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Watch Out for Romney 

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Thank you for the summary article “Booze Clues” [March 25, City Weekly] on the sweeping changes to Utah’s club laws this year.

Eliminating the “private club” laws has been introduced many times in the past few years, and it has always been soundly defeated by the Legislature. This year, however, it not only passed, but did so by a 27-1 vote! Did virtually everyone in the Legislature suddenly change his or her mind this year?

No. The church changed its mind, and the Legislators all did as they were told. So, what’s the real reason the LDS Church changed its mind? My theory, for what it’s worth: Our country is in a terrible mess, and it remains to be seen whether President Obama can turn things around in four years or not. The political pendulum may swing back over to the Republicans in 2012. And, as a recent poll suggests, the top contender is a Mormon, Mitt Romney.

Although Romney stated that he will represent all Americans, not just Mormons, remember, this man has been elected governor of the most liberal state in the Union and later became a front-runner in the Republican party, flip-flopping on core values just to get elected. His integrity level is right down there with the Clintons’.

Can we really survive a president who “knows” his church can eternally damn him should he not follow its wishes; or, horrors, if he decides to publish a calendar?

Scott Boettcher
Salt Lake City

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