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What Weapon Would Jesus Choose? 

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Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter, much has been discussed about the Second Amendment and gun control. There is, however, one aspect I have not seen addressed: WWWJC (Which Weapon Would Jesus Choose). Since we are to follow Christ in all things, shouldn’t we also follow him in choosing how to arm ourselves?

It was reported in a local daily paper that during Christmas, to honor the birth of the Prince of Peace, one Utah-based website where guns for sale are advertised free of charge, gave away a “Sig P2022 9mm handgun with a mounted laser” because, in their words, it is “inexpensive and cool.”

Coincidentally, one of the pistols used by the Connecticut mass murderer was a Sig, as reported by CNN.

Perhaps the Utah website group has inside information about which weapon Jesus would use.

On the other hand, He might use the traditional sword of His day. Or not, since He told Peter to put his sword in its sheath when Peter was trying to save his Lord’s life (John 18:11).

The question remains: WWWJC? Which weapon would be “cool” enough for Him to carry? And would He choose concealed or open carry?

West Valley City

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