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Wake Up and Smell Religion 

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Regarding your article “Dishonor Code” [July 15, City Weekly], if you’re gay, don’t go to BYU. To these poor brainwashed kids—wake up. Holy crap.

The more I researched Mormonism, the more I disregard the religion I was brainwashed up in: Baptist. Mormonism is all about control, obedience and hell-fire BS. How about free-thinking reading opening your mind? Honor, decency, truth and love are the basis of all religions.

Are we really to know what’s beyond? Are we really supposed to have 10 stick kids in our rear window? I had one child in one marriage because I figured that’s all I could afford. Does it matter how many times I’ve been married? Which, by the way, was once, or at least, I think so. But it doesn’t seem to matter in Utah. Married three times, 10 kids—or step-kids and half-kids or whatever—raised by step-dads and step-moms? Religion ... yeah right!

Lea Bring

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