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Vaccine Refugees 

It's hard to know exactly where the Deseret News stands on viruses. "In Our Opinion Viruses Are Bad" could be the headline for one of their editorials.

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Vaccine Refugees
It's hard to know exactly where the Deseret News stands on viruses. "In Our Opinion Viruses Are Bad" could be the headline for one of their editorials. But with the Coronavirus on the move, the D-News seems to be taking a cautious approach, lest it rile up Trump's base, hurt Utah's economy, or offend the growing numbers of antivaxxers. First, the front-page story about "vaccine refugees" coming to Utah or Idaho where everyone is so damned healthy because they don't vaccinate. They just don't want to, you know, because of autism. This despite the evidence that rare side-effects (one or two out of one million) involve severe allergic reactions—not autism. And the anti-vaxxers are organizing to come to Utah. Then you have an editorial saying the president "went a long way to calming nerves." Forget the politics and the economy. Focus on the science.


Abortion Blues
Sen. Luz Escamilla was wrong. Masturbation is not the same as abortion. One is selfpleasuring; the other, a deeply personal, hurtful and difficult procedure. Still, it's interesting that men are so invested in snuffing out a woman's right to choose. Those damned stupid women who see abortion as the contraceptive of choice, who don't have a clue about how to dispose of fetal remains properly, who don't understand that babies must be born because that's their duty as women. And, of course, women should have to view their ultrasounds before abortion while men simply park their little genitals outside—along with any financial responsibility. And yet erectile dysfunction is a major national health issue. The Park Record had a story with photos of the two state senators who voted to ban almost all abortions—they are men. One, smiling, Sen. Allen Christensen, R-Ogden, wore a "Tourism Works pin." It had better. Women seeking abortions might have to take a tour somewhere else. Or use a coat hanger.


CliffsNotes Needed
Why do we need a task force on federalism? Don't we have a Constitution and a Congress? A Salt Lake Tribune story said some Democrats opposed the so-called bipartisan resolution, mainly because it mentions the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that creates boilerplate bills for legislatures—mostly ultra conservative. Rep. Merrill Nelson, R-Grantsville, whined saying everyone knows the federal government is dysfunctional—and the Legislature isn't? Despite the few brave Dems opposing, the resolution passed anyway. Are they still confused? CliffsNotes might help: "Federalism is a type of government in which the power is divided between the national government and other governmental unit ..."

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