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Vote Everyone Out; Time Warp 

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Vote Everyone Out
I think it was very cute that Ray Hult, in his column "Mind the Gap" [Sept. 25, City Weekly], suggested we could solve all our problems by voting for Democrats in November.

Did this guy just wake up from a long nap under a tree? Is he suggesting all we need are more politicians like Harry Reid and our problems will disappear? Our problem is that our representatives have all become professional politicians instead of civil servants and representatives.

They are paid by huge donors, businesses, lobbyists and special interests. They pass laws that will never have any effect on them. The laws they pass on health care, Medicare, Medicaid, immigration, will never have any effect on their lives. Our representatives receive retirement benefits from their service. I'm pretty sure that was never the intent of our Founding Fathers.

Hult mentioned how horrible it is that the rich are in control. Has he ever heard of the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Gettys, Carnegies, Hearsts, DuPonts? This isn't something new. If you want to increase minimum wage, you do it by lowering unemployment. In the past, this has forced employers to increase wages and benefits to keep their employees.

The piece suggests Democrats could solve our problems because look what they did with health care. Let's face it: All we needed to do was require insurance companies to accept individuals with pre-existing conditions without making them pay higher premiums.

We have senators and congressmen from both parties who have served more than 35 years. There's our problem. Every political party has had their chance to control the White House, the Senate and the House. One party or the other always controls two or three branches of government at the same time. The party hasn't been the problem; the amount of time they spend there has become the problem. Where their money comes from to keep them there is the other problem. They don't answer to us; they answer to the big money. That's where millionaire representatives come from.

If you want to begin to solve the problem, vote out any incumbent and don't let them serve for more than eight years.

Craig Smith
Salt Lake City

Time Warp
The Soviet-like behavior of the administrators at Bingham High School who denied a number of young ladies the opportunity to attend their homecoming dance is appalling.

Each generation has its own unique style, which is a very good thing. If we all looked the same, acted the same and did the same things, it would be a very drab existence. Call it the generation gap or whatever, these leaders desperately need to get with the times and channel the energy they are using to bully these students into something far more productive, like improving our crumbling education system.

If something as trivial as a dress that goes above the knee is too much for their fragile psyches, then perhaps they should go track down Marty McFly next year and hitch a ride in Doc Brown's DeLorean back to 1955! I have a feeling that they would be much more happy in that bygone era than the one in which they currently reside.

Ryan Curtis
Salt Lake City

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