a great rapport with patients and is known for her compassionate bedside manner.

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