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We'll All Fly to Heaven 

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As a native born and raised in Utah, it hit me on the head all the truths that Tom Barberi wrote in City Weekly about what complete and total jerks are in the Legislature [“Hush Little Children,” Feb. 19]. Sen. Chris Buttars and Senate President Mike Waddoups, unfortunately, are examples of how lost and screwed up our state government has become. Waddoups seems worried that people can’t just shoot first and ask questions later; Buttars feels that he can rant very proudly his bigotry about people with alternative lifestyles.

You might ask how are these people reelected? Easy: Some of their constituents, unfortunately, think and act the same way they do. I have family who live in West Jordan who think the same way Buttars does. They are very proud to share Buttars’ views.

Waddoups also holds such opinions, but tries to hide them behind a morally righteous mask. Also, Utah would like to be the only state that would ban all forms of drinking and smoking, while still collecting tax revenue from alcohol and tobacco sales. I remember when, before I could even touch a ballot in a primary election, I was asked whether I was voting as a Republican or a Democrat, and to this day, I still say, “Sieg Heil!” I quit blaming legislators and realized that I live in a state that supports so many one-sided secrets and restrictions that I’m walking on a wall or the ceiling. I also believe to my dying day that KALL radio fired Barberi just to keep the truth away about everything that goes on in this wonderful and very moral state, where all our children can learn to loathe alternative lifestyles, talk about healthy family values and, most of all, attend church each and

every Sunday and still fly to heaven. Keep up the good work and give ’em hell, Tom!

E.G. Amador
Salt Lake City

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