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What Book Changed Your Life? 

Name one that radically changed your perspective

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Name a play, book or movie that changed your mind radically about something?

John Paul Brophy: The film The Crying Game threw me the hardest curve regarding homosexuality and forever changed my point of view.

Jeff Reese: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I read it in high school after I started the environmental club. It made me shift my focus from smaller issues, such as recycling, to larger issues, such as overpopulation and our affluent society. At the time, it was a bit muddling, but it started me down a path of understanding that has had a big effect on my overall perspective.

Paula Saltas: Magic Mike had such amazing male strippers, and dancing, and abs, and ... what was the question?

Susan Kruithof: A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton. It’s about how one event can drastically alter the course of your life. We’re all basically little bugs that can be squished at any time. Our lives are so fragile. I don’t believe in destiny or fate, but I do believe in life’s uncertainties.

Lakota Gambill: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. You will never look at life the same way after reading it.

Jerre Wroble: A book called The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa really inspired me as a teen and made me very curious about Tibetan culture and spirituality in general. It made me want to travel the world and seek truth. I also made ghee because of the book. I later came to learn the author was actually British, the son of a plumber, who’d never been to Tibet. What a story he told.

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