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Vagabond Primer Needed 

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In the past month, I’ve witnessed two bums get into a fistfight at The Gateway regarding territorial control of a street corner, been accosted by vagrants while eating at the Burger King across from the downtown Salt Lake City Library and had my virgin ears peppered with excessive profanity on 90 percent of my TRAX rides by the disproportionate amount of riders who have social disorders.

I understand the plight of those less fortunate in our community and recall there’s been something in the news about panhandlers and whatnot. But should I intervene in the fight between the hobos at The Gateway? Should I tell the loud woman on the train using every variation of the f-word to complain to her pornstache boyfriend that she’s lost her phone again to shut the hell up? Is it acceptable for me to start carrying a Taser to help thin miscreant herds and keep others in line?

Having the city provide some guidelines on how to safely and effectively live alongside our vagabond neighbors would be a welcome thing.

Tyler Riggs
Salt Lake City

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